IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 guitar audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS and PC with USB-C, Lightning and USB cables and

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  • PLUG AND PLAY SIMPLICITY ON EVERY DEVICE: High-definition digital guitar interface for you with a high-quality instrument-level 1/4″ Hi-Z input jack, for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.
  • CONNECT TO AMPLIFIER WITHOUT ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: 1/4″ Amp Out jack with switchable output “FX” and “Thru”. You can use it with line-level signals from synthesizers, keyboards and mixers. Plugin and create the sound like the artists you admire in minutes.
  • DISTORTION FREE AMPLIFIER: iRig HD 2 is renowned for its 96kHz sampling rate – the highest in its class. You don’t have to sacrifice performance to practice silently. Our headphone output with preamp and level control let you lost in your practice.
  • ROCK WITH iRig HD 2: The Interface for recording music lets you adjust your input gain and is a high-quality guitar preamp designed to deliver high-definition results for musicians. You can put effects in the FX/Thru switch and still be able to play without having to change all of your levels every time.
  • UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: The guitar adapter interface is a platform designed to unlock exclusive content inside the amplitude iOS and amplitude 4 for mac/pc versions. This digital mixer also features microphone stand mounting clips with lightweight construction allows for portability and can easily fit in your pocket, laptop bag, or gig bag.
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Product Description

iRig HD 2 main banner image - connected to iPad and AmpliTube guitar modeling app

guitar interface, Hi-Z input, amp output, iPhone cable, iPad adaptor

The pioneers of mobile music creation deliver another breakthrough in guitar interfaces

What’s new:

  • 96 kHz, 24-bit A/D converters deliver stunning pro sound
  • 1⁄4” Hi-Z Amp out to easily connect to your rig
  • 1/8” headphone out jack for silent practice
  • Lightning, USB and USB-C cables for all your devices
  • Custom ASIO drivers for superior Windows performance

Key features

image of iRig HD 2 with guitarist

image of iRig HD 2 connected to a pair of speakers via 3.5mm output

image of iRig HD 2 connected to iPhone and Fender amp via 1/4" amplifier output

iRig HD 2 connected to an iPad mounted on a music stand via iKlip Xpand

High-definition guitar/bass input

Headphone / speaker output

Amp output with FX / Thru switch

Lighting, USB and USB-C cables

Image of iRig HD 2 with Mac, iPhone and iPad, all running AmpliTube software

A massive software bundle

Includes AmpliTube 5 SE for Mac/PC, AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad, and additional bonus software to get started right out of the box.

iRig 2

How is iRig HD 2 different from iRig 2?

iRig HD 2 offers 24-bit, 96 kHz converters for clearer, more professional sound and less noise and feedback.

iRig HD 2 connected to an iPhone via Lightning cable

Do I need any additional cables or adaptors?

iRig HD 2 includes USB, Lightning and USB-C cables to connect to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC right out of the box, with no adaptors required.

iRig HD 2 connected to headphones

How do I listen to the sound from my iPhone or iPad?

Connect the iRig HD 2’s 3.5mm output to headphones or speakers or use the dedicated amp output to connect to your guitar amp or pedals.

ASIO driver logo

Do I need any drivers or software for iRig HD 2 to work?

iRig HD 2 is plug-and-play with all your favorite apps*, and includes AmpliTube 5 SE and AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad apps to get you started. (*Included ASIO drivers required on Windows, does not support real-time processing on Android.)

Additional information

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 3.9 × 0.83 × 1.54 cm
Item Weight

1.28 ounces

Product Dimensions

3.9 x 0.83 x 1.54 inches



Item model number


Date First Available

September 15, 2016

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Connector Type

USB Type A


IK Multimedia

10 reviews for IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 guitar audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS and PC with USB-C, Lightning and USB cables and

  1. merv

    A must haveThis bad boy is a must have for anyone with an axe. I wish Hendrix had this. If he did he’d still be alive today cuz he would have been too busy playing around with the apps this thing uses instead of doing what he did that ruined his career/life. So, just say yes……to the irig hd 2. And when you’re rich n famous, remember the dude who recommended the irig to you

  2. Cheyenne

    My husband loves it!Bought this for my husband as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves it. Simple to use and connect to his iPad well. The sound works beautifully excited to see what he does with it.Definitely recommend this product.

  3. W. S. Harrison

    Does what it should, easy to set up, can be challenging to manage,I got this thing to take with us on travel dates so I could go over music, last minute changes, etc., in my room. I paired it with an iPad Pro, and it works great – plenty of volume, interface was easy to set up, has the phones jack and a vol control on one side and an instrument vol on the other, so you can easily blend what you’re playing in with what you’re listening to. I didn’t have any problems running AmpliTube with it, and pulling up YouTube and/or my setlist and notes, etc all at the same time. Very productive for those last minute fill-in gigs, etc. The only downsides are that this thing is *light* – it weighs next to nothing and once you plug an instrument cable into it, you’ll be pulling it all over the place. there’s a clip of some sort on the back of it, and I think it’s intended for you to put it on your belt, etc., but you won’t be doing that because the cable that connects it to the IOS device is only ~18″ or so.If you’re going to connect this to your iPhone, then put your phone in your pocket, clip this thing on your belt, and then connect your guitar or bass (or whatever) to it with a short cable, you’re golden (until you nee to pull your iPhone out and change tracks). If you’re setting up to run a setlist down in your room, or just work on stuff, you’ll want to put a brick or something on top of your cable to keep from dragging this thing around. Still, it’s a huge win – I’m very happy with it, and I use it all the time.Not digging the brick I’m carrying around in my gig bag now, but that’s life.

