Audience Polling Systems

Want to grab your audience’s attention and make your event more engaging? Want real-time feedback about sessions? Care about instantaneous feedback from your audience to help you drive your point home?  An Audience Polling system is a great way to do this. Voting pads, technically called ‘audience response systems’ come in different designs and have varying functions. Globibo brings to you a comprehensive list of the devices out there for you to gather instantaneous responses from your Audience Polling Systems to your questions. The products are sorted by the vendors offering the polling devices. 

Meridia Audience Polling System

Meridia is a Pennsylvania-based firm that helps trainers, educators and speakers adopt and integrate interactive audience response systems into their presentations, training content, and lesson plans.
Visit the Meridia website here.

EZ-Vote 5 Audience Polling system device
EZ-Vote 5 Audience Poll Device

1. EZ-Vote 5 Audience Poll Device

Polling System Features:

  • Entry-Level Keypad
  • 5 Buttons
  • Range:200 ft (400 x 400 Area)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 3.2” x 1.6” x 0.4”
  • 6-12 Month Battery Life
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Weight: 1 oz
EZ-Vote 10 Audience Polling Device Audience Polling Systems
EZ Vote 10 Audience Poll Device

2. EZ-Vote 5 Audience Poll Device

Polling System Features:

  • LCD Display
  • Multi-Digit Voting
  • Range:200 ft (400 x 400 Area)
  • Dimensions(L/W/H): 3.6” x 2.1” x 0.3”
  • 6-12 Month Battery Life
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Two (2) Coin Cell Batteries
EZ-Vote HD Audience Polling Device Audience Polling Systems

EZ Vote HD Audience Poll Device

3. EZ Vote HD Audience Poll Device

Polling System Features:

  • 2-Way 2.4 GHz Communication
  • Adult-Scale Ergonomics
  • Range: 450 ft (900 x 900 Area)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 5” x 1.75” x 0.625”
  • 4-Year Battery Life
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • Weight:2.6 oz
EZ-Vote Pro Audience Polling Device Audience Polling Systems

EZ-Vote Pro Audience Poll Device

4. EZ-Vote Pro Audience Poll Device

Polling System Features:

  • 6-Line LCD Display
  • 2-Way 2.4 GHz Communication
  • Range:450 ft (900 x 900 Area)
  • Dimensions(L/W/H): 4.5” x 2.2” x 0.5”
  • SMS TXT Messaging
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Dedicated YES, NO, and Abstain Buttons

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CLiKAPAD Audience Polling System

Hampshire-based CLiKAPAD is a producer of a modern, intuitive Audience Response System that makes your business processes faster, easier, and more accurate. The ARS handsets and upvote software that they use are their own designs, enabling them to create customized systems for new applications. 
Visit the CLiKAPAD website here.

CLiKAPAD CP 37 Audience Response System

CLiKAPAD CP 37 Audience Response System

1. CLiKAPAD CP 37 Audience Response System

Polling System Features:

  • Multiple choice voting unit
  • Credit card sized
  • Capable of operation with multiple base units
  • Voting the range of 0 to 10
  • Alpha-Numeric 7 segment LED display
  • Built-in Detect Mode

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Linz International Polling System

Singapore’s Linz International provides an H-ITT Audience Response System – an excellent tool to improve the effectiveness of meetings/training. 
With their system, inputs from all participants are processed and the result is retained in the computer and can be displayed instantaneously in a graphic form on the screen.
Visit the website here.

iCue Prof, iCue Pad an
Image Audience Polling Systems
d iBright Pads

Polling System Features:

  • Receiver
  • 360 degree receiving angle
  • High Speed RF Protocol : 1000 responses per second
  • Working range of 100 meters
  • Can be connected to a computer by a USB port or a Serial Data port

Option Finder Technologies Audience Polling System

Florida-based Option Finder Technologies offers cutting-edge audience response software with wireless keypads and other data collection devices provide real-time group feedback and interaction for our customers. The firm also claim to have the only polling software with a built-in SQL database. 
Visit the Option Finder Technologies website here.

