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1. 5 Best LED Par Can Lights in 2022 | Buying Guides | Review Ever

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 5 Best LED Par Can Lights in 2022 | Buying Guides | Review Ever

hello guys this is william from review ever here we'll give you every single piece of information you need to pick the best product for your needs we know exactly how to help you looking to learn more about the top best product on the market then you've come to the right place so let's get started our recommendation number one missy rgb par lights if you want some unique and interesting mood lighting at your parties weddings dj gigs or other events then missy's rgb stage lights will deliver the goods there are so many possibilities with their par lights that it's not funny the 18 lead diodes 6 red 6 green 6 blue emit a vibrant super bright light with a wide angle beam and can be utilized in multiple modes of lighting including several dmx channels sound activated master slave and automatic the lighting effects generated by this light range from static changing colors mixed colors strobe pulse and dimming adjust and alter all settings via the digital dmx controller that comes with this led laser light as to where you position it you can place your missy let up lights on the ground in your location of choice or hang from the walls or ceiling instructions and mounting brackets are provided finally this light utilizes the very best of cutting edge lead lighting technology so you can be sure it will be an energy efficient buy watch the energy bill savings roll in because of their low power consumption led lights also generate very little heat and this one is no exception it will remain cool to the touch despite hours of usage these par lights from missy is right up there with the best products of its kind available on the market right now for some vibrant and dynamic event lighting you can't go wrong with these ones our recommendation number two chavet led par light with a plethora of different working modes and lighting modes to choose from slimpers 56 par light offers a vista of possibilities for those of you who want some interesting vibrant and dynamic lighting at your home parties and other events or if you manage a commercial bar club or dj gig to start with you get an extremely generous 56 lead pieces with this light together they create a super bright light that casts an extra wide angled beam the light also operates in various modes including several dmx channels automatic sound activated and master slave and the available lighting effects are several including static color changing color mixed colors flashing strobe pulse dimming and fading colors built-in digital dmx programming enables you to control all settings at the push of a button alternatively you can use the ir remote control that's also included in the box batteries not included even greater versatility is available with this light in the fact that you can place it on the floor in your location of choice or hang from the ceiling or walls mounting brackets with instructions are included finally bear in the mind that this is lead lighting so you can be sure when buying when this light that it won't guzzle the power like other forms of lighting out there and that in turn translates into lower electricity bills as well as lower heat output making for a cost-effective and safe lighting experience for some vibrant and dynamic mood up lighting for your parties and other events choose this little uplight from javit it ticks all the right boxes it's some of the finest up lighting for sale out there today our recommendation number three be sentencing stage lighting led par light easy dancing has one of the most sought after led par lights these are a great choice for parties clubs stages and for djs in general the rgb smooth color mixing effect it offers is incredible up until now the few lights we have come across could only offer about three modes with this purchase a total of seven modes will be at your disposal such effects will definitely give you a wider range the seven modes are color changing color fade auto sound master slave dmx and static color you will even be able to freely adjust the sensitivity of the speed and sound our recommendation number four gbgs dmx4 in one park and stage lighting what if you had the option of not using brackets gbgs offers you such an alternative thanks to its sit flat design the design allows the led lights to sit inside the truss or directly on the ground the side of the fixture is where the power and dmx ins and outs are mounted this is what makes these lights very unique most of them are usually mounted on the rear part.if you need one to use as an architectural wall wash this is a great pick it will also work great on performance stages or for ktv buying this par lights will give you exceptionally bright lighting you will get all the benefits without having to endure an unnecessary heat our recommendation number five liksata dmx 512 rgbw luxada offers a 10-pack solution for your lighting needs the lead par lights have an aluminum shell and a beam angle of 25 degrees they are of a professional caliber and have an individual color control feature the colors available are red green blue and white they are fascinating to watch and can be changed gradually you will also able to adjust their running speed 2 dot while you can use these lights in show bars for bands ballroom home parties dj shows and clubs they have the capability to do rgb color mix and static color without the availability of a dmx controller aside from the lights you will also get 20 screws 10 brackets and a user manual we hope these descriptive and demonstrative reviews and guides will help any confused buyer to pick the perfect option from the list see you again with a review of a new product until then goodbye


2. How to Running led par light l DMX 512, Basin light (MP001)


3. Seven Stars DJ PAR Light Daisy Chained 180W,LED Full Color Wash Light


4. Riukoe Par Lights: How Bright are They?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Riukoe Par Lights: How Bright are They?

