4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer Power Mixing Live Studio Audio Sound DJ-Mixer Mixing Console with USB slot (7 Channel)

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▼90-240V, with US plug
▼MP3 / U-disk input
▼Separate input JACK controls for mic and line inputs on all mono channels
▼XLR mic connectors on all mono channels
▼Low-noise, discrete mic preamplifiers on all microphone inputs
▼Dedicated inserts on all mono channels
▼Balanced 1/4″ stereo jacks and balance controls on all stereo channels
▼Separate stereo tape channel with 1/4″ and RCA jacks
▼Stereo output for recording applications
▼3-band EQ per channel
▼AUX and effects paths as well as separate gain controls on all channels
▼High-grade-sealed faders and potentiometers
▼Insert option for external effects devices
▼AUX send and EFF send controls in the main section for optimal level adjustment
▼Headphones output with dedicated volume control
▼Build-in +48 V phantom power for condenser mics
▼USB Interface for MP3 compatibility – Can play a USB MP3 player

▼Frequency response:
Mic input 10Hz to 200kHz;
Line input 10Hz to 130kHz;
Stereo Channels 10Hz to 70kHz

LOW 50Hz, +/- 15dB;
MID 700Hz, +/- 15dB;
HI 10kHz, +/- 15dB

▼Brand New
Kindly Note: The USB interface, cannot be used as the data transmission between the computer, it supports only MP3 player / U-disk, that means: Play music directly from a USB drive.

Additional information




‎7 Channel


‎34x25x5 cm



Date First Available

8 January 2018


‎Yae First Trading Co.,Itd

10 reviews for 4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer Power Mixing Live Studio Audio Sound DJ-Mixer Mixing Console with USB slot (7 Channel)

  1. I. Beckley

    I’m blown away by this mixer.
    I bought this because all 5 mic channels have insert jacks. The reason this was needed was because we multitrack record all our band rehearsals and needed a way to tactilely control monitor mix. My old audio interface had more outputs and could use the software mixer for zero-latency monitoring, but the MOTU 8 Pre only has Main Outs which are already tied to the studio monitors.For our setup the mixer mains go to the keyboard amp. Each of the 5 channel inserts are patched to the audio interface as post-input gain, pre-EQ by only pushing the 1/4″ mono cable in to the first detent (not fully inserted). Using this method gives a non-EQ’ed signal to the recording interface and allows full mixer control for keyboard amp monitoring. We have three vocal mics, a violin mic, and a condenser trumpet mic (needs phantom power) which all need amplification to compete with acoustic drums & electric guitars/bass in a small rehearsal space. This setup has been working perfectly for over 6 months now.The Bluetooth feature was a bonus I didn’t expect much from. But we’ve found it very convenient for various playback needs during practice which source from a phone rather than the recording PC which has no internet. So far there have been zero issues with using the Bluetooth feature.BUILDChassis is metal and sturdy. All jacks were secure. The knobs and faders feel just as you imagine. This is not a high-end piece of gear. But their function is flawless without noise throughout the range. The mains meter is responsive. 48V Phantom power works great. Concerns are the consumer-style power input jack and fear that the knobs may easily get broken off (has not happened yet).Cons are, and consider the price of the unit here:Channel preamps are a bit noisy which should be expected at this price range. The FX seem to bleed through a little even on channels where the EFF knob is all the way down. The effect is limited to a digital delay which is serviceable but not great sounding. The delay FX easily spirals into microphone feedback so care must be taken.Because of the build concerns listed above, I don’t plan to use this as part of any portable solution. Then again, for the cost, you could easily afford a backup unit… or two. I have a Yamaha MG10XU which new are 4x the cost of this unit. The advantages of the MG over this are sturdier build quality, lower noise preamps, compressors on first two mic channels, and broader range of better sounding FX. For a fixed installation use case this works fantastically!

  2. Daniel Garcia

    Caution: Broke after the first use
    i purchased the 4 channel version and it worked great for my needs. so i turned around and purchased the 7 channel version, and it broke after the first use. now i need to contact the manufacture to get it repaired. you get what you pay for. disappointing.

  3. Adam

    Great little mixer!
    Great value, and sounds great!

  4. Jackson Shasteen

    Good, but no power chord
    The mixer is exactly that, a mixer. The only issue I had was there was no 12v power source with it, luckily that’s such a common chord that I had one.

  5. Pedro Gomez

    Good product
    Good for its value!!

  6. Jimmie

    Definitely a little bang for your buck.
    Excellent mixer for the money and gets the job done. The instructions are a little confusing but if you’re reasonably familiar with mixing boards it shouldn’t be an issue.One footnote on the Bluetooth feature which is not included in the instructions. Press and hold the pause play button until the Bluetooth light starts to Blink… when the light is blinking, your device will be able to scan for the Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth name for this device is believe it or not, Bluetooth.When your device connects or pairs, you’ll have to control the volume on the board with the gain control. Also the MP3/ST button must be in the up position for Bluetooth operation.

  7. Ey

    Great little utility mixer
    I needed something small to use on my pedal board. I was playing a musical and wanted to mix my instruments along with the FOH monitor feed. It is a little bit bigger than my USB802 but cost less. Faders were a bit easier to manipulate than the rotary knobs on the USB802. It is a keeper. Nice to have an inexpensive little mixer to bring to rehearsals and smaller gigs.

  8. Vanessa

    Es excelente
    Excelente funciona muy bien

  9. Elaine w

    Works well.
    It does what I expected. Happy with the purchase.

  10. johanna corley

    Didnt come with the power supply
    The unit came in a box that was crudely taped together and the power supply was not included. The VU meter lights do not work.

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