Bwine F7GB2 Drones with Camera for Adults 4K for Night Version, 9800ft Transmission range, 3-Axis Gimbal, 2 Batteries 50 Min

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Bwine Drone with Camera for Adult 4k Specification. Weight: 19.6 oz Maximum flight time: 25 minutes (charge time: about 6.5 hours) Size: 4.65*6.34*5.31 inches (folded)/15.67*12.83*5.31 inches (unfolded) Camera: with three-axis gimbal (Adjustable angle -90°+0°) Photo resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160) stored in SD card 4K maximum control range: 900 feet Maximum FPV transfer range: 960 feet (depending on mobile device and environment) Maximum SD card support: 128GB (not included) Maximum height: 119.8m

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 13.49 × 11.81 cm




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‎16.1 x 13.49 x 11.81 cm; 2.2 Kilograms


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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‎2.2 kg



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5 April 2021



10 reviews for Bwine F7GB2 Drones with Camera for Adults 4K for Night Version, 9800ft Transmission range, 3-Axis Gimbal, 2 Batteries 50 Min

  1. Michael Howell

    It works well, but with quirks
    I’m on the fence about a 4 vs 3-star review for this drone. It’s a great device that just seems to work most of the time, but it has a few quirky issues.I’ve been flying RC planes, drones and helicopters for the past dozen years or so. I can honestly say, I’m impressed with the stability of this device. It’s pretty much a no-brainer in terms of use and control. There is a bit of a setup procedure with each use that is a bit annoying, but it’s not terrible.It has a fairly good range and will pretty much fly itself. I’m used to having to keep these things from crashing, but this thing will stabilize itself even in decent winds. It has a fly home feature and will fly home on its own if it runs into trouble with low battery or range issues – or if you just tell it to. It’s GPS guided and will fly back and land where it took off from. It’s accurate within a foot or so. I took off and landed on the back of my pickup truck tonneau cover at night! Flying is easy manually and it has 3 different speed settings.The camera is decent, but the frame rate is poor for 4K. So still images are good, but video is better in the 2.7K/25fps setting.Now for that quirkiness. The resolution setting wasn’t present on my drone/app configuration. I had to contact support to find out why. They have been great in helping out, but I had to jump through hoops to get the resolution feature to show. It turns out, at least for me, that a 128GB SD card doesn’t work. I had a 32GB SD card laying around, so I used it. It wasn’t until I formatted my 128GB SD card with a very high allocation size (exFAT + 32MB allocation size) that it was recognized and allowed the drone to pair to the controller. With this SD card format configuration, the SD Card Resolution feature appeared, and I was finally able to select the 2.7K video setting. However, once I was required to format the 128GB SD card in the software, I was no longer able to use the card as the drone formats using a 16KB allocation size which isn’t compatible with that size SD card. So, while the manual states that you can use a 128GB SD card, you can’t. My 32GB card works fine … now that the resolution feature is showing up. So, I docked a star for that. Two really, but support has been so good, I added one more star for a total or 4.I’m still working with support to understand how to firmware update. They sent me some patches, but they aren’t working for me yet. I won’t give up, though. I’m a bit invested in this drone and the price was pretty decent. It does fly well and works well with the 32GB card – which is probably big enough anyway.

