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1. Loud Speakers Explained – with Mike

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Loud Speakers Explained - with Mike

everyone this is mike turner reporting from pro soundstage Lighting's showroom today we're going to spend some time talking about PA systems and reference to loudspeakers and kind of how to figure out what kind of speaker is going to work right for your application as we know the active or powered loudspeaker type has been growing greatly in the last few years as technology has advanced you can get more power out of these you can get internal crossovers and they're a lot more controllable and a lot more user friendly and then we have the traditional ever-so-popular passive system where you require some extra components to make the speaker work so this might be somewhat rudimentary but at the same time we want to make sure that everyone's on the same page of some of the basics of what you need to make these systems work and what kind of applications they're going to work best in we'll start off by explaining a couple things with an active loudspeaker system so before I go straight into that basically the way a speaker works there's going to be a tweeter and then there's going to be a cone this is going to be an internal crossover and then there's going to be some sort of a power system that's going to send the signal and power to those speakers so that they can replicate the sound in an active loudspeaker system the amplifier is going to be built inside the speaker itself so there's no need for external cables with respect to sending power to the speaker or anything of that nature you simply just plug it into the wall you send it its audio signal and you can attenuate the volume and level with the onboard controls and you're pretty much good to go most active loudspeakers these days have an internal crossover so it will be able to designate which frequencies go to the comb and which frequencies will go to the tweeter which is obviously taking a lot of the technical work out of your responsibility and that's one of the main reason people like this literally you take the speaker put it on the stand and give it an audio source plug it into the wall and it's ready to go you don't have to buy a fancy rack you don't have you need you don't really need any extra components at all a lot of people like these but there are some downfalls to that again because the manufacturer sets the crossover points you don't really have any control of that so the uber techie guy or techie audio professional guide doesn't have the kind of control that he's probably used to and he may not like that there's also kind of a I guess you'd call it a misconception that path or powered loudspeakers have less Headroom if you will the reason being is the amplifier inside is built specifically for this particular speaker so we can kind of touch base on that a little bit but essentially what I wanted you to understand is a active loudspeaker is getting its power source from an internal amplifier built within the enclosure itself okay now we're going to talk about a passive loudspeaker imagine this same thing but the amplifier is not built inside there is no components nothing no tricky electrical stuff it's literally just the tweeter in a two way system in the horn and then you just really have an insert essentially and there's some crossover points as well but anyway they require an external amplifier and I'll kind of walk you over here something along these lines that will actually send it the power now one thing I want to make sure everyone takes note of there's a huge misconception with these knobs here everyone seems to think that this is a volume knob it is not a volume knob it is an actual level or an output knob and this can definitely be displayed by the fact that I can turn these all the way up when the app is on and yes you will hear a volume increase but that's because I'm sending more juice to the speaker but if I have this plugged into a mixer and I turn the main levels all the way down you will hear nothing yet these volume knobs are up all the way so again just kind of with the touch base on that a passive loudspeaker system requires an external amplifier which in return will require cables to come from the amplifier to go to the speaker so now that we understand the differences in the two major type of loudspeaker systems we're going to talk a little bit about applications and again this is up to interpretation but I'm just going to give you some rules of thumb that will kind of help you figure out what's what type of system will work best for you so we'll start off with your mobile DJ this is a customer that might be doing the gig and different types of venues each night he has no idea where the stage is going to be before he shows up I mean it is just completely mobile that sort of person would probably most benefit from a active or powered loudspeaker system main reason being typical mobile DJs are usually bringing in two loudspeakers and sometimes a subwoofer the amount of gear that he has to bring in to make a active loud system work is a lot less than a passive he doesn't need a rack full of components they're going to do all the fancy work for him because it's already done inside of this so it's typically where you're going to go with them that doesn't mean a mobile DJ can't or won't want to use a passive system it just requires some extra components extra cables might take a little bit longer to set up so the gist of this again to understand is that an active loudspeaker is meant to be plug and play some scenarios where a passive loudspeaker system are going to work best are generally going to be permanent install and I'll give you some tips on that but the main reason being is because the speakers aren't being moved a lot of people like to run the cables around the parameters of the building and then they have a central station where the amplifiers are mounted typically where everyone can see what's going on and I'll give you an example and this is a real example that I've worked with some some with some of the club owners that I've worked with if you have a act active loudspeaker system in a nightclub and let's say you've got different DJ's that show up on the weekends typically your speakers are going to be mounted on the ceiling right and as a rule you can't tell when the speaker is clipping and I'll touch base on that in a moment you can't see when the red lights are flashing that tell you hey turn this down so the problem is is you will have this entire speed system that there's no indication of whether or not you're sending a bad signal and you've got multiple DJ's that are coming in and their mixer says they're doing something fine so you could be damaging your speakers and not even know it with a passive loudspeaker system as a rule the amp rack which is really where the components are that are susceptible it's a peaking are going to be usually right where the audio system is so when you have things that are clipping you'll have an amp rack that you can see oh that lights flashing I'll turn it down so those are some things that you're going to want to think about because again if you can't tell when you're clipping you can't tell when you're hurting the speaker so with that being said so generally any permanent install situation may it be a church a school nightclub anything of that sort a passive loudspeaker system is probably going to work best another reason while a traditional active loudspeaker may not be best for a permanent install is that because generally these things have a power switch on the back unless you have the speakers all on the same circuit you would have to get on a ladder and turn them all off again if was a passive system all you do is shut the amplifiers off and you could have a speaker that's a hundred feet away turn off because you cut its power so just some things to think about there another characteristic that differs from active and passive loudspeakers is the ability to chain them now one thing that might be in favor of the active loudspeaker system is again because the amplifier required to power that specific speaker is located on the back which means if I've got a large room maybe a banquet hall that I might have 8 to 12 speakers running I don't have to worry about ohm ratings or anything like that at all all I'm doing is daisy chaining the audio signal that's it the power is evenly distributed for each speaker because again the power is located right on the back it gets a little bit more complicated when you're working with a passive system so with respect to the passive loudspeaker system you've probably seen on the box of your speakers a known rating and it'll typically say this speaker runs at a tone or forums essentially an ohm rating is a measurement of electrical resistance or impedance now the reason why this all makes sense and this is going to be kind of tricky so try to pay attention we'll use an example of a stereo loudspeaker system where you've got one speaker on the left channel one speaker on the right 99% of the time that speaker if it's just a single 12 or a 15 with a horn that's going to be an 8 ohm speaker so the amplifier is going to be sending 8 ohms to one side and any of them to the other now what if I want to add 4 speakers meaning 2 on each side well the ohm rating literally is divided by the amount of speakers that you have so if you have eight and then you have two speakers on that side a divided by 2 will give you a four ohm rating okay so just kind of keep that in mind if I were to add three speakers then at that point you're going down to a two point six six ohm rating not that many amps will handle two ohms just so that you know but in any case essentially that's the way that works so you might be asking well what is ohm ratings mean what is that reference in respect to my speaker system well an amplifier runs most efficient generally on an 8 ohm rating but you can actually open the floodgates if you will on an amplifier by adding more speakers so the way that this affects you you might have an amplifier that it'll say it'll run 800 watts per channel at 8 ohms so what that would mean is each speaker on each side so back to our analogy where we have 1 & 1 is getting 800 watts and then you might see where it says at 4 ohms per side it might send 1200 watts now again reverting back to what I just said we realized that 4 ohms means we're using more speakers yet the amplifier is saying that it's going to give more juice how does that even make sense well without giving you an electrical engineering class essentially what ends up happening is the more speakers you add the less resistance the less resistance the more electrical current that's flowing through so just kind of keep that in the back of your head so now going back to the power and the ohm ratings one thing that you can do to get more juice out of your amp or more power is to run it in a bridge mono what that essentially does is you're taking the power that would be distributed to channel a or one and the channel that would be distributed to channel two or B and you're combining that power into one signal which is great for subwoofers or great for a scenario where you're running an odd number of speakers that you're going to be running in stereo and a lot of people hear the term mono and they think oh it's only going to be sending the left or just the right and it's I'm not going to hear the entire mix well keep in mind most mixers have a left and right out if you just simply get a Y cable and bring it into a single channel then you're going to be sending stereo to those speakers even though you're only using mono signal if that makes sense so I wouldn't worry about that that's one way that you can get a lot more power out of your speaker by simply using again bridge mono which means you're bridging the power of both channels into a mono signal again that's more commonly used for subwoofers and odd numbers of speakers now we know a little bit more about the various types of speakers and kind of how they work now granted I wanted to go into a lot more detail and I definitely could but at the same time I don't want this video to be two hours long just know that you can call us we'll be here to answer all of your questions I'm sure you have questions about crossovers how they work what they mean to your system you know when should I use an EQ when should I use a sonic Maximizer these are all things that pertain to the subject that we're talking about today and later on we'll do more videos about that as well but again the point of this video was to kind of explain the differences in what may work best for some may not work best for others and vice-versa and what you can kind of expect but again we are here to answer your questions everyone here is factory trained at least twice a week we've got a manufacturer's representative over here teaching us the specifics about their speakers and their equipment and we know what's going on we have resources to go to if we don't know the answers we're going to get them but at the end of the day we're going to make sure that you leave Pro sound with right system for your application and you're gonna have all the questions answers that you could possibly need anyhow I'm go ahead and sign out for now this is Mike Turner at Pro Center and stage lighting we're here to answer your questions have a good day


