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Through operating such large-scale conventions as summit meetings and managing simultaneous interpreting systems at over 2,000 occasions in a year, we have earned trust and high appreciation from clients.
Harnessing the largest amount of equipment owned by a Japanese operator--12,000 infrared receivers, 30 temporary simultaneous interpreting booths, 500 conference microphones, and PA systems--we cater to wide-ranging requests from clients.
New attempts are underway too. Examples include employing simultaneous interpreting receivers as in-ear monitors in lieu of PA systems.
Starting with contracting Hotel Okura’s operation in 1965, we have been entrusted with the operation of numerous hotels and convention halls.
In our drive toward customer satisfaction, our motto is to improve our technology and services, to maintain a sincere attitude, and to serve as a valuable firm.

Operation of simultaneous interpreting systems

The simultaneous interpreting system enables people to listen to the interpreter’s voice in real-time.
Based on past experience and know-how, we reliably provide clear audio to interpreters and conference participants.
The best option is suggested to clients from an array of latest systems.

Equipment rental

Anyone can lease our easy-to-use, simple simultaneous interpreting radio systems.
Business deals for other industrial audio or simultaneous interpreting equipment are limited to professional engineers.
We ship our rental equipment only to regions within Japan.

Operation of audio systems

We provide a wide variety of audio systems ranging from those for international conferences to concert PA systems.
Suggested to clients are effective microphone arrangements and speaker plans matching the venue’s scale and production details.
Staff specializing in conference and event audio handle clients’ events.

Resident and one-off technical staff

We provide engineering service by offering simultaneous interpreting system, audio, visual, and lighting technical staff on a residential or one-off basis to hotels, convention halls, and conference rooms.
When in need of equipment that is unavailable at the venue, we can bring in our own equipment.
With advanced technology nurtured at hotels and international conference halls representing Japan, and with a hospitality-focused mindset reflecting clients’ viewpoints, we will strive to provide customers with satisfactory experiences.

Types of equipment provided:

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