ADJ Products Fog Machine (VF SNOW FLURRY HO)

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The VF Flurry is a highly efficient, 1250W Snow Machine with a spray distance of 2-5 meters; Features include: Low/High volume selection switch, low snow fluid shut off to protect the pump, snow fluid level indicator, 2.3 Liter internal snow fluid tank, and an On/Off switch on the rear panel. The VF Flurry uses water based snow fluid.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 34.93 × 33.02 cm
Item Weight

‎500 g

Product Dimensions

‎58.42 x 34.93 x 33.02 cm; 500 Grams

Item model number



‎Snow Flurry


‎1250 watts



Date First Available

9 September 2015


ADJ Products

10 reviews for ADJ Products Fog Machine (VF SNOW FLURRY HO)

  1. Anthony

    When it did work it was awesome. Good amount of output
    Out the box the remote was cracked but still worked. The unit worked on its first gig and then on the second I kept getting a flashing “oil” warning on the display. I also knowticed that at the bottom of the case i have it in some fluid is leaking. I called ADJ and he told me what to do about the “oil” issue. Basically the sensor in the tank gets stuck or something. All I did was jiggle it around with a screwdriver and presto, it worked again. When it did work it was awesome. Good amount of output. The sensitivity knob is a bit sensitive meaning the slightest turn increases the output by a lot. But that’s not that big of deal. I still gotta make sure this thing isn’t leaking too much. But if it is im sure it’s a lose gasket or something. Overall when it works it’s awesome. Just hope you don’t get a bad one.UPDATE: Must have a bad sensor cause it’s still flashing oil warning which means no fluid even though there’s a full tank. I’m returning it.

  2. RD

    Didn’t work on delivery
    Had to return it immediately just as I have for many ADJ products.

  3. Jonathan Gomez

    Great machine
    Great machine. Works every time I tried it. But goes through a lot of the snow solution quickly on its highest setting.

  4. Adam S.

    3rd machine kicked on right away and the snow blizzard was amazing. 3rd times a charm
    I purchased 3 machines- 1st one was defective according to ADJ Customer support (it had a code “oIL” flashing). I was told that I would need to return the item. I returned it for a refund (Thank you Amazon) and i purchased 2 more from another vendor. The 2nd one, right out of the box, was also defective with the same “oIL” code flashing!!!!! 3rd machine kicked on right away and the snow blizzard was amazing. 3rd times a charm, Right? WRONG- The next day I wanted to show it off, turn the power on, plenty of fluid, green light on the tank… Then the error code ‘oIL” GEEEEZZZZZ For the price I dont think we should be having ANY problems but 3 in a row. This item is JUNK and a lot of hassle!

  5. Jonathan Arendt

    Awesome snow machine
    This is a great machine and got it for a great deal. I didn’t see any thing online about this model and wasted it for DMX control set it up with my Christmas control and tested and works awesome.

  6. Janet Lewis

    Four Stars
    Very happy with this product. Have used twice, it seems well made (metal not plastic).

  7. Thraetta

    One time use only?
    A button from the back of the machine fell off as soon as we took it out of the box. The set up was easy and it did work nicely the first time we used it. We packed it back in the box it came with after using it. The next day when we tried to use it, the power came on but it was leaking fluid out of the front and bottom. There was no fan sound and no snow. Overall it was very disappointing and we will not get a replacement. We will look for a more reliable product.

  8. D. Katz

    Worked great. Happy with the purchase
    Used outdoors to complement our Christmas Light show. Worked great. Happy with the purchase.

  9. Rob Smith

    Doesn’t work – can’t get past error code.
    Product had an error code the moment I opened it and plugged it in. Did everything I could to fix it — read reviews, read the manual, went online and tried to figure it out, nothing worked. I should have listened to the other reviews on here when they said the same thing about it. Gave up and now it’s been sitting in my attic. Too much of a pain to try and return at this point.

  10. AC

    Frustrating set up
    It turned on for about 5 seconds then turned off and is flashing “err” and there is nothing in the manual about trouble shooting and I can’t find anything online. The manual states of somethjng is wrong to send it back to them… Can’t I just talk to someone in the phone first before I pay to ship this thing from Hawaii only to Find there is nothing wrong I just did something wrong????

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