Option Finder Micro 4 Audience Polling Systems
OptionFinder Micro 4 

1. OptionFinder Micro 4

Polling System Features:

  • Highly portable wireless keypad
  • Single and multi-digit interactive audience response
  • Patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
  • Enhanced power management circuitry provides extended battery life of up to 12 months or 20,000 responses
OptionFinder G4 Audience Polling Systems
OptionFinder G4

2. OptionFinder G4

Polling System Features:

  • Power saver and low battery warning
  • Dynamic addressing (Trackable ID)
  • Multi-digit input and full LCD display
  • Excellent range of 650 feet, immunity from interference, and data security
  • Participant tracking with the configurable device ID

Keypoint Interactive Audience Polling System

Keypoint Interactive is a complete audience polling solution that combines our simple and intuitive software with wireless keypads (commonly referred to as “clickers”). The software plugs right into Microsoft® PowerPoint® to provide seamless integration with your presentation visuals. 
The website of the Michigan-based firm can be found here

Keypoint Interactive 12-Button Keypad Audience Polling Systems
Keypoint Interactive 12-Button Keypad

1. Keypoint Interactive 12-Button Keypad

Polling System Features:

  • Compact case. Rugged ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 3’’ L x 1.5’’ W x 0.4’’L
  • Weight: Less than 1 ounce (0.8 ounce /23 grams) with battery installed.
  • Green and red LED lights to confirm key presses and indicate when the Base Station accepts the keypad’s inputs.
  • Designed to operate in an indoor area 300 x 300 feet.
  • 500 keypads per transceiver channel
  • 75 Channel identities available.
  • Battery life is ~20,000 responses or battery shelf life, whichever comes first.
ReplyPlus Keypad Audience Polling Systems
ReplyPlus Keypad

2. ReplyPlus Keypad

Polling System Features:

  • 2.4 GHz, Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping RF technology
  • Powered by two AA batteries. Works with WRS 970 and
    WRS 971 transceivers
  • Rugged ABS plastic construction.
  • Dimensions:5.25 in. L x 2.2 in. W x 1 in. H.
  • Weight: Less than 3.1 ounce
  • 2-line liquid crystal display (LCD) echoes user entries and displays messages from the Base Station.
  • ReplyPlus is designed to operate in an indoor area of 650 x feet at maximum power level.
  • 500 keypads per transceiver channel identity.
  • 31 Channel identities available.
  • Battery life is ~100 hours, depending on usage or battery life

Padgett Communications Audience Polling System

Padgett Communications is a full-service audience response systems (ARS) provider based in Tampa, Florida. The company specializes in providing complete audience response solutions, which include advanced handheld technology, on-site management, data analysis, and all-around excellent customer service.
Visit their website here.

Padgett Mini Audience Polling Systems
Padgett Mini

1. Padgett Mini

Polling System Features:

  • An easy-to-use interface for ARS novices
  • Up to five answer options in numbers & letters
  • A hard plastic casing that is sturdier than “credit card” keypads
  • Lanyard adaptability for convenience
  • The ability to brand both the lanyard and keypad with a logo of your choice
  • Ease of use in classrooms, stadium seating events, or other unique settings
  • Compatibility with Reply software applications and PowerPoint®add-ins
  • An optimum Range of 300 x 300 sq. ft. (100 meters x 100 meters)
Padgett Worldwide

2. Padgett Worldwide

Polling System Features:

  • 13 numeric keys that allow up to 10 answer options
  • Three “soft keys” that make it simple for participants to alert presenters if they have a comment
  • An easy-to-read display that confirms when a response has been received; ideal for individual or team tracking and interactive games
  • Compatibility with Reply software applications and PowerPoint® add-ins
  • An optimum range of 450 x 450 sq. ft. (150 meters x 150 meters)
Padgett Plus Audience Polling Systems
Padgett Plus

Polling System Features:

  • Multi-digit entry that allows up to 20 answer options as well as numeric input and lighted 2-line LCD display with status bar
  • Unique login feature that securely registers users alert presenters if they have a comment
  • A Multiple-room voting ability
  • Alarm function that beeps if the keypad is out of range
  • Three soft keys that allow for simplified voting options
  • Compatibility with Reply software applications and PowerPoint® add-ins
  • An optimum Range of 650 x 650 sq. ft. (200 meters x 200 meters)

