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1. Top 5 Studio Monitor Stands – Speaker Stands

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Top 5 Studio Monitor Stands - Speaker Stands

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2. Best Speaker Stands For Live Sound, DJs, & PA Systems

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Best Speaker Stands For Live Sound, DJs, & PA Systems

So you're setting up a portable sound system for live events and you're looking for a speaker stand that's lightweight and reliable. Well I might have the perfect solution for you here in this video, but if you're new to this channel my name is Kyle. Welcome to Audio University. I've done a lot of work in live sound for a lot of different companies and every company I've worked with has used these exact stands that I'm about to show you. They're really useful because they help you get the speakers up higher so that the sound can reach everyone in the audience - not just the people in the front row. The stands are called the Ultimate Support TS90B. Now by the way, this is not a sponsored video. I use these stands myself. I like them. So I wanted to recommend them to you. If you do end up buying a pair, you can buy through the link in the description below to help support the Audio University YouTube channel. Let's get started. The first thing I really like about these stands is the quick release clamp to adjust the legs. You simply open this clamp, adjust the legs, and close the clamp. Other stands use hand-tightened screws, which tend to wear out over time. So not only is this easy to use but it seems to be more rugged than some of the other options. The second thing I want to show you is probably my favorite feature and that's the TeleLock height adjustment. Now as you might know, setting up some speaker sands is a two-person job. While one person hoists the speaker to the correct height the other person has to put a pin in to keep that speaker in place. But with these stands it's a lot easier. All I've got to do is set the TeleLock collar to "Raise" and start to lift the speaker. Unlike other stands, I can take my hands away and the speaker stays in place. In "Raise" mode the stand will go up but it won't go down. When the speaker is at the correct height, I simply switch the collar back to the "Lock" position. To lower the speakers, I switch the collar to "Lower" mode and the speaker will start to come down. I can even control how quickly the speaker comes down with this adjustment. In addition to the easy setup, these stands are also remarkably lightweight. They weigh just about seven pounds and can hold up to 150 pounds! Trust me - after a day of loading in setting everything up, tearing everything down, and loading out you'll be glad that you've got these stands instead of some of the other heavy cumbersome stands out there on the market. And they're also durable. That's really important if you're going to be setting them up, tearing them down, and transporting them pretty frequently. You can tuck the mount away so it doesn't get bent out of shape and the carrying case is made out of a nice and thick fabric. Again, buy through that link in the description if you decide that these are a good fit for you. It won't cost you any extra. It's just a good way to support the Audio University channel so I can keep bringing you videos like this. If you got value out of this, hit the "Like" button and I'll see you in the next video.


3. Beginners Guide – Choosing The Right Speaker Stands

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Beginners Guide - Choosing The Right Speaker Stands

