Uigsas Camera Glasses 1080P HD Outdoor Sports Camera Video Glasses Wearable Portable Eye Glasses for Climbing Riding Fishing

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Product description The glasses camera will release your hands, capture the wonderful moments and record the beautiful scenery in hiking, driving or the party. not only they look stylish, but they can record amazing HD video footage while you wear them.

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

2″ / 4 cm

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 cm




Model Name


Part Number


Flash Memory Type


Removable Memory

‎Secure Digital Card

Scanner Resolution


Compatible Devices


Special Features


Mounting Hardware

‎charge wire, case

Display Technology


Display Type


Has image stabilisation


Optical zoom

‎3 x

Video Capture Resolution


Battery Average Life

‎1.5 Hours

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer

Wireless Type

‎2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

Connector Type


Human Interface Input


Lens Type


Media Type

‎SD Card

Is there a timer?


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎15 x 6 x 5 cm; 20 Grams




1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

31 December 2021



10 reviews for Uigsas Camera Glasses 1080P HD Outdoor Sports Camera Video Glasses Wearable Portable Eye Glasses for Climbing Riding Fishing

  1. TJ

    I was delightfully surprised by the sound and video quality. It could be better but it’s good enough for the price.A few points to note:- These glasses are comfortable and lightweight but may be bulky on you if you have a smaller face profile.- If you need this for a project that requires highly detailed footage, these may not be best for you.- There’s an issue with the built-in software updating the time of the recordings correctly, even after following the instructions included in the manual.

  2. Shane J.

    Very nice!
    Did allot of shopping around before buying this product, and I’m happy I found these. Great quality design and value! I would definitely recommend!

  3. mrbill

    Good video glasses for the price
    I use these glasses for running, in case I run into issues (dogs, etc). My chief concerns were video quality and battery life. Video quality is quite good. I’d call it HD. Audio is OK. I followed mfr’s recommendation to fully charge, then fully discharge for three cycles. So far, I’m getting about 75 minutes of continuous recording before the battery discharges. Adequate for my purposes. The camera lens is quite small, not noticeable to most people. The loop recording overwrites the older files as expected. Have been using them for about two weeks. So far, so good.

  4. jean p lopez

    It’s awesome
    It works great and it’s perfect for what I want it for high definition and cut video quality five stars

  5. Rafet Eroglu

    Good for recording go kart
    i bought it for my son because he wanted to record himself when he went go karting. not bad overall

  6. Franco Harris

    Poorly made
    Could see glasses frame in recording making a blur disrupting video quality

  7. Jackie

    Don’t buy this if you own a Mac. Not compatible won’t even connect. Run
    Don’t buy! I won’t even connect to my Apple products so I bought a special connector and then it wouldn’t download to FaceTime because it’s not compatible just don’t buy it it’s junk

  8. Janet

    Great Idea
    I got these to record my daughter’s softball games. I think it is a great concept but the battery needs to last a little longer. Her games are 2 hours long so I could not record a whole game.I think they should look more like real glasses than they do. They look cheap and not at all like real glasses. I almost didn’t want to wear them at first because of the way they looked. I would not consider them stylish at all.

  9. Facts & Sometimes Funny

    So comfy Mom forgot she was wearing them
    The idea of having “spy” type 🤓 glasses is just fun.And if I could manage to get the sd card out of it’s teeny tiny home, then get a way to watch sd cards contents on my dinosaur old laptops, this would be awesome to use in so many situations that I want or need to be hands free. Kinda like a GoPro, I imagine.Such as feeding my friendly neighborhood bluejay right outta my hand. Or catching every second of my beloved grandson’s actions for an hour and a half straight. Heaven!I mainly got this to capture all my loved one’s actions and songs and conversations while we have playtime daily. She’s not getting any younger and Alzheimer’s is tearing it’s ugly head. I want to be able to treasure our moments on video when the time comes she no longer remembers me for good.But I had trouble knowing when these glasses are taping and when not (blue light was hard for me to see) plus I have no way to watch sd cards yet. Waah.These Camera Glasses 1080p are a great idea 💡 though!

  10. Shane Windham

    Optimized for Daylight, Records a Bit Above Target
    I dig this. The price is a bit steep, and it’s definitely not the highest quality camera on the market. But it includes an SD card, has simple controls, and will record for longer than anything I need it for.Let’s talk some negatives before you buy though. The directions can be a bit cryptic (see my tips in the next section for help). The glasses definitely don’t look natural, so it’s pretty obvious they’re a recording device. They’re also pretty tight on larger heads. The recorder isn’t optimized for low-light situations, so most videos darker than normal daylight will end up with a degree of grain to them. And the recorder seems tilted upward slightly (not simply a function of being higher than the eyes), so you may want to focus your aim a bit lower than normal to capture what you intended. Lastly, what I disliked most about these was the location of the SD card. It’s positioned in such a tight space on the fold of the glasses that you’ll probably need tweezers to get it out each time.Controlling Tips: This doesn’t come charged, so let it charge for a decent stretch (no power block, just a USB cable included). The button nearest your ear is held to turn this on, resulting in a solid blue light. Tap that button again to begin recording, which will cause the blue light to blink so long as its recording. Tap it again to stop recording. Hold it again to turn the device back off. The button nearest your eye is what you tap (when it’s powered on) to take pictures. If you keep these lower on your nose, you should be able to see that the glasses are powered on (recording, etc.) out of the corner of your eye.Lastly, I’d note that these do come with plastic/glass in the eye sockets, and that the plastic/glass isn’t prescription of any sort. So wearing these shouldn’t affect your vision. There’s also a storage case, which is nice. All things considered, these have room for improvement, but aren’t a horrible product by any stretch. If you’re just looking to capture a few, well-lit occasions (not trying to hide the recording you’re doing), these are sound enough to get the job done. I could see them coming in handy lots of times in the future, and (even after reviewing) would pay full price for the product.

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