Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera for Adults 4K UHD Camera 30 Mins Flight Time with GPS Return Home Brushless Motor-Black(with

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Compatible Phone: Support dual-band WiFi (2. 4 and 5G) Please verify your phone before ordering

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‎17.53 x 10.41 x 8 cm; 519.93 Grams


2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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‎F11 Pro

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17 July 2019



10 reviews for Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera for Adults 4K UHD Camera 30 Mins Flight Time with GPS Return Home Brushless Motor-Black(with

  1. Flashfire

    Good First Impressions, Not Hard For A Beginner, Need More Use For A Deeper Review
    I recently became interested in buying a drone as a complement to photo/video work I enjoy doing when I go out to different places. I was looking for something at a reasonable price with some decent features, and the Ruko F11 came to my attention as a generally low-cost intro-level drone with some options that go beyond the very basics. A little more digging found the F11 Pro, which comes with a second battery and a few more features for a very similar price to the base version along with buying an extra battery separately, so I went with the Pro and bought a micro-SD card to use in the unit for recording video/photo.Out of the box, the drone is essentially ready to fly once you do a bit of initial setup. You can install an app that allows you to see through your phone what the drone sees, and the remote has a convenient clip that will hold the phone in place. I took the case off my Galaxy S10+ because it fit a little better without it.It is very important to go through the full setup process for calibration. If you skip any steps or don’t let them complete, you will run the risk of the drone trying to fly off on you as soon as you direct it into the air, and fighting with the controls can be a difficult experience especially for a novice. I had this happen to me twice and the second time, it came close to veering into the side of a hill before I got it close enough to cut the motors for a semi-rough landing, but the drone itself was undamaged and it was a lesson learned. Do not just assume everything is good to go just because you calibrated it in a different place half an hour ago.That said, setup is relatively easy and the instructions walk you through it step by step, whether with the booklet, a separate card that comes with the drone, or through the phone app. When you’ve set it up properly and connected to the drone’s own wifi, you will be able to see remaining battery power in the drone and the remote, through the app. If you’re flying the drone close to you and there are some obstacles such as tree limbs or power lines nearby, you might find it easier to steer it while watching it yourself, but once you’re used to flying it further and higher away (and if you turn off Beginner limits in the app), this is where viewing it through the app comes in very handy. This will help with positioning, direction, and so on, and adjusting the camera’s angle can be done through the remote as well.Be aware that there are limitations to the distance in which the wifi signal comes clearly back to the phone, so you can fly beyond that and get a choppy visual image. The range of the remote itself extends beyond this, but as a novice drone pilot this was something I found I had to be aware of. It is also important to keep an eye on your battery’s charge. Each one lasts nearly half an hour from a full charge, and when it gets low the lights on the drone will start to turn red and it will try to return to its launch point. If there are obstacles in the way, it is not high-end enough to have a feature