welcome back everyone dustin here again average guy hi-fi i've got another beginner's guide for you guys um this time i would be focusing on speaker stands so the plan of this video is to kind of give you some of the things that i look for when i'm picking out speaker stands for speakers um and then some pointers kind of the different styles that are available i'll talk about them in this portion of the video in the next portion of the video i'll show you these stands all lined up this isn't an ideal space that i have i didn't really want my christmas tree to be behind the video but um i'm so limited in space with so many speakers that i have in here getting ready to review that um this is where it had to be so again i'll kind of give you guys some things that i look for when picking out speaker stands a lot of the stuff is pretty basic and if you've been doing this for a long time a lot of this is common sense but again i'm trying to help people that maybe are just now dipping their toes into the hobby or they're just looking to educate themselves a little bit further on things when they go out and make their purchases so the topic of this video is speaker stands so there's basically some categories that you really should focus on uh when you're buying some speaker stands i would say that the most important ones would be the height of the stand and then how much weight the stance can support so we'll start from a height standpoint you want when you're in a seated position main listening position you ideally you want the tweeters or your speakers to be ear uh ear level with uh your head when you're in the city seated position so if you have like really tall speakers in the tweeters way up high you need a little bit of a shorter stand if you use towers generally they'll build those towers to be around the appropriate height when seated sometimes they'll make adjustments to those tweeters but that's kind of the rule that you should think about when you're picking out speaker stands take the height of your tweet if you're using bookshelf speakers take the height of the tweeter from the bottom of the bookshelf speaker up to where the tweeter is at and then just find stands that would um that would be the right height to put those tweeters right at your level again this is kind of just roughly the information some people put their surround speakers up high and angle them towards the the ear towards your ears but this is going off of a video for speaker stance so that's kind of what my advice would be find some speaker stand heights that will align the tweeter with your ear level when you're in the main seated position a part of that too comes to uh speaker stands that have some adjustability like this one right here has a little bit of a set screw built into it i'll show you close-ups of all these speaker stands that i have here surrounding me but this has a adjustable screw in there you just pull the the center pole up out of the speaker stand and then tighten tighten the screw and then you can kind of adjust it so that's one way to do things i prefer picking out speaker stands that are just solid mount meaning that there is no adjustability just my brain if you have some you know 500 bookshelf speakers or even some 1500 bookshelf speakers sitting on adjustable stands and they're heavy i'm always thinking about that set screw or if they have a slip collar i'm always worried about that so ideally more expensive speakers i would say put them on speaker stands that are just solid mount meaning that you'll put them in place they're going to sit right there just make sure you get the right height for your ears when you're in the seated positioning seated position uh the next you go off of the weight you know like a speaker stand will be rated towards a certain amount of weight some of them are just you know they'll support a thousand pounds you know for the really over built uh overkill speaker stands but there's others out there that um usually when you're shopping it'll just give you a weight if you have 30 pound bookshelf speakers and the speaker stand itself is rated for 30 pounds i would probably look for something that's rated a little bit higher than that um i always i'm kind of a bit of an overkill person anyway especially in this home audio uh i like to have too much power i like to have two biggest speakers i like all that type of stuff two bigger subwoofers and the same applies to speaker stands i generally don't want to be thinking about it 30 pound stands 30 pound bookshelf speakers sitting on it i would probably go with a little bit more than that probably go up towards something that's quite a bit overkill but the good news is most speaker stands um and the adjustable ones definitely have a weight rating and that one you should be very you should pay a lot of attention to but most speaker stands especially if they're like a setter pedestal you know just a pole coming up that's uh solid and it has nice big platforms nice big base that's attached correctly they'll have plenty of um stability and kind of support to support speakers that are even pretty heavy but check that wait if you're looking out there and you're shopping you don't want to go too little you definitely don't want to put 30 pound stands on a speaker or 30 pound speakers on a stand that's rated at 20 pounds i would go opposite that i would double the um the rated stand weight and put lighter speakers on top of it before i did the opposite of that so make be sure to figure out the weight of your speakers and then make sure that the stand will accommodate those type of speakers comfortably next we go off of kind of the flooring that you're going on or the stability this this is kind of where i like to talk about if you have kids or not so the materials that the speaker stand is going to be sitting on also plays a role they come with different feet like if you ordered some below speaker stands or something like that generally they'll come with some carpet spikes that will um basically just go from through the carpet into the subfloor of the flooring and the spikes and the weight of the speaker and the stand will just be pushing it down into that now it does leave holes and carpets but if you have normal style carpet out there and the spikes aren't too big then you won't notice that when you remove them the carpet is kind of fluffy so it kind of hides that but it is something to consider if you have low pile carpets and the spikes have a kind of a big broader point to them they could leave holes there so make sure you take that into consideration the other option if you're on hardwoods or vinyl or whatever the material is you can get like little rubber feet uh and that's generally what i kind of prefer i like the i'm kind of an isolation guy i've got my i've got my uh everything has rubber between it and the hard surface whatever it's sitting on from my amplifiers from my xbox to the receivers speakers the whole deal so i usually like to have a little bit of rubber between the hard surface and and the component or the speaker for a little bit of extra isolation i don't know that could again be just me uh overthinking things and just wanting to not leave any areas where i think about it down the road i late generally like to do that overkill thing so if you have hardwoods those type of options or a type of flooring then you can get little um pads or little rubber domes that you can actually order on amazon sheets too as well so if your speaker stands don't come with a nice quality soft material rubber isolation pads for hardwoods you can always order those but well for my what i've found when i buy stands new generally they'll come with different options so again if you're on carpet then i would go with something like a carpet spike it's not necessary and you don't have to go that route but a lot of people like it for sound that's another thing too i haven't really been able to tell a big difference between uh carpet spikes and rubber pads under the speakers but there's a lot about their people arguing back and forth i'm not one of those types this is just my personal preference my personal experience with these types of stands so and the reason i bring up kids is that you want your speakers to be very stable a little especially if you have toddlers things like that that aren't all that good at walking or they're rambunctious and they're going to bump into stuff probably you should go with a wall mount to you know be preferred so they're up out of the way of children or pets things like that but if you can't get away in putting them up on the ceiling or up on the wall then get speaker stands that um that you can actually add weight to a lot of people will do you know like buck shot i've seen a lot of people say lead buckshot in the stands i've always used sand when i want my speaker stands to be um a little bit more anchored and that way you're putting a lot of the weight and the mass down below in the speaker stand itself and then the bookshelf speaker it up top will it'll have that base so if somebody runs into the stand it's less likely to tip over plus again people out there say that the more weight you put in the um the stands themselves the better the bass response is again i haven't really noticed a big difference in that but i'm also not as critical i think as some listeners are out there so i'll show you some stanza so after these little points i'm going to go through my gimbal and i'm going to show you the stands that i have sand in them just so you guys can get an idea of that then we go off a budget i kind of look at speaker stance as an accessory um i like to keep my everybody's gonna have a different opinion here if you have thousand dollar speakers then i say i generally speaking you like to have about a fifteen to twenty percent budget for speaker stands so if you have thousand dollar bookshelves i would say invest in a nice quality set of um stands you know that hundred and fifty to two hundred dollar range you can obviously get away with a lot less expensive and the second hand market is ripe with speaker stands people people sell those things all the time you'll find 200 speaker stands on sale for 50 you can get some really good deals out there but again make sure you're picking the speaker stands that are going to be the right height that are going to support the weightier speakers figure out what kind of flooring you have make sure they're going to work on that and then also um make sure that they're they're going to fit within your budget that's just my number you could have a different number some people might say hey i like spending 50 uh of my speakers so if you have five thousand dollar bookshelf speakers spend 500 stands i think that's overkill but again people in this hobby tend to do that they could spend have a 2 000 speakers and be perfectly willing to buy 700 speaker wires which seems like a bit crazy to me but they can hear the difference or at least they've told themselves that you can hear a difference and i'm no judgment there i i prefer to have high quality stuff too some people think my 15 to 20 budget is too much they think that we should just go out and get whatever speaker stands will work i'm a little bit of different opinion so i like spending around that 15 to 20 budget on my stands and i think that that's a pretty good number you can get some really high quality stands um in that budget as long as your speakers are somewhat money somewhat of a decent amount of money you can definitely get some good speakers but again look used make sure you're looking for the the right kind of