  4. M. Webster

    Outstanding Little Unit!Sounds great and I can import songs via IK software and play along at regular speed or slow it down. Can’t beat the price and this thing has been keeping me busy!

  5. AndyC

    More finicky than I expected.I bought this because it would allow me to play guitar through my iPad and because it came with a software license to use with their software on our Desktop computer as well. I did learn, after several painful attempts that the Desktop software and the iPad software are actually very different (features, functions and sound quality) so you do not get anything like the same experience desktop to iPad. Thei iRig audio interface hardware has an adjustment to set the ‘gain’ of the guitar, so you don’t overdrive the input into the iPad/Desktop, but I’m always chasing down a new setting every time I adjust the guitar volume or change guitars. The software license manager was irritating to work with, and it took probably a couple of hours to get the software running on both the iPad and Desktop. I did say many unkind words about their software license manager and installation process before it was all said and done. After having gone that far with it, I bought a software upgrade to make the Desktop and iPad versions similar in terms of amplifiers modeled, effects modeled, etc, so that was kind of disappointing to need to do. The software upgrade was a ‘once in a year’ sale giving lots of functionality, and if that sale hadn’t been on, I would not have bought the upgrade at full price, and I likely would have returned this product. Am I using it? yes, I’m planning on doing so in a few minutes. Do I have regrets? yes, a few.

  6. J. Werner

    Studio quality, small footprintGot this so I can practice with headphones on. My sister has cancer, and I cant run my tube halfstack with EV 12L’s, when she has her migraines. I have kidney failure, and we wonder who has it worse. Anyway, I got this to play quietly, and it does that.It’s more of a studio interface, with 2 different usb adapters, one for new apple, and one to plain usb. It has 1/8in headphone jack, and 1/4 mono out if you want to use as a effect for your amp.You do have to buy effects additionally to this product which I was not aware of. $150 gets you all, and is pretty reasonable for the money considering what you get. I’ve had a real Soldano, Mesa, and presently a Splawn Nitro. and Amplitube software is waaaaay nicer sounding than Line6 amp emulating stuff.I always had lag when using other emulating toys, like the playstation 4 rocksmith. I don’t with this. Garageband sucks with this, in my opinion. Amplitube is free and comes with one amp. You have to pay for more, but you can get Mesa, Marshall-esk, Fender, Engl, Orange, Vox-ish amp models. Then you have the stomp box models, from noise gates, to reverbs, delays, to even EQ’s. Then cabinet models, several 4×12’s from mesa to marshall to orange. even 2×12’s. Enough on the pay options.I also use this as an interface for the strobe tuner on my Iphone. I can very accurately dial in tuning and intonations on my guitars. Even my Floyds. I have the full ‘PitchLab’ strobe tuner app, and I’ve used it for years on both android and apple.

  7. .–.

    Ok with iPhone but not Windows-FriendlyUpdate – 12/6/22: Since my original review IK has come out with several updates which (along with an ASIO driver on their website I wish I’d known about sooner) have greatly improved reliability for the PC-based version of AmpliTube. So I’m feeling less grumpy about this product and adding a star to my rating.—–I’ve had this thing for close to a year and have gotten a lot of use out of it, but I would not recommend it. It works ok with an iPhone for a simple practice rig, and it gives you a way to experiment with different pedals without having to go out and buy them. Beyond that, there’s not much going for it. The overall sound quality is poor, and the construction seems a bit flimsy (as well as impractical). This is certainly not something you’d want to rely on for anything beyond home use.When I use it with my tube amp the sound is ok, but with headphones there are occasional random hisses and pops. The direct headphone output of the iRig has noticeable distortion. Maybe not a problem if you are using a lot of distortion and other effects anyway, but if you want a relatively clean sound you will not be happy. I have less expensive pieces of gear that give me a much cleaner signal through headphones.Don’t get too excited about the “free” software that comes with it either. The iPhone app is reliable but the Windows programs are anything but (also be aware that the “free-to-try” feature is not available on iPhone – you have to fork over another $5-$10 for each additional effect). I’ve tried AmpliTube on a tablet, a laptop, and a desktop PC and in every case there is a problem with latency, distortion, hanging, etc. I’m willing to blame some of this on Windows itself, but on the other hand this thing is advertised as compatible, even though apparently no one ever thought to actually test it (BTW, software is not free if the end user is a de facto beta tester). On the other hand, if you are a Mac user you may have a completely different experience.If you’re still considering buying this despite my rant, do a little research, look at reviews (the independent ones, not the ones paid for by IK), and consider whatever better alternatives might be out there.

  8. Malcolm

    Nice product with some flawsThe cable that came with it is wonky after not using it very much. Could be some quality issues. Sometimes it loses sync with my phone or app. Want to love it but it’s just ok. Can’t output the sounds from the app so It sounds good in headphones but not recorded to the phone. Just the plinking sound of my dead electric guitar.

  9. K. Reinhard

    Terrific device!I bought another IK audio interface, a more expensive one, and had no luck with it — I just couldn’t get it to communicate with my computer. And customer service is non-existent. But this one was extremely easy to set up, and it works beautifully. I love the output direct to a guitar amp, as well as headphones. It just works.

  10. Benji D.

    Play guitar on your iPhone or iPad!I’m getting reacquainted with guitar. Haven’t had one or played one for over 20 years. This tech allows you to play your guitar through your iPhone/iPad. Amazing.

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