After a Splash + Zoom Event, Here Are 4 Emails You Can Copy & Paste for Follow-Up

You recently held your first virtual Splash + Zoom event. You’re feeling great after the event, and your coworkers are inundating your direct messages with comments like “You nailed it!” and “That was the best virtual event we’ve ever done!” You exhale a sigh of relief and sit back, waiting for your manager to call and announce that you’re receiving a promotion because you’re the best event marketer in the business.

You read through your attendee data in Splash while waiting for that email and discover something you’ve never had the pleasure of knowing with live events: check-out information.

Hold on.

You didn’t even realize that the Virtual Event Page Touchpoint feature does more than simply check your attendees into the event because you were so busy launching new features in Splash and getting ready for the event. It also keeps track of how long they stayed.

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