XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201″ Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and

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201″ / 511 cm

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10.41 × 9.4 cm




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Personal Computer

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‎19.05 x 10.41 x 9.4 cm; 1 Kilograms



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26 April 2023



10 reviews for XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201″ Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and

  1. paddy567

    Got my XReal Air this week, thought I’d post a short review. Tl;dr – great piece of hardware, not-so-good piece of software.Before launching into the review, I should be clear about my use case: I was looking for a small portable monitor that I could use for work an entertainment when I’m traveling instead of a small screen.Packaging and in-the-hand – The XReal comes in a small box that contains the glasses, cable, and nose pieces in what is roughly the size of a large sunglasses case. Portability is definitely there! The packaging is classy and professional, and so are the glasses and cable in the hand. They feel (and look) solid, and well made. Buttons on the glasses are responses and the cover accessory snaps on firmly. Grade: APlugging in for screen mirroring – The glasses work with both my laptops, my samsung tablet and my Sony 5 iv (it is not on compatibility list, but it does work). You can use all these devices without touching Nebula to mirror your screen and it just works – plug it in and you’re away – mostly. I have noticed on my phone that netflix appears to only play downloaded titles, not titles streaming. I assume this is a DRM restriction of some type; I have not experimented with other streaming apps yet. Grade: B+Plugging in with the app – Nebula sucks, I’m sorry to say, it just sucks. The idea of being able to control/shift the screen is great, but it promises more than it delivers because a) it has no apps beyond YouTube that you would ever use, and b) many streaming and other services will not work in the Nebula browser. I’m also a bit iffy on routing, for example, my email and especially my work office 365 through a browser from a vendor I don’t really know much about. So you can’t stream in the Nebula app, at least not with anything I tried, and I’m not comfortable doing anything else in the browser. I don’t know what the answer is here, or if there is an answer. What would be ideal is be if Nebula functioned almost like a launcher that transformed my android homescreens, but still ran the actual apps, but it just doesn’t work that way. It’s a bummer, and I think it’s something that puts a lot of people off because the advertising really promotes a different user experience. I don’t care over much, but if you were invested in that experience you would be unhappy with this device. Grade: DViewing experience – It’s great! At least for me. Screen is crisp and legible. I can use this for work and for play, typing emails etc is no problem after some minor adjustment. The brightness levels are good, though colors do appear to be a little over-saturated to me. I can really only compare this to my metaquest 2 – which I could never even hope to use for work and isn’t really that enjoyable for watching shows due to the pixellation and ‘screen door’ effect. There is not of that here. Screen is crisp and great to watch. Do experiment with the angles on the arms and nose piece. I have found it’s best for me if they are almost angled slightly “up” off my face. The speakers are fine, I prefer using bluetooth headphones, however. Grade: AComfort – Not bad. In bed, there is no discomfort and I can wear these for quite some time. Sitting up, and the nose pieces do pinch the nose after a while, they could be a little larger/softer. Also, I have quite a small head, the arms are wide enough for me, but if you have a large head I imagine you could mind them a little pinchy after a time. I had no problems with headaches or anything like that from using them. Grade BOverall, I really like this device and it meets my needs perfectly. I do think the advertising grossly oversells what you can do with them because screen resizing, head tracking etc only works in the app – and virtually nothing useful works in the app. However if you are looking like me for a portable monitor, they are terrific. B+