  2. Gazilions

    My 3rd Drone And I Couldn’t Be Happier & More Surprised!
    First of all, I have to say I’m a 70 year old fairly new flyer. I grew up in the model airplane era and frankly, never acquired the “video-game” skills of today’s young people. But what can I say? I love this drone!The first thing I noticed was the packaging. This thing was packed like it was going to the Queen of England. VERY nice intern product package. Inside an extra sturdy, nice-looking inner package. All inside a sturdy shipping box. If the drone inside was as classy as the packaging, it already had me peaked!Very easy to setup. I will admit I watched almost every Bwine F7BG2 video out there. But it was easy and intuitive to setup the drone for flying. The hardest part was the excitement while waiting for the batteries to charge!Following all the setup instructions in the very helpful User Guide, the little video that comes with the Bwine APP, and a few tips from practiced YouTube Bwine flyers, I had it up, calibrated, connected and flying within 5 minutes. Easy-peasy…Off and flying! It was very intuitive in beginner mode, and so easy to fly that it was a quick promotion to ‘full control’ mode. I have to admit I wandered left, right, to and fro for the first flight or two, but that was just my lack of experience. First flight, a success.As for the drone itself? It behaved and responded just as I wanted it to. Came right home on low battery power, settled down easy within inches of the take-off point. The controls are very quick and responsive. It took a bit of practice to keep things steady at my learning pace, because the drone just wants to FLY! The battery life seemed a bit ‘short’ to me (maybe it was because I was so into the flying). Maybe 20 minutes or less. Another quirk was the limit of distance between my iPhone’s WI-FI signal and the drone itself. At about 600-800 yards out (in fairness, blocked by a lot of trees) the first person video on the iPhone started fuzzing out. I suppose I could have gone further, but didn’t want to lose the drone on my 2nd flight. The battery started getting low, RTH kicked in and within a few minutes the drone landed right where I took off. A note here: I noted frequently during the flight that the responsiveness of the drone would ‘skip’ for a second or two. Not sure why, but maybe something to do with my iPhone, the distance, trees, etc. Not enough to mess with the operation, but just enough to be tad bit annoying.The video quality is outstanding. 4K is so clear, I could read my t-shirt easily at 2 yards out. It took very clear stills and pretty smooth videos – better than I honestly expected.I did have to interact with Bwine support which was very easy process and they were pleasant, responsive and got right to the issue. I didn’t have to cry, beg, or contact them 40 times. They were right on it – NOW!I have owned 3 drones, now. I have to say that this my be my favorite. Is it a top-of-the-line Mavic or DJI? I don’t know, I haven’t flown them. But it is heads above anything I’ve used so far. Easily worth every penny for it’s usability, quality construction, ease of operation and professionally packed features.

  3. Edward Yalacki

    Updated: Cool but Frustrating
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     Update: I reached out to the tech support email about trouble shooting the first controller, customer service is very persistent about fixing any bad reviews. I got an email a day for about a week.Update2: Even with new battery and controller, I cant get more that 10 min of flight time. It is easy to learn and control. If you are taking video or pictures the batteries only last 5 mins, so keep extra on hand. good for teen or people new to drones. Its not worth the money, only reason my review is so high, is because THEY WILL NOT STOP EMAILING ME about my low star review.Original: I would say this is one of the easier drones to fly, not much of a learning curb. However, the control we got was on the fritz from the beginning. No trouble shooting was working. If your controller wont connect to the drone, try formatting the SD card in the app. I have to every single time. The controller actually stopped working after the 4-5 times, they sell replace controllers for $100. We just got the replacement. Tried it today, so far good.Video quality is good however you will drain your battery within 5 min when using video. At long fly time.

  4. Lee

    A very High Quality drone, and a Superior seller, and a Excellent customer service!
    I am new to flying drones and I have not flown this one too much because I just recently purchased it, but I have done an extensive amount of research on drones and I have some experience with other brands of products and I would rate this drones as a great product that is good for beginners as well as experienced drone operators for the quality of the drone itself and the excellent quality of the camera, and the controller is made in my opinion as good as it can be. Very solid and user-friendly, actually I will say that you can appreciate the quality of the entire product by the way that the product is packaged. Everything about the product is in my opinion, excellent and a great investment choice. I have been in contact with the seller and as well as the customer service department not because of any issues with the product or the company, but it was due to a simple question I had, and the seller and the customer service response was very quick and very helpful and I am very pleased with this entire experience, and I am very confident in recommending this seller. I am very happy and grateful for the experience I have had with this purchase. They are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

  5. Richard Langner

    This drone has a superior camera and flying distance to the DJI drones. My only reservation is flying when there’s any kind of air movement. It’s very sensitive to wind and therefore very unstable. This is especially disconcerting when flying near trees, posts and other tall objects.