such as collision detection, so pay attention to that.As for flying it, I found it to be easy to control and very responsive to my input. As a first-timer, I went to an open park and just got used to how it flies, and of course I had moments where I jerked it too far one way or another, but it held its position very steadily when I brought it close to a fence by a baseball field, elevated it above it, flew over it, then lowered it and repeated the other way. On my second try, I flew it close by some trees and power lines, and it was responsive with a little bit of adjusting needed to account for a mild breeze. I’m not sure yet how much wind I’d risk sending it up in, though.The primary reason I got it, and the third time I flew it, was to take it down to Shasta Lake in California to view some places left behind when Shasta Dam was built, such as old roads, bridges, and rail locations that are normally underwater except during drought conditions. The drone performed very well here, and I recorded about 35 minutes worth of video that I split between the two batteries I had. This is where I had a near-miss when I didn’t go through the proper calibration steps all the way, but that is a lesson learned. You can see some still images I took from videos I captured.The drone flew steadily and I while I think I would prefer a non-fisheye lens to the one the F11 Pro comes with, along with a gimbal, which the F11 Pro also does not have, I found the video quality to be adequate for what I paid for. If I want better features, I would need to spend a bit more and Ruko offers a newer version of this drone that has a gimbal with a non-fisheye lens, but based on some reviews I’ve seen the jury may be out as to which one actually flies better.Anyway, I’ve found so far that keeping the lens facing straight ahead gives me better color quality to what I’m seeing, and based on the angle of the drone as it’s flying I can still see the majority of what I want to. You do get a little bit of the propellers in the shot, but that’s not too bad. The fisheye distortion shows a bit more as you’re turning or straightening things out. If you don’t like the fisheye effect and want more image stabilization, consider a different model, whether one by Ruko or another manufacturer.Batteries take a few hours to charge, and there are specs listed as to what kind of power adapter you should use. Basically, a phone charger will do fine and you want to make sure it’s about 1-3A. This model comes with a nice little carrying case that can house the drone, one battery, the remote, and the documentation that comes with it. It is recommended to keep the battery disconnected from the drone when you are not using it.The drone software comes with additional features I have not yet had the chance to explore, such as a ‘follow you’ function, the ability to circle an object for a 360 view of it, and a point-to-point ability you can ‘draw’ on a map of the place you’re in. These are not important features for me, but they are there for those who want to make use of them. The app will also provide you with a flight record and keep what you recorded, but you can use the micro-SD card to transfer higher-quality videos to your computer later.I think as a first-time user of a drone, this was a good entry point for me. I’ve found actually flying it to be easy to pick up as a beginner, and with more experience I will get more steady with it. Do be sure to download an app like ‘B4UFLY’ to check for any restrictions in the area you live in or go to. I live close enough to a small airport that there are height limitations to be aware of, for example. It has some good features and options for a ~$300 price point, and while you might not get everything you want in a drone for that price, this one gives you a good amount of stuff to try if you want to go beyond just flying it around.