  2. Gavin

    I believe the product is a great product with some exceptions. I love the fact that I can use the app to get into a true AR experience its phenomenal. the software is rather lacking however and very limited. so let me start by saying without the app you don’t get a true AR experience it just mirrors your screen into your FOV which is fine if you just want to see whatever your plugged into however this experience is lacking because the image is in the middle of your FOV blocking everything in your vision and I personally found in this mode if you’re in a bright area it can make you feel slightly sick. this mode is perfect if you want to just watch a movie in the car or something. the app allows you to run multiple screens and move them around in AR which is FREAKING AWESOME if the app itself didn’t blow. the web browser is different from the one on your phone, so you have to resign into everything. there is no real support for any games so there are like 4 AR games you can play. the other thing I didn’t like was when I’m watching a movie I would like to play on my phone. NOPE your phone is a now a mouse pad you minimize the app/or put your phone to sleep it will restart the ar experience which really is a buzz kill because you cant even emulate your apps in the ar space. the other issue is the ar experience needs a FOV mode where I can move windows around in my field of view instead of in a 3d space. it would make these things a 5/5 for me honestly. if they did this you would be able to walk around and do stuff while having your show take up a little of your vision so you can still see while walking around. with the current modes wherever you place your screen thats where it is so if you place it right in front of you and you have to turn around it will no longer be in your vision and I think thats a pretty big thing for this type of technology.even though I focused on the bad things in my review I don’t think this product deserves the bad reviews it has gotten. it’s amazing and the technology is there even though the screen is a 1080p 60hz screen it looks really good. some of the reviews I have read were just people not doing a little research WHICH is on the manufacturers, but they could still attempt to figure it out. if you have a Samsung phone turn off Dex by pulling down your notifications and pressing the Dex button. this will make the glasses work the with phone and software a lot better. the speakers are okay, they are too quiet for me so I would either wear headphones or Bluetooth into a speaker. if you have an older phone or a secondary phone that you can solely use on the glasses its nice because then you can play a game or something on your main phone and have a movie up on the glasses. I havnt tried it on my pc or anything else just mobile so I cant say what the experience would be like.

  3. C.H.

    Design Looks Cool But- Uncomfortable Physically and Visually
    Edit: XReal reached out to me and took my feedback to heart and said they are working on stabilizing the Nebula app and are also working on longer arms. I’m excited to see some updates to this as much potential as it has. A company taking feedback to heart like this is a big deal in my book so I’m bumping my review up to 3 stars.Many people love the device, and most of those I’ve noticed are people who bought it for gaming, movies etc. Admittedly part of my own negative experience (other than the physical discomfort) was that I’d bought these for work and the quality of the text was very fuzzy especially around the borders. So if you are buying these for gaming and you either have a smaller head size or feel comfortable modding these as others have, then these are potentially still for you despite my own personal experience.————-Finally some AR Glasses that dont look incredibly dorky or bulky, they actually look decently like normal glasses. That said for usability- The nebula app for Mac was a bit unstable and would freeze up with two of my virtual monitors merged in the center and Id have to kill the app. This would happen when I had a window screen docked and then clicked back into it to bring it up on screen. I also noticed it had a “jello” effect where turning my head side to side had a noticeable wobble. Immediate visual relief when taking them off. As far as comfort, I couldn’t stand these. Within 10 or 15 minutes I had a major pressure point behind my right ear. You can see it in my review pictures if you look just a bit. Looking at reddit this is a common complaint, some people modifying these with medical tape or or foam (or even using a heat gun to bend the plastic out!) What I don’t understand is the logic to put a hard angle right where the surface is that contacts your ear. Even if the average head size is smaller in China (which is my guess) this still seems like a design oversight. It may be due to wanting the right side to match the left where the USB plugs in. This is also why the pain is on the right side, the USB extends the arm so it doesn’t create a pressure point there.For video the image quality was great, though I’m sure it would be better if I was on Android, iPhone users have the screen size somewhat limited. (They also don’t have to buy two adapters to make it work). Video quality out of my Macbook Pro when the nebula app was working was great, screen brightness was perfect.For reading text (the main reason I got this, the text quality was very hazy, especially on the outer perimeter. Again looking at reddit reviews, I’m not the only one who has noticed this. If you want these for work and reading documents, word processing, etc… these might not be your best bet.Overall, cool concept, I like the styling on these vs “traditional” VR/AR headsets, felt like something I might get away with using at a coffee shop and not turn heads, but ended up being unusable.

