The Top Event App Features for 2023 that Your Current Event App Does NOT Have (Number 7 MUST Be Read)

Olivia is an event planner with over a decade of experience in the field. Her firm helps coordinate B2B events such as conferences, large-scale expos, board meetings, and more with a team of over 50 resources. Frequently, Olivia’s company manages and implements multiple events simultaneously. Therefore, her reliance on an event program is total.

However, Olivia frequently finds herself searching for information stored across multiple applications. The team is having coordination issues, and the online kiosk option is limited. Unfortunately, despite Olivia’s investment in an event management app to mitigate these issues, they appear to have multiplied.

Olivia is one of a large number of entrepreneurs, event marketers, and event organizers who invest in event administration apps but quickly discover that key features are absent or of limited utility. In addition, the complex UX and UI of these applications hinders adoption. Possibly for this reason, 79% of event organizers prefer an app that is simple to use.

Before we delve into the top ten essential event app features you need in 2023, let’s review the key overarching elements that individuals like you seek out in an event app checklist.

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