Kanto SP32PLW 32″ Speaker Floor Stands | Designed for Medium to Large Bookshelf Speakers | Heavy Steel & Foam Padding | 30°

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Get the most out of your speakers with the SP series. Available in 26 and 32-inch models, these low-profile speaker stands feature a rotating top plate to ensure every sound reaches your ears. Each stand is built with heavy-duty steel to reduce undesirable vibration and features a hollow core to conceal cables and speaker wire. For maximum stability, two top plate sizes are provided, each with a mounting hole and ¼” – 20 screw to secure your YU4, YU6 or other compatible speakers in place. Interchangeable spiked and domed feet are also included for carpet and hardwood flooring. Available with a black or white powder coated finish.

Additional information

Weight 14.79 kg
Dimensions 26.8 × 81.3 cm




Part Number


Compatible Devices

‎YU4, YU6, YU, TUK or similarly sized speakers

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Material Type

Alloy Steel

Mounting Type




Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎22.5 x 26.8 x 81.3 cm; 14.79 Kilograms



Date First Available

2 November 2018



10 reviews for Kanto SP32PLW 32″ Speaker Floor Stands | Designed for Medium to Large Bookshelf Speakers | Heavy Steel & Foam Padding | 30°

  1. sammy x

    Excellent speaker stands, both aesthetically and functionally
    Very pleased with these 32″ stands – nicely packaged with clear instructions, quality fit and finish, with a choice of top-plate sizes. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, and a really good match for my white active speakers.

  2. Michael Pegarella

    CAN BE FILLED WITH SAND OR RICE – Sturdy & Stylish
    Excellent stands, excellent finish, perfect height, extra feature for Kanto speakers but will work with all.These stands are very sturdy and provide a great platform for any size speaker. The stands come with two sizes of top platform and have holes to mount Kanto’s own speakers via a 1/4-20 bolt. I currently have a set of Jamo S803 bookshelfs in white on top of of these stands and the whites match very well. With the largest plate on, the speakers hang off about an inch front and back, but the plate hangs out about one half of an inch on each side. The small mount will be hidden by these speakers, but use double sided tape for extra stability.I don’t believe Kanto does not explicitly say that these stands are fillable for extra weight, but I will tell you that they are indeed fillable with a simple assembly change, as follows. The bases are a heavy slab of metal with a separate plastic finishing piece that completely covers the top and sides of it. NOTE: Face the label on the bases so its visible so the feet screw in properly and easily. The center shaft that runs to the top plate is an oblong shape. Both the base plate and cover have cutouts, on one side of the oblong shape, to run cables through. To seal the bottom so that the shaft can be filled, simply rotate the inner base plate 180 degrees so the cutouts don’t line up. Pay attention that the cutout on the cover plate and the 45 degree cutout at the top of the shaft are both facing the same side, the back. The inner base plate’s cutout will be facing the front, but the cover plate will hide it. You’ll see when you put it together. I was able to fit 4ish pounds of long grain rice in each shaft. You will be able to fit more sand than rice, weight wise, but sand is a pain to clean up if it gets tipped over on accident.

  3. Darren Goodman

    Awesome product
    Awesome product. Very strong and sturdy. Love the white colour. Had options for larger base under speaker and different flooring types. Took maybe 30 minutes to put together including running the speaker cables. Would definitely purchase again.

  4. barjohn

    Heavy, Stable, Accommodates Smaller & Larger Speakers with Easy Wire Run
    This stand is attractive and quite heavy. It comes with two different size top plates to accommodate a variety of speakers. The top plates have a thick rubber cushion to dampen speaker vibrations and it comes with a nice set of thick rubber feet for hard floors and spikes for carpet. The channel to hide your speaker wires or in my case the power cord to the speakers is wide enough to easily accommodate a range of wire thicknesses and a power connector for powered speakers. It is attractive looking, not looking like every other speaker stand but more like the $400+ speaker stands. Everything comes nicely packaged, double boxed.The only negative is that they tend to get paint in the base plate thread holes and this can make hand screwing in the rubber feet very difficult. This problem was especially prevalent with the white stands (I purchased both black and white ones). Getting the threads cleaned out was a chore on the white set. It was not as difficult on the black set. Once together, they are rock stable.They do have the ability to be adjusted so the top plate can be angled toward the listener and supports a + or – 15 degree adjustment or other settings with multiple screw holes in the plate. Additionally if your speaker supports a standard ¼ mount screw in its base, you can attach your speakers to the stand. Overall, I would highly recommend.

  5. Ivo

    Excellent quality
    On the expensive side for sure, but they are very well made. Paint job is on point, all mounting holes fitted perfectly and have holes in the back to pass cables through. Overall, very happy and can recommend.

  6. Boosh

    Well built in a sea of cheaply made imitators.
    You’d think speaker stands would be something that is very easy to get right. Unfortunately the cheaper aftermarket speaker stands all seem to be built with the same fatal flaw; That is that the connection between the speaker and the actual post or the post to the base are very weak and tend to snap due to a poor weld. No such issue with these stands. They are very sturdy and all the welds seem very substantial.I opted for the white speaker stands to match my white speakers, so I can’t speak to the black finish but the white finish seemed very nice. It appears to be some type of powder coat and not just paint. The weights in the bottom seam adequate to make sure the speakers will not fall over ever and the adjustable swivel feature is nice because you don’t have to loosen the screw and have the speakers crooked on the base.Another thing I didn’t realize is that the stands came with a universal mount for any large speaker so if you don’t have cento speakers that’s OK, you could still give the stands a try. With the integrated cord management they could make any speaker look very high end

  7. farticular

    Very sturdy stands.
    These were very well packaged, easy to assemble and feel very sturdy with a nice bottom-heavyness to them. I can’t hear well enough anymore to be an audiophile, but they sound great. Triangle BRO2 fit perfectly on the large plate. Don’t hate… Uh..crate, date..

  8. Sean V. Lewkiw

    Great quality
    These are very sturdy well-made stands. Just beware if you are using the very popular KEF LSII they are a little bit too small for the stands. EDIT: I bought some Acrylic and built my own stand mounts… looks much better and was pretty easy.

  9. Antoine Racine

    Quality Control a bit lacking, overall good product
    I’ve bought both the 32in and 26in version. Out of the 4 weight plate, one had a sizable amount of paint in the bolt threads to install the rubber feet making it impossible to screw them in place. Disappointing as they are a bit heftier in price and would expect easy assembly. Since they are heavy and quite a pain to have them exchanged I’ll opt to clean the threads to be able to assemble them.

  10. Chris Tong

    Beautiful stands that are sturdy.
    I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger at regular price, but these were on sale for $139 so I bit the bullet. I’m using them with the awesome budget Kanto passive 5.25’s. White on white matches my living room and while it seems insane to spend so much on stands for speakers that don’t cost much more… It’s worth it to me. There is a lot of steel here and the hidden wiring is great.Paying full price might be a bit much, but if you have nicer speakers and care about awesthetics it’s a no brainer. Think of it as functional decoration that holds your speakers

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