hey everybody it's steve recently i got some new led par lights they're made by ricoh and i bought them on amazon and man are they bright now par lights may not be as sexy or exciting as moving heads or spider lights or gobos or lasers but they are the heart and base of a good lighting setup and they're what fill your stage or dance floor with a flood of color so in this video i want to show you this little light first unboxing one then looking at all its features then go through its functions including dmx and next use this digital lux meter to measure its output and compare it with my older par lights that i used to think were pretty bright and finally watch for these guys light it up when they're programmed as a set with [Music] dmx [Music] the first thing that i noticed about these lights is that they're pretty heavy at about four pounds each and the case is metal or aluminum alloy which actually acts as a heat sink so they don't need fans and so they're perfectly quiet when they're running they've got 12 8 watt rgbw leds on the back you've got dmx in and out standard led readout and menu control buttons and besides for power in this is a nice feature it also has a power out jack so you can easily daisy chain your power cords and keep your rig a lot neater the mounting brackets are thick and sturdy and the light also comes with this little remote where you can pick preset colors access some auto functions and strobing and it's a great way to set these things up quickly if you don't want to run dmx cables so you set all your functions in this menu control cycling through with this menu button the first two are the dmx functions the first four channel dmx mode and the second eight channel dmx mode that we'll look at in a minute and just to note you need to be in dmx mode in order for the little remote to work then next we have three different settings that cycle through the colors the first one with no transition between the colors the second one that cross fades between the colors and the third that fades down and then fades back up and you can set the speed of these cycles with the up and down buttons here then the next one is a setting that randomly picks the transitions between the colors in the auto cycle and you can't control the speed with this one the next is a sound active mode and there's two different settings on it one that fades out between each transient and one that keeps the color on between each transient the last setting to note is this one in which you can pick 15 different static colors for just quickly picking a look for the light there are two different dmx modes the first is 4 channel mode where channel 1 controls the red channel 2 controls the green channel 3 the blue and channel 4 the white and then by pressing the menu button you go to 8 channel mode in that mode channel 1 is also red but in order to see it we need to fade up channel 5 which is a master fader with the master fader up channel 1 is red channel two green channel three blue and channel four white just like in four channel mode but in addition to the master fader on channel six you have a strobing function on channel 7 you can access the auto functions like we saw earlier in the menu controls and the speed that those cycle can be controlled by channel 8. so now let's take a look and try and measure how bright these lights actually are by comparison i want to show you the first led par lights that i got were these and they were advertised as having 36 3 watt single color lights and they're pretty bright let's take a look at what the lux meter says so it's reading somewhere around just 750 around mid 700s so they're definitely bright but they don't color mix the single color leds so i got these par lights now the ad on these said that they had nine 18 watt leds and they didn't quite look as bright when i got them let's take a look at these they're bright they have a really nice color they color mix really well but they're not even quite getting just barely getting 500 lux out of these now let's take a look at the rykos see what we got they are definitely bright and these guys and we're getting over 800 lux with these so you can see they are really really bright i mean compared to these first lights that i had that have pretty loud fans they're quiet pretty small and very bright please subscribe thanks for watching and i'll see you on the next one


5. 18x10W LED Par Light 4 in 1 RGBW Light Mixing and Rainbow E

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 18x10W LED Par Light 4 in 1 RGBW Light Mixing and Rainbow E

