Presonus Faderport8 FADERPORT 8 8-Channel Mix Production Controller

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The Faderport 8 features eight 100 mm motorized, touch-sensitive faders; digital scribble strip displays; and a unique session Navigator to make mixing and controlling your favorite DAW application quick and easy. The Faderport 8 is compatible with virtually any DAW host for Mac OS X or Windows, with support for HUI and Mackie control and native control of Studio One, including control link support as well as parameter follow, allowing you quick access to any control under your mouse. Its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable companion to your keyboard and mouse.

Faderport 8 1

Advanced, Innovative DAW Control

FaderPort 8: 8-channel Mix Production Controller

Faderport 8 2

Don’t kill that mouse—give it a companion

Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used in tandem with the FaderPort 8’s precise tactile control over mix and automation functions. With 8 touch-sensitive, motorized, 100 mm faders and 65 buttons covering 78 different functions, you can quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, adjust your click-track tempo with a simple tap, modify plug-in parameters, manage aux mixes—and, of course, control track levels with the touch of a finger. With the FaderPort 8, you’ll enjoy the fastest, most efficient workflow you’ve ever experienced.

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Work faster and smarter

Rather than forcing you to revise your mixing method, the FaderPort 8 augments the way you currently mix. You still use your faithful keyboard and mouse for things they do well, and the FaderPort 8 handles the features you want to get your fingers on, allowing you to customize your workflow. Large, illuminated buttons make finding the function you need quick and easy. Eight digital scribble strips provide visual feedback. And if you select a track with your mouse, the FaderPort 8 will follow your selection, giving you yet another way to get to the function you need, right when you need it. This is DAW control the way you always hoped it could be!

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One-button access to key functions.*

The FaderPort 8’s unique Session Navigator provides easy access to eight mission-critical functions for maximum flexibility. Use the large encoder button and companion buttons to edit and mix with greater efficiency and speed. Scroll through your timeline, using the encoder, or work measure by measure with the arrow buttons; zoom in and out on the timeline with the encoder and make your tracks larger or smaller with the arrow buttons; navigate and drop markers; and maintain constant control of your main level. Once you start using the Session Navigator, you’ll wonder how you mixed without it.

* Features may vary depending on your software.

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Universal compatibility and tight Studio One integration

FaderPort 8’s streamlined workflow and support for the Mackie Control and HUI protocols make it fast and easy to control virtually any DAW. No driver installation is necessary; just plug the control surface into a USB port and take command of your mix and plug-ins.

But the FaderPort 8 is downright magical when used with PreSonus Studio One. (Studio One Artist is included.) You’ll be amazed how much faster you can work.

Additional information

Weight 2.27 kg
Dimensions 33.66 × 29.97 cm
Item Weight

‎2.27 kg

Product Dimensions

‎5.08 x 33.66 x 29.97 cm; 2.27 Kilograms

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Compatible Devices


Connector Type


Hardware Interface

USB 2.0

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Musical Style


Power source type

‎Corded Electric


12 Volts



Date First Available

15 September 2016



10 reviews for Presonus Faderport8 FADERPORT 8 8-Channel Mix Production Controller

  1. Claudio Tomassi

    Tutto molto ok!!!
    Aspettative rispettate anche per la consegna puntuale

  2. Adrián S.

    Control total
    En mi caso, soy usuario de Studio One y la verdad es que la respues de uno con el otro es excelente. Facil de usar, muy intuitivo y de muy buena calidad el material.Me ha ayudado a mejor mi tiempo de trabajo creativo y desprenderme del teclado y el mause.

  3. Bob Binette

    it’s work with Fairligth…DaVinci Resolve
    it’s work partially with Fairligth…DaVinci Resolve

  4. Oscar

    Look no further
    After trying several different DAW and MIDI controllers, I decided to go for the Faderport 8 as an upgrade. The device works like charm on any DAW’s I’ve tried, including Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, but it works best with Studio One (no surprise there being a PreSonus device).I was especially impressed with the “MIDI Mode”, which allows you to alternate between DAW Controller to MIDI Controller by pressing a couple buttons. On MIDI mode, all buttons work as MIDI CCs as well as the faders, which are mapped to some of the most used CC messages (CC1, CC11, CC7…). Having proper 100mm faders allow for great precision when adding expression to virtual instruments. Mind you, the faders are not motorised on this mode, but that is the case with most (if not all) MIDI faders on the market.Pros:- Great Functionality- Works with most DAWs- MIDI Controller mode- Responsive motorised 100mm faders- Works like a dream in Studio One- Nice look and feelCons:- Can take up some space- Fairly expensive- Display is not great (too bright, even at the dimmest setting)- Non customisable CCs on MIDI mode (can’t be mapped to CC messages for your need)- Jog wheel does not double as scrub wheel

