Bwine F7 GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K Night Vision, 3-Aix Gimbal, 2Mile Long Range, 75Mins Flight Time Professional

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The F7GB2 is a drone with a 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal. It has a 120° field of view lens and a large COMS sensor for aerial photography. It has a flight time of 75 minutes per trip with three 2600mAh intelligent batteries. It is built with a brushless motor, compass, gyroscope, and barometer, and has been tested for wind resistance at high altitudes up to 2000m. It has a control range of 3000m and is suitable for flying in windy conditions. It is capable of capturing stable and clear videos and photos from a high-altitude, first-person perspective.

Additional information

Weight 2.42 kg
Dimensions 23.49 × 16.21 cm



‎F7GB2 3B

Package Dimensions

‎28.91 x 23.49 x 16.21 cm; 2.42 Kilograms


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer reference

‎F7GB2 3B

Manufacturer Part Number

‎F7GB2 3B

Mirror Adjustment

‎Remote Control





Special Features

‎Extended Flight Time, High Sensitivity Sensor, Auto-Landing, Long Battery Life, One Button Return

Item Weight

‎2.42 kg



Date First Available

14 September 2020



10 reviews for Bwine F7 GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K Night Vision, 3-Aix Gimbal, 2Mile Long Range, 75Mins Flight Time Professional

  1. Scott P

    Great GPS follow me
    The dron did well following me as we road our ATV’s. It could have been a bit faster however. But, does anyone have an idea where to get a new camera for it. I have 2 of the Bwine F7 GPS Drones, but I broke one of the cameras. My error not the drones fault.

  2. Nicholas J Ell

    Amazing Drone for Drone enthusiast!
    I recently had the pleasure of Purchasing the Bwine F7gb2 Drone, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. This drone offers an exceptional flying experience and is perfect for both beginners and drone enthusiasts alike.One of the standout features of the Bwine F7gb2 Drone is its impressive altitude capabilities. With the ability to soar close to 400 feet in the air, it provides a thrilling perspective from high above. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking aerial shots or simply exploring the skies, this drone’s altitude performance is truly remarkable.In addition to its impressive flight capabilities, the Bwine F7gb2 Drone is equipped with a top-of-the-line 4K camera, delivering stunning image and video quality. The camera captures crisp, detailed footage, allowing you to capture memorable moments with exceptional clarity. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply want to document your adventures, the camera on this drone will not disappoint.One of the key advantages of the Bwine F7gb2 Drone is its user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for beginners. The drone is easy to assemble and operate, allowing newcomers to quickly grasp the basics of drone flight. It offers intuitive controls and stability features that make it a breeze to pilot, even for those without prior drone experience.For drone enthusiasts, the Bwine F7gb2 Drone offers an array of advanced features to enhance the flying experience. With its precise maneuverability, you can execute complex flight patterns and capture dynamic shots with ease. The drone’s responsive controls and stability system ensure smooth and steady flight, even in windy conditions, providing enthusiasts with the control they crave.One area where the Bwine F7gb2 Drone truly shines is its battery performance. The included batteries offer impressive longevity, allowing for extended flight times and maximizing your aerial adventures. You won’t have to worry about constantly recharging or carrying multiple batteries, as this drone’s batteries are designed to last.In conclusion, the Bwine F7gb2 Drone is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking an exceptional flying experience. Its ability to reach impressive altitudes, coupled with the high-quality 4K camera, ensures breathtaking aerial footage. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drone enthusiast, this drone offers user-friendly controls and advanced features to satisfy your needs. With remarkable battery performance, you can enjoy extended flight times without interruption. I highly recommend the Bwine F7gb2 Drone to anyone looking to take their drone flying adventures to new heights.

  3. Carl Dudley

    Difficult to calibrate
    Overall I’m very pleased and impressed with it. This is a real drone with a very long range. I live near a military fright training base. I have too limit the ceiling height too 200 ft. Controls are odd to get it ready to fly. The stability in flight is awesome. I’m right on the beach and the high winds here are not an issue with this drone. Calibration of the camera is an issue. It’s important to have the camera calibrated correctly before flying. No camera control after takeoff if it didn’t calibrate properly. Once drone is out of eyesight range you must have camera control to fly. Return home works well but doesn’t avoid trees. Must set up return home settings to be higher than your surrounding trees, before your first flight and before every flight.