  2. BPB

    Professional grade drone at beginner/toy price!
    I’ve owned five drones and I’m extremely impressed by this drone over all the others.The pictures I’ve attached are taking off at maybe 30m, view looking straight down from about 100m high during daylight, and skyline at night at about 120m (max height allowable by FAA). Do note it was pretty windy up at 120m the night I took that picture. These are just the ones that were sent to my phone; pictures saved to the SD card are of higher quality.Pros: Outstanding power – this drone can fight, and win, against light and moderate wind! The app even tells you when the wind conditions are getting dangerous for flight! Well done.Folding profile and carrying case is extremely well done – over and beyond convenient. Folding arms snap into place, so they aren’t going to jostle out of alignment during flight. Case is soft yet protective; no trouble fitting it in a backpack and hiking along with it.ABS plastic + reinforced aluminum frame means this thing is durable and built to last.Using the 5GHz wireless signal and my phone I’ve gotten steady real time video transmission from over 300m away and 120m high, consistently, without losing connection. That’s impressive at this price point!Return to home/GPS is ALWAYS spot on; you can count on this drone coming back exactly to you! Major plus.This really does fly for up to 30 minutes as advertised. This will of course depend on wind, speed setting, and how aggressively you’re flying it though, so your flight time will be influenced by your conditions and flight pattern.Extremely responsive controls, and steady enough flight to get quality pictures and video. Three speed modes; I like to put it on the lowest speed setting once it gets close to the ground for landing, or when I’m steadying it to take a picture relatively close up. Putting it on max speed and racing it around is a blast too.This drone uses 5GHz band to connect with your phone wirelessly. This is good; better video quality and better signal transmission means you can communicate with it from further distances without being crowded by numerous 2.4GHz signals usually in any given area these days. You want this over 2.4GHz for a wireless connection to your phone. (Of course the pictures and video are saved to the SD card, but for maintaining a good real time image and connectivity you want the 5GHz channel.)I really can’t recommend this enough; skip the toys and get this – it’s worth every dollar of the price!Cons:I have to nit-pick here, and there’s not much to dislike. These are very minor points I include to make this review fair and unbiased.It is loud; not at all hearing unsafe or offensive, but it is noticeable compared to a toy-grade drone. Any drone with this much power (read: not strictly a toy) is going to make some noise. It is not offensive though; you won’t bother the neighbors.The camera has a slight fish-eye effect when you’re trying to look straight ahead. You can see that in the first picture I posted and the nighttime picture. Do note the camera is in-flight adjustable, so you can go from straight ahead to straight down, and all points in between, on the fly. So big plus for that. I can’t knock the camera too much because it doesn’t have a stabilizing gimble. That’s a necessary trade to fit the profile. Plus if you’re watching the ground at an angle the fish-eye effect goes away.It can be just a bit slow to get a GPS lock. Don’t be put off though; it’s not difficult to obtain one, it just takes a couple extra seconds. It never loses the GPS signal once it’s got it. (So you can hold it up high to get a signal quicker, then set it down for takeoff.)You do have to register it with the FAA (it just barely meets their weight requirement for registration). Don’t be put off: this process takes less than 5 minutes on their website, and there’s zero waiting on paperwork. Just fill out the form and you’re ready to fly immediately (register as a modeler/recreational flyer and you’re good to go with no hassle).Tips:Disconnect your phone from any wireless networks it is auto-joining. This will ensure you maintain a video feed to your phone as you fly greater distances away.Android users: when you connect to this wireless signal, you have to tell Android OS to keep connected even though there is no internet connectivity. This is a quirk of the Android OS, not the drone. Be sure to do this the first time you connect to the drone and you’ll be fine.To get a GPS signal quickly, calibrate the compass and the gyroscope as per the included instructions then hold the drone up off the ground while it searches for a GPS signal. You’ll get the necessary 3 bars of signal much faster than sitting flat on the ground. (Also note – to unlock the motor to take off you must have 3 bars of GPS signal! If your drone motor is not unlocking for take off, this is why. Do not fly without GPS mode! You’ll be thankful when your drone is auto-returning to the takeoff location from who knows where you’ve flown it – trust me!) Then just set it back down, unlock the motor, and take off.On the geo-fencing feature, set the auto-return minimum height high enough to clear any trees in your immediate area. That way, when auto-returning, it will climb safely over the height of any trees between the initial location and the drone’s current position. This will avoid crashing into anything on its automated return path.Overall verdict: this has all of the features of more expensive, professional grade, drones at (if you catch it on sale as I did) an entry level/toy price point. Buy this. Grab an extra battery – you’ll need it to feed your addiction! I can’t imagine how fun this will be using VR glasses in first person view.

