Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation is a type of Interpretation that takes place remotely through video or audio conferencing. The process of Interpretation remains the same. The interpreter is present is remotely or offsite through video or audio mode. The interpreter interprets the source language into the target language or vice versa through the help of remote interpretation software.

Both Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation can take place remotely.  The client himself can choose between Audio or Video mode of remote Interpretation. The software supports both.

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Categories of Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation can be broadly classified into two categories:

A) Adhoc Interpretation: In this type of RI generally an agency provides the Interpreter for the interpretation to provide remote interpretation service. The interpreter is selected among the large pool of interpreters available at the time of service requirement. It only supports Consecutive Interpretation.  This type of interpretation is carried out over an audio call or for that matter a single audio + video line.

B) Scheduled Interpretation: The Interpretation is scheduled beforehand. The Interpreter is booked for the Interpretation before the interpretation event or meeting. This can be CI or SI.

Benefits of Remote Interpretation

RI is one of the preferred modes of Interpretation because of the following reasons:

  • Cost Efficient: It is a cost-saving option as there is no requirement of venue, booths, on-site equipment, accommodation, travelling, and admin arrangements.
  • Time-Saving: RI saves the time of travelling and admin arrangements
  • Less Complex: It is less complex than other modes of Interpretation
  • Flexible: Flexibility in scheduling the meeting with
  • A good option for Remote Areas: This is a good option for remote areas.
  • Global Reach: Any stakeholder from anywhere can attend the RI event from smart devices.
  • Helpful for Urgency: This is one of the efficient modes of interpretation in case of some urgency.

Remote Interpretation Software

There is plenty of Remote software in the market. Most of the software use of Cloud-based technology. Below is mentioned the details of some RI software:


The Boostlingo platform was developed to ensure that language service providers and language support organizations are able to reduce costs associated with the administration and management of interpretation services and activities, drive new operational efficiencies for multi-lingual services, increase gross margins of their interpretation business and scale their unique language business needs to satisfy any situation and fulfil any demand!


Interprefy is a cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation platform that enables interpreters to work from anywhere, anytime. It reduces the need for on-site equipment and eliminates the costs of interpreters’ travel and accommodation. With Interprefy, event attendees can enjoy conference-level interpreting in their chosen language.


Interactio is a mobile system that fully replaces audio streaming hardware for live events. With only a laptop and internet access, any kind of audio can stream to listeners’ phones or tablets via our mobile app. There is no need to rent or buy expensive conference equipment anymore. With Interactio organisations save thousands!


Other Remote Platforms

  1. Globibo
  2. Ablio (Ablioconference)
  3. Duvall (QuaQua)
  4. Estreemo (Director Virtual Seat)
  5. iBridge People
  6. KUDO
  7. KUNVENO (SmarTerp)
  8. Mastervoice (MTP)
  9. Neumann&Müller
  10. Olyusei
  11. Rafiky (Rafiky Connect)
  12. (Genius ConfCall)
  13. US Translation Company (InterpretCloud)
  15. VoiceBoxer
  16. Webswitcher
  17. ZipDX