PERLESMITH Speaker Stands Extend 30-45 Inch with Upgraded Cable Management, Hold Satellite, Small Bookshelf & Bluetooth Speakers

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The satellite speaker stand mounts are the perfect addition to any home theater.


– The speaker stands mount is height-adjustable, so satellite speaker up to 8 lbs can be positioned from 30 inches to 45 inches from the floor for a customized setup.

– It can be assembled in minutes using just a Phillips screwdriver.

– Each heavy-gauge steel pillar is offset for optimum sound and features an integrated wire channel for easy management.

– Includes top plate, L-shaped brackets, and keyhole mount adapters to fit most small satellite speakers.

– Feel the love with our WORRY-FREE 10-year warranty and friendly customer service.

Package contents:

2x Speaker stand

1x Standard mounting hardware

1x User manual

Additional information

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Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Included Components

‎speaker stand * 2, mounting hardware*1, manual*1



Date First Available

21 August 2020



10 reviews for PERLESMITH Speaker Stands Extend 30-45 Inch with Upgraded Cable Management, Hold Satellite, Small Bookshelf & Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Caveat Emptor

    Great Buy for SMALL Speakers
    Well, I can’t imagine many stands are easier to assemble than these. I can’t vouch for them on larger speakers, but for really small speakers these fit the bill perfectly, at least for my personal needs.1. Inexpensive but decent build quality2. Tallest I could find, given my speaker size and price range3. Floor base size and overall stand design allows close placement to walls4. Stand poles are robust and fit together well with no wobble (as opposed to being thin and shaky, as were the many other small pole-based stands I previously tried and returned)5. Base is sturdy enough, weighted about right to eliminate excessive wobble with SMALL speakers without weighing a ton.6. Easy assembly with multiple mounting options.7. At least in my case, they arrived with no missing parts, no misaligned holes, no stripped threads.First, let me stress that I used these with SMALL speakers. I paired them with the old Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers that are ~4” width and depth, ~7” tall. I would NOT use these stands for speakers much larger/heavier than those. I used the horizontal, bottom-of-speaker mounting plate to affix each speaker directly centered over stand poles (as opposed to the L-shaped key hole option for rear speaker mount, also included). Rear mounting the speakers will probably shift their center of gravity off pole-center for all but the tiniest of speakers. I wouldn’t recommend that method, but I didn’t try it, it might work just fine for you. The keyholes in my speakers were too small for the included keyhole screw, anyway. The included under-speaker-bottom mounting plates are small enough to be fully covered by most any speaker without any speaker overhang. The installation pack comes with double sticky sided sponge/felt pads, cut to exactly fit the contour of the base mount plates and has precut screw holes matching those in the mounting plate. You’ll need to supply your own screws if drilling your own holes into your speakers. I wouldn’t use the sticky felt as your only means of final mounting. I think they’re included just to help you keep speakers stuck in place while drilling holes into speaker bottoms and to prevent sonic vibration after final speaker mounting with screws. I wouldn’t trust the sticky felt pads as the only means of attaching my speakers, but you might get away with it if your speakers are tiny and you never bump your speaker stands with any great force.A tri-foot base will never be as stable a four footed base, or a single flat base, but this one is plenty stable for small speakers centered over the speaker pole. The tri-foot base is part of the design-plus that allows close placement to walls, so for me it is an acceptable, minor trade off in form and function. All in all, the base is stable enough.I can’t vouch for the other mounting options I didn’t use. I absolutely would NOT use these stands for heavy speakers, but if you have small speakers of a size and weight to the ones I mentioned above, and you use the bottom-of-speaker mounting plate, these are about the best option you’ll find on amazon at this price point (probably much higher). If you have kids or larger pets that will bump them often, you might want to rethink speaker stands of any kind because there are no stands that can’t be knocked over unless they’re bolted to the floor.Here are a couple mounting tips, should you decide to purchase these speakers:Mounting Tip 1 (for base plate/sticky felt option):Put small strips of masking tape (or similar) on the bottom edge of each speaker side and face before final mounting. Temporarily place speaker in position, on mounting plate (without sticking the sponge/felt pad down yet, or peeling off sticky side protector sheets). Center each side of speaker to pole, by eye. Use a sharpie/marker to mark the tape at pole-center of each speaker side/face. Remove speaker, apply sticky pads to mounting plate. Sit in a chair (or on a stool) in front of the stand with mounting plate at eye level, close enough that you can lean comfortably to see tick marks on tape of each speaker side. Grasp the speaker pole with fingers of one hand as close to mounting plate as possible, one thumb sticking up. Use that hand to steady the pole. While lowering speaker on to sticky pad, use your thumb (now sticking up) as a lever to partially rest the speaker on and to aid in physically guiding the speaker down as you align the center marks you made on the tape to the stand poles. At the same time, use the other hand to hold most of the speaker weight, and slowly lower the speaker onto the sticky pad using the tick marks you made on the tape on each speaker face to line up speaker center to pole. If you drill into your speakers to use screws as well, you’ll still want to press down a little on top of your speaker to keep from pushing the speakers off the sticky pads while drilling from underneath.Mounting Tip 2 (to base plate, no drilling):If you don’t want to drill into your speakers to use the base plate mount, and you don’t trust the included sticky pads to be sticky enough, you can use an alternative attachment method. But honestly, who cares about tiny holes in the bottom of your speakers? It’s the bottom, for Pete’s sake! No one will see them, they won’t hurt or effect speaker performance, and your speakers will never fall off the stand, even if you knock the stand over (unless they physically break off and tear out the screw holes). However, if you’re squeamish about drilling into your speakers, you can purchase Dual Lock strips instead of using screws or trusting the sticky pads. And no, I don’t work for the Dual Lock company, but that stuff is da bomb. (Aside: If you’re a guitarist with a pedal board and you aren’t constantly rearranging your rig, you really want to try Dual Lock). In my book, Dual Lock is a superior alternative to Velcro, if your goal is a kinda-permanent fixture that is rock steady and stuck together like it’s welded… until you don’t want it to be any more. When you want to unstick it, it comes off, but only after no small amount of tugging. I’ve found the adhesive bottom side stays stuck, but peels off when you need it to without damaging surfaces. Instead of “hook and loop” that require male and female strips, its a one part system made of strips with sticky adhesive on the underside (like Velcro) but uses a single type of latching system. The mounting strip (one type used on both things to be stuck together) is covered in tiny interlocking plastic “mushrooms”. Dual Lock, in my experience, has far greater “grab” than Velcro, is a one part fixture instead of 2 parts, and doesn’t wobble around, back and forth like Velcro does. The adhesive side sticks firmly to most surfaces, and stays put even when yanking the “mushroom” sides apart from each other, but doesn’t damage or leave residue when removed. The downside: Once you press two pieces of Dual Lock together, they ain’t comin’ apart without a fight, but that’s what you want anyway. Bigger downside: The stuff ain’t cheap, but it costs less than replacing speakers that wound up in a damaged heap on your floor.