  3. Treozen

    Buy this drone – stop looking & comparing, just click “buy” and fly happy
    Its not often that I’m surprised, well, there was that one time my grandma vaulted over a mini-pony to get to the last cream-puff before the dog ate it, but aside from that, its unusual. In this case though I can say without hesitation that I was surprised. Given the vast list of features that typically demand premium prices, to say nothing of the case, battery and folding functionality, I figured costs had to have been cut somewhere – like propellers are extra or you’re only buying a picture of the drone, with a scratch and sniff sections where you can smell the summer breeze that you’d be flying in…..if you had propellers. It was with no small surprise then and all too rare bested expectations, when I opened the box to find the F11 Pro every bit the quality machine its claimed to be. The build quality is exceptional, it feels twice the price you pay. There’s nothing cheap or flimsy about this aerial juggernaut, in fact before the flight test I wondered if something so….robust….could actually lumber into the air, let alone fly – but I’d be proved wrong on that score. Everything looks carefully crafted, form and function by design and purpose, as opposed to whatever injection mold was kicking around the shop. The case is good, everything fits well and even here, something that is often an afterthought thing “thrown in” you can see there is attention to detail and a bias toward doing it right.Unfolding the drone takes a bit of thought – I mean, not Mensa-level, but there is an order to it, and in another nod to quality, you’re going to need to apply some effort – not “Earl, get the sledge” effort, but the “arms” positively move into place and you won’t be doing it with one finger – unless you have a really strong finger, like a body-builder, but just your finger….like your finger works out, but the rest of you doesn’t. Unfolding the controller is actually as near a work of art as unfolding a controller can be – reminds me of a transformer…auto-bot, obviously.Lets get down to brass-tacks though because as Humphrey Bogart once said, “design doesn’t add up to a hill of beans in this crazy town, if the drone won’t fly” – I’m not sure Bogart said anything even close to that actually, but if they had drones in 1942, he would have – but I digress. The start-up procedure for this drone is a little more involved than some lesser models, where the start-up procedure is basically “turn it on”. This however is a more sophisticated machine and so your “pre-flight” is going to be more involved as well – and you want it to be… means the drone has complex systems, and just like any pre-flight check, its important to know that they are working and calibrated. That said, its relatively simple -basically comprised of turning in a circle and moving the control sticks – the instructions, app and quick-start guide on the inside of the box lid all do a great job of walking you through it.Flying this drone is is what drone flying should be, but so often isn’t. I have four drones and at least half are fair-weather only. Did someone sneeze fourteen miles away? Best not fly because the drone will be sent careening into a hedge. What’s that?a perfect day with no wind? great….lets get our 8 minutes of flying in. Seriously, some drones seem more designed to have you take up another hobby, than fly drones. Fortunately, the F11 Pro makes flying fun. First, it laughs in the face of a breeze – it is basically a flying brick folks, and bricks don’t take shtick from any mere gust of wind. Second, it will fly for about 28 minutes on a battery….28 minutes… that’s almost 29 minutes, which is almost 30! AND you get a second battery in the box….so ….take 28, carry the four, find the square root of your mom’s meatloaf and TADA!…..near as makes no difference, an hour of flight…IN THE BOX. I found all the flight features to be better than expected and more fun than I had thought – better yet though, is that you can actually fly this drone properly, outside, in the real world, and for longer than it takes some kid to say “hey nice drone, can I fly it”? To which you must automatically respond “Heck no kid, buzz off,…and…..tell mommy I’m on an important call, not to be disturbed for another 27 minutes”.I won’t go into all the features, you can read them yourself, they are there, they work. What is important here though is that this drone is worth every penny you spend, and yes, it is more expensive than some lesser models, but those are the ones that don’t fly well, or crash if uncle Dave toots in your general direction. It also flies for a long time, in a way that’s controllable and adjustable for varied skill – and not just because it can go faster or slower, but because it has multiple features designed to make you successful and enjoy flying, almost as if that were the point.I have no affiliation with the brand, I bought the drone with my own hard-earned cash and I write reviews for products that deserve them.

  4. Rebecca S. Burkheart

    Couldn’t be happier
    I’m in the 55+ plus range and was slow to jump on the drone bandwagon, but after years of reading reviews. I finally decided to make the leap with the Ruko Pro. I couldn’t have been more delighted with it. There is a learning curve but it is slight and “beginner mode” is the perfect hand to hold. Unfortunately, one day as the winds picked up, I accidently sent it higher instead of bringing down and it was lost. It says the most about how much I love this drone that when I finished gnashing my teeth, I purchased another one. This one, unfortunately had an issue that I never got the ‘fly’ command after geo-sync’ing. This is where the total five star review comes in, is Ruko costumer service. They were responsive and helpful and with a short set of troubleshooting sessions, replaced the problematice drone in a timely manner. THANK YOU Ruko! You’ve earned a customer for life.

