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iD22 is a high definition USB audio interface recommended by the UK console brand audient. It promises simple operability and best-in-class audio quality for creators.

The logic hub of your studio

Providing two Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D.I, ADAT expandability, user defined function keys, balanced inserts and more, quality and management of signals with iD22 is easy and intuitive.

Includes ARC Creative Hub


  • 10-in, 14-out Desktop Interface
  • 2 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifiers
  • High Performance Burr Brown AD/DA Converters
  • Fully Balanced Inserts
  • ADAT Input & Output for Expandability
  • 1 x Discrete JFET Instrument Input
  • Low Latency DSP Mixer
  • Main and Alternative Speaker outputs
  • Independent Class-AB Headphone Output
  • User Defined Function Keys
  • Full Monitor Control Functionality (software controlled)
  • USB2.0 Compliant
  • 24bit/96khz
  • All-Metal Enclosure

About Audient

With a proud heritage of audio excellence, Audient continues to develop innovative products for the professional audio industry. Audient are recognised worldwide for delivering high quality products designed with users working preferences in mind and which, most importantly deliver outstanding audio quality. Audient operates from its headquarters in Hampshire, England.

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‎black (black 19-3911tcx)

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Date First Available

‎ 10 May 2022



10 reviews for audient audio interface iD22

  1. Mobile_02

    La perfection existe.
    Musicien pro depuis 20 ans, je peux attester d’une chose : l’iD22 d’Audient est, à ce jour, la parfaite carte son du home-studiste. Point.J’ai travaillé sur bon nombre de cartes son, dans toutes les tranches de prix. Cranborne 500r8, Avid MBox Pro 3, Behringer U404HD, UAD Apollo X4, Tascam Model16, SSL 2+, et j’en passe. Sans compter les cartes sons que j’ai pu utiliser dans d’autres studios (amateurs et pros). Focusrite, Presonus, Line6, MOTU, etc.L’iD22 est tout simplement la meilleure de sa catégorie. Des convertisseurs pro, des preamps clairs, une section de monitoring précise. Pas même besoin du logiciel – elle ne nécessite pas de drivers sur macOS. A noter que la simplicité de la carte se retrouve dans le logiciel.La carte est belle, simple, et offre des prestations bien en-deçà de sa gamme de prix.J’ai déjà pu la conseiller à 3 débutants. Débutants qui n’ont pu que confirmer. C’est du haut de gamme pour une fraction du prix. Le tout, sans chichis. On paye pour des options pratiques. Pas pour du superflu.Très vivement recommandée.

  2. Midagma

    Very poor – a lot of Audient id22’s have a fault, right out the box. UPDATED.
    Sound quality is superb…but there is a known problem with the Audient id22. It has two outputs for speakers, but on a lot of the units (try a google search) the outputs 3 and 4 do not work. Audient claim on their website that this is a known issue, and all that is needed is to unplug all cables and reboot, to reset something or other that is obviously not working the way it should. I tried their approach three times, does not work, not a tweet out of channels three and four. And I see others online, several of them, with the same issue. They purchased an Audient id22 only to find that channels three and four don’t work, followed by the knowledge that this is a well known problem by the manufacturer and that the fix they offer online does not work for them. Looks to me like Audient are putting out units that are not ready to be put out. This is reminiscent of the bad old early PC days, when end users became the true beta testers for half baked products. The sound quality of this unit, on the outputs that do work is excellent. Shame it’s non-existent on the others. The real bad thing about this of course, is that many people could be buying this unit and not even trying outputs three and four for some time, they could quite reasonably miss the timescale for a return and be left holding a substandard second rate product that has faults. Personally, I would avoid this unit unless you are willing to take the chance that there is a fair chance that the secondary outputs on the unit will not work, and if you do buy one…please make sure to check outputs three and four while you are still in the timeframe to return the unit.UPDATE: I got this working at last, although it might be better to say it just started working. Fiddling about with the thing, rebooted it for the umpteenth time and it started outputting from channels 3 and 4 also, as it always should have. I have also seen another buyer describe the same situation exactly . I am keeping this unit now, am intrigued by the thing. I have dutifully updated my rating to three stars from only one, now the box is at least doing what it says it should. Up to now anyway. Would I buy this again now? Probably at this stage not. Reason is there does seem to be an issue with this output on the extra channels. Too many people having issues, if online talk is the gauge. These really should be leaving the factory ready to go, without any manoeuvres by the consumer to get them working, (hopefully). So – Still do not feel completely confident with the product, and there’s another review here where one just packed up completely after a few months light use, so I may well be taking a big gamble – but the sound quality and the pre amps are absolutely excellent, so something is right, maybe just brought out a bitty early? Will keep updating this as I use it.Used the Audient id22 without problems for several months after finally getting it working, then had a system failure, now back to worse than square with this “thing”. It’s a frustration to say the least to get it working. The software is pretty useless that comes with it, do a google check you will see people having problems with it all over the place. My latest little issue with this box of tricks that sounds amazing, but is SO difficult to install is that the software which controls the device from the Mac does not open. Well, it does, at least the Mac says it’s open (can’t delete the useless app as Mac says it’s open), yet cannot dee it anywhere, and it disappears from view out of the doc. Absolutely useless. Wish I had never bought it now, to be truthful, am too long in the tooth to be messing around with products that are marketed too early without their bumps and lumps ironed out of them. I would avoid Audient at all costs now, personally, if I have continuing issues with the unit, I will sell it and buy something that has been properly developed for a buyers market. Unfortunately, this has not been.