  4. C

    Most reliably readable XR glasses available afaik
    I originally bought these both as a comparison and a temporary stop gap while I waited 2 weeks for my VITURE One glasses to ship from China. During those 2 weeks, I got full days long tests for these. I used them on my iPhone (with the extra suggested adapter), Steam Deck, and Macbook Pro laptop.I was visiting my parents for a week and, as they have no monitor nor room for a monitor, my primary development monitor was the XREAL Air glasses. I worked in these for 8 hours a day for 5 days. And it worked surprisingly well. Given that they are only 1080p, I had to zoom out to shrink the text on my code development low enough that I could see 2 columns of code in the glasses. However, the view was always clear and sharp, if a little pixelated.Using them with the Steam Deck was always solid. I have played 15-20 hours of No Man’s Sky in these and the only difference from playing on my PC running at 4K with a RTX 4070 Ti is that the graphic fidelity is obviously lower. But the gameplay is just as smooth and I can accomplish all the same missions and tasks as on PC.The experience on the iPhone was probably the most rough because the bulky, awkward adapter makes it basically impossible to use with the phone in your pocket as it will awkwardly droop out of your pocket with the heavy end of the adapter flailing out. I mainly use the iPhone adapter by laying the iPhone flat on a table face down while I do the long ritual of brushing my teeth for some orthodontic aligners I’m wearing.Then, finally, after 2 weeks my VITURE One glasses arrived and I fully expected to be ready to replace the XREAL Air glasses with them. To my surprise, I did not. The VITURE One glasses had the following advantages I fully expected:- Much more solid and protective case- More comfortable and stylish frame- Better dimming when not using the face shield- Higher quality, more isolated sound- Seemingly cooler running temperature- A technically sharper and more high resolution imageHowever, there was one huge problem: no matter how much I fiddled with the dials and nose attachments on the VITURE One, I could almost *never* get a completely clear image. Fringing and blurriness was rampant. There is *no way* I could have developed in these for the 8 hours a day 5 days like I did with the XREAL Air. The text simply would never have been clear enough. And even on No Man’s Sky on my Steam Deck, there was an unacceptable amount of blurring on text in the inventory screen that would have driven me mad. If all I wanted to do was watch movies and play games with no text in the interface, the VITURE One may have been fine. But for reading text, the blurriness was unacceptable.Also, the VITURE One didn’t come with the face shield, meaning there was always some light pouring through even with the dimmer active. Not to mention that I had to activate the dimmer *every time* I plugged them into a device. After a week of total darkness clarity using the face shield on the XREAL Air, that was also unacceptable.Popping the XREAL Air back on after fiddling with the VITURE One for an hour, the difference was immediate. No fiddling. No adjustment. Just an immediate, completely lucid picture, if slightly more pixelated.So much to my surprise, I will be sending the VITURE Ones back and keeping the XREAL Air. From the only comparison video I could find, the XREAL Air also has this no-fiddle clarity advantage over other XR glasses like TCL. As far as I can tell, these are currently the best on the market. Also, at the time of this review you can get them in a single day rather than waiting 2 weeks, which is a nice bonus.

  5. Soozen

    My nose hurts, but it’s my own fault
    I received the my Xreal glasses 12 hours ago and I’ve barely removed them. A lot of the time I’ve used them with my regular glasses underneath. Not optimal. I’ve ordered prescription lenses.My pictures don’t do these glasses any justice. You need to slip them on to be blown away.I’ve rotated my Xreal Air glasses between my every day Samsung Fold 3, my spare Note 10+, and my Tab S7 FE all day today. They draw their power from the device they’re attached to, so it does shorten the normal battery time of devices a bit. Not nearly as big a draw as I had assumed it would be though.I struggled a bit at first with Nebula. I had to turn off Dex from coming to life automatically when a second monitor is attached. Then I could use the Nebula. I suspect I’ll go back and forth between Nebula and Dex quite a bit. There are a several apps that work in Dex that I couldn’t even locate in Nebula…yet.Overall Nebula is impressive, but Google says it isn’t a secure browser. I had to trick it to let me sign into my YouTube account. It’s just on the new side. I haven’t completely figured out how to dump things I don’t want (Outlook) and add things I do want (Tiktok) yet. Also, I can play a movie on Netflix in Dex, not so in Nebula.But Dex doesn’t have head tracking. Why would it? It’s made for stationary screens. That feature, and being able to quickly adjust the screen to wherever I’m looking, is fantastic.I wore the black out shades very little. It’s easy to see everything on the screen during almost full daylight. And with a minor shift in my focus, I can view my surroundings. I’ll probably make more use of the brightness and dimmer aka opaqueness toggle in the future. More brightness when I’m sitting and watching a movie. Less bright when I’m following cooking instructions from YouTube and need to see the stove. Nebula is going to be very handy then. The screen can be moved around, placed on one side.My family is going to miss me.