  5. Grimmy

    So far, so good …
    I was looking for a MIDI mixer with automated faders and a jog wheel for maximum control with my DAW. I had looked at the X-Touch, which has a larger jog wheel and looks nice, but I wasn’t sure that Behringer was doing a good job of support and responding to customers. The X-Touch Compact doesn’t have a jog wheel, which I want. I considered some other options but decided to take a chance on this.I’m using it with Logic Pro X. The setup didn’t bring up the protocol selection automatically when I first turned it on – I had to power off and press and hold the first two Select buttons to initiate the mode to select MCU for Logic. Then in Logic it generated MIDI notes instead of controlling the DAW – I found out that the manual forgets to tell you to set input and output in the Control Surfaces setup to Faderport. After that it worked fine. Good thing there are so many helpful forums around :)So far so good – faders automate, navigation controls zoom and scroll, transport controls work as expected. I’ve seen a couple of complaints on the forums about the scribble strips being hard to read because they’re not angled up but I’m OK with it, so far. (Some other user props it up on a rubber-coated dumbell.) This unit uses a power brick, but no biggie.It’s sleek and it works as advertised, and here’s hoping it will make mixing that much easier. Now all I need is talent!

  6. Dave

    The one piece of gear I couldn’t live without
    First some background about myself. I started audio engineering in the ‘90’s on analog equipment. I’m used to having a console and faders in front of me. I also use Studio One, so the inter-connectivity between it and the Faderport adds to its usefulness. I barely touch my mouse and keyboard when doing a mix.Once you learn your way around the Faderport, and the control it gives you it’s a game changer. It’s not just automated faders, you can control and have access to just about any parameter in your mix. Automation is a breeze, jumping to different sections in your mix is just a button press away. Honestly, after 3 years of owning the Faderport 8, I have nothing negative to say about it. The best purchase I have ever made for my studio.

  7. Cool Brezz

    Great Unit
    price and what it can do

  8. Amazon Customer

    FaderPort 8 w/ VSL 1818
    Cool control surface., I wish I was able to use it as it will uninstall the VSL virtual mixer software. (The main reason to buy that interface ) rendering it now just a converter . You’ll keep the basic drivers (updated) along with drivers for the 192 and the Studio Live units. PreSonus doesn’t appear to be all that concerned about making any strides to develop a fix. I think they realize their best interface is “too inexpensive” . If you are one to check forums , you’ll see that PreSonus did announce a long time ago that the VSL was going to be discontinued, However there is no disclaimer for new customers who are interested in purchasing this device or the AudioBox 1818VSL . Love PreSonus DAW the interfaces , and control surfaces. Really want to use this , but can’t right now and on a budget. Spent a lot of money (to me ) on my fairly recent purchase of the PCAudioLabs built Machine (specifically for PreSonus). Check that company out. They rule. Hopefully they’ll decide to do something for the AudioBox users, so I’ll keep the FP8 around because it is really cool. That said, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you aren’t a VSL user, go for it. It’s a really cool device. Cheers.

  9. Frederic St-G

    Mac mini m1 et Logic Pro X
    L’intégration avec le DAW Logic Pro X est parfaite sous MacOS Mac Mini M1

  10. Jason Bennett

    Loud clunky faders, connection issues, but nice and compact
    Not terrible, not nearly as good as my old Avid Digi 002, which is surprising because that thing was 20 years old. This guy is nice and sleek, doesn’t take up as much desk space. But it seems to have connection issues once a week , sometimes more. In these instances it just stops responding in Pro Tools, so I have to close pro tools, turn this thing off and back on again. Very inconvenient.The nail in the coffin is how insanely loud the faders are! It’s an annoying clunky sound when they respond to automation, it’s absolutely brutal!Only reason I didn’t give it a 1 star is because it’s nice to finally not have something that takes up half my desk. Although I really wish Avid still made these kinds of products, would have much rather gone with them

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