2. Top 10 Loudest Party Speakers You Should Buy

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Top 10 Loudest Party Speakers You Should Buy

for those who like throwing parties there is one piece of equipment that can easily make or break a great one a quality sound system gets and keeps everyone in the mood well as long as the music is good it does you need to choose a speaker that can spice up everyone's mood and bring your party to its life with so many options currently available it can be overwhelming trying to ditch mine which option is the best for you but to help with this we've prepared a list of the top ten loudest party speakers on the market that will surely make your party alive let's get started [Music] the Jabil boombox is a Monstress portable party speaker that not only gets loud but stays pita crisps while pumping the volume available in black or forest green models the boombox is a healthy cylinder with a large built-in handle for carrying it around the main battleship section of the speaker houses two old forward-firing 20 millimeter tweeters beneath the speaker grille to forage woofers deliver added bass depth located on the left and right ends you can connect wirelessly up to two smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing the impressive stereo sound the boombox has an IP XL rating meaning it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for a short period of time so it can be used on pool parties and you don't have to worry about forgetting it outside in the rain listen all day long with a twenty thousand milliamp per hour rechargeable li-ion battery that supports up to 24 hour playtime and charger devices where you will use the course if you just love booming bass and want to take it wherever you go the JBL boombox will be a great choice for you and to the amazing reviews and ratings from the customers you can get one for sale from allah [Music] you you this sound box 2 is a wireless bluetooth speaker designed for the most extreme uses and built to outlast the world's nights and take anything an outdoor music festival petrol at it this amazing speaker comes a tree 72 watt Class D amplifiers that pushed 120 decibels of crisp treble and huge phase through to 10 inches drivers and one-inch silk dome tweeter the casing built from Baltic birch plywood and wrapped in scratch proof powder aluminum also feels extremely sturdy in a clever design choice there are ball cars built in to prevent the speaker from getting damaged by anything else during transportation this is the only Bluetooth speaker that has an outdoor mode this comp exterior brings the real sound deep bass and crisp tables to any environment play any device wirelessly via bluetooth or with the provided on schedule through the 1 by 8 inch input this powerful speaker has a seven point eight ampere hour lithium iron phosphate battery that will give you up to 40 hours of non-stop music to the full recharge in just about 3.5 hours game labels volume unrivaled durability spill resistant and having enough battery life or overtime make the sound box to the perfect outdoor music festival speaker and with amazing rating center views from the customers you can buy it from online bring the night alive with a Sony extra bass wireless Bluetooth and aniseh speaker system that pumps up any gathering with deep punching bass club like LED lighting and DJ effects it's extra bass technology delivers powerful clear bass sound where it's hardest to find in portable speakers and headphones a built-in sensor activates the top two tweeters automatically so you can enjoy stereo sound from the speaker system of pride or horizontal with two large system centimeter roofers the gtk xb7 brings a premium clubbing experiments right into your door the LED light speakers feature multi color patterns ranging from pure white to rainbow synchronizing with the rhythm of the bit the power and speed the light display master musical newland the atmosphere the gtk xb7 is equipped with both Bluetooth and NFC Wantage technology so you can wirelessly pair it to any compatible device and stream audio and with a carry handle and one box design take the party with you anywhere you go perfect for all those party people who can't be are having faulty equipment no matter the price and with amazing ratings and reviews from the users you can buy one for sale from our line [Music] take the party with you anywhere anytime with a neo powerful diamond box model XLT portable bluetooth speaker this party speaker comes of forces to what our lithium-ion battery that will power it for up to 50 hours for limitless party and 1000 watts total power from 12 amplifiers which creates literally a portable concert the two carats ease the diamond indicates the battery level by changing colors included charger charges the fully dead diamond box to 100% in six hours the enclosure is made of MDF the front panel is aircraft-grade aluminum which also serves as the heatsink for the amplifiers to keep them cool when the part is hot this ensures it will play full volume for hours without overheating or shutting off the front panel has 3.5 millimeter aux input for highest sound quality connection and the back panel contains the charging port for the included fast charger and in and out 1 by 4 inch TRS jacks for linking multiple units together which can be controlled from one volume control [Music] for those looking to really be the envy of the neighborhood or maybe host a music festival in the backyard the diamond box model axles - is a wide choice for you and with amazing reviews and ratings from the customers you should get it from online [Music] I'm wah brings back the glory days of the classic boom box with the exhaust 9 portable bluetooth speaker 200 watts of continuous power and five drivers including a 6.5 inch dual voice coil subwoofer the exhaust line delivers amazing stereo sound with deep bass crisp treble and balanced means the entire speaker is black with small silver accents like aluminum volume knob it has two Twitter's to meet reversed and the woofers are heating behind a black grille there is also an LCD panel on the front of the speaker that displays the equalizer you're using as well as information like battery life and if the speaker is charging or not on the back you'll find power switch a 3.5 millimeter analog in Jack I use the type a port for charging your device and a my creamiest port for farmer updates the exhaust line is a niche product that will satisfy those looking for a speaker that can play loudly in an outdoors and with amazing ratings and reviews from users you can buy it from online enjoy great times outdoors with a blocked rocker max 100 watt wireless rechargeable speaker with lighting sites from ion audio this rugged self-content portable speaker system utilizes an 8-inch faux fur and three-inch tweeter that combined offer a frequency range of 65 verse to 20 kilohertz while the Bluetooth function allows the stream your music wirelessly it comes out great sound trees eight-inch two-way speaker system powered by a 50 watt dynamic power amplifier the built-in light bars provide exciting light effects with white random and beat synched options and it features include a 1 by 8 inch speaker output end and am/fm radio with 12 presents with a USB power back to recharge your devices and a telescopic handle and built-in wheels the block rocker is as convenient to use as it is exciting to hear if you need durable portable and practical way to get loud the Aeon block rocker is an impressive and easy to use solution and you can buy it from online with 360 degree live sound and light from the MHC v81 d get the festival experience anywhere anytime there are seven speakers fitted into this upfront there are two Twitter's on the top and two more on the back there are two mid-range drivers below the front Twitter's followed by the 12 inch woofer at the bottom light up every corner of the party space with a 360 degree party light and enjoy an attending night club or festival atmosphere you can play the drum along just by tapping the top panel in time to the bit put your rhythm to the test in Tiger game mode tap the top panel in time with lights and see who can set the highest score at the party it's fun and intuitive gesture control later take charge of all of your party features including DJ effects sampler and Caraga features - mic input plus current side effects led to team up with fans for the ultimate sing off the MHC v81 this top surface is splash proof dust proof and easy to clean so the party can keep going all night even if you spill a drink whether you're hanging out with friends at home or taking the party elsewhere just hold a convenient carry handle and tilt it back [Music] if you have a big enough room party a lot ant are not particularly picky about absolutely high-end audio quality this is the speaker to buy from online combining a booming 1,800 watts of power and with LED party lighting the party ready okay 99 all-in-one entertaining system is a smart choice for any celebration this powerful all-in-one speaker comes out pumping thunderous low end from its mighty 12 inches over base you can feel as well as here the system offers a variety of exciting lighting effects including dual strobe and just lighting the twist light pulse to the beat of music so everyone can see the rhythm as well as hear it turn the jogwheel for scratching and add other various sound effects while looping a specific part of the track by simply pushing a button and become a DJ two USB inputs allow you to connect multiple USB enabled devices at the same time for greater convenience this powerful speaker features integrated carrying handles as well as mood rolling wheels to help anyone transport this serious gear with minimal effort with powerful audio and visual effects the LG X boom or k99 is a part already all-in-one entertainment system and you can buy it from online [Music] the JBL party box 1000 is a powerful party speaker with JBL sound quality and exciting full panel light show that offers unprecedented performance and authentic audio experiences you will ever remember for your party it features one high frequency compression driver - 7 inches mid-range drivers and a 12 inch subwoofer with a rear firing port to reinforce the bass there's also selectable bass boost if you want to make your tune stump even more and it's all driven by a built-in amplifier rated at 1,100 watts maximum output the entire front panel is filled with LED lighting for an integrated light show which you can control via gestures when you use the included wrist band the DJ pad has a drum pad and includes controls for muting vocals turning the speaker into karate machine and with an integrated handle and wheels you can drag it away like a piece of furniture [Music] the speaker is the best candidate for any party that wants to push the limits and you can buy it from online you like our video and want to watch more than consider subscribe to this channel as it will help us grow further with club style lights fun party features and huge sound from 10 speakers the MHC v9w has everything you need for an incredible night party the sony image cv90 DW which features a built-in tower speaker stands 1.7 meters tall with wheels and handlebar to move it around and an open back type cabinet delivering an output power of 2,000 watts it comes with 10 speakers to deliver the invincible muted sound with massive base with horn shaped speakers set at 20 degree angles you can send sound further than ever this amazing home audio system comes a gesture control feature to allow users to control volume and sound tracks by waving the hand it is also equipped with motion control ending users to perform operations by shaking their smartphones this home audio system features a back with touch panel interface apart from multicolor speaker and woofer lights to set the party atmosphere to mic inputs plus touring and sound effects led to team up with friends for the ultimate sing-off this party speaker can be integrated with the Sony Music Center app allowing users to control tracks and other aspects of playback from their smartphones and tablets with physically impressive size club-style adding enormous sound and a host of fun party features this sony image cv90 doubly not just brings some music to the party but it also brings the entire party and you can buy it from online so there was all about the top 10 loudest party speakers for you like comment and share their friends if you found this video helped and don't forget to subscribe to our channel if you want to see more videos like this on your field