  6. RGBforlife99

    Awesome but with some Caveats.
    These glasses works great for screen mirroring. The overall experience is superior on Android over iPhone as you get access to DeX (Samsung phones) and the Nebula App with the actual AR experience (lots to talk about here but it’s too much for this review). You also don’t need a dongle or adapter for android phones like you do for iPhone which is a huge plus for me, not to mention the adapter only lases 2-3 hours and you can’t charge it while using it. You can however wirelessly chare the phones while using the glasses. You can easily get 5 hours of content viewing from a modern android phone which is already about double with the iPhone/dongle set up.This is still very much new tech and it will continue to improve. The developers seem to be fairly involved with the community and are rolling out new features via firmware updates as well as new products. I’ll spare you the details as there is A LOT of nuance to discuss (look up their discord/online formus which are active) but I’ll put it this way.If you are a techie and wants to be on the cutting edge with a technology that is still being developed, improved, and a bit buggy as we experience typical growing pains, then these glasses are for you.If you are looking for a mainstream product that’s been refined and is plug and play and works perfectly all of the time then you will find this product to require additional work and a bit frustrating. This is normal for these types of products however.There is a new product that will pair with these glasses called Xreal Beam shipping next month that will introduce even more features.

  7. Mak

    AR windows laptop monitor alternative.
    Amazing glasses. I was able to make a 32:9 ar monitor that basically sits in front of my regular laptop display, but twice as wide! I used the beta nebula for windows software. You do need to fiddle with it each time you sit down to work but I got rid of the screen tears and laggy mouse.It works much like a regular monitor and is bright enough that even though i set it up in front of my laptop display, it was perfectly fine to work with. The major difference was that no one can see what you’re working on, which may be a good thing or bad thing.The reason why I returned them was because of neck pain. I do have a sensitive neck and I found that the small field of view and low resolution forced me to constantly rotate my head to see the edges of the screen. The resolution or FOV was actually comparable to competitors, but the current state of the technology was just not quite there for me.I’m looking forward to newer glasses and will definitely be buying when they get better.

  8. EteamRestore

    Excellent extended display
    I got these to be able to sit on the couch and have an extended display, for work, and still be reasonably present with my family. I realize everyone wants these for movies and games but I just wanted to use it for a see through screen that allows me to work and mind my wife and kids, when I don’t feel like being in the office. It fits that perfectly. I’m using them on Windows 10pro. I went to the discord and got the beta Windows app and it worked great as an external display. I’m not using AR. I only have Intel integrated graphics and it requires Nvidia for AR. The glasses are comfortable enough. I have a large head and would prefer if the ear arms were adjustable. The end of the arm sits on top of my ear which is a little cumbersome with the wire, but definitely not a deal killer. I would easily pay this price for a much smaller extended display that isn’t portable. I am very happy with this purchase. I can’t wait to experience the upgrades and compatibility expansion they have planned. The company seems to be very driven to innovate. I will be preordering the beam for better AR compatibility.

  9. A Huber

    Great with exceptions
    This thing overall is pretty great. But without an on-board battery (which would make these huge and probably wouldn’t last long if they did) these should at least come with a dongle/hub so I can power my device and watch at the same time. In my case a galaxy s23 ultra and a steam deck. Currently looking for one that’s compatible. Also lack of galaxy s23 compatibility for the app is disappointing.. But it is wonderful using DeX on the phone and gaming on the steam deck!

  10. Desmond A.

    Compatibility limited
    Does not work with Pixel phones in any way. Does not work with Lenovo pads and with PC it chops off the bottom 10% and I could not fix it. Had to return. Build quality is very good and the screen is bright and detailed. If you need glasses/contacts you will need them to view the screen despite the short distance. I really hoped they were compatible with something I used, would have loved to continue to use them.

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