The Boostlingo platform was developed for ensuring that language service providers and language support organizations are able to reduce costs associated with the administration and management of interpretation services.

The Interpretation Delivery Platform - Boostlingo

And activities, drive new operational efficiencies for multi-lingual services, increase gross margins of their interpretation business. And scale their unique language business needs to satisfy any situation and fulfill any demand!

Language service providers and language support organizations can use the Boostlingo platform to lower administrative and management costs for interpretation activities and services, drive new operational efficiencies for multilingual services, increase gross margins for their interpretation businesses, and scale their specific language-business needs to meet any situation and fulfil any demand.

For example; scheduling on-site interpreter appointments, managing on-demand and scheduled over phone (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) sessions as well as all of the ancillary analytics and business administrative tools that you’ll have to get the job done! This is all supported by Boostlingo’s technology, workflow, and technology components.

You can now manage your complete interpreting business from start to finish in one spot. Your clients will have access to the most advanced interpreting technology available today, which is also future-proofed for the markets you will need to serve in the future.

Interpretation Delivery Platform (IDP):
All of your on-site and remote interpretation business demands can be handled through the Interpretation Delivery Platform (IDP). Workflow and business process improvement software developed to reduce costs while offering great value.
System for managing translations (IMS):
All the information our partners require can be accessed with a few mouse clicks thanks to our sophisticated reporting platform.
Interpretation Scheduling System (ISS):
A flexible, comprehensive scheduling solution for in person and remote interpretation that enables you coordinate and build your increasing teams of qualified interpreters.

Boostlingo is a holistic solution that incorporates all aspects of interpretation into a single system that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

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