  2. J Gillman

    Works great with my Vizio V-Series 5.1 back speakers
    I just bought a Vizio V51-H6 sound system, which sounds great, and I wanted to get my rear surround sound speakers up in the air a bit. These stands do the job nicely.I wanted to mount the speakers vertically, but the L-bracket didn’t allow for that; I may figure out a way to do that some other way by extending the height of that bracket.The heavy base is very stable (especially considering the small size and light weight of the speakers). I have berber carpet (loops at the top, not free ends, and it’s therefore not as soft/thick as regular carpet), but I chose to use the carpet points on the feet instead of the rubber pads, and they’re good for that use.I was able to run the speaker cable with integrated RCA jacks through the tube, via this method: a) Assemble the stand, and turn it over. b) use a length of string with a metal nut on the end of it to fish the string through the bottom and down out of the cable hole at the (now) bottom. c) Lay the speaker stand on the floor. d) Feed the subwoofer end (with the straight plug) of the speaker cable through the cable hole by the upper bracket and out through the bottom by pulling the string… this initially didn’t work, as it all got caught at the narrow point (where the eight adjuster is) because the string was pulling the jack a bit crooked, so I sacrificed another audio cable with a female RCA connector to make a puller: with the speaker cable plugged into the puller, and that junction taped up temporarily to provide better strength, I was able to pull the cable through. Be careful when inserting/pulling the jack through the upper cord hole; you don’t want to damage the speaker cable (although it is a standard RCA setup, so you could roll your own if needed).