what's up guys dj mike james here coming at you again with another product review again i want a big big shout out for everybody that's been uh liking commenting subscribing on my channel like i said just broke 200 um i really appreciate love and support uh keep it up make sure you uh hit the subscribe button and comment like i said if you got any questions or there are particular things you want to see me try to do with some of these lights and kind of we can learn together like how to get some of this stuff done i've got another product review for you uh like i said a company contacted me about doing some of these videos so i want to go through here i got another box opening i'm not quite sure what's in here exactly just yet but uh let's get into it i want to see what this is now you guys i seen my last video it was an 18 by 10 waterproof light and i think you're sending me something else close to that so i'm gonna look in here and see what we've got all right a box in a box in a box and a box all right so now that we're down to this box let's take a look and see we got here uh also as i go through these lights i'll give you the brand and i'll try to give you some of the pricing information on them at least what it is as of today i might change this by the time the video's there things along those lines but as you guys know i try to give you the uh [Music] the most accurate information that i can alright so we've got our functions channeling here which always helps because i definitely look at those it says led lighting operating manual for a par light let's take a look at what we got here all right this one the bracket is not connected to it so i'll get into that all right i can already tell by the look of it this is an 18 by 10. [Music] i'm hoping that all the leds are the same and it's pretty close to the other one that we had gotten uh if you guys watched my last video you'll see another 18 by 10 but the waterproof version as you guys can see it's got a aluminum fin for cooling a nice big fan in there power in all of our modes up down enter dmxn and dmx out these are pretty impressive lights so uh while you guys sit there i'm gonna get the bracketing on this because it was on the other one already but not on this one i'm gonna [Music] in the meantime i do want to get this plugged up looks like you need me like maybe a three foot iec cable which is nice because that marries up pretty much every other light that i have i run mostly iec even though i know that the wave right now is switching to power con sorry guys i'm just getting this plugged in real quick you know the wave right now is switching to power con but uh i don't know i kind of have so many iec's already i kind of like that option so just real quick as you can see here love the big screen i'm assuming that these functions are going to be real close to the last 18 by 10. i'm gonna go through the modes we have red of course we know that we have everything on right now so i'm going to go through and turn everything off here's a nice uh scrolling strobe eight channel in this color though i mean it is super bright i like that as i keep going through here and check and see what my cl is it is different colors up down chain strobe next one is color jump let's try that one all right and that's color jump it's all the way up to 99 so if i go up one more that's going to slow that down considerably on that color jump probably make it more of a gradual and there's our uv so i definitely like that uv is always such a cool color to have there's been times when i've had people that have actually wanted to do uv parties and these lights would probably have the coverage to do something like that so now that i'm into the uh color gradient let's go to the next one [Music] this is color jump this one's going to be our color gradient ooh and i like that and again it's set all the way up so it's moving pretty quickly if i push up it's going to send that to zero and now it's going to move a little bit slower and i really like that gradual change the next one is going to be colored pulse oh i like that i like how it fades in and out like that as opposed to a color snap or the gradient again this one is set all the way up so i can't slow this down stop it in the uv so you guys can see just how cool that is kind of switching back in and out there and then our last setting on here is going to be our sound active [Music] and as you can see this is red green blue white and uv but it has color mixing as you can see the latter i get it's super sensitive right now so i like that that's really cool i'll probably never have it that sensitive because it'll just make people dizzy out there but honestly this thing really reacts well so also i'll get back with you i'm gonna look up the price point on this particular lights lets you know kind of what they're running and what some of the equivalents are running as it stands right now i i'm really liking these 18 by 10s as far as like just the color wash the construction uh if they all sync up together and i can try that again just trying them syncing them up with the sheds light also if they'll all run in sync that'll be awesome because if you're running those types of lights already these are going to integrate right into your systems and uh and really benefit you as far as your as far as your wall wash and uh and color wash uh events i mean this these are actually really awesome okay guys so uh as i was going through here trying to work out the dmx i do have a comparable light here this is the sheds light the 18 by 18 led par lights it is a indoor use light it's not weatherproof or anything like that versus the 18 by 10 zem ode zemoj i'm assuming that's some acronym of some sort uh the construction is super similar there's a few subtle differences in the handles uh there's a little bit of a weight difference between the two lights but but not much i mean it's not really a it's not very discernible um a couple other differences iec on the zemoj lights uh powercon on the sheds light as you know will let you see um the the the gmoj light will not control the sheds light however the sheds light will somewhat control the zmoj light and i think it might have something to do with the different color parameters that are in these because if you'll watch and you'll see it kind of cycle through this color snap the z amoj light will uh will kind of fade out a little bit as this light goes through colors i don't think are in this light possibly um the sheds like the fan stays on constant uh in the zemo j light it uh it kicks on and off so it must have some temperature sensor in there that's sensing when it's getting warm enough kicks apparently light off shuts down so uh you know it's whatever you're into as far as that's concerned color schemes real close i mean we're talking real close until we get into the colors like this one's turning to a fuchsia this light is now catching back up in red so i'm not really quite sure how that's interacting with each other however the sheds light will actually control this light to some degree um and that's in the solid colors also we did go through those uh the solid colors will marry up to some degree like i said just like may have a couple different a couple of different colors there this one doesn't have the price point on both these lights is real close uh the sheds lights both of them are running about 90 bucks a piece per light so whichever way you went with that like i said uh this light is really impressive i like it it's it's made well it's operating the same some colors are brighter some colors aren't i mean again i'm trying to get the same projection angle so that we can compare them like side by side this side may have a couple more colors in it but that's not a big deal it just depends on what you're actually using this light for whether it's uplighting wash lighting up on your trusty um things along those lines as it stands right now i'm pretty happy i'm real happy with this light i i think it's going to come in real handy especially if i can get the cabling to dmx it to the other 18 by 10 and see if they'll actually uh dmx together i'm hoping that they will maybe not because this one does have uv in it and the other light doesn't so there could be a little color complication between the two lights so make sure you look for this light this is the zmoj 18 by 10 led red green blue white uv plus color mixing it has eight different modes in it as far as color snaps washes things on although all of your solid colors um all of your strobing like that you can look at the link in the description check out this dmoj like i i really like these like i said they're they're bright they're doing their jobs um technology may be just a little bit different but that's neither here or there uh this slide is fantastic please smash that like that like button and and subscribe if you got any questions about any of these lights or any of the other videos that i've done don't hesitate to ask man i do uh i do respond to you guys on there and i appreciate your support so uh like i said keep following along i'm gonna do a few more lights here real soon got some really big vlogs coming up i'm gonna use some of these lights at those events and uh i'll see you guys next time you know there ain't no stopping us blindfolded