  5. Calvin

    It is amazing so many features
    This is my seventh drone this is by far my best drone I’ve ever owned I’ve owned them from $200 on up to $800 this is the one you want to get, there is so many features that it seems complicated but it is very easy to learn you would only expect these features in a very expensive $1,000 drone or more it takes great photos videos believe me buy one you will love it if you read any bad reviews about this do not believe them you can’t please everybody in the world no matter what there’s just those type of people out there, customer service is always there to help you there are very fast and responding and very polite to speak with buy one you will not regret it

  6. Christina C.

    Works if you follow instructions, makes a weird noise
    All in all I lobe the simplicity of operation. Follow the instructions that come with the drone and it will work. I haven’t taken it out for a flight yet because I’m in NY & the many restrictions you have to follow. I turned it on and followed the directions. The lights will flash pink prior to calibration. Once it’s done correctly they will go stead and then turn blue. I did this at home and not outside so the wifi took a minute to connect. Once it was connected the camera came on. It does make a bitch pitched noise. I’m assuming you’d be able to hear it on the footage if that mattered to you. If not, you could always dub a soundtrack to it and just enjoy the footage. Love that it came with 2 batteries 30 minutes each, so it covers 1 hour of flight time. Love that it’s compact and comes in its own carrying case. The only other thing I’d like to acquire before I fly it is the flight pad. I’m hoping that using the home button with it will work properly. Once I get some air time in I will add an updated review.

  7. Lego Guy

    Great product, great drone, truly worth it’s money!
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     Throughout the many years, I have had many remote control helicopters and have never been satisfied with any of them.So it came up time again for another helicopter and I came across the Roku F11.I ordered it and after ordering it I was initially hesitant as I was not certain it was really going to be the helicopter that it is.I read so many different stories good and bad about so many different helicopters I figured the deal I got was a good deal and I decided to jump in headfirst and purchased it.My initial response was kind of dismay. I ordered the F11 pro.My initial response was well I just don’t get this. It folds up nice and small. It came with two batteries a little screwdriver and a couple sets of helicopter blades and the helicopter and the remote control.Initially I charge the batteries and was very happy the next day when I woke up and they both were green good to go.I had tried playing with the helicopter at home. But I was not ready to turn it on and take it out for a flight until I was certain I was in a place where I knew I would not ruin it on my first flightI had emailed the company back-and-forth a couple times about questions about the helicopter. The company was very forthcoming and responsive to my stupid questions.Of course the company never referred to my questions as being stupid.So here I am at a campground in north eastern Pennsylvania. They have a part of the campground where hot air balloons take off daily. So we thought that would be a great place to try out the helicopter.So our first day was a little bit of a learning curve. I have had other helicopters but none of them ever were successful and we’re not GPS or any quality whatsoever.I watch the video on how you should use your new drone for the first time. It listed the five things you should do before you’re confident enough to take your drone out.So we followed his steps and it was definitely worth practicing our landings hovering and basic Fleitmann ship skills.One of our first big things we were the happiest with was bringing up the helicopter to 75 feet and turning on the camera and spinning around in a circle.We had some great photographs that we took over the next couple days.We had one near miss as I accidentally turned off the GPS and the helicopter went flying into the woods. It’s survived and work just as well afterwards.We practice the next couple days taking off and landing taking photographs and adjusting the camera and moving around the camera mount and the angle.At this point we are very comfortable with the hovering going up and the items that really are needed in basic flight.At this point we had learned to bring a couple chairs with us and sit in the field with an obstructed view. On our second day my wife decided she could fly it as well. I was so happy that she got to try it and enjoyed flying it. It kind of made it even more fun for me watching her fly at as opposed to me concentrating on just flying.Another couple days went by and we learned more and more skills. We purchased one of the instant helicopter pads and it worked wonderful. My wife was able to take off at a pretty high speed and come down and land pretty close to the helicopter pad.After our first day of flight we brought on the batteries and plug them in to charge. But unfortunately we did not bring our charging cables with us.So we went home and got our tables and were able to charge the batteries for the next day.We really had a lot more fun on the next day and each day forward.So I truly think it is a great helicopter and has a lot of high-end benefits.I was originally surprised by the compressed Styrofoam carrying case. But I have learned to like that as well. It holds all of the items perfectly.They came with the two batteries and now we have two cables we will keep in the case along with a charger.On my complaint list it would have to be the directions were printed on a microscopic font. But I am older than your average teenager who can read better.So we took photographs of the directions and I was able to see them with my iPad Pro. It was also easier to see him when they are inverted in color.We’ve attached some of the photographs. The videos came out in great quality and the photographs came out and great quality. Taking photographs and sharing them was quite easy.The consul display was easy to follow and once we figure that out we were doing pretty good. We need to complete lesson number three to become more proficient at flying takeoff and landing.All in all we give it thumbs up. Very easy to learn. I can’t wait to explore some more of the Pennsylvania woods.It’ll take some time before I reach the comfort level where I feel comfortable flying around in my neighborhood.So thumbs up. Great value and great price great quality.