  4. Michael J. McKenzie

    Great drone even for novices
    I’ve found there are three types of drones:Toy dronesReal dronesPro dronesI’ve only ever had you drones and they all lasted a few minutes. This Bwine drone is a solid, real, phenomenal drone. A pro drone is for the professionals who need production quality footage.Let’s get into it! Everything that comes with this drone is high quality from the carry bag to the spare parts to the drone itself. Everything is built solid and for regular or heavy use.The drone itself is fairly lightweight and super easy to set up. I had it flying within minutes. The app is pretty good as well and has a ton of features I haven’t fully explored. The controller is sturdy and has a quick response to the drone itself.The camera is absolutely stunning. A micro SD card increased the quality of video but even without an SD card I was able to get amazingly clear footage.I haven’t quite tested the distance limits but it flies awfully high (roughly 80m) and I had stable control from a few hundred meters away. It also flies very quickly and maintains a stable balance in some moderately windy conditions.It has a neat home feature that allows it to return from its liftoff point without any additional input from the user. It can follow you as you walk though I’m tempted to try out that feature as I drive.I did have an issue where I thought it didn’t come with two extra batteries and Bwine’s customer service got back to me quickly and offered some support including replacing anything that was missing. However… it was an error on my part. The two extra batteries are tucked under a flap in the case where the drone is stored. Be sure to check there!!I bought another drone previously because I intend on using it for a family vacation cross country and while it was decent, it didn’t have the steady camera or picture quality of the Bwine. For a just a couple extra hundred dollars I’ve definitely gotten a superior upgrade with the Bwine. The money is worth it.I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of amazing Americana footage I can get this summer.I’ve given the Bwine drone a 5 star review because if I ever need to replace it, there’s very little chance I’ll look anywhere else. It’s a solid product, great customer service, user friendly, and makes a great addition to anyone looking for memorable videos or creating content.

  5. joe Ewing

    Easy to use
    This little drone is extremely easy to use. Charge the batteries and you will be flying in minutes. It is really stable.

  6. Samuel G

    I am very, very impressed with drone and service.
    Saw the drone heavily discounted and have never had a drone with camera. Shipped fast, easy set up, Dwine APP for flying is incredibly easy to use, never had a problem linking on wifi, clear pictures and videos, shows flight paths, altitude, so many incredible things as advertised. Used to spot fish in Mexico and flew all over looking at different houses and properties for sale. Just an amazing drone and so very user friendly. My first Oops was trying to land it on a table showing off (my fault) and I bent propellers. Came with extra propellers and the tool. I had a difficult time breaking the screws loose as they felt locked in with adhesive or some thread locker. Contacted customer support and they responded immediately and offered free accessories to help me as well as advice to use a knife to cut off the propeller and use pliers to get a good grip on screw. Don’t know why I didn’t think about that but it worked. Was flying again and something happened and the drone dropped from 185 feet. One corner of camera bracket broke as well as one arm. Everything else was intact and seemed to work. Kept streaming video the whole time to my phone even after crash until I picked it up. Working with them to figure out what happened and hope they choose me to test products in the future as they offered that as a possibility.

  7. Thiara

    Great experience
    Great experience with the purchase. Very attempt seller. I do recommend the product

  8. P. Schneider

    User Friendly Drone is Super Easy to Fly
    I am EXTREMLY HAPPY with the New Bwine F7 GPS Drone I just recieved. I especially like the user friendly Phone APP that works hand in hand with the included remote. The GPS system is very accurate, as the drone will maintain its position, even with a cross wind. The Drone is easy to fly, as well as manipulating the Camera to take the exact video or photo you wish to capture. The automatic Lift Off and Landing Feature, as well as the return to home position, add to its simplicity and fun to use. I was literally flying within 5 minutes after opening the box. This is also the first professional Drone that I have purchased, and I would definitely purchase a new Bwine Drone when the time comes.Also, customer service, which is available right from the phone app, is very quick to respond.

  9. Tony

    Read the instructions completely! A lot to learn.
    This is my 3rd drone. So far the easiest to learn, however I’m still in beginner mode as this is the largest drone I’ve used. So far it is all as advertised and once it is prepared for flight it’s pretty easy. Camera seems fine, but I’m still learning. I would recommend this machine.

  10. Arthur Reed

    Great for the price!
    Pros!- Price (reasonable especially when on sale)- Easy to use- Good range and ok battery life.- Image quality is pretty dang goodCons..- App is buggy. Some features I can’t seem to get to work quite yet.-

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