6. LaluceNatz 18 LED Par Light: The Perfect Way To Add A touch Of Class

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: LaluceNatz 18 LED Par Light: The Perfect Way To Add A touch Of Class

welcome to another episode of the musicians gear in today's episode we're going to be talking about something that might not really seem like it's something a musician would use but in reality it's really smart to have for multiple reasons for taking pictures and overall production value and of course we're talking about stage lighting more specifically par lights now you're probably wondering what in the world is that sound in the background well that's my roommate shower right now so grip and i know what you're probably thinking you're probably thinking why should i bring my own lights when most venues have their own that just seems like a big waste of time well here's the key not every bar not every um diner not every place you play is gonna have some stage lighting or anything to lighten you up right so having something is better than nothing i cannot tell you personally how many times i've gone to a gig being promised by the owners that we would have a sound engineer and sometimes a lighting engineer there to help us while we're performing well here's the thing a lot of times especially for smaller sets when you're performing live they don't have any of those so what are you going to do are you going to just take the hit on what your production value should have been because the venue or bar or diner did not follow through no you want to look good for yourself and give an audience a good production so what you do is you throw up some par lights you throw up some light bars and you do the best you can with remote controls and presets on those it's going to look better than having nothing unless you know the aesthetic is just being kind of in like a diner more and you just have like open light white light on you which is fine and here's the thing even if you bring those lights and you do not need to use them you have them as a backup and you were prepared which is the biggest thing there are so many bands out there that just think well i'm just going to bring my one instrument and the venue should provide everything else you know we don't need any xlr cables we don't need any lights we don't need any backup batteries we don't need any backup strings and that's where a lot of bands go wrong they start performing live and they think the venue or wherever they're playing live should produce everything else that they need and a lot of times that is true sometimes you get lucky and those production companies are just on top of it now this par light is an 18 led power light it comes with two remote controls and is battery powered there are many different setting options for this power light and we'll take a look at those in a sec this par light has a 4 and a 7 dmx channel option which allows you to control them from a light board or a computer this par light also has a lot of different options for what mode you can set it to including the static color mode the auto color mode strobe mode fade mode the dmx mode the master slave mode just tons of modes that you can set it to this power light only weighs 1.8 pounds and has a working voltage of 100 to 240 volts of ac or alternating current now let's take a look at some of the different settings this parlay can offer the main colors that this par led light produces is red blue and green but what they do is they mix together to create new ones so if you're looking with your eyes straight at one of these lights you're only going to see red blue or green but when the beams cross and mix those colors together wherever it's shooting at like on a wall or at the stage it will look a different color like purple or amber or depending what colors are mixing as you can see from this little remote control all the colors modes and settings fit nicely there's an on and off dmx on and off the auto fade jump strobe sound red green blue rose ember cyan white and then also the speed you can turn up and down and also the intensity of the leds so the button on on here does not turn these on directly what you first have to do is you have to turn on the parlight led but the on and off button will turn off the led lights but not the battery you can still hear it really carefully in the background it's on a sleep mode or standby mode so this one is going to be pointing towards the camera so you can see what it looks like in the leds this one i'm going to face this way so you can see what it looks like on the back so that's red that's what it looks like shooting at you that's what it looks like shooting on the back now let's take a look at green you have to point it directly at it sometimes the sensor has a problem okay so that's green let's look at blue it's blue let's look at rose as you can see when you're looking at it it's a little hard to tell from the camera but you can only see red and blue on the leds but if you look right here that's definitely rose amber there you go same thing green and red and it you know it's a little hard tell but you can see there's a amber right there cyan green and blue green and blue but it looks more like cyan there and then white white obviously is just all the colors so you got red blue and green but it looks a lot more white there but you can als obviously see the colors around it too all right let's take a look at the auto mode this is the jump mode this is the fade mode it's a strobe mode this is sound activation mode so if we make sound it changes dr evil these power lights can be extremely affordable um i've seen as little as 25 a piece which is like nothing um this one's a little bit more it was 60 dollars for it because it has a battery and it came with the two remotes well guys that's all i got for you for today's episode let me know what you would use this guy for in the comments down below or if you've already used it and as always thank you so much for watching i really appreciate it if you enjoyed it please leave a like share comment all that good stuff and i'll see you guys next time