3. How does a Loud Speaker Work | How Stuff Works | How Devices Work in 3D | Science For Kids

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How does a Loud Speaker Work | How Stuff Works | How Devices Work in 3D | Science For Kids

loudspeaker a loudspeaker speaker or speaker system is an electro-acoustical device that converts an electrical signal to sound an object produces sound when it vibrates in air when something vibrates it moves the air particles around it those air particles in turn move the air particles around them carrying the pulse of the vibration through the air as a traveling disturbance sound is invisible most of the time but sometimes you can actually see it if you thump a kettle drum with a stick you can see the tight drum skin moving up and down very quickly for some time afterward pumping sound waves into the air loudspeakers work in a similar way a loudspeaker produces sound waves by rapidly vibrating a flexible cone or diaphragm the cone usually made of paper plastic or metal is attached on the wide end to the suspension the suspension or surround is a rim of flexible material that allows the cone to move and is attached to the driver's metal frame called the basket the narrow end of the cone is connected to the voice coil the coil is attached to the basket by the spider a ring of flexible material the spider holds the coil in position but allows it to move freely back and forth when you hook up the loudspeaker to a stereo electrical signal feed through the wires into the coil this turns the coil into temporary magnet or electromagnet depending which direction the electricity flows in the electromagnet either attracts or repels the permanent magnet this moves the coil back and forward pulling and pushing the loudspeaker cone like a drum skin vibrating back and forth the moving cone pumps sounds out into the air