speaker brands speaker stand brands and make sure you get all those other requirements then we come down to cable management i'm a guy if you look at my room you know whenever you see wires and things like that drives me crazy i i review so much equipment sometimes i'm not very good at cable management but a lot of speaker manufacture speaker stand manufacturers out there will have cable management built into the stands so they'll have clips they'll have like this one here has like a they have like holes in them so you can run the speaker wire uh up through the post itself to hide it so you'd go in on the bottom and then run the wire up the post uh or they can even have like external clips so that way the back side of the speaker stand against the wall you can actually clip the wire the speaker wire into the back of the stand so that's another thing to consider sometimes it's not that noticeable if you have a black stand a black speaker wire and you don't have cable management you can just kind of run it tuck it as close as possible to the stand up there or even do some like little adhesive pads just to hold it in place on your own so just one more thing to think about not the end of the world if you get speaker stands that don't have cable management you can always do a little work around that and then also looks this is where i think you should have fun with it i'm obviously got a little bit more of a modern minimalist styling to me so and my place is so small that my speaker stands make a statement so i don't want to put some cheap looking speaker stands out there that just kind of degrade the overall look of my system or or just the room in general so i like to find speaker stands that would look um good in my room and i think that there's a ton of options out there i mean i was doing my research on just to make this video a couple days ago and you know you go on amazon there's hundreds of options you go on ebay there's hundreds of options as long as you get the main things the the correct height the correct weight capacity um the type of flooring material that goes with the type of flooring that you have that goes with the right type of footing once you get all those things kind of checked off then have some fun with it if you got if you got more of a modern look maybe make it a make the stands a statement piece instead of just having them blend in or if you just want them to blend in and your eyes to focus on the speakers themselves then go with something a little bit more subtle so those are kind of my overall thoughts so the next part of the video i'm just going to give you guys i'm going to grab my gimbal and i'm going to give you guys some show close-ups of these different uh brands of speaker stands and then i'll just kind of just give you guys some a little bit more advice and show you what the different styles are are out there available there's more styles that obviously that i don't have here but this is this is a pretty good representation of what's out there so stay tuned okay everyone we got the speaker stands kind of lined up here i figured this was just a good time because i had such a variety of different style stands that i can kind of visually show you instead of just rambling on about the different styles here so i'll just kind of go through them one by one kind of give you some benefits and some complaints about the different styles so first up would be something like this this is what many of you have seen on ebay amazon you can get this type of speaker stand anywhere has the metal base has a an adjustable pole in the middle there and then it has a like a slip slip collar there so you can adjust the height up and down and then just kind of clamp it down and then holds the speaker on there so that's one style it's probably my least favorite of the options that i'm gonna kind of explain just because not that i've ever had a problem this joint seems nice and sturdy but just knowing that it's just on there by um just you tightening it down and it's a vertical collar that that's the one thing that probably would be just fine for most speakers out there but if you have something heavier i would go with a little bit different style but these would be great for like both bows jewel cubes um smaller speakers these would be just fine for those next up here is actually ascend acoustics so that's the speaker there in the back these are some speakers that i'll be reviewing kind of coming up here i just grabbed i'm just loving them so far but ascend acoustics makes these bases so those are technically bookshelf speakers they're pretty large but um this is one of the companies out there that'll actually you can order the bases separately from the speakers themselves so it's just a pedestal base and then the speaker goes right on top and then it has like a a little connector on the back that you can that attaches to the base and then attaches the speaker so it's all one unit little foam pads for a little bit of isolation between the two but mainly this right here super heavy you won't be able to see it but i've got about 50 pounds of sand in that speaker stand so again i've read many many forums and things like that talking about weighted speaker stands some people swear by them some people say they haven't been able to tell the big difference between them um i'm on the camp where i like the idea of having weight in them but sound wise i haven't really noticed uh noticed a difference a lot of people say it tightens up the bass response things like eliminate some boominess but again from my personal experience is all i can share with you guys i haven't noticed anything like that but i still like the idea of having that 50 pounds of sand in the bottom it makes those things just tanks once you get them in place another very similar style different size speaker but this one right here is an atlantic technology speaker and it has a proprietary base that matches it so this top part portion right here you can kind of see the gap that's just connected to this base here um and then on the back it has like a you know the speaker terminals there and then it has this kind of big metal clip that connects them and then also is nice because they left a little hole for the cable management but that's that style very similar to the ascend acoustic stand then there's kind of your traditional speaker base this is one that doesn't have any adjustability you can actually add weight to this one which is just a metal kind of a metal tube and then it goes down to a glass base and it has some carpet spikes on the bottom but this one's very heavy duty that's a very big bookshelf speaker you can kind of see the relation between the polk ls im703s and the klipsch m600s right there but it's a heavy duty bookshelf speaker so you want to have something that's nice and stout and heavy duty so you can fill this one with sand or lead or whatever you want to use there as well too plus it has cable management hard to tell but there's a little slot right there for cable management if you wanted to add some run the speaker wires up up there and then there's a little recess on the the back end for the wire to come out right there so that's another style stand not adjustable or anything like that but does the job because it's very sturdy this is the same type of speaker stand here that the clips are sitting on just a solid core post this one i believe is like mdf and then it has like a nice big platform on the bottom you can see the size difference between some of the platforms these are just i like this style especially if you have children or pets or things like that because it's very it has such a wide footprint that it doesn't want to do too much to tip over some people even go through the extra of putting some adhesive on the top of the stand and then on um so the bookshelf actually sticks right to the right to the stand itself but you know if you got kids you know what's going on they can knock the whole thing over or they can knock the speaker over so you guys can kind of figure that out depending on how rambunctious your children are or your pets this right here is a miller and cressel speaker stand this is by far actually not by far i've had some pretty awesome proprietary speaker stands over the years but this one right here is actually one that's kind of become a collector's item just to give you guys an idea like this speaker stand there's a couple list at least last time i checked on ebay for the stand alone they were asking uh 800 and a thousand dollars so this speaker stand this base right here um instead of adding sand to it what they do is they have like big thick steel plates welded to the bottom of it so this speaker stand alone weighs about 60 pounds but it has all the bells and whistles and again on ebay they're selling these things because they're no longer making them 800 to a thousand dollars for the stand so you know they can get pretty expensive it's got great cable management it's got like a little slot there for the speakers to kind of go into and then it has like this little track where the speaker wire can kind of sit into but mainly what makes this speaker stand so nice is that it's really adjustable um if you you can actually tilt this this whole upper portion tilts and the bottom's not and then also this screw right here will adjust we'll adjust the height or the angle of the bookshelf speaker itself so just again i can see why people are really wanting these things because they're no longer made and why they're so expensive but that's a really nice speaker stand that goes with those miller miller and cressel speakers and again this is bmw a lot of the manufacturers especially the higher end ones will make speaker stands that match the speakers that you're purchasing you can look at that too but they can be very expensive sometimes you could spend two thousand dollars on a bookshelf and then another 800 or so on the matching stand so keep that in mind as well this last one is the the other adjustable version this one right here is um i like it over the collar this one has a screw that goes in there so you tighten the screw all the way down once you kind of get it to the height that you need there's a post in there that just slips right out it makes it adjustable then it has a little platform that goes on top as well too so out of the two styles between the collar i prefer the little set screw i think it just gives me a little bit more peace of mind the other way to do it which i didn't bring up is that actually like a metal button and the metal button spring loaded so it'll it'll basically um not not spring into action when it's up against the speaker stand itself but once it finds one of the holes for the recesses it'll clip in i like that as well too that's probably the most sturdy of the adjustable styles but that's another good that's another good one there that i just don't have an example to show you guys but anyway again this is kind of a beginner beginner's guide here a lot of the stuff is pretty common sense but i wanted to put it together because it's pretty rare to have this many different style speaker stands all in one place so i wanted to kind of put this video up there hopefully give you guys some good information on speaker stand shopping any questions or any comments go ahead and let me know below again the channel growth has just been amazing i might have even hit 3 000 subscribers in the first year which is really really crazy my original goal was a thousand so thank you guys for all the support again my name is dustin and the name of the channel is average guy hifi