7. 4PCS 36x LED PAR CAN RGB DJ Disco Stage Lighting DMX Party Wedding Uplighting

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 4PCS 36x LED PAR CAN RGB DJ Disco Stage Lighting DMX Party Wedding Uplighting

hey everyone what's going on we've got another unboxing today and product review this one here I want to give you guys blue advice you have a package that's coming from FedEx firmly FedEx I've never had a problem with the United States Postal Service not telling you the truth telling me that this package was supposed to been delivered yesterday I think it didn't get put on the truck I think it was overlooked supposed to been delivered yesterday and then it wasn't I was delivered today so the lady I called Phoenix and asked him why it was still sitting in Champaign and she told me that they had to go to another distribution center because that wasn't the right one it was doing the delivery and I told her I said well is because it was such a smart post FedEx SmartPost which is basically FedEx takes it to the Postal Service and the Postal Service makes its final delivery but the lady told me that they were going to keep can't keep it in their hands and do the final delivery it was all a bunch of lies so make sure that if you get told something from FedEx it is the truth and not a sacrifice anyway we have Gunder now these are citizen we have four I'm gonna take these and turn them over there you go else I know you better than that we have 436 LED par lights I have something else that goes with these and our stick lights coming later today by the United States Postal Service it is out for delivery that actually seems to beat the Postal Service here we're just gonna open one of these I do have to order some DMX cables because we're going to use these for a wedding they come with two brackets some screws and then we get a remote if you want to use the remote control you can you don't have to we do user instructions what the remote does I am going to do next so these will be up against the wall I'm going to make a housing booms the brackets go on I'll probably leave them in the box once I get things that they have a fan built into them the DMX DMX if you're coming off the controller you DMX to the end the new daisy chain each one of these together with another so you go DMX out to DMX end DMX out to DMX in it just Daisy change them that's got the speaker here for the sound Lily's chasing her tail you have the regular standard plug looks like it's got a pretty big grommet around it to keep it coming out you guys which is here you will have to read in the manual which DMX channel this individual one runs off of it'll tell you which DMX channel these run off though DMX control is 0 to 255 channel 2 is 1 to 255 so has all the information there you control these from the deal and we will go ahead and plug one of these in yes I could go ahead and hook one of the controllers or the what do you call it the deal up so you can see how that goes you got a about two feet of cord coming off of it remember how to do these [Applause] little washers or pull them on the one that's got the name of it these are new Kings the company that gets them they go like this put your washer behind it that you have some of these and other videos and we've got do this that's picking that up probably not put the washer behind it scratching now hold on a second folks we'll be back all right we're back sorry I had a phone call so these here you can set these to do this I just have to tighten them up hey get off of that you kitty cat yes cat trying to play us a chord this is on a random pattern thing I'm going to set this up a spot real quick so you can see how it would look on the wall anyway they have pretty cool settings you can turn them off and on you can do slow colors Lily I have pretty good light going up on the top they have DMX blackout blackout DMX one and we have a really cool thing to go with this coming as soon as you know it's a post server-side spring it SD but and they booked quite a bit of light going up though that bugger put a bit of light you get going up I got they have an 18 LED one and a 36 I think those are 9 watt LEDs so really bright we'll get something going here in a few with all four of them I'll try to get a chase scene set up and show you how a chase scene would be and we'll go from there cuz I got a pretty cool chase scene I think I could set up so anyway we'll see you soon


