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1. Spot Lights VS Beam Lights – Similarities, Differences, & Best Application for Moving Head Lights

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Spot Lights VS Beam Lights - Similarities, Differences, & Best Application for Moving Head Lights

spot fixture or beam fixture which one is right for you and your applications hey everybody i'm john schwilley with adja lighting and i am here at musically yours with digital dj gear to talk to you about moving head spot fixtures and moving head beam fixtures why you want to use them and what applications they're going to work best at before we jump in please like this video subscribe to our youtube channel and turn on notifications for more videos from us here at to start off with the similarities between the two different types of fixtures both beam and spot moving heads can be led based or lamp based systems they have color they have gobos they have prisms they have zoom and focus sometimes they even have frost or diffusion filters but that's pretty much where the similarities end their differences in how they apply those are very unique and very cool so to start off with a couple of the differences on these two different types of fixtures we'll talk about the beam angle now most people don't really know what beam angle is but it's how wide or narrow a light fixture can be with a beam fixture they're typically a fixed angle so they're not going to zoom a lot if they zoom at all this vizz beam 12rx for instance is set to 3 degree beam angle and it will not get any bigger than that whereas the focus spot 4z can start out at 11 degrees and zoom out to 22 degrees for more application use the next difference is the strobing effect now because a beam fixture looks best with a lamp in it it's going to have a metal strobe shutter which is great it's going to be really quick it's not going to be the electronic led strobes that people are used to in a spot fixture but it's going to just look amazing with a little bit of haze in the room in addition to the strobe effect that we just talked about due to the metal strobe shutter on a beam fixture they don't dim quite as cleanly and nicely as a moving head spot does so if you're going to highlight a first dance if you're going to highlight somebody at a podium for a conference if you're trying to spotlight the person you want to use a moving head spot because it will dim properly and then you can adjust levels as needed for your event without worrying that it's not going to look as clean that's a really good application for a spot fixture next thing to talk about is gobos now for those of you familiar with these moving lights gobos are little templates metal or glass that go inside the light to change the way the light is being output it's a template or a pattern on a beam fixture gobos are static which means they don't rotate and they're usually stamped directly into the metal wheel which means you can never change them whereas on most moving head spotlights specifically on the focus series from adj they're all made with rotating and replaceable gobos so you can put different logos on your events you can put different names for your different clients if you're doing a wedding you can put up their names you could put up the year you could do a person's birthday party with their name on it and you can get those custom gobos made at any major gobo manufacturer [Music] to add to the cool effects that gobos can do in both of these lights there's also different prisms featured in spot fixtures versus beam fixtures typically in a spot fixture you're going to get a four facet prism or even a six facet prism but they don't typically go beyond that whereas in especially in the vizzy beam 12rx there is a facet circular prism that creates an amazing tunnel effect with gobos in not to mention really accentuates the ability to do split colors in the color wheel so next up is a motorized focus the majority of beam fixtures especially in the dj market don't have focus motors luckily though this vizz beam 12rx unit does have a focus motor so you're going to get a far more distance use out of this fixture you can shoot this over a couple of football fields and still get a cool image and a cool beam of light all the way down whereas most moving head spot fixtures are going to have both zoom and focus allowing you to use them in shorter throws as well as some longer distance throws and then you can adjust the focus for your gobo patterns as needed to highlight any scene in a room or to highlight a person they work especially well on a dance floor when you're highlighting a first dance they both have pan and tilt movement but the motors in a spot fixture are intentionally slower and that's in order to help you track a person as well as to provide very smooth movement on a dance floor or when using them dimmed out in their intensity a beam fixture has really really quick pain and tilt movement in order to help with the overall aerial effects and those really cool strobes that it can be coupled with [Music] wear these fixtures would be best suited for your applications so right off the bat a spot fixture is great for any corporate event any ted talk any uh av event any production event any wedding any dj event where you want to highlight people or highlight tables or highlight set pieces any theater application house of worship these fixtures work absolutely perfectly in those type of venues especially with rock concerts music any of that kind of stuff spot fixtures are used specifically to point on the talent or the performer or the dj it's so that people can see them people can you can highlight the person with the moving head spot a beam fixture is going to be used pointed a little towards the audience above their heads or down towards their feet and you're going to again do a lot of pain and tilt movements you're going to do a lot of cool color changes you're gonna do cool strobe effects and that's all because the beam fixtures are far more noticeable thanks to their fixed narrow beam degree as for beam fixtures you really want to keep those moving if you keep them in one position for too long you could actually set something on fire it does happen but they do have warnings on them they do have disclaimers written on them and in the manuals but they look amazing with a little bit of haze in the room point them up towards the ceiling get the movement going get the color going throw in a different gobo throw it throw in the prisms they just look wonderful with haze and as aerial effects you don't want to point them directly at people but you can have them moving around people similar to the way a laser would work using haze is the way you want to go when you're using a beam fixture so if you're unable to use haze in a particular venue then you're going to want to use spot fixture for those applications because you'll still get good effects out of it you'll still get really good dance floor lighting you'll get really good dj lighting and the ability to highlight people but you don't have to feel dependent upon haze in the room in order to get cool effects out of this so those were the key differences similarities and best application use for both moving head spot and moving head beam fixtures once again we used the adj focus spot 4z for our spot fixture and the vizi beam 12rx from adj for our beam fixture example these lighting fixtures and many more are available on and in store at musically yours in new jersey thank you like and subscribe we hope you enjoyed this video from digital dj gear and musically yours be sure to leave a comment below if this video helped you and check out these other videos we think you'll like to learn more about all of our pro audio lighting dj and recording equipment please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our youtube channel now until next time thanks for watching




3. Inside the Moving Head Light- Amazing Invention.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Inside the Moving Head Light- Amazing Invention.

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