Super Endurance Foldable Quadcopter Drone for Beginners – 40+ mins Flight Time, Wi-Fi FPV Drone with 120°Wide-Angle 1080P HD

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Weight 115.7 kg
Dimensions 17.98 × 7.49 cm


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‎23.98 x 17.98 x 7.49 cm; 115.7 Grams


2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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‎116 g



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31 May 2021



9 reviews for Super Endurance Foldable Quadcopter Drone for Beginners – 40+ mins Flight Time, Wi-Fi FPV Drone with 120°Wide-Angle 1080P HD

  1. hungry lion


  2. Nusrat Sultana

    Good for beginners
    The first thing I want to say about this little beauty is WOW! Seriously. I mean the fact that it folds, fist nicely and compact into it’s included carrying case and comes with two batteries is nice, but…none of those are the reasons that you buy a drone. You want stability, ease of use, long flight times and quality pics/vids. Well, this little drone has all of that.Camera – The resolution of the photographs is pretty awesome, in my opinion. The video is high-quality, as well. Check out my uploads. Also, I love the fact that the camera tilts a full 90-degrees. Cheaper drones have fixed cameras or only tilt 70-degrees, which is ok, but I prefer to position the camera to make the shot, not the drone to make the shot. Plus, with fixed cameras, the position of the camera tends to make the pictures/videos dark because of the compensation for the sun being almost directly into the lens. The fact that the camera doesn’t have pan capability is no big deal, because when you have the controls in “slow” mode, the side-to-side and rotation motions are quite smooth. The only “con” that I can come up with is the 120-degree lens. Because it’s somewhat panoramic, it tends to give pics/vids a bit of a fish eye effect. Not so much that it’s annoying, but it exists.Battery life – Runtimes are between 23-28 minutes, with mine, anyway. Drone runtimes can vary even within the same model, so yours may get a couple more minutes or a couple less. Either way, it’s long enough to get a ton of enjoyment out of and when the battery dies; you let the motors cool off for about ten minutes and send it up with the second battery (included with my purchase).Controls – It has three speed positions (slow, normal, fast). It defaults to normal when you turn it on, which is great for general flying. Switch it to slow for smooth-scrolling video panning. Go to fast when you want to get there in a hurry. It has First Person View capability through your smartphone, with 5g WiFi, which is great. The connection is solid and you get very little video stutter (unless you’re panning really fast, which is bad practice anyway). I like being able to see what the camera sees, when it sees it. The app for your phone defaults to “beginner mode” until you turn it off. Beginner mode only lets fly about 30m up and about that far away. It’s great when you’re first starting out, but you’ll probably want to switch to the highest limits by the end of the first battery (It’s that easy to fly, even for beginners).Stability – This is where this baby shines!! It is ROCK SOLID in the air. I’ve had it up to it’s 120m altitude limit (governed by the firmware) in moderate wind, and the only way you’d notice that it’s windy is with a good gust. The GPS super stable and when you let go of the control sticks in video mode, you’d swear you were taking still shots.I can’t even begin to say enough good stuff about this little drone. Don’t let the price and the size of it fool you. It’s well constructed, rock-solid stable in the air, easy to fly, has long runtimes, and a fantastic tilting camera. Sure, you can pay $1800+ for a Mavic Pro 2 or a Phantom, but unless you’re a professional drone videographer, you’re not going to see a remarkable difference enough to shell out that kind of dough. On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t recommend getting a cheaper drone first. Which is what I did. Even though this drone has more features and is more expensive than starter drones, the fact that it’s so easy to fly will make you wish that you had gotten it first.

  3. Sleepers Delight

    Good beginner’s/kids drone…battery life didn’t live up to what’s advertised
    I got this because of the reviews that it’s great for a beginner. That, I agree with. One reviewer said, YOU WILL BREAK THIS…START WITH A LESS EXPENSIVE DRONE. So true. I got the hang of it quickly, but sent back as the battery life is nowhere near what’s advertised. I sent back the first one because the battery lift was

  4. •••ALURA•••

    Great Dual Cameras and Case
    This drone is an excellent choice for beginners who are just starting with quadcopter drones. The Super Endurance Foldable Quadcopter Drone offers an impressive flight time of over 40 minutes, making it one of the longest-lasting drones in its class.The Wi-Fi FPV Drone comes with a 120°Wide-Angle 1080P HD Camera, which provides high-quality images and videos. The camera is equipped with Optical Flow Positioning technology, which makes it easier for the drone to maintain its position while hovering.One of the most impressive features of this drone is its Follow-Me mode, which allows the drone to follow you while you’re on the move. This feature is perfect for capturing action shots or when you’re on a hike and want to document your adventure.The Dual Cameras Switch option lets you switch between cameras easily, giving you more flexibility in capturing different angles and perspectives. The drone also comes with 2 batteries, which means you can keep flying for longer periods without needing to recharge.The drone is also easy to use, with intuitive controls that even beginners can quickly master. Its foldable design makes it easy to transport and store, so you can take it with you wherever you go.In summary, the Super Endurance Foldable Quadcopter Drone for Beginners is an excellent choice for those who are new to quadcopter drones. With its long flight time, high-quality camera, and convenient features such as Follow-Me mode and Dual Cameras Switch, it offers a lot of value for its price.