8. UKing led par lights master / slave mode setting


9. Unboxing Big Dipper Products LED Par Lights


10. U King 36 LED PAR Light – Set of 4 = Great Light & Great Value

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: U King 36 LED PAR Light - Set of 4 = Great Light & Great Value

hey there tech fans rick here again with another review and today i have four beautiful 36 led par lights that will help you set the perfect mood at your next party or maybe you're a dj you can set these up on tripods and have them automatically pulse to the beat of the music or maybe you're just looking for an easy way to add a little extra color to that room in your home these lights are perfect for all of those situations and the best part is you can have each of the lights display a different color using the remote controls or you can daisy chain them together to have all four lights display the exact same beautiful color now before we get too deep into the review i always like to start with an unboxing of a product just to show you everything that's included with the kit and that way you understand exactly what you get if you buy the product and then i'll take a closer look at the light itself and i'll explain how to put the bracket on what the indicators mean in the back and point out some of the key features and then finally i'll come back and explain what separates this group of four parlights from a lot of other products on the market because this company is built in a lot of automated modes it's built in a microphone so it can listen to the music in the background and react to that music and it's got a lot of features and functions you may not find in other products on the market so let's get started with the unboxing when you first pop open the box you'll find the light you'll find a set of brackets and two knobs to attach the bracket to the light there's two washers as well that go on the inside of the brackets to actually hold them in place and i have to tell you the brackets are heavy duty there are holes in the bottom where you can mount these on an overhead rail if you're a dj you can set them up on a tripod but i like the fact that it's a freestanding light a lot of lights on the market don't have that bracket and you're always kind of leaning it up against something with this one you can point it up at the ceiling you can point it down at the carpet you can do a lot of different things with it it's got a standard two-prong plug in the end of it you can plug this into any standard wall outlet and you're off and running now the kit includes four of these lights you're gonna see the same set with all four of these you'll also find a remote control now this really adds a lot of functionality you can actually program the light from the back using the display and the buttons and i'll show you that in a minute but you can also use this remote control from across the room so if you want to change the color change what it's displaying maybe you want it to strobe for a little bit and then you want it to pick up on the music and start displaying colors based on the music the remote allows you to walk through that and like i'd mentioned individually they respond to the remotes but you can daisy chain them you can also connect it up to a dmx system if you're a dj and you've got one of those boards to control the lighting it's got dmx plugs on the back of it you'll also find a full instruction manual that tells you everything you need to know about the light and you'd think boy it can't be that complicated it's a light don't i just plug it in well there are so many features built into this that you can really have a lot of fun with it so make sure you read through that manual now if you stay tuned next what i'll do is take a closer look at the light i'll explain again how to put the bracket on it and some of the controls you can manage from the back and show you the remote control and then i'll come back and point out the cool things that really separate this from other products on the market inside each of the kits you'll find the 36 led par light a set of brackets that can be attached to the light so it can be free standing on the floor or mounted to a tripod you'll find two knobs that are used to attach the brackets to the light and two rubber washers that fit inside the brackets so once you tighten the knobs the brackets won't move on you also included is a full remote that controls every aspect of the lights behavior both the color the patterns all the changes can be made from the remote or on the rear of the light you'll also find a full instruction manual that lists all the details you'll need to understand about the light to use it correctly including how to use the remote and all the different functions the light can provide now the first thing i'd like to show you is how easy it is to attach the bracket to the light on either side you'll find holes that are threaded that match up with the threads on the knobs and there are two brackets one smaller and one's larger you want to make sure the smaller brackets on the inside and then you'll simply set the light on its side put the bracket around it like this put the washer over the hole put the bracket over top of the washer and then add the knob and you'll want to finger tighten this don't tighten it too much because you want to do the other side flip it over and do the same thing on this side washer against the light bracket over the hole knob through the holes and then into the light then you can tighten it up now the nice part about the bracket is you can use it as a freestanding bracket like that so the light can stand and face a wall you can split these if you want you want to stand it straight up like that and get a little higher angle on the wall that's great the electrical cord comes out the back it's not interfering with the brackets at all now another nice thing about this is that it's a two-prong uh plug in the end of this so it'll plug into any standard wall outlet and again it's not grounded but the housing on this is plastic so it's completely insulated if you look closely at the bulbs on the top you'll notice the fresnel lens right here so there's an led in the center and that fresnel lens on the outside of it tends to disperse the light in a wider pattern so you're going to get much more light being thrown up against the wall or the ceiling