4. Best Speaker Stands in 2022

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Best Speaker Stands in 2022

have you bought new speakers but do not have sturdy speaker stands to place them imagine having the most gorgeous looking and best sounding speakers but not being able to place them properly this is where the best speaker stands step in people often choose speaker stands as the accessory that they can pass on when setting up a speaker system but what they often overlook is that without proper height direction and bass your speakers will not deliver the performance you need to ensure your speakers deliver excellent sound quality you must carefully decide where you want to place them nevermind we've got you covered to help you make an informed purchase we've shortlisted the top six speaker stands based on our experiences in this video we'll provide you with all the information you need to buy the right speaker stand and review our top six choices one by one let's dive into the best speaker stands of 2022 all the links to the products mentioned within this review video are in the description below best speaker stands for bookshelf speakers rockville 2rh tsc 36 inches inch bookshelf speaker stands most commonly sought after speaker stands our bookshelf speaker stands and the best bookshelf speakers stand we have come across as the rockville 2rh tsc 36 inches let us take a detailed look at this thing of beauty the rockville 2rh tsc 36 inches stands at a height of 36 inches which is just about the right height for placing your speakers at air height while sitting the size of the top plate of the stands is 9.25 inches at 7.28 inches which is big enough to accommodate bookshelf speakers most people choose to get small bookshelf speakers as they are easier to place these wooden speaker stands are of premium quality and will ensure that your speakers stay stable while on them these stands have a weight load capacity of 60 pounds which is more than enough for bookshelf speakers you can even use heavier speakers thanks to the 60 pounds capacity a lot of attention has been paid to the look of the stands besides the quality the wooden look is accompanied by furniture grade premium paint this allows your speaker stands to blend in with your room decor with utmost ease the rockville 2r htsc really stands out this speaker stand has been made not only with build quality and look in mind but with added focus to bring out the best sound quality out of your speakers the stand has a high quality medium density fiber core to reduce resonance resonance is one of the major drawbacks of using an average speaker stand lastly the rockville 2r htsc stands come with brass and rubber spikes which allows them to stay stable over any kin of surface be it carpet wooden or marble to add to it the stands have no slip isolation pads that add to the stability as well as the overall audio performance of your speakers best speaker stands for small speakers mounting dream height adjustable bookshelf stand not everyone likes to get big bulky speakers many users feel that small speakers can do the job for them the best speaker stands for small speakers are the mounting dream height adjustable bookshelf stands let us take a better look at the features that put it on the top of our list firstly what helps the mounting dreams case is its adjustable height system users can choose to fix the height of this speaker stand anywhere from 32.5 inches to 42.4 inches giving them a flexibility of choice of up to 10 inches the speaker also has adjustable feet for better leveling secondly the mounting dream height adjustable bookshelf stand comes with multiple installation options for small speakers fists keyhole vertical hole horizontal hole for speakers that come without holes the stands come with appropriate hardware to make them be able to fix to the stands lastly the stand is hollow and has been made so for the convenience of cable management the hole is enlarged enough for any cable to go through the management system it helps you keep the look of your room bereft of wires hanging here and there best looking speaker stands canto sp26 plw 26 inches speaker floor stands to get the most out of your speakers i highly recommend you to get to know this stand from the sp series that is worth your attention considering their specifications i can certainly call them the best speaker stands this model was created to match perfectly with yu4 and yu6 speakers from kanto although they are suitable literally with any acoustic system everything thanks to various sizes of plates in pretty wide basement its dimension is 10.6 by 8.9 inches we tried them with the speakers which are a bit larger than the scale of the upper plate and they were stabilized absolutely fine as their weight was within the range of the sp26 weight capacity this product is available in height of 26 and 32 inches with seven inches and four inches wide top plates respectively to adjust speakers of different dimensions and two colors black and white each plate is rotatable to guarantee every sound to be pointed right to your ears speaking of material they are made of heavy duty steel to decrease undesirable distortion the stands are also tooled with a vault basis to hide cables and wires a big advantage is that they have a screw in the package which lets you tightly mount speakers that require the private type of mount screw the product is sold with lots of extra equipment that allows installing speakers of any sizes to prove its excellence in universality i should mention spiked feet which are attached to keep the stands securely fixed on a carpeted surface and domed gum feet to leave no traces on a surface like laminate on the official kanto website you can look up all the information beginning from main features and ending with an explicit user manual in terms of the sound quality with kanto stands it becomes top notch it doesn't even ring when struck and you won't hear any odd vibrations while listening to music best for large speakers pangaea audio ds400 this is undoubtedly the most durable stand for big sized speakers ds400 speaker stand comes with extremely sturdy abutments to use with compact monitors or any other bookshelf speakers a glance at it can say a lot about the endurance of construction as usual pangaea ensures you a perfect efficiency for a surprisingly low price the company paid attention to all steel design instead of wood as the wood can handle sound pressure well and overall has poor acoustic traits and steel will never bring you the dirty sound additionally it will embellish the mid-range in bass making them sound in a way you have never heard before you shouldn't worry about the grade of sound any spare energy is absorbed and redirected by steel wedges into the floor creating an effect of the refined professional sound of the huge floor standing acoustic systems with such stance you'll feel kind of cinema sound at home you will instantly admit how pangeas construction technology affects all aspects of sound involving bright coloring of the low mid-range and nice bass moreover you can fill all the four support pillars with sand or steel infusion for more professional vibration attenuation which proves that they are the greatest speaker stands for large speakers each stand is made of premium quality steel that can hold a speaker weight up to 120 pounds divided by 55 kilograms the stands are featured by a six inches wide by 8.5 inches high steel top plate to suit all possible compact monitor type speakers and a thick 9.75 by 12 inches lower plate