  3. Richard D. Branaman

    Perfect for the Samsung SWA 9500s!!
    I was cautious in buying these stands because of some negative reviews. But I HAVE to say these stands are perfect for the Samsung SWA 9500s rear speakers. I had absolutely no problems in assembling them nor in attaching the speakers with the provided hardware. The quality is excellent and the instructions are excellent. If you expect to hide the speaker cords, you won’t be able to, the power in to the speaker is just too big (no fault of the stands). Run the cords down the outside of the stands, both are black, duh. The stands weigh enough and are sturdy enough that there is no problem with tilting. There is an ABUNDANCE of hardware provided that I suspect that you will be able to mount any small rear speaker that is currently on the market without going to the hardware store. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase and heartily recommend these stands. Again, they assembled easily and the provided screws (labeled “I” and also suggested in the Instructions) attached my speakers perfectly. I wasted several hours looking at other stands because of negative reviews, I suggest you ignore them for these specific speakers.

  4. Adam Henrikson

    Sturdy and good looking
    I bought it for the Klipsch Quintet set, which is small but heavy, being made from high density plastic. These stands are very sturdy and bottom-heavy, and match the looks of Klipsch perfectly. Of course you need to figure out something else for the center speaker, which is not quite compatible due to its size and double screw mounting.

  5. rv8tor

    Great for small satallite speakers
    I use them for small book shelf size @4″x4″x8″ speakers in my surround system upgrade. They assemble quickly and easily. Not to say that a ham handed assembly will not strip threads and break plastic twist fittings.The Bases are heavy enough to support the speakers and the curved designed allows for a more streamlined look when such things matter as in ‘she who must be obeyed’. Enough hardware is included so that with ingenuity and extra metric stuff from previous projects one can readily come up with a mounting that looks good. I ordered two sets so for my 5.1.2 surround system. I like ’em.

  6. gregory brooks

    Great stands
    Worked great , very sturdy, easy set-up

  7. Matthew Andrews

    Quality product
    Quality product, well designed, nice materials. Nicely crafted.

  8. Timothy allen jarosak

    Very nice
    Will hold a horse..

  9. Electronics Luver

    Really Good for Smaller Surrounds
    ** 7/25/2022 Update **I bought two new power cords and two replacement plugs. I cut off the plug ends from each power cord and snaked the end with the cut wires through their respective speaker stand tubes. Then I stripped the cut ends and installed the replacement plugs. The stands look great now with no wires to be seen except at the bottom. It cost an extra $25.00 for the new parts, but well worth the time and the effort. Would have been $15.00 less if I’d just cut the original cables.________________________I found these stands to be very nice for my uses. I have a Q990B Samsung soundbar system and needed to have the surround speakers elevated. These stands are fairly small and unobtrusive. Still not liked by my wife, but anyway . . . . They are nice looking (as these things go) and don’t draw much attention to themselves. They don’t look fancy, but they also don’t look cheap.I found that with the Q990B surrounds, the installation instructions are the same as provided for Samsung SWA-9500S (Opt D). The 990 surrounds are about 3.75 pounds apiece, so there is no strain on the stand whatsoever. As such, the post doesn’t lean and the entire assembly is well balanced. For our uses, I need to have the posts fully extended. There is no instability that I can feel or see.The one negative is that the hole simply isn’t large enough to accommodate the power plug. The solution would be to cut the wall plug off, snake the wire through the hole, and then attach a new plug head. I haven’t done that because the speaker system is new and I don’t want to ruin the cable. That being said, it’s only the cable, which is easily and mostly inexpensively replaceable. Maybe in the future Samsung will provide detachable cable ends.I like these and would buy them again. You can’t beat them for the price.

  10. D. GREEN

    These stands are a good fit for Samsung 9500s rear speakers, and you will need the washers supplied to stabilize the speakers. It would work better with an adapter to help the speakers maintain a strong non-leaning stance. Overall, a good set of speaker stands.

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