or whatever you're pointing it towards then you would if that fresnel lens wasn't there now on the rear of the unit you'll find a couple of interesting things to start with there are two dmx connections right here dmxn and dmx out if you're using a lighting control board you can plug the cable in here and you can daisy chain others across across the room with longer cables if you choose to do that that's a feature you won't find on a lot of these lights because that's usually found on very expensive theater lighting and it's nice to see they've included and on this light you'll also find a little hole right over here there's actually a microphone behind that hole that listens for music and will pulse the light depending on what music is playing so if you put it in pulse mode that microphone picks up the audio and actually controls the lights pulsing or colors or movement there are four buttons underneath here that control the functions of the light if you want to program it here you can program it here the first one is the menu button which will light up this led setup and you can actually again refer to the manual it explains exactly what the leds will tell you you can move up and move down through the menus when you've made the proper adjustment hit the enter button to enter that particular step into the memory of the light you'll also find two ventilation holes on the back and that's important because the leds don't get really warm but it's nice to have ventilation on the back to let any heat that develops during operation escape that's pretty much it for the light it's a very simple product to use and includes everything you need to have amazing lighting on your next party i hope that closer look was helpful now here are a few really important things to keep in mind when you're comparing this group of four par lights to others you may be considering the first thing has to do with the brightness of the light this product uses 36 high brightness leds that together can produce 72 watts of light now that's a lot of light when you think about it because the average spotlight you use outside your home is about 150 watts so two of these together is about the same as that outdoor flood light and you have four of them in the group so that's almost 300 watts of light which is more than enough to light up any room in your home another big difference is this unit has a fresno lens on the front of the led a lot of other products on the market have a little parabolic reflector behind it like you find in a flashlight which does a good job of throwing all the led light down field but it's also a very narrow pattern so if you put it up against the wall you may see those individual lights on the wall almost like little flashlights shining on the wall because the fresno lens is in front of the led on this unit it spreads that light out nice and evenly across the wall and gives you a beautiful pattern that casts that color evenly across that wall which is a big difference another key difference with these is the kit includes four different remotes so a lot of kits on the market include a remote but it's a single remote for all the lights and think about that you're gonna have to run around to all the lights to change the colors and change the mode of operation with this one you have four different remotes so if you've got this in one room and these in another room you can have a remote in both those rooms and easily control those lights from across the room whereas if you have a kit that only has one remote you've got to run around to all the lights to change the mode and change the color the other nice thing is even if you daisy chain these together and use a single remote you've still got three remotes that you can put in a drawer someplace that if you lose it or you break it you've got three spares you can put in operation anytime you need them another key difference is a lot of the lighting kits on the market give you a remote and it's the only way you can control it now don't get me wrong a remote is really nice to control the light from across the room but this unit also has controls on the back so it's got a display and buttons where you can walk through the modes and the colors right on the light itself and that's really nice because again if you lose the remote or break the remote i can still use the light with other kits if you lose the remote there's no way you're going to control those lights so i love the fact that i can control it remotely or i can set it up right at the location and program it as i need i really like the bracket i know i mentioned that before but a lot of these lights don't come with a really nice bracket this is a heavy duty bracket which you can basically spread out set it down and start using it it also folds up so if you want to put it up on a tripod you can bolt it right to a tripod and use it that way i just think they did a great job with the bracketing because a lot of the other light kits on the market don't include a bracket and you'll find yourself leaning it up against something maybe the couch or a plant to throw light up against the wall and it's just a headache to set them up so having the bracket is really nice feature one other feature that's nice is the dmx control there are actually ports on the back of this unit that you can daisy chain these together or you can connect them up to a lighting board if you're a dj and control these individually now that's something you normally only see in really expensive theater lighting so the fact that they incorporated it into units that are this inexpensive i thought was pretty impressive and the last thing i'll mention is the pulsing to the music i mentioned earlier in the clip is something that a lot of lights kind of fake they have a pattern built in that randomizes the colors and the light intensity and it really isn't listening to the music at all each of these lights have microphones built in that listen for that bass line and as that music starts pulsing they're reacting to that baseline pulse so they're actually listening to the music and reacting with the color you choose to create an amazing effect if you're on the dance floor so that's pretty much all i had for today i hope you found this review helpful and thanks again for watching until next time stay nerdy


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