4. 10 BEST Loudspeakers of ALL TIME


hey everybody welcome back and welcome to another fabulous music Monday to everyone that is new to this channel my name is Andrew Robinson I am a recovering audiophile and I just want to say welcome welcome to this channel and welcome to one of the videos that we do here in my office kind of regularly now since they've turned out to be really popular and I thought today would be a lot of fun seeing as how it's Monday we're kicking off the new week and to get a discussion started because today we will be breaking down my ten best loudspeakers of all time this list is in no particular order and it is meant to be fun it is meant to spark conversation and to see what your lists are down in the comments below let's not hesitate let's not delay things anymore these are my ten best loudspeakers of all time according to me [Music] number one has to be the paradigm atom or mini monitor and I know I know this is two speakers but the paradigm atom or mini monitor for me represented and still represents one of the best if not the best most iconic entry point into higher and loud speakers and these speakers are still in production to this day the versions that I have I think were versions three versions to our versions three so we're going we're going way back but nevertheless they are a great entry point they are a fantastic speaker and I argue that for 90% of hi-fi enthusiasts out there with small to medium sized rooms modest budgets and simple electronics the paradigm atom or mini monitor loud speaker gets it done the next one on my list is the Magna pan 1.6 now it would have been the magnet pan three point six and because the three point six is just a phenomenal loudspeaker and better than the one point six in every conceivable way say for one affordability I owned both the one point six and the three point six as well as several pairs of the MMG and while the MMG is special in its own right the one point six really is in my opinion the butter zone of the entire Magna pant product catalog and it embodies and possesses 95% if not more of what makes Magna pan so special it is offered at a relatively affordable price and it fits in more environments that is to say for a large speaker it's not as large as other Magna pan designs and it's not as small as the MMG but because the MMG is so small there are so many other limitations to that design that the 1.6 for me gets the nod as one of my favorite loudspeakers of all time next up and this should come as no surprise especially if you watched any of the videos last week but Martin Logan's CLS - loud speaker now this can be the Martin Logan CLS - a or to Z because I have heard them all and they were incrementally better with each iteration suffice to say that Martin Logan's CLS design went from being unique and intriguing and good to downright spooky and great when they went from the CLS to the CLS - and there isn't much else to say if you want my full and honest opinion on the CLS - s you really should check out last week's video where I talked about one of my sound demos from hell I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement for the CLS - but bear with me it is a story that if you are a die-hard audio file or hi-fi enthusiasts probably gonna want to check out and I'll link to that in the description below next on this list is the clips the Scala I know I don't talk a lot about clips on this channel I've done but one Clips review which is the heresy 3 the heresy 4 is in house and is coming by the way but truth be told I am actually a big fan of clips and one of the things that I am a big fan of is all of their heritage line of speakers which have been in constant production this whole time that is to say since they were devised some decades ago and the less Kalla for me is just it belongs in a museum like it's just art to me and the fact that it also sounds good is just icing on the cake I have only heard the La Scala a handful of times I've never owned it in my own home something I do hope to rectify in the not-too-distant future and as taken aback as I have been by its looks it is always the raw effortless kind of presence and rule and live sound that the La Scala has possessed that just it boggles my mind and every time I hear it I am reminded of what makes that loudspeaker so freakin special the next on this list and again this is in no particular order is the JBL l 100 and i am talking about the L 100 in all of its iterations that means the pass all the way to the present L 100 classic because for me it is not only the quintessential JBL loudspeaker and JBL is a loudspeaker manufacturer that needs no introduction but it is one of if not the single most iconic loudspeakers of all time chances are you may not even know what an l 100 is but if I showed you a picture of one you would instantly go oh that speaker and the fact that it has had that kind of an impact not only on hi-fi an audiophile culture but just pop culture in general and it also sounds freaking fantastic especially the new one makes it a no-brainer for this list and one of my favorite loudspeakers of all time next up we have Bowers & Wilkins 802 diamond in this I know there are new 802 s there's a new 800 series on a whole I am talking about the original 800 series specifically the 802 diamond and the reason I'm talking about this loudspeaker is because I owned it I owned it it was a bucket list speaker for me I had wanted this loudspeaker this series of loudspeaker for probably 20 years and I obtained it shortly before having to move from Los Angeles and I lived with this lad speaker as my daily driver and my personal reference for Kosh going on about 5 years and absolutely loved every freakin second of ownership with that speaker it is phenomenal it made everything sound good yes it was a little bit difficult to drive but kind of like the JBL l/100 this is the iconic series of loudspeakers that Bowers and Wilkins is known for and I do think that when they introduced the diamond series of the 800 series especially the 802 they just took that already great loudspeaker into the stratosphere and I have yet to run into someone that either demo them in my house or have had an experience with the 802 diamond of their own during that era walk away with anything less than praise it was just it's a phenomenal loudspeaker big loud speaker expensive loudspeaker but a phenomenal loudspeaker all the same and the next one and this one is kind of a bit of a dark horse but I have to put Tecton Designs Pendragon on this list of top ten loud speakers of all time according to me because pre Tecton Pendragon if you wanted super high efficiency dynamics but also wanted a more traditional driver loudspeaker design that is to say tweeters cones you know things like that there wasn't really a lot of options and there weren't really a lot of really successful designs if you wanted a traditional non horn loaded speaker you tended to have to deal with loudspeakers that had high 80s low 90s sensitivity ratings which meant you needed a lot of amplifier power which meant without the right amplifiers they didn't quite come alive until you really pushed them so on and so forth but if you didn't want a horn loaded loudspeaker that you found maybe too fatiguing or too thin or bright or whatever you want to call it for your taste there wasn't something that was kind of Goldilocks right down the middle that was easy to drive affordable and just the business until the Tecton Pendragon arrived on the scene and the Pendragon wasn't even tech towns first loudspeaker it was just one that kind of shook the industry myself included to it's very core because for I think it was $2,000 at that time the price has since gone down but for $2,000 you truly got a world-class Giant Killer Giant Killer and I have owned multiple pairs of pen dragons over the