the ds400 is equipped with regulable carpet piercing bottom wedges and is produced in different heights 24 28 and 32 inches best speaker stands for surround sound speakers vivo premium universal 23 inches floor speaker stands vivo is a well-known brand which is often associated with quality products at low prices avivo premium universal 23 inches is no different in that regard it provides top quality surround sound system facilitation with its shape size and sturdiness let us check out the product in further detail firstly the premium universal stand has a premium aluminum and glass finish with a sleek glossy black appearance the plate size of the stand is eight inches by eight inches which is big enough to accommodate most bookshelf desktop and satellite speakers the stand is very sturdy and stable as well largely thanks to the 10 inches x 10 inches base size it has an overall weight capacity of 27 pounds secondly like most top quality speaker stands the vivo premium universal 23 inches has interchangeable feet to choose between spikes and rubber studs this makes it suitable for carpeted floors as well as wooden tiled floors these help not only in saving your floor from unwanted scratches but also makes sure there is no drop in the audio quality of your speakers lastly the speaker stands also come with a convenient wire concealment system this makes it an all rounder and a very versatile speaker stand the only thing we feel that would make this an even better choice would be the option to adjust the height best adjustable speaker stands mounting dream speaker stands not only are these stands the best for small speakers but they are also the best height adjustable speaker stands that we came across the mounting dream speaker stands have an amazing height range from 33 inches minimum to a maximum of 42 inches not only this but the four different installment options that come with the speaker stands as well as the two different kind of feet gives users plethora of options with this stand as discussed earlier the wire management system is very well concealed even for the thickest of wires the build is also very sturdy and the 9.8 inches x 9.8 inches base also ensures that your stands stay where you intend it to stay and it's not easily knocked over thank you for watching don't forget to like share comment and subscribe for more reviews


5. Which Stands ‘Stand-Up’ Best? (incorporating Solidsteel’s SS-6)

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Which Stands 'Stand-Up' Best? (incorporating Solidsteel's SS-6)

[Music] so [Music] [Music] forgive the pun but which hi-fi stands stand up best for your bookshelf speakers well you could start with something like these hi-fi racks oak dewitt stands they're nothing special two uprights a base with spikes and a top blimp for rubber mounts and where do i stand on them well on the top bit as i'm probably heavy enough to break them and that's their problem really they only weigh 3.3 kilograms each and weight is such an important factor for damping and ensuring the speakers have foundations not to resonate that means steel is a better component for speaker stands this is especially worthy of a standout comment if you have decent speakers like kef's ls50 metas or the monitor audio gold 100s i've reviewed how many ways are there to use puns on the word stand weight rating materials used top plate construction base and feet construction height to blast tweeter treble at ear height as well as cable management duties and capabilities are all factors to consider [Music] this is a graphic i did in blender 3d and involves steel plate top and bottoms with two uprights the front is fillable for ballast and the rear for cable management at the bottom you have spikes and at the top rubber mounts obviously both to decouple unwanted vibrations these are actually good types of stands and you'll find them for many manufacturers they tick the card of cable management too but the design is somewhat normal and ordinary conventional you can fill them with kiln-dried sand which apparently has a density of about two-thirds of atacama's attabytes small steel spheres for speaker stands [Music] another way of standing firm on your options sorry you see what i did there is a manufacturer's own design in my case a pair of kef s2 stands for my ls50 metas they look okay in different colors and you can actually use the meta screw points to screw them onto the stands directly another bonus thing to look for in stands again these s2 stands are fillable you could use attabite or kiln-dried sand no more kids knocking them over if you live in a kid-infested environment if i could put it that way okay they are sleek stands and look good but again conventional looking like the more conventional frame type stand some speaker brands use but what about something more unique from italian firm solid steel you can get these in different heights the 525 millimeter ss5 these 625 millimeter ss6s and yes you guessed it another 100 mils the 725 millimeter ss7s and if your lever couch doesn't make you slip off it to the floor these are about right for height okay they don't have cable management what these stands have is aesthetic design and achieving contrast to the speaker's design is what stands them apart okay sorry but i've said before that contrast is an aesthetic aim of good design and i love the raw finish of these solid steels the patinaed weathered looks with brass welded joints against the meta's royal blue and gold finish they look tremendous you can get them in painted black and white finishes too and this ss6 model are for speakers like kes ls50 or r3 models out of the box they have flat feet which i think are either temporary or for hard floors obviously you replace these with the spikes and nuts then place these decoupling ball bearings on tops of each upright through the top plinth you use a single bolt into an aluminium cylinder on the wooden plinth's underside to conceal the bolt with a rubber o-ring to the frame patafix rubber is supplied to use on the plinth you can actually fill the tubular uprights with sand into the spike mounting point at the bottom and solid steel say use a metallic powder obviously to max out density but because of the tripod style design they're very hard to inadvertently push over these speaker stands are uncompromising in design and actually opposite at the moment to the video of a mr m hancock of london i'm not going into the use and design of other types of hi-fi isolation like towns ends podium speaker stands or other types for speakers and component isolation but if you want simple sturdy well-designed stands have a look at these i actually chose them myself as i just love the design you know some hi-fi magazines talk about stan sounding good this can actually set off a bad image of hi-fi stands to the uninitiated and a view cheaper ones is all you need because obviously it's that hi-fi stands sound good unto themselves obviously they just allow the speaker to perform to its best but that good steel stands can isolate speakers and increase soundstage and bass response is pretty emphatic in comparing the wood hi-fi wax stands i have to these solid steels you get a very obvious sense the speaker sounds more like hanging in space with the decoupling going on and if you haven't ever compared light wood stands to these types of stands you'll be pleasantly surprised you know what this couple with terrific design it makes a trade-up to designs like these solid steels a very good and economical idea they come very recommended [Music] you