  3. Alan

    Sound quality
    After purchasing several other affordable brands I tried the Audient and was and still an completely satisfied

  4. ciro costa

    La sceda è fantastica però ho avuto difficoltà a fare l’upgrade del firmware, l’importante è esserci riuscito,la consiglio,un prodotto eccellente!!!!! W Amazon

  5. FlowerPower86

    Ottima interfaccia audio
    Acquistata su Warehouse a poco più di 300 euro, penso di aver fatto un affare. Ha due ingressi bilanciati (è possibile usare contemporaneamente 2 microfonici o 1 microfonico e 1 D.I.), 6 uscite bilanciate (monitor principali, monitor alt e cuffie). E’ possibile espanderla con l’ingresso (e uscita) ADAT / SPDIF usando un 8PRE.In questa fascia di prezzo è veramente un affare, è molto completa e suona molto trasparente. I preamp sono gli stessi delle console Audient, decisamente puliti. Questa caratteristica li rende ottimi per un uso generico ma “poco sporchi” per arricchire ad esempio una voce. La id22 ha però 2 send/return che consentono di usare processori come un preamp esterno (io uso un neve e un lola) in modo da bypassare i preamp interni quando necessario. Favoloso! Probabilmente la chicca più bella, trovabile in schede audio da 1000+ euro.Il convertitore AD/DA è molto pulito, sono i Burr Brown presenti su tutte le audient (tranne la id4). Ottima la dinamica.La id22 è anche un buon controller monitor, consente di ascoltare facilmente in mono il mix, ascoltare il SIDE (riverberi.. la faccio semplice), switchare tra i monitor o usare la funzione talkback (per parlare al musicista).Per gestire la scheda si usa il software, molto ben fatto. La scheda è supportata su WIN (ultima versione) e Mac OS (dalla 10.6.8 fino all’ultima).La scheda non ha una memoria interna, ma impostando sul software le impostazioni desiderate (ad esempio cosa assegnare ai tasti funzione), verrà ricordato non appena sarà collegata al computer.Su Yosemite dove la sto testando è stabile.La latenza è buona, ovviamente è USB e non thunderbolt, quindi c’è di meglio in questa fascia come la Clarett sotto questo aspetto.Il controllo del volume è digitale con un potenziometro meccanico (non ha la funzione scrollwheel delle altre schede Audient).Il controllo cuffia è separato.La scheda si presenta solida, ma è comoda e trasportabile facilmente.Peccato per l’assenza dei led degli ingressi, switch on/off (ma io spengo dalla ciabatta), ingresso cuffie sul retro (poco importante comunque).Sulla id44 hanno “sistemato” queste mancanze ma costa 200 euro in più. A quel punto valuterei una RME Babyface Pro o una Apogee Duet, anche se rispetto alle funzionalità della Audient risultano inferiori.A questo prezzo è un regalo che vi fate. Per una scheda davvero di livello superiore come una Apollo siete sopra i 1000 euro. (escludo la Twin Monocore e la Arrow che restano entry level, a quel punto meglio la Audient a mo parere)

  6. Christian83

    Ottima se non fosse per l’enorme rumore di sottofondo
    Comprata per sostituire la mia M-Audio ormai vecchiotta anche se funzionante… , dopo aver letto e visto innumerevoli recensioni su questa scheda….una volta provati i famosi due preamp audient, l’ho restituita causa inaccettabile fruscio di sottondo che rovinava le registrazioni delle voci…. praticamente era inutilizzabile. Ora io non so se sia un problema della mia scheda in quanto difettosa… oppure no, tuttavia ho dovuto renderla….

  7. Cliente Amazon

    Buon rapporto qualità prezzo.
    La scheda audio si presenta di buona manifattura, sono presenti più driver sul sito ufficialecosi da essere compatibile con più sistemi operativi. I preambl molto fedeli, anche se ancora li devotestare con più mic.Quindi per il rapporto qualità prezzo con quello che c è in giro della stessa categoria la consiglio.

  8. Cliente Amazon

    Ottima scheda
    L’acquisto di una nuova scheda audio è sempre una scelta difficile, dopo mesi a leggere le recensioni di quasi tutti i prodotti in commercio, scelgo la iD22. Arrivo da una M-Audio Delta 1010 e Propellerhead Balance. Che differenza in positivo c’è, eccome. La qualità dei pre e dei convertitori è molto alta, ho guadagnato in armoniche superiori almeno di un 40%, roba non da poco. Volume cuffie e latenza forse c’è di meglio ma è tutto utilizzabile, la cosa fondamentale trovo sia la qualità di registrazione e di ascolto. Gli input sono professionali, il J Fet è eccezionale. Ascoltando l’audio la prima volta dalla iD22 mi sembrava addirittura che non fosse buono, ma in realtà ho scoperto che l’ascolto si avvicina sensibilmente alla traccia reale, quindi se hai una sorgente non ottima, l’ascolto non sarà ottimo come è giusto che sia. Di conseguenza i mix mi vengono già bilanciati al primo colpo, cosa che dopo anni e anni sono riuscito ad ottenere solo adesso. Prodotto consigliatissimo, soprattutto in questa fascia di prezzo.

  9. GW

    Not the longest lifespan
    This is very high quality. It is as good as a studio desk, I suppose. However, they don’t have the longest lifespan. I had one for about five years and then it died–which is why I am here shopping today. There are gear websites with many stories of users’ Audients breaking down. This may mean you’ll be replacing your interface more than you’ll be replacing your computer!

  10. Scott Johnson

    Failed after 2.5 years….
    Loved this when it was working…then it just stopped. started crackling and hissing randomly, and now the phantom power isn’t working and its a brick….an expensive brick. We got a Scarlett as a backup, and it has been working amazingly since this one died….I would save the cash on this one and go elsewhere. Also, tech support was kinda poor. Several emails and calls to them, and no help from them at all….it unfortunate as they have a great product, when it works.

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