  6. Teddy white

    Fun to fly!
    This thing truly is a blast to fly! The battery life sucks though. It says 52 minutes of flight. 26 minutes for 2 batteries, but I have only ever been able to get maybe 15-20 minutes TOTAL with both batteries. So you get less than half the fligh time which kinda stinks considering the charge time is 6 hours. However the short time you do get to fly is really great! You can explore a rather large area with decent image from the camera. I love to fly through the neighborhood and over the freeway to see traffic and the sunset from a whole new perspective. I’ve been able to watch the sun set in a whole bunch of new ways and it’s great. It was easy to learn and takes just a short time to get into the air, has a really nice case and a comprehensive app to connect your phone to your drone for live feed.

  7. Sue W

    The best drone I’ve ever owned!!!
    This Bwine f7gb2 is the best drone I’ve ever owned! It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a drone. My other drones feel like toys compared to this one. The instructions are clear and it’s very easy to set up. It’s easy to fly and the app setup is way better than most drone apps out there. Smooth flights every time. I love the way it stays in place during hover, my other drones always seem to drift off during hover but this one doesn’t budge. The GPS is highly accurate with auto return. I haven’t tried the other features yet but i plan on doing so soon.. The gimbal/camera is great, no jitter. I love the pictures and video I capture with this drone. I let my husband fly it a couple of times and now he wants on of his own. Everything is just as described. It was delivered on time and packed well, nothing is going to hurt this drone during shipping. The storage bag that comes with it is the best I’ve ever received with a drone. All in all, this is my go to drone from now on. I love flying this drone!!!!!

  8. manny

    Awesome customer support got you back
    Great Drone and best customer experience, it all started when drone some how lost connection and crashed into wall into someone house and camera came out and dog chewed the camera, looked countless nights for replacement but no luck, last resort was to contact customer support, explained to them what happened and needed a replacement of cameras and FR arm with motor, i was ready to order parts knowing it be long shot if it was possible to order those parts and possibly drone will never fly again or end up buying another one, already spent on purchasing replacement propeller and landing gear, anyway Haily from customer support stated was willing to offer a replacement drone instead of gettin parts I’ve requested and catch was to post reviews amazon, I was speechless and same time grateful for offered. Thank you Bwine for awesome customer service and great drone.

  9. Dennis

    Customer service is unbeatable
    Got my drone and flew it right away. Super stable in a fairly good wind and pretty fast. Second time i took it out the camera had no control. This is where you say “junk”. I emailed customer support and they worked with me for a week. They asked me to send them a video which I did. They immediately sent me a new drone (stripped down model). My previous drone cost me almost $2000.00 and after an update I no longer had video. Got no support at all and now they say I can’t get parts any longer but they will give me a credit for a new one. Bwine is a new company and they already beat the competition.

  10. zx9rt1

    What a Difference!
    I’ve been flying Holy Stone products for several years now and decided to switch over to Bwine after a lot of research. And I’m glad I did. The performance and camera quality are not even comparable! The Bwine is head and shoulders over Holy Stone.Just the range alone is worth the move. Controls are very responsive and the 4K tri gimbal camera is rock steady too. Very impressive video and picture quality. The drone is very user friendly and super easy to fly.When flying in wind above 10 mph the drone is very steady and will hover in the area that you choose. I credit that to the weight of the drone. I’m getting close to 25 minutes of flight time per battery in calm wind conditions, and right around 18 – 20 minutes in windy conditions above 12 mph.In my most humble opinion, if you are starting out or are new to the drone hobby, the Bwine is the way to go. Well worth every penny. The carrying case is top notch as well. I’m very happy with my purchase! Give Bwine a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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