6. DIY Sand Filled Speaker Stands

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: DIY Sand Filled Speaker Stands

so in this video I'm gonna show you guys how to build some speaker stands but these aren't just standard speaker stands these are actually filled with sand to help them decouple from your room to make your speaker sound even better hey guys what is up I'm wizna and as always we are here my studio true sound studios and today I get to show you guys how to build these speaker stands that are right behind me so obviously speaker stands are a great way to be able to get your speaker's at a good height you know whether you're using these for recording which I am building them for my recording studio here or you're just using them for maybe some home theater speakers in your living room or dining room or whatever so really good speaker stands actually decouple the speaker from the room so that the vibrations from the speaker cabinet don't transfer to the floor and start to introduce frequencies that are really not actually there but rather are being amplified because the speaker is connected essentially to the floor by transferring that vibration right through the stand so a great way to decouple a speaker from the room is by using a speaker stand that is just really really dense and heavy and also has some sort of feet on the bottom that are also gonna help decouple the speaker from the room so today I'm gonna show you guys how to build these stands they weigh about 55 pounds in the end and they're gonna have rubber feet now not only can you use rubber feet you can use those decoupling spikes these are like self-adhesive spikes that will stick on the bottom your stands and help just even further decouple the speaker from your room alright guys so let's get into this video let me show you how to build these sand-filled speaker stands okay so for materials we will need four one inch by four inch by eight foot long pieces of pine we will need four one inch by six inch by eight foot long pieces of pie and for the top and bottoms of our speaker stands we will need 2 1 inch by 11 inch by 4 feet long pieces of MDF now you don't have to use MDF you could also use plywood if you wanted to but in this case I used MDF shelving so then you will need a drill with a drill bit to help pre-drill some of the holes you will need some wood screws and I definitely recommend some good quality wood screws as these are gonna be really important on making these stands really strong you will need some caulking and this caulking is gonna help keep our sand you can see we got a hundred pounds of sand here we need to keep 50 pounds essentially of sand in each speaker stand so we're gonna need caulking to see all the wood together then you will need a saw you will need paint to just make these look nicer in the end a tape measure a pencil and a level so these four pieces of wood here I cut at thirty eight and a half inches long and two of these are the 1 by 4 pine and the other two are the 1 by 6 pine so these four pieces of wood will make up the post for just one stand so obviously we will need to make four more pieces of wood for the other stand ok so now it is time to start assembling these posts so as you can see here I'm laying out both 1 by 4 pieces of pine and it's gonna be really important that we caulk every single joint on this post because we want to make sure that we keep the sand inside of our speaker stands so that's not leaking out everywhere so here I'm using some caulking and this is 30 minute dry time caulking so it just dries really quickly and I'm running beads of caulking on both of the 1 by 4 inch pie now I'm gonna take the 1 by 6 pine and go ahead and lay it on top of the two pieces of wood and then using the construction screws and making sure it's all lined up I'm going to put four screws each side of this post so we want to make sure that our screws are going under the wood and pulling both pieces together you can see here the caulking starts to ooze out of the joint meaning we have put enough pressure on both pieces of wood and it's really locked together so now we can simply go ahead and just spin it around and put four more screws on the other side to lock the other piece of wood together as you can see here the piece of wood is bowed and it's bowing inside of our speaker stand so I put a screw in there used a pair of pliers to be able to pull it back out so that it was nice and flush on the outside so now the caulking that bled out from those joints you can use some of that caulking if you want to go ahead and start filling in the holes where you put the screws essentially is going to be on the front of the post and you just want to go ahead and clean this up because this is going to help later on when it comes down to sanding the caulking and just making this look really nice so now you can see I'm going to go ahead and flip it upside down and screw and caulk the last piece of wood that will make up our full post and once again just laying enough caulking down putting the 1x6 on top and really pressing it in place and putting four more screws on either side of the one by six as you can see here once again the wood is slightly bowed and this time I'm using a clamp to put some pressure on there so that I can make it nice and flush with the other piece of wood and there you go that is the both of the stands assembled and cocked and just once again is really important to make sure that you're using enough caulking that the sand won't leak out of here when we fill it with about 50 pounds of sand and then just a quick look inside of each post okay so now we need to make the top and bottom plates for our speaker stands so here this is the MDF wood that I used and I cut them to 20 inches wide and the other measurement is 11 inches now obviously this depends on the size of your speakers or how wide you want to make these stands so now I'm going to take one of the plates one of the MDF pieces of wood and I need to find exactly where the center is so I put the post on top of the plate and now I'm measuring to make sure that it's even all the way around to make sure that this post is in the center of that piece of MDF and now what I'm gonna do is use a pencil and just go ahead and mark where it is so now we can pull the post away and now using a cut-off piece of one by four I can find out exactly where our post is and so that I can screw in through the plate and into the post and make sure that I hit the center of the one by pieces of pine so as you can see here I'm just using it as a guide and then we're I'm drawing this squiggly lines that is where our post is going to match up when I drill the holes through this plate and into the post and this X here that is the void in our post that's the void where we're going to fill it with the sand as you can see here the screws this is the this is where we're gonna screw into so now I'm using a drill and I'm just drilling through essentially where the corners are so that I can make sure that this lines up really well when we flip it over on the other side so now before I go ahead and screw this in once again we need to caulk this joint now this is going to be the bottom of the speaker stand so do not go lightly on this caulking essentially all of our sand is going to be pushing down on this joint and here as you can see I'm just using my finger to kind of smoosh that caulking in and really make sure that we seal this up really well so now I'm going to go ahead and using the markings from the plate I'm gonna go ahead and line it up to exactly where I had it when it was flipped upside down so now because I drove the holes right through the plate I can use those holes as guides to screw in the plate right to the post and once again I'm using some really strong construction screws to hold this together because in the end the speaker stands are going to be pretty heavy so now I flip the stand back over and this is going to be the bottom of our speaker stand and I'm just once again the caulking that squished out from our joint I'm just smoothing that out and then just adding a little bit more where there was any sort of void so now what I did is I took a scrap piece of wood that is bigger than the plates then those four top and bottoms to our speaker stand and I'm using a level to level it on our floor because what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead and put the speaker stand on top of this piece of wood that is now leveled so this way I can go ahead and check the level on the top of the post to make sure that this speaker stand I'm building is really plumb its level so that it's not leaning to either side or front and back so here I'm taking the level to check where I need to potentially go ahead and fill in some space so you can use a wood shim or whatever you want to go ahead and fill this in I'm just going to use a piece of paper and then later on I'm going to use some caulking to fill in the layers of the paper just to make it really strong so that doesn't ever settle and then just put the level back on there to make sure that it is all leveled out and then I can just rip the remainder of the paper off so here is the sand that I bought this is just some place sand these are 50 pound bags and I bought three I thought I was going to need more I just didn't want to run out turns out I didn't need 150 pounds a hundred pounds of sand is gonna be more than enough as you can see here it's a 50 pound bag of sand and that is the piece of paper there and I just simply taped it on to make sure I knew where it needed to stay and now we went back outside and now I cut up on a bag of sand and I'm filling both of the stands with sand so I'm gonna need to fill it up all the way to the top and then also you want to make sure that your rock to stand back and forth to kind of get that sand to settle into place and then you'll know exactly how much sand it will take to fill up this entire void in our post and then simply just go ahead and you know get rid of extra sand and you can even use a brush to get rid of the sand that is on top of the wood now because we're gonna go ahead and caulk the tops of these stands also we just don't want any the sand to get in the way again and then here once again I'm using the 1 by 4 cut off to do the same thing as I did at the bottom and go ahead and drill the holes through so this time I did things a little differently because I wanted to make sure that I line this up properly I went ahead and just put two screws through the top plate it's just kind of like a reference guide and then I'm gonna go ahead and take those screws back out and here is where I take the caulking and I'm gonna unfold the paper and just essentially glue this all together with caulking just so it doesn't shrink or move at all and now I'm just folding it back up all glue together and then finally I can use the caulking to go all the way around the edge of our post and just really seal this up really well and once again you probably don't want to go light on the caulking and make sure if you put down your shim that you caulk not only the bottom of the shim but also the top so that there is no space for the sand to escape and now I can take the top plate and put it on top of the post and I can use the construction screws to permanently screw this together so now you can go ahead and sand and paint your stands call them done so I will include a list of all these materials in the description of this video so after these speaker stands were complete I used our scale and our house and weighed these and they weighed about 55 pounds each okay guys so there you go that is how you build some sand filled speaker stands so just a couple things to note real quick so what I didn't show you is what I'm gonna be putting at the very bottom of the speaker stand so I want to order some of those speaker spikes now these are supposed to help even decouple the stand from the floor even more but I'm not sure how well these worked I've never actually used them in the past I also went out and bought some rubber feet that are supposed to help decouple and I also have some 3/4 inch rubber that I'm gonna try to cut up in strips and just kind of try it and play around with it I just don't know what it's gonna work better I'm never satisfied with just doing one thing and just leaving it there and then eventually I'll come back and just make a really quick little follow-up video to show you guys what I ended up deciding on so another thing to note is I made the and bottom plates 20 inches wide now I did that because I'm gonna be putting two sets of speakers on each stance I'm gonna have two speakers on each stand so that's why I made it 20 inches wide obviously with your own speaker stands you can make them as wide or as narrow as possible if you do make them a little wider you might want to consider making the base even wider instead of using the four inch in six inch wood you might want to go with six inch and 8 inch wood just to make the base even wider and then just the last thing being the top and bottom plates we use that MDF wood now that wood is good you know it's thick it's dense but it is kind of sometimes known to start to bend especially when it absorbs moisture so make sure you definitely paint it and if you have some really heavy speakers you can just very simply support the ends the ends that are hanging out even further just support those so that you know that top plate doesn't end up bending on you okay guys so there you go that is how you build some sand-filled speaker stands so you guys are looking for even more information on recording producing mixing or mastering go ahead and check out the over a hundred and fifty videos I currently have right here on the true sound studios youtube channel so not only do I make these youtube videos but it also can produce mix and master your tracks that you record at your home studio you can actually send them via email to hear a true sound studios and we can go ahead and make your track sound even better so thank you for watching this video if you guys enjoyed this video click that like button and consider subscribing for more content so not only do I make youtube videos but I also produce tracks and I can mix and master your music so once again thank you for watching this video I'm Lisa and true Sound Studios is in your ears