years and I don't know if there was if there has been any other loudspeaker that has served as my personal reference for longer than the Pendragon because it was such a great loudspeaker to not only enjoy all types of music with at all sorts of volumes including ones that were dangerously high but it was also a loudspeaker with which it was very easy to evaluate other components due to its rail or higher than normal efficiency and it just it is still I think arguably one of Tecton best loudspeaker designs I know they have the double impact I know they have the Moab now and I have to say I have not personally spent any real time with either one of those designs so take this with a grain of salt but for me it just the Pendragon has to be kind of what really helped to put tacked on more on the map or solidify them as a legitimate threat and it is one of my 10 best loudspeakers of all time this next one is more of a series because I honestly couldn't make up my mind which I thought was best and of course that means I am talking about none other than Bang & Olufsen be a blouse speaker series now I know the Bo lab loud speaker series stretches decades so I'm gonna Whittle it down to the Bo lab series that was circa in the 90s we're talking - you'll have six thousand four thousand eight thousand culminating in the Bo lab one for me no loud speaker had more of an impact on my thinking about loudspeakers my thinking about hi-fi then Bang & Olufsen and specifically the Bang & Olufsen Bo lab series prior to wandering into my first Bang and Olufsen store in Cherry Creek Colorado in like 1995 I didn't know loudspeakers could possess that level of design moreover I had never God's honest truth I wasn't working in the industry I was only what 16 at the time but I didn't know about powered loudspeakers I really didn't I didn't know powered loudspeakers were kind of a thing I didn't know loudspeakers and general could look the way the Bo Labs did and then on top of it I didn't know speakers could sound like that and so here I was in a store with two speakers and a CD player or two speakers and of this or to speak and it was just like where's all the gear where is all the gear and the fact that it just continue to blow my mind and there are still things that those speakers did back in the mid to early 90s that loudspeakers today fail to do they still possess to this day technology that companies are just now bringing to market in their powered loudspeakers and expecting us all to be wowed and amazed when Bang & Olufsen has been doing it since the 80s and 90s that is how influential these these particular speakers were and why they make my list is one of the 10 best loudspeakers of all time next on this list is the Wilson audio Sophia I'm talking about the very first one I know there are multiple generations there that have come after it but I am talking about the Wilson audio Sophia version one and I picked the Sophia over the watt puppy and I know on a lot of these 10 best lists watt puppies always make the list I'm picking the Sophia over the watt puppy because in my humble opinion having demoed lived with both the Sophia is the better speaker all-round it's not as expensive it's not as complicated to set up it is a smaller footprint it is finished equally as well and honestly from a distance of like three or more feet in it to the uninitiated it kind of looks just like a watt puppies so mm-hmm anyway the Sophia is just one of the finest loudspeakers I've ever heard and I know I can I can recall countless times that one of my best friends and I would lighter at a hi-fi shop during our college years and just Park our asses in front of this shops pair of white Sophia's connected to a Krell ka V integrated lifestyle kind of integrated amp and CD player combo and we would play CD after CD after CD and just grinning like idiots and like you know shaking each other like can you believe do you hear that that's oh that's amazing and this Sophia was responsible for that because we would take those same CDs our that entire shop I believe was in Orange County and and we just did not get that same experience we did not have that same reaction and so that is why the Wilson audios Sophia version ones are one of my ten best loudspeakers of all time number 10 has to be the Bose acoustic ass series of home theater or loudspeaker products so let's get it just like that yeah just like that even if there's a small chance that we can undo this I mean we owe it to everyone who's not in this room to try mm-hmm yep I can feel some of you firing up your fingers right now for the comment section but I have to tell you when I was 10 or 11 years old my uncle had a home theater in his living room that is to say that he had I think at 32 inch Sony Trinitron TV and he had five of these acoustic ass modules around his living room and the subwoofer over back behind his couch and we used to watch movies specifically when my parents weren't around r-rated films through this series and there have been many of and damn many a Chuck Norris many a just 80s action movie pumped through this type of a speaker system and it arguably began my journey in hi-fi at the age of nine or ten years old and as I had grown up and as I have moved through this industry everyone I run into has some kind of Beau's story everyone has some kind of memory or remembers having these acoustic mass series loudspeakers in their home whether it be because they're their mom's really liked them or they were their first experience with home theater because they fit into a living room it doesn't matter the truth is is that for a lot of people the acoustic series was and continues to be the only viable home theater solution speaker solution I should say that is available to them or that they will even accept and that doesn't make them bad or wrong I want to stress that it doesn't make them bad or wrong but it doesn't it it just shows you the importance of a loudspeaker like Debose acousto mass series has been for many people - thews iasts and non hi-fi enthusiasts alike over the years so that's it that is my ten best loudspeakers of all time according to me what do you guys think what do you guys think how did I do how's my house - do you agree with some of it am I completely off the mark are you typing as I speak you know oh my god I can't believe you left this off ah you know what I don't want to get in any arguments what I want to do is I just want to see a comment section full full of your ten best loudspeaker lists because honestly I do think these lists as entertaining as they are are also very helpful for people because you may be writing something down or I may have said something in this video that someone hasn't heard of before and so at the very least they make Google it fall down a rabbit hole and find their dream loudspeaker whether that loudspeaker be something as esoteric or high-end is Wilson audio Sophia or a paradigm Adam so please please but tell me what you think of this video but write down your list in the comments below and let's just see how many we can get going here I think you guys all so much for watching welcome again to everyone that has found this channel over the last couple of weeks YouTube has been notifying me fairly regularly about our latest kind of rise we are growing very rapidly now so thank you thank you thank you and welcome I hope you find this channel engaging informative and helpful and to all of my oh geez to all of you who have been watching since the beginning you guys Rock you just do thank you so much I appreciate so that's it I'm gonna go make some coffee maybe make some breakfast and just remember guys just remember the only person that has to like the sound of your system is you so happy listening everybody thank you so much for watching and until next time we'll see you on the next video bye




