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Unlock a world of creative possibilities with a pocket 360 action camera that shoots, stabilizes and edits 5.7K 360 video for you. No extra gear needed. The best image stabilization in the game. – No matter the action, get smooth video with ONE X2’s best-in-class action cam image stabilization. Skip the gimbal and grab your pocket 360 camera instead. Shoot with the Invisible Selfie Stick and then watch it disappear in your edit. Capture easy aerial angles and third-person perspectives with just a 360 action camera – no drone needed. ONE