7. Best BUDGET Speaker Stands from Monoprice?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Best BUDGET Speaker Stands from Monoprice?

hey what's going on guys this is youthman i recently purchased a pair of monolith 24-inch speaker stands for the clips fives so we're going to be doing an unboxing we're going to fill this with sand so that we can kind of solidify the units and kind of eliminate some resonances and we'll get the five set up in here and we'll show you how it looks now before we dive into the video if you are passionate about home theater audio and video make sure you subscribe to the channel because i produce weekly content usually two to three videos a week that i'm sure you'll enjoy enough talking let's get to unboxing all right so here we have each one of the speaker stands so they come shipped separately and so these are pretty affordable i just did some you know searching on amazon looking for some you know some reasonably priced speaker stands that i could use to set up in the bedroom setup here so i thought we'd go ahead and kind of document the process of that kind of see what these are all about so inside we got that feels like the base plate there and that might just be some extra cardboard nope there's some hardware in there even says hardware inside take a look at that in a minute so that's going to be all our screws we've got some foot spikes and then just large screws we'll set those back here go ahead and take out let's see well let's just see if we can slide it out looks like it's just taped right there yeah cool so these just slide out some of the tape causes the inside to kind of stick to it there we go that off to the side i got all kinds of hardware in here this is going to be the top plate here we'll get that we'll get a close-up of the installation here in a minute let's go ahead and take everything out and that base plate is heavy i like that and i can already feel that that's just got just a nice thickness to it and build quality actually looks really really nice made in taiwan that matters to you guys let's see what else it says here it says thank you for your order yada yada if you've got any questions call tech support we don't need tech support for speaker stands so we got one little hollow tube like i said we'll be filling that with sand so we'll just lay that down here for now here's a second [Music] a third and a fourth [Music] and i think that is it cool so what we're gonna do we're gonna assemble one of these i'll kind of get down here on the ground make it a little bit easier for you guys to see the process i won't do the second one um it'll be the same process so we'll just set this off to the side and let's get to work okay so here we have our components we've got our base plate our top plate all four of our columns and then some miscellaneous hardware screws and the floor spikes a little allen wrench so if we look at the top of this it's got a single screw so that's going to line up with each one of these and then on the bottom we've got two screws so we're going to flip this upside down and then what we'll end up doing is putting this on top like that feeding the screws through the bottom and tightening them down so we're gonna use the large screws in this b section all right so i'm gonna take one of these screws this is the large one i'm gonna put this base at the bottom feed one of the screws through line it up with the hole it's going to be kind of hard for you guys to see all right there we go so i've got one started so there you can see go ahead and just kind of hand tighten that down grab another screw line it up just like that and you can either take a quarter quarter drill cordless drill all right tighten that down and then i'm gonna just go ahead and do the other four fast forward the video all right so i've got all four columns in place now we got to do tighten these up [Music] now before we finish assembling i'm just going to take this large phillips head screwdriver and just kind of tighten these down if you're using a cordless screwdriver may not get them quite as tight as you want it so as you can see i can turn these a few notches tighter and that way they're just nice and secure all right now even without the sand in these these actually have a really really nice weight to them so once we add the sand it's going to get even heavier all right guys sorry about the poor lighting i was gonna take this outside underneath the sunshine but since i live in florida it's raining so we're in my garage so i just picked up a bag of sand clay sand from lowe's and so the only thing i want to see though is is this sand moist you know like is it wet and honestly that does feel wet so i'm going to use some different sand basically if you want to use this i would recommend laying it out on a tarp putting that out in the sun and just kind of letting it dry but i really don't want to put kind of damp wet sand in here so i've got some dry sand that's been sitting in here for a while so let me grab that real quick so here i've got some sand from a previous hurricane that we had a couple years ago so this is completely dry so it's just really really really fine sand so i've got a like a little filter here not a filter a funnel but i think we can do it just with this little cup so i'm not going to bore you with details on filling all of these up i'm just going to fill it pretty much up to the top when we get done we'll take them back inside and we'll put the top plates on and we'll get our speakers mounted all right so i have three of these filled with sand and one of them is not so before i fill the fourth one up with sand i just want to kind of do a little test so you can hear so this is the one without the sand in it you can hear how it just resonates for a long time let's check the one with sand absolutely no no reverberation whatsoever so that's awesome that's exactly what we want to hear so i'm going to go ahead and get this fourth one filled up we'll take them inside we'll get the top plates installed all right so as you can see i've got the sand in all four columns i didn't fill it completely up to the top because i don't want it to spill in the house and get all in the carpet but we're going to go ahead and get this taken inside and then we'll get the top plate mounted all right and the last step is we just need to install these top plates so you can see here this is a little bevel so we're going to put that facing down line those up on the holes [Music] i'm probably going to have to do these one at a time kind of line them up so i'm just going to get it started i'm going to come over on this other side and you're gonna have to kind of push the post from the bottom to kind of line them up [Music] that one feels let's try right there for some reason that one does not want to go in so i want to try another one hopefully it's not stripped or anything so that one went in fine third one's good and let's try this one one more time there we go good deal so then we just take our allen wrench that's included with the set [Music] crank these four down and we can add our speakers now since i have carpet in my room i am going to use these included floor spikes so we're going to flip this upside down so here we have the included floor spikes so i'm going to raise this all the way up that way we can screw these all the way down to the top part of the base here so that's all the way flush and then we'll take these nuts and tighten those down now you can use the nut to raise and lower the spikes so that you can level these so if you find that it's a little wobbly maybe your floor is a little bit uneven you can adjust these spikes so that it'll sit flush on your floor now again if you've got hardwood floors or even you know tile i would not recommend using spikes definitely this would be good just for carpet and so this would be great for my setup so we're gonna flip it over monolith has also included these little pads here so you can pull these off and just stick them i guess there's several places you could put them you could put them on top of these screws here or you could put them in the corners here i guess it depends on what you want to do i'm going to put them in the corners because that's still going to place it higher than these screws so it's not going to run the risk of scratching my speakers just like that the speaker stands are large enough to handle a small bookshelf speaker like the clips 5 or a much larger bookshelf speaker like the klipsch rb61 version 2. so these speaker stands come in 24 inches 28 inches and 32 inch sizes the base dimensions are 12 inches by 9.9 inches the top plate dimension is 8.5 inches by 6 inches each speaker weighs 19 pounds without sand and costs 55 each now the pros i see in these speaker stands is they're very affordable very sturdy steel construction the spikes are included and it supports pretty large speakers up to 75 pounds the only thing that might be a con is there's no cable management for your speaker cables but then again a lot of speaker stands don't have that anyway so what i'll likely do is just take some cable ties to the back side of one of the posts and run my cables down that to keep it nice and tidy now if you're interested in the monoprice speaker stands i'll post links down in the description below so be sure to check that out and as always you guys be blessed and we'll catch you in the next video


8. Pyle – Adjustable Speaker Stands

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Pyle - Adjustable Speaker Stands

