PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller for PTZ Cameras

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The PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller is a comprehensive solution supporting mix-and-match serial and network-based control for PTZ cameras of any generation.

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Weight 2.29 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 37.85 cm




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‎Wireless, Ergonomic

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Product Dimensions

‎21.84 x 12.7 x 37.85 cm; 2.29 Kilograms



Date First Available

8 February 2021



7 reviews for PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller for PTZ Cameras

  1. Amazon Customer

    Very Good in Church Setting, but…..
    Ultimately when I got this to work, it was just as the other reviews left by other users were: very easy to implement, and responsive. Couldn’t believe it. And the panning is super-smooth.However, things to know before implementing this:-If you’re planning on putting this on your network, DO NOT do so if you have networked security cameras on the same network switch as your PTZ camera and the Superjoy controller. I had 2 weeks of pure frustration and almost returned this because, I couldn’t control the PTZ camera. The WebGUI picked up the camera fine, I could take snapshots from the web interface, and even return camera to its default position. But I either couldn’t control the camera, or had to go through a weird procedure of turning the PTZ camera off, restarting the network switch, then the SuperJoy controller to finally get it going- and and not necessarily in that order. I was terrified of turning of the Superjoy, else I wouldn’t have control of it again.I only got hint of a solution pouring over forums concerning the SuperJoy not connecting via network (of which there aren’t many); and I got tipped off when someone was complaining they couldn’t get their Super Joy controller to work on their network as well- and he happened to mention he had security PTZ cameras.I resolved my issue by putting the security cameras on its own router connected to the network switch- so the SuperJoy couldn’t ‘see’ them. after that, the controller has been a breeze to use.-The focus tends to change on a whim, so things will suddenly get blurry on you. So I’ve learned to keep a finger on the focus button, to bring things back into focus-Also, the HDMI out doesn’t work on all monitors, especially if you’re using a VGA-to-HDMI adapter attached. You’ll get the “Out of range” message on your monitor. I went through three monitors and finally got it going on a much older [and square] 17″ monitor. Not ideal, but at least it works

  2. Karl W. Weaver

    I now have full control of my three cameras.
    I have been waiting for this SuperJoy Joystick release for some time now. I finally got it two weeks ago and it was a breeze to setup. I just connected it to my POE switch with an Ethernet cable and it powered right up. I got a regular 22″ monitor w/HDMI hooked up to it and now I don’t have to look at the streaming software to set up the shots. My favorite feature is that the “Auto Focus Lock” button, which flashes green when enabled, and I know the focus will not go hunting every time the subject makes the slightest move. I like how easy it is to set the presets by just holding down a numbered key for a few seconds and it is set. This one feature helps me a lot of time because the band does not set up in the same spot each week and I can quickly move each camera and save change the preset before every stream. I’m still learning all the features, but this was worth the wait. Well done PTZOptics!

  3. Dinzova

    I was returned for once, deu to connection. But the second was fine. It works pretty good.

  4. Kevin

    This is pretty good
    This works great. I programmed with another brand pretty easily. When you push a camera it comes up using the hdmi. You can preview each camera and it’s great

  5. TIger

    This has been an amazing addition to our lineup.Quiet keys, Good response, and is issue free.

  6. Sharon B. Richardson

    Love it, game changer
    Love this easy to use powerful controller

  7. Herbert Yuen

    Great Controller
    Great addition to Church Virtual Broadcast.

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