6. The World’s Loudest Wireless Speaker

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: The World's Loudest Wireless Speaker

that all it takes get all worried about a clap and that's all it it it's a little clap alright so today we have an exciting endeavor that's five boxes that's a lot of boxes well they're called boxes they're called sound box isn't for those of you that been around the channel for a while you probably remember a video I remember what it was called but it might have been the loudest Bluetooth speaker they put out a new version a little while back and sent us a tremendous number of these things and the reason is because you can actually daisy chain them together we have five of what are already incredibly loud bluetooth speakers on their own the loudest Bluetooth speakers on their own times five I got a blame Willie do mostly I'm pretty sure he's somewhat responsible for this I think he just got fired up one day decided he was gonna go complete overkill on something yeah might as well you know the rules of YouTube are that you get something good and you multiply it by a thousand so we are gonna unbox one first and we'll listen to it the last version had a couple of different options on it for listening environments a lot of people they like to take this on the picnics jet to the tailgate type parties Jack you wouldn't know about it when they go camping as you would and so we need to evaluate one on its own and then we get crazy after that it's got some durability built into it too since it's of course meant to be portable so it had bumpers along the edges just one question where should we go first inside the box I assume I don't you never seen this presentation for your treat Jack I would throw it at you but Casper might pick it up a minute okay so they I feel like this unboxing experience has changed a little bit look at these little these little trays that you pull out that's kind of cool battery box power everywhere so yeah you can use this either plugged into the wall or completely portable like other Bluetooth speakers so this little guy slots into the sound box itself you make the connection you can see you have the readout here for how much battery is remaining ninety-nine point eight four watt hours never mind milliamp hours we're talking watt hours and power brick and see the pass-through on that so you could power the device charge the battery I assume this is what you do could do you should do holy that's a big boy alright it looks like we got the black one this has like a nice matte black type of look to it that's like on its way to a vantablack that's a very black I appreciate that power on turn up team up team up that's the daisy-chain aspect you don't even need to tether these together with cables these are wireless tethering you have the volume readout all the way to 11 these comes to 11 stickers allen key quick start look at this look at this partying to 11 and Beyond there you go Jack we started as a group of friends who wanted to simply take our party experience like sort of like you and your friends Jack oh look at this okay make it yours you can now customize the appearance of it you see you put some different colors on there oh this has your analog inputs you have a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input to connect the device oh you have two of those so you could daisy chain using the old fashioned cable if you don't want a daisy chain via bluetooth or if you need the daisy chain to some other analog audio output to balanced XLR combo inputs to connect a microphone and other Pro equipment and then on the front of the device Wolfer town look at that holy moly back in the 1990's you took the grill off because you needed people to see your woofers this little guy will slide in like this and then you just simply connect it right here you get the benefit of not having to bring the whole speaker to charge it yeah we'll make like a little pyramid I think [Music] [Music] so I discovered there's an app for this stuff it lets you configure pretty much everything that you would need to configure it also is where you're going to handle your daisy-chaining Wireless daisy-chaining over Bluetooth just based on my previous experience I am certain that for this space one of these would be sufficient where you would actually daisy chain more than one of these together is in a in a very big venue or outdoors or you're just crazy and you have a youtube channel and then you have five of these and then you use five of them in a space like this and the police show up and they shut down that youtube channel which actually happened once before but I can't go into an entire story for the time being I'm gonna start low just for you [Music] took a second to charge up the batteries after all these are meant to be completely mobile devices and believe it or not I kind of think they function better off the batteries which is the reason there's that kind of special tail adapter on the charger I tried to run one of the boxes off just the wall power and it only went up to a certain volume then I tried it on a battery and all of a sudden it went up to 11 once you get them all hooked up they pop up in the sound box app and each one independently is numbered and has its own controls available to you there's three modes solo host and join solo is the single speaker working on its own host allows other speakers to wirelessly join the audio source that's being sent to that one particular speaker and that's what we're obviously gonna do here and then join is what you want to set the other speakers to so that they can grab what the host is spitting out let's just start with this speaker up top I'll put it into solo mode so you have a bass enhance you have your power settings which will allow you to limit the loudness at max remember these things are each capable of 126 dB you can also do a left-right channel setup if you have two of these or just run a singular one in mono three various configurations indoor by default we're gonna give you a better battery life it limits at 117 dB they used to call it outdoor but power is this your max power regardless of where you want to use that but for the purpose of this test course we got to do bass + phone all the way up alright wonderful and this is a two-volume 3 4 5 6 7 ok now you could tell he's getting loud he's starting to get loud I'm gonna have to speak louder all right what's that that's an eight I'm gonna check the app real quick yeah that's about that's an eight or a nine on them all right we're gonna go oh now it's really not trying to get properly loud and you can see when I make a change to it whether it's on the app or on a knob it's updated there that's 11 okay there's a loudspeaker now because I've got a speed like this to get all the top of it now it's here to find microphone [Music] now it's kind of crazy the that type of sound is coming off a battery keep in mind there's no cables here none of these are connected not one not any and so that's why you have such a big battery unit inside powering I'll put the bottom one in host and I'll put the rest that's already in host I'll put the other ones on join and I'm gonna just turn this down a bit god I got that yeah yeah okay