hey guys today we're gonna be checking out some monitor speaker stands from a company called pile and i think they probably have a few rebrands of the same thing but in any case yeah these are the telescoping ones which is what i really wanted so i'm pretty excited to see how well they're built and how sturdy they are and these are kind of a budget stands so i'm not expecting too much so this is the box that it comes in it's pretty thin made by pile experience life heavy duty telescoping height adjustment i guess that's the model number here we have the features so it comes with two stands for a large heavy duty speaker it's nice to see there solid seam arc weld construction safety support pins attractive design so here are the more important specs you got height adjustment from 26 to 52 inches weight capacity is 90 pounds so i guess it can hold a 90 pound speaker platform is a nine inch square two millimeter thick i guess steel is what they're talking about here and there's also non-slip pads on them the base is 18 by 18 by 18 and it's kind of like this triangle looking and the finished color is in black so yeah let's go ahead and open this up let's see how they're packed here i'm just gonna go ahead and dump it out all right that should be everything so the poles come separate from all the rest of the parts in this box so the poles do look pretty nice you have that locking pin right here it does look like it actually telescopes so it looks like you can pinch it anywhere but if you want to lock it you do have about four inches in between these holes you know even if you lock it higher speaker does drop it's not going to go far so yeah very nice design it looks like we got our mounts here on the top and the mounts on the bottom do you have a little logo here that says pile usa yeah pretty nice honestly feels pretty good hopefully those welds there are pretty good all right so let's see what's in this box should have the rest of our parts so yeah everything is individually wrapped which is really nice to see so it's not you know getting all scratched up and looks like they got them paired up between the two sides so yeah we got this pretty cool looking triangle base take a closer look here so yeah the finish looks pretty nice kind of like a smooth paint finish that's like satin we do have some rubber feet already installed for these floors obviously they're perfect here we have the upper plate and it is pretty thick they say it's two millimeters which i guess is about right and we do have some foam pads where the speaker can sit on and then here we also have some hardware now this is good for if you have carpet so i'm guessing you can pull these out or maybe they unscrew let's see yeah they do unscrew okay so they are little bolts so you can't adjust them up and down okay that's cool so it's like a rubberized plastic but it's kind of like a hard rubber i guess but yeah if you didn't want these you could use these and they also have washers so you can lock it in so since i'm going to use these feet i'm gonna put this one back so let's go ahead and build one together here and it should be quite simple guys so we're just gonna connect the bottom pole here and then the upper plate to the top and we do need the included allen wrench so here on one of these holes on the bottom we're gonna unscrew the bolt that's already pre-melted it's actually quite long all right so since this is the bottom we're gonna go the bolt through down here like this and there is a washer also and then on the other side we're gonna put our pole and start it on there so yeah very easy to assemble so depending on how you're gonna have them you can turn this sticker here to the front to the back i'm gonna actually move it to the back because i don't really wanna see it to be honest since i think this would be the front here i kind of like this look so but yeah you can position it anywhere you want and then once you get it where you want it and just tighten it up now it's quite important that you don't go crazy on this bolt because if you do you're most likely going to break the wells inside here so i'm not too happy with how they designed this because it just literally just goes right on top i wish they had some kind of insert there or something with more stability but i mean it's going to be pretty stable already it's just i wish they'd beefed that part up a little bit where this connects to the base and also the pole kind is a little larger and it's kind of like you know goes over the top not the best execution in my opinion but i guess for the money it's pretty good a deal so not complaining too much but yeah so snug this up good but don't go crazy on it that's very important if you go too tight it's gonna break those welds and it'll break off so but yeah this is what it looks like so yeah i mean not great but not bad maybe this is kind of like a universal pull to this style base so in any case um i also forgot to mention they do have like a little i guess wire router clip see it right there so and there's actually also one on the top here so yeah i guess that could be useful maybe it's like a little clip that for organizing the wires all right so now that we've got the bottom on let's go ahead and do the top same thing here guys just going to remove this bolt now with this one there is no washer let's grab the plate here and this is the top where the foam pads are the bolt will go through there just like that and the other end in here so again you can adjust this accordingly how you want it to point anywhere you want but both of these parts they spin around in 360 so you can you know move them to wherever you want so same thing here guys just snug and do not over tighten just snug so but yeah simple as that it's built and this is what it looks like so the top part here is a little bit larger than i thought it was going to be so you know i guess it does accommodate pretty large speakers i don't have speakers this big so it might look a little funny because they'll be smaller but hopefully at least you know it'll be stable so this does look like it's on the lowest setting which is what about 26 inches if we undo the knob here we should be able to go up and there we go so let me go all the way up here and by the way it does completely come out so if you are going to extend it any amount like we did here pretty much all the way you probably want to do use this pen because you know just in case for whatever reason this cuts loose speaker could fall pretty fast and hard so and that's what this pins are here for and they should prevent that from happening so there we go now we can tighten it up and so i would say this is the highest amount you can go up which should be about i guess 52 inches from the top to the bottom so yeah you can see the table here so yeah it's quite a bit taller than that and all the way up here it is a little bit wobbly as you guys can see quite long so yeah physics is doing its part with leverage but it is stable overall i think something that's square would probably be a little more stable than this triangle because on the triangle you got these flat spots that are more vulnerable to get pushed over but if you go towards one of the corners obviously it doesn't want to but it naturally goes to the flat spots where it's easier to push over i'm not sure how great these would work if you want to you know go all the way up like for me i'm probably going to go all the way down because that's where my desk is i do have a couple speakers here we can try so let's go ahead and put this presonus e5 xt so the is a little bit wider it's still a pretty small speaker for the stand kind of curious how it's going to look all right so let's see here but yeah this is what it looks like with the presonus e5 xds and it's you know quite up there so let's see the stability here so i'm just going to kind of push on it it does wobble a bit but it's nothing too bad honestly considering how high up it is and this is a pretty heavy speaker here i'm guessing for 90 pounds you probably have to go all the way down so i think if you're going to use this for a place where it's easily bumped into or you know pushed you know this probably might not be the best setup here but if you're going to just set it and nobody's ever gonna really touch it i'm sure it'll be just fine especially for you know smaller monitors like this one here so i'm gonna go ahead and build the other one and we'll put the jbl on there and see how they look alright guys so we got the other one built and i got the 305 p mark 2s on there and it's looking pretty good i absolutely love the speaker for the sound signature and the overall value it's just an amazing speaker here so yeah i did by the way reviews on both of these things so if you are interested in that i'll have some links here at the end but yeah overall i'm really happy with these stands i think they're gonna be great for me and i'll definitely have him all the way down i think or maybe just a little bit up so yeah here you can see all the way down and all the way up quite a big difference and what it is all the way down it's you know quite a bit more stable so very nice very cool little stance i think they're great for someone that makes music at home or just edits videos things like that or for anything else let's say you want to use this for your home theater or just you know audiophile people that you know want to set up their speakers if you have multiple speakers this could be quite useful too so in any case guys hopefully this video was pretty useful if it was then hit that like button if you do want to pick these stands up for yourself i'll have some links in the description check it out also check out the reviews on these speakers they're pretty awesome i love the presonus but the 305ps are definitely more natural and neutral so as always guys thanks for watching and i'll catch you on the next one peace


9. Using the CORRECT Speaker Stands for Home Audio !

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Using the CORRECT Speaker Stands for Home Audio !

hey guys how's it going welcome back to yet another episode of two minute tuesdays today we're talking about the speaker stands i use and why i use them and perhaps you'll get something out of it but before we do i know some of you guys in the comments section have been commenting that my two minute tuesdays are actually not two minutes and listen is a concept it's a goal but you know it's not a rule meaning i may hit sometimes two minutes but sometimes i mean not don't criticize too much on that and fixate too much on that the whole point and the concept of the two minute tuesday videos are to make shorter high five videos for you guys so that you don't have to sit there for 20 minutes and listen to someone talk about speaker stance so let's do it let's drop two minutes on the clock okay so the first speaker stands that i use is the monoprice speaker stance the reason i use these stands is because they come in multiple different heights and heights for speaker stands are extremely important because you want to have the speakers at your level meaning the tweeter here you want to relatively have it at your level now some manufacturers would recommend a little bit below your level a little bit above your level to the tweeter but regardless model price has 24 inch 28 inch and 32 inch stance to accommodate the right height for your speaker stance now the second reason i got it is because it's inexpensive for the quality you get the build quality is extremely extremely high quality in my opinion all metal speakers stand very heavy to begin with and you can even fill it with sand and cat litter to the point where it's really really heavy back breaking heavy and that's good for two main reasons it's sturdy it's not wimpy you don't want a wimpy speaker stand you don't want your speakers falling off and also second because of its heavy nature now you have better isolation better resonance control as well and you can also adjust the amount of filling you put into it to make it more dead sounding or a little bit more live sounding depending on your preference with your speakers that's something you have to experiment with just filling it all the way to the top is not always the best solution at least from my experience now the next bigger stand i own and have gotten a lot of compliments in my video is the solid steel speaker stands now these come in 24 inch and 28 inch i believe and they are which is the pretty standard height they are high-end italian stands now these are better because these are three-point contact system instead of four the less contacts you have with the floor the better these are three spiked and these have high quality ball bearings that attach to the speaker plate which is really good for resonance control and really isolates your speakers from the rest of the system and i found that this speaker stand is really aesthetically pleasing as well it's one of my favorite speaker stands i think the black one is a little bit nicer but i've gotten a lot of compliments on both and aesthetic reasons do matter with speaker stands at the end of the day so that's why i chose them and they are phenomenal in both performance and aesthetics and 100 the best looking speaker stance i've owned so far now moving on i have another unique kind of speaker stand this is the wharfdale speaker stand it's the speaker stand that comes with the warf deal heritage speakers and i got the speaker stand because for speakers like the warfdale heritage series or even like the tecton speakers i have here or whatever i don't have the luxury of putting it on in normal speaker stand because it's just a big speaker so for stuff like this like harvest speakers worthdail speakers you know tecton speakers that have this type of in a format that requires this type of stand i found it to be a perfect size and aesthetics again for this purpose it is high quality it comes with really nice plates and shoe holders as well which i really don't use because i don't care about my floors and above all else i find it to be the perfect height for speakers like dwarfdale harbath and speaker of that type and really great with resonance control really high construction for the money asking there you go did i make it hopefully i did all right until next time


10. Soundrise Speaker Stands + Tips for Better Audio Editing

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