ADJ Products INNO POCKET ROLL,mini moving roller,12W

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The innovative Inno Pocket series from ADJ Products combines a lightweight rugged design with the power of LEDs and wireless compatible controllability producing and exciting and versatile lighting solution perfect for the mobile entertainer. From this series, the Inno Pocket Roll is a high-energy mirrored rolling barrel that produces multiple 14-degree beams of colorful light and Gobo projection. With maximum output and a low power draw you’ll produce cooler, safer light shows without the cost of running traditional lighting.

inno pocket roll, adj, led effect light

inno pocket roll, adj, led effect light

inno pocket roll, adj, led effect light

inno pocket roll, adj, led effect light

Additional information

Weight 3.18 kg
Dimensions 20.96 × 24.77 cm
Item Weight

‎3.18 kg

Product Dimensions

‎41.91 x 20.96 x 24.77 cm; 3.18 Kilograms

Item model number





‎240 Volts



Date First Available

20 August 2014


ADJ Products

10 reviews for ADJ Products INNO POCKET ROLL,mini moving roller,12W

  1. Darrell

    ADJ Quality is always good.
    The quality of the product is great. ADJ always sets a standard for their lighting. This one is no exception. However, in the design of the unit, I wish the lighting were brighter. It only has a 12 W led light engine and throws the patterns very quickly all over the hall from top to bottom (or visa versa). Good for extra dark hall’s or school dances, but not for weddings or other formal affairs. If the lights are on even dimly, you won’t see the lighted patterns very well. It needs to be ‘dark’ to have the most effect. The units function well though and were good for what I paid for. They have since gone up in price, so it’s a very personal choice whether or not you require this kind of effect wherever you’re playing. Also, the rotating mirror head can be damaged easily if not handled with care.

  2. Christopher Byrne

    Caution! No DMX Channel for Color
    The fixtures are certainly affordable, and create a good bang for the buck. But I wish ADJ had advertised a little clearer that the 8 colors are dedicated to individual gobos.More specifically that they do NOT have their own DMX for the colors, as I purchased the MyDMX controller to compliment the setup. But is completely underwhelming given you lose 1/2 the functionality with no DMX channel for color (only White)Working independently or in Slave Mode is OK for most small crowds or parties (1-4 devices), but certainly wouldn’t recommend it if you were looking for 8+ animated fixtures or something more complex.

  3. Carl Stevens

    Fantastic Light – Very Effective
    Amazing Little Light! I would highly recommend purchasing 2 of these, as you can use a DMX cable to synchronise the two together. This gives your lights a very professional appearance.Looks really cool with fog, however the variations of colours & gobo’s (patterns) will still produce a great light show without.These are small lights for small to medium venues. Larger venues and you will begin to loose the effect of the light.Lightweight, compact & easy to use. Can run off sound active or DMX Controller. Perfect for Mobile DJ’s or fixtures in small venues.Please note these lights come with EU Plug ends. Cables are detachable.

  4. George Qualley

    this is an excellent light. However it is definitely a small fixture …
    I went back and forth between a three and a four star review and settled on a four star only because I think three stars would be unfairly low based only on my own prejudices. For the money, this is an excellent light. However it is definitely a small fixture designed for small rooms. If you’re using a few of these for a small room and aren’t used to high-output fixtures, then you’ll probably be happy. The colors are nice and the gobos (in one wheel) are usable. The movement is smooth. That said, if you’re used to using something with, let’s say a MSD-250 discharge bulb, this just isn’t going to have nearly the same kind of output. That probably goes without saying, but it’s pretty difficult to get a comparison between LED fixtures and discharge fixtures so perhaps this will be helpful to some.

  5. JRivenbark91

    Fun small-venue multi-scanner
    Despite the first unit being defective, the company quickly replaced the fixture and even sent a second to compensate for the hassle. The scanner itself is a perfect fit in my RaveCave and for small shows and venues. Its only a 12W fixture, so don’t expect the sharpest, brightest gobos. But boy, does it put on a show. Quick, responsive, and projecting little units. The barrel mirror enables it to shoot out a half dozen or more beams that are most visual using fog effects. Though I do wish ADJ had made these more DMX-responsive.

  6. Jason Ricca

    I also bought the wireless remote and together they don’t work that great. I would like to be able to set …
    I bought this for use at home and it is plenty bright for the purpose. The white in particular is bright and sharp. I also bought the wireless remote and together they don’t work that great. I would like to be able to set the light still, etc, the customization leaves something to be desired. Best to set it on some active mode and let it do its thing. I like it.

  7. Alexander Hinkel

    Für kleinen Preis, sehr gut
    Hallo, alles ist gut angekommen und sehr gut verpackt. Im Einsatz hat mit gut gefahren aber könnte lichtstäcker sein.Für ein kleinen Preis, ist das echt gut. Bei meine Feier sehr gut angekommen. Es ist sehr hochwertig gebaut.Ich würde noch mal bestellen.EuerHobby Dj Alex


    Un menu et des programmes suffisants. S’adapte bien en mode musique. L’appareil était très bien emballé à la livraison. Machine à fumée nécessaire. Suffisant pour une salle de taille moyenne, au delà, un deuxième appareil ou un faisceau plus puissant.

  9. Phil Miller

    This fixture is amazing! It’s light
    This fixture is amazing! It’s light, mounts nicely to my T-bar and is sound active! The only con I have about this fixture is that the MIC is buried deep in the device . This means that it takes a lot of noise just for the Sound active to activate. It responds to Bass very well. Also, make sure you use Fog or Haze with this fixture, doing so without is pointless.Highly recommended!

  10. Daniel Schumy

    Also ich hab mir mal einen POCKEKT Roll geleistet weil er nicht gerade billig ist!!Hab aber gesehen das er bei Richtiger Verwendung ne richtig geile Stimmung aufbringen kann!Mit das Kombination einer NEBELMASCHINE und der richtigen Musiklautstärke Peppt das Teil die Party ganz schön auf!!Ich würde mir auch gerne noch einen zweiten und dann eventuell ein Gestänge anlegen damit das ganze dann ein optisch gutes Bild hat.

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