7. Microphones, Loudspeakers & Headphones | Magnetism | Physics | FuseSchool

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Microphones, Loudspeakers & Headphones | Magnetism | Physics | FuseSchool

the loudspeaker and microphone were both invented well over a century ago and their basic design has changed very little since then though they may look different today both are transducers which means they change one energy type into another a microphone transfers sound energy into electricity and a loudspeaker transfers electricity into sound let's look at a simple loudspeaker first at the heart of the loudspeaker is an annular permanent magnet not the shape that you are used to seeing annular magnets are not bar but ring shaped in a bar magnet the ends of the magnet have opposite poles but in an annular magnet the central core has the opposite pole to the cylinder surrounding it these are the main parts of a loudspeaker a cardboard cone called a diaphragm is connected to a tube with a wire coil wound around it you may recognize this as a solenoid the wires carry the oscillating ac input the coil fits snugly into the circular cavity of the magnet this is the rest position when assembled with no input signal the loudspeaker works by the motor effect when a current flows in the solenoid its magnetic field interacts with that of the permanent magnet depending on the direction of the current the solenoid and the diaphragm with it are either pushed out of or pulled into the annular magnet this creates a compression wave moving with the same frequency as the input electrical signal which spreads out as a longitudinal sound wave the output frequency matches that of the input ac signal and the loudness or volume depends on the magnitude of the voltage of that signal higher voltages cause a larger motor effect headphones or in-ear buds are just a small version of this design now let's look at a simple microphone a flexible membrane is attached to a solenoid which slips over a cylindrical permanent magnet when assembled it looks like this some of you might be thinking this looks a bit like a loudspeaker and you would be correct an incoming longitudinal sound wave causes the membrane to move backwards and forwards this moves the solenoid to and fro over the magnet this generates a small electrical current in the wire coil by electromagnetic induction as the wires of the solenoid cut through the magnetic field lines electrons are made to move this can also be called the generator effect as the direction of the motion changes then so does the direction of the current so the output is ac the output frequency matches that of the incoming sound signal this signal is usually very weak and needs amplifying before being passed on to a loudspeaker you will have seen that a loudspeaker and microphone share a very similar design and indeed you can use a loudspeaker as a microphone if you wish but it isn't that good


8. Best and Loudest Bluetooth Speakers for parties!


9. BIGGEST, BADDEST, LOUDEST Bluetooth Speaker!


what's up guys welcome back to unbox junkie my name is Matt and today we've got yet another Bravin product now those who have not stuck around for a while who are not familiar with the unboxings of Bravin I have unboxed the solo which is amazing but then I also unboxed the next big one well this is like two steps up really but this time some of you guys have actually asked for it Jesus Oh Raven has sent over their bigger one this is the biggest this is the XXL I'm excited cuz these things already sound amazing and this is dubbed their biggest baddest loudest outdoor speaker period considering how those sound I have no doubt in my mind that this thing is gonna sound amazing code this one's in a box alright hold on look at this thing it's huge this is like perfect for tailgating for parties for picnics on the beach this is your just all-around go outside and blast it up while you're out there doing whatever you want to it's IPX 5 rated so it's waterproof it's rain proof and if it's anything like the durability of the other ones you can probably run this thing over with your car now it's about 3 2 bucks so I don't think I would want to intentionally but you're probably good plus control customized bass and treble equalizer setting nice okay cool 14 hours of playtime and expansive dual sided sound which is good it does have a fifteen thousand six hundred million power battery built into it so you can use it for just the speaker or you can actually plug in some devices to get a charge off of it I'm just gonna open this thing up it's huge okay so we got a bunch of cables we got even more cables this thing we've got an audio cable 3.5 to 3.5 we've got our power brick and there is the US power cable for it now it does have a slew of international cables now I'm not going to attempt to guess what region or country these acts they belong to because the last time I did you guys gave me a hard time about it but here are the other cables that it comes with so you know you'll know based off of where you are if this will work for you or not it also comes with a big carrying strap it's this huge strap says braving on it heavy-duty nylon which is nice it even has this nice convenient bottle opener attached to it it's such a big speaker oh yes this has gotta weigh like 30 pounds ok so as you can tell it's got a huge huge handle big huge rubber feet big huge heavy metal grill alright so on the side you can see you got this big rubber huge thick rubber flap you've got your auxilary in you got your mic in which the mic in means that you can hook up a microphone to it and actually be like the host or a DJ at the part and then you have your USB port for charging other devices and then you have your DC port for charging this so right here you get your power button you've got your play probably pause as well your up and down and then it shows right here there's bass volume treble that's because you can actually adjust them from the unit itself I believe these are lights to show you the volume level that you're on let's go ahead and turn it on and see what happens oh no please don't tell me it's dead alright so on the side when you plug it in you can see the LEDs there's a couple LEDs here that shows the battery after plugging it in you can see I'm blinking on the first light so it is completely dead now I want to make sure that we get the best test out of this so I'm gonna let it charge for a while a lot of times you know with these speakers and headphones what they'll do is if they're like at a certain level of battery they'll actually purposely cut down the volume level to preserve battery so I want to prevent that and I'm gonna go ahead and let this charge up for a while and movie magic I'll be right back okay alright now it should be fully charged whoa that was Pacey whoop alright that's as loud as it goes I don't think I'm gonna stir it off that way Wow [Music] whoa this thing has amazing sound Wow and the bass is so punchy okay let's check clarity good mythical summer the best part of summertime is that our beloved ice-cream parlors can I have it all the way up and it's still premium clear wow that's amazing that this is a great speaker so far the loudest speaker I've ever touched this is great all right let's try a little bass boosted let's see what happens god I hope it don't blow this thing up even with it all the way up the bass still sounds really good man these are some premium speakers I gotta say alright you know what we're gonna do a real good test I want to see how well this thing throws sound so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go outside we're gonna take all three of these oh my god well I needed that out of the box anyway we're gonna take all three of these and we're gonna go outside we're going to test how loud they sound from a distance so let's go do that for us do dark let's go alright so across the yard I have the miniature the very small ready solo alright so I have it at max volume I don't know how well the microphone is picking that up from over here but it's pretty quiet I can still hear it all right so now I'm gonna switch it over to the ready elite all right here we go max volume yeah that's that's a definite improvement from the smaller version for sure I mean really that's that's not as loud as you need that sounds great from over here all right time to switch it to the big boy all right here we go let's go to bass boosted let's see how well this bass carries my microphone is peaking over here so yeah that's really good that's nice yeah that sounds really good the bass travels really well the audio sounds really good I mean you can definitely tell going from the ready solo to the elite and now to the XXL there's definitely definitely improve mminton sound quality this thing has speakers on the front and the back so we're you know I hope the neighbors aren't too upset but but that sounds really good in the way that the bass it sounds clear all the way to the top volume that you can get it the bass sounds really good I didn't mention in the beginning but I'd you know it is 300 ollars but I've got $100 off coupon right now so definitely if you're interested and you're looking for something to up your up your tailgating game summertime is upon us so you're gonna have a lot of outdoor stuff going on at the beach at the pool this thing is gonna cover it all anyway guys that is it I'm going to leave links down in the description below as usual along with a $100 off coupon definitely go take advantage of that while you can but I'm gonna leave it in your hands but as for now get out of here