  8. Dean Michael

    Very well made and so much more than I expected in this price range
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     I feel it’s important to explain how I came to buy the F11 PRO Drone. Several weeks back I got suckered into purchasing a drone that was advertised on Facebook. It was an elaborate video about how some engineer at a big name brand company realized the company he worked for was purchasing lower valued electronics but charging a high brand name cost to cover advertising. So he left the brand name company and started his own with a few of his co-workers offering the same high quality electronics at a fraction of the cost because they aren’t spending money on marketing. But I need to buy it now because this price won’t last long after the word gets out about how great it is. It looked like a lot of fun and now I had to have it. so I ordered it right after the advertisement ended. I know it was a compulsive purchase because before seeing the video I had never thought about having a drone. Whatever, I’m only human. Now I was excited to get this awesome drone in the mail. I waited and waited and waited, several weeks for it to finally arrive. I had never seen a drone before but even I could tell it seemed really light in weight and cheaply made. Trying not to deflate my excitement so quickly, I rationalized with myself thinking maybe it has to be light in order to fly. I very quickly learned that was not the case. The supposed high quality drone couldn’t even get off the ground. When I contacted the seller about it. They told me to shake it up and down to get it working. OMG are you kidding me??? Long story short it never worked. After being let down by the drone scam, I did some research and found the F11 PRO on Amazon. It had great reviews and was still very reasonably priced. So I ordered it. Unlike the other bogus drone, the F11 PRO was delivered almost immediately. No waiting at all this time and no letting me down this time either. The difference between the two drones is night and day. The F11 PRO is sturdy, weighty, very well made and has so many cool functions i haven’t even begun to master them all yet. In one of the pictures above you can see the two drones side by side. The little one is the cheap knock-off I got scammed into purchasing from a Facebook advertisement and the larger drone is the F11 PRO right out of the box. EVERYTHING is better on the F11 PRO than the cheap piece of crap advertised on Facebook. I was talking to a friend of mine who is also a beginner. He told me he had received the Mavic drone as a Christmas gift a year or two ago. The funny part is he’s afraid to fly it because he hasn’t gotten insurance for it yet. It’s so expensive he feels the need to insure it before even attempting to fly it? That’s just silly. The F11 has many of the same features as the Mavic and if I happen to crash it due to my limited knowledge in flying? I’ll just buy another one because they’re priced so I can. I don’t see that happening because the GPS and other features on the F11 PRO prevent it from crashing. Even If you’r a beginner. Why spend thousands on a drone? You can get the same high quality experience and just as much fun with the F11 PRO. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You don’t need to research anymore or think about it anymore. Just buy it and you can thank me later.It’s been a few days since I wrote my review. Since then I’ve been learning more about this drone every day. It hasn’t ceased to amaze me. Every person who has seen me flying this drone, said….I have to get one!! This thing flies so high it’s hard to believe even when you’re looking at it with your own two eyes. I’ve added a couple pics and a video I took with the drone. The video may be a little bumpy in some parts but that’s all on me. I just turned on the video to see how it worked? I was still having fun flying it around. Zipping from one place to another, rather than paying attention to the filming. It still took some great footage. I’m looking forward to putting together some really nice photography & video shots with this drone. So there ya have it. After a few days I’m still loving it. As a matter of fact I bought another one for my wife because she was jealous of mine…LOL