Promethean Audience Polling System

Primarily a company that provides interactive solutions for classrooms, Promethean’s versatile student response devices are worth a mention for their simplicity and reliability.
Visit the Promethean website here

Promethean PRM-AV3-01 Activote Voting Pod audience Polling Systems
Promethean PRM-AV3-01 Activote Voting Pod

1. Promethean PRM-AV3-01 Activote Voting Pod

Polling System Features:

  • Range 100m (328ft) [Free Space]
  • Model: PRM-AV3-01.
  • ActiVotes use 2.4GHz frequency
  • Weight: 117g
  • Wireless with ActivHub 2.4GHz inserted in computer
  • Throughput of 500 devices per second
  • 18 months battery life
  • Questions & results can be exported to Excel


SunVote’s Audience Response System engages audiences in live event and displays voting results instantly, increase audience participation and improving meeting effects. The China-based firm specialises not just in Audience Response Systems for conferences, but also interactive voting systems, shareholder voting systems, student response systems and election voting systems.
Visit the SunVote website here

Voting Keypad M00 Audience Polling Systems
Voting Keypad M00

1. Voting Keypad M00

Polling System Features:

  • Vote-For/Against/Abstain with such Audience Polling Systems
  • Choice-Single choice/ Multiple choice/ Ranking/ True or False
  • Scores -Scores from 0 to 100, including decimals
  • 8 default rating scales respectively
  • 433 Mhz RF technology
  • <80M Reliable Distance
  • 150Hour Working hour
  • <800 voters per receiver 32 channels
  • 2*AA Batteries
Voting Keypad S52Plus Audience Polling Systems
Voting Keypad S52Plus

2. Voting Keypad S52Plus

Polling System Features:

  • For / Against / Abstain -3 key vote with such Audience Polling Systems
  • Single Choice/ Multiple Choice/ Ranking/ True or False
  • Numeric Election – Choose N from M (N≤M)
  • Numerical rating scale – integer and decimal
  • Numeric input- Free combinations of numbers,
    decimal point and a negative sign
  • 2.4G RF technology
  • <30M Reliable Distance
  • >280Hour Working hour
  • <400 voters
  • 80 channels; 2*CR2032 Button Battery
Voting Keypad M30 Audience Polling Systems
Voting Keypad M30

3. Voting Keypad M30

Polling System Features:

  • Single choice/Multiple choice/Priority rank/Jude
  • For/Against/Abstain – 3 key vote
  • 2.4G RF technology
  • <50M Reliable Distance
  • >150 Hour Working Hour
  • <400 Voters
  • 80 Channels
  • 2*CR2032 Button Battery
Voting Keypad M52LiA-Audience Polling
Voting Keypad M52LiA

4. Voting Keypad M52LiA

Polling System Features:

  • Unique SN for Identity Recognition -Electronic Sign In
  • Yes/No/Abstain – Vote for a single resolution
  • 2 key/3 key Vote – Split voting
  • Single choice: choose 1 from 10, multiple-choice: 10 – 10
  • 2.4G RF Technology
  • < 100 M Reliable Distance
  • >80 Hour Working hours
  • 2000 voters
  • 32 Channel
  • Li-battery Rechargeable


The true strength of Brahler’s voting technology is its capability for interaction. The chair or speaker can actively involve delegates in a presentation in a wide variety of ways. This Audience Polling System is equipped with wireless voting units, your audience can give feedback during an event, and immediately see their input on the screen. Voting results can be integrated into a variety of file formats and enhanced by integrating your logo. Visit their website here.

  1. Digivote III

Polling system features:

  • The radio transmission system ensures 100% of the votes are collected 
  • Minimal set-up time with such Audience Polling Systems
  • Color-coded keypad for ease of option choice
  • Integrated chip card reader to control access and identify delegates
  • Immediate display of results once the votes have been collected
  • High-impact presentation graphics
  • Traditional voting types such as yes/ no/ abstain
  • Weighted votes
  • Elections
  • Information gathering and knowledge surveys
  • Opinion surveys
  • Multiple choice
  • Prioritization