10. Wireless Headphones w/ Loud Speakers!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Wireless Headphones w/ Loud Speakers!

what's up guys welcome back to unbox junkie my name is Matt and today we're looking at something that I'm pretty excited for these are the aah 45 these are headphones but they're also bluetooth speakers first off these have a thousand milliamp hour battery which is gonna give you 45 hours of playtime 45 hours of playtime that's gonna last you more than all day obviously because it's 24 you know what I mean if you're gonna be using the outer speakers you're gonna get about 10 hours of playtime the charge time is about three and a half hours they're 40 millimeter drivers built into these there's 2 3 watt outer speakers and on top of that is wired and wireless so that's that's awesome alright let's just open this up I'm too excited my hands are shaking don't do that that's dangerous don't stop go okay so we got a real big I'm guessing this is multilingual yeah it's multilingual instruction guide very good to have got a five-foot-long 3.5 millimeter cable and a three foot long USB to micro-usb look at the foam on this I think our cheer has definitely stepped it up a notch oh my goodness look at those these look pretty Wow these feel heavy-duty - if there's a plastic thing for the speakers I don't need those don't need those look at that super super cushioning at the top look at that yeah it's like a pleather fabric I can't tell if that's plastic or not it feels almost like a metal whatever it is it's definitely heavy duty now the headphones are on like a slight swivel and extend out right there and they do fold up which is nice so this is the switch between the headphones and the actual outer speaker you hear that then you've got your LED light you've got your on and off button volume up volume down micro USB port 3.5 millimeter port and your mic on the outer side you've got the 3 watt speakers now these are more of the on the ear type of ear Cup they're not real big so your ears don't go inside of it they have a nice light squeeze [Music] yeah I got some bass with the switch of a button with the switch of a button we're gonna switch it to the Bluetooth speaker mode okay since that's what you're hearing coming from the speakers inside you ready so just imagine you know you're listening music your friends want to hear what you're listening to you just set them on your neck and switch it by doing it like that it feels like I've got like a surround sound cuz they're coming from like right here alright let's check quality oh I'm curious how they're gonna work on a phone call that'll be interesting he's either screaming through a burning building or sleeping while dreaming about sounds really good don't imagine anything that can match them yes that sounds pretty good the back pocket test it's not it's not skipping okay I'm gonna go try a distance test I'll be right back okay so they've got a pretty good distance I got about 35 feet and then they started cutting out but overall they pretty decent alright let's try a phone call it's ringing on both sides so that's good hey Nathan try it out these crazy headphones yeah can you hear me okay clearly no muffle no nothing huh cool all right I switched you over can you hear me I still sound good yeah cool man listens are awesome I don't sound like I'm on speaker oh nice I just turned them I had you at half volume I didn't even know and I just turned you all the way up now you sound really good oh yeah I mean you know okay man these things are awesome I love the fact that you could switch it over to the Bluetooth speaker oh I love that alright comfort wise they are pretty comfortable most of you who stick around you know that I'm not a huge fan of the on the ear ear cups these ones aren't too bad they are nice and soft they've got a pretty good cushion to them they don't feel too tight on the head I've got a big head so if you got a smaller head than me then these are gonna even better be better for you the top cushion is very nice I've definitely digging that highs and mids I'm gonna give them um so this is different right so I mean I've got a do headphone plus the speaker so the volume level they don't get it doesn't get too too loud imagine you're standing next to like a construction site and there's somebody with a jackhammer you're gonna hear it it's not gonna completely block it out the Bluetooth speaker side it is what you would expect out of small three watt speakers that are built onto headphones so the highs and mids I'm gonna give him a five so five being average what you would expect the bass I'm gonna give us six because it's got a little extra Rumble in there I wasn't expecting out of these and they sound pretty decent phone call she said that it sounded really good you guys heard it yourself I gotta say I'm really diggin the idea of this I really wish that you would see that more often I think it's a really cool idea especially for those who like the way they wear their headphones out and about I think they're awesome for forty five bucks you're getting headphones and Bluetooth speakers and they last you like forty five hours anyway guys that is it I'm gonna leave a link down in description below as usual definitely go check them out these things are pretty cool but I'll leave it in your hands but ask for now get out of here


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