  9. Terry Adamo

    A Tough Little Machine
    I’ve had this drone for almost a year and it has performed flawlessly. The past 2 days, however, have seen two bad crashes – my fault, not the drones’. Both incidents I expected to see broken props, if not broken arms and destroyed motors, this is not my first drone. To my amazement, NOTHING broke. She still flies just fine. The only glitch it has now is it is stuck in beginner mode, which is very frustrating. A well built machine and I highly recommend getting one.

  10. WG

    This drone is AMAZING!!
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     This is only my second drone, but I’ve flown both of them quite a bit, plus done a TON of research, watched videos, talked to people who own drones, etc. My first drone was $100 model with a fixed camera and about a 10-minute runtime per battery and a 1080p camera.The first thing I want to say about this little beauty is WOW! Seriously. I mean the fact that it folds, fist nicely and compact into it’s included carrying case and comes with two batteries is nice, but…none of those are the reasons that you buy a drone. You want stability, ease of use, long flight times and quality pics/vids. Well, this little drone has all of that.Camera – The resolution of the photographs is pretty awesome, in my opinion. The video is high-quality, as well. Check out my uploads. Also, I love the fact that the camera tilts a full 90-degrees. Cheaper drones have fixed cameras or only tilt 70-degrees, which is ok, but I prefer to position the camera to make the shot, not the drone to make the shot. Plus, with fixed cameras, the position of the camera tends to make the pictures/videos dark because of the compensation for the sun being almost directly into the lens. The fact that the camera doesn’t have pan capability is no big deal, because when you have the controls in “slow” mode, the side-to-side and rotation motions are quite smooth. The only “con” that I can come up with is the 120-degree lens. Because it’s somewhat panoramic, it tends to give pics/vids a bit of a fish eye effect. Not so much that it’s annoying, but it exists.Battery life – Runtimes are between 23-28 minutes, with mine, anyway. Drone runtimes can vary even within the same model, so yours may get a couple more minutes or a couple less. Either way, it’s long enough to get a ton of enjoyment out of and when the battery dies; you let the motors cool off for about ten minutes and send it up with the second battery (included with my purchase).Controls – It has three speed positions (slow, normal, fast). It defaults to normal when you turn it on, which is great for general flying. Switch it to slow for smooth-scrolling video panning. Go to fast when you want to get there in a hurry. It has First Person View capability through your smartphone, with 5g WiFi, which is great. The connection is solid and you get very little video stutter (unless you’re panning really fast, which is bad practice anyway). I like being able to see what the camera sees, when it sees it. The app for your phone defaults to “beginner mode” until you turn it off. Beginner mode only lets fly about 30m up and about that far away. It’s great when you’re first starting out, but you’ll probably want to switch to the highest limits by the end of the first battery (It’s that easy to fly, even for beginners).Stability – This is where this baby shines!! It is ROCK SOLID in the air. I’ve had it up to it’s 120m altitude limit (governed by the firmware) in moderate wind, and the only way you’d notice that it’s windy is with a good gust. The GPS super stable and when you let go of the control sticks in video mode, you’d swear you were taking still shots.I can’t even begin to say enough good stuff about this little drone. Don’t let the price and the size of it fool you. It’s well constructed, rock-solid stable in the air, easy to fly, has long runtimes, and a fantastic tilting camera. Sure, you can pay $1800+ for a Mavic Pro 2 or a Phantom, but unless you’re a professional drone videographer, you’re not going to see a remarkable difference enough to shell out that kind of dough. On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t recommend getting a cheaper drone first. Which is what I did. Even though this drone has more features and is more expensive than starter drones, the fact that it’s so easy to fly will make you wish that you had gotten it first. You’re going to buy it eventually anyway, so why not make it your next ( or first). And for around $300 (what I paid at the time), you can’t go wrong.

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