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    Timothy Myres

    Imagine the sails of the Sydney Opera House coming to life before your eyes. Imagine walking through the doors of a business function only to suddenly find yourself in a life-like forest. Such experiences would no doubt turn any mundane function into a creative escape.

    Of course, the sails didn’t come to life, and you didn’t walk through an inter-dimensional door. 3D projection mapping lets event planners bring ordinary objects in a range of shapes and sizes to life using engaging 3D displays.

    Projection mapping (or ‘spatial augmented reality’) uses technology to project imagery onto 3D objects instead of traditional flat surfaces. Projections can be as basic as stage lighting or as complex as fully-mapped videos on industrial landscapes and buildings.

    Think of it as painting with light – a way to evoke feelings within physical spaces and add colors, textures, and movement to otherwise mundane objects. In terms of what you can project, your options are limitless; you can project anything from 3D artwork to sponsor branding to complete lifelike environments.

    And guess what?

    You’ve probably come across this technology already in concerts, advertising, theatres, or even sporting events.

    Can you list the benefits of 3D projet mapping at events?

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