  5. Gavin Bothwell

    Great for beginners
    This drone is great for beginners, especially for the price. It has pretty good range, keeps itself steady, and the camera actually works, which is amazing compared to most other drones for the price. This was my first ever drone, and as you can tell by the pictures I have been using it almost every day messing around and getting better. I do recommend putting the blade protectors/guards on. If not, they may get caught in leaves or grass and other stuff that you may fly around. The battery also lasts quite a while but it does get quite warm. I definitely recommend this for the price as a first-timer’s drone for sure.

  6. WeWoong Choe

    Very nice drone with impressive features but advertised data is exaggerated
    The first flying r/c toy I had was in 2008 and drones like this didn’t exist then, or even yet drones in particular.After almost a month of piloting this machine, here is my say on this:The design and folding design of this is very similar to the more widely known expensive brand DJI.The remote controller can hold a phone for display however, the arms look like it can break from blowing on it and unfortunately my S22 ultra is too big and won’t fit on it.Extra propellers and guards are included, I guess that’s kinda nice after seeing what the replacement for them costs.Carry case is nice also.The camera on the front can only be adjusted manually by hand and as for the battery life, they advertise over 40 minutes of airtime with both batteries, which is 20 min per battery. This is somewhat exaggerated like all other drones as it’s a little less than that and it might impact the battery life over time from charge after charge.It does those neat flip tricks but there’s only like 2 options, still neat.The range on this was advertised 80-120m but my phone display started lagging at about 28m away.It’s not bad for a compact folding drone but I would definitely update the advertised data on the battery life and range as it’s not true.—-Update—- March 26 2023Battery issues started recently.Always flown in a rain free environment and never been in any collision. I’ve charged the batteries multiple times by now and I always time how long they charge and unplug after the recommended charge time. (Manual states 80min-100min so I charge)It now lasts less than 10min for both of the batteries before the drone starts descending down.These are lithium ion batteries so it should not be depleting in battery life this fast.For the price point, I’m disappointed and will be returning this.

  7. VirtualTechno

    If you’re a beginner this is perfect!
    I bought this just for myself, but little did I know my family would use it more than me. Everyone is having a ton of fun with this drone. The front camera is actually pretty decent quality I’m surprised it’s that good for the price! The bottom camera is kind of low resolution but it’s a nice option to have. This thing is pretty amazing to fly, you can even fly it indoors if you practice it gently. We usually just fly it in the living room and land it to see who can control it really well. This drone is incredibly light, has led lights as well, and it came with two batteries! Charging the battery is pretty straightforward you plug the cable into the battery. Battery life could be better, but this is standard for most drones. Overall, for the price this is an incredible option. Why? I want to record drone footage when I travel and this is at a cheap enough price, that if I crash it or lose it or etc I wouldn’t feel too bad. Highly recommended. Tons of fun and an excellent gift. Lastly, I just wanna let you know how to control it so you can have a better experience without having to learn like how I did. You click and hold the drone’s power button and it turns on flashing lights. Let go of the button, then press the center button on the controller, once the controllers lights turn on, immediately shift left stick up until you hear a beep, then immediately down until you hear a second beep. The remote is now paired to the drone. Press the upward arrow button on the left hand side, and the drone will shoot up 3 feet into the air and it will hover, this is a great way to get it to float without manually flying it up off the ground. Lastly, the left stick does 4 things. Pushing it forward makes the drone rise up towards the sky. Pulling that left stick back makes the drone descend towards the ground. Pushing the left stick right or left, simply rotates the drone. I don’t recommend you rotate the drone until you’re more experienced. The right stick if you push it forward, the drone goes forward. If you pull it back, the drone will go backwards. Pushing the right stick right will make the drone go towards the right. Pushing it left will make it go left. In conclusion, the right stick controls it on a X axis. And the left stick up and down raises or lowers the drone. Hope this review helps, happy holidays!

  8. Joejoe

    This is a really good drone for me as a beginner
    As someone completely new to drones, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I was able to get started with this product. Connecting it to the HFun android app was a breeze, and within no time, I was able to take off and land the drone with ease. The package came with everything I needed to get started, which made the whole experience hassle-free. The instructions were clear and straightforward, which was a relief for a beginner like me. Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with this purchase as it provided a fantastic entry point into the world of drones.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Skynet is trying to become active
    This unit has a mind of its own and is very squirrelly when trying to control in flight. Especially when using the cell phone link. It takes several minutes to trim to a stable flight. But by time i do get it stable, the battery is running low. Putting the decking battery in starts the whole process over again.I waited 8 months to get this unit. Questioning myself if i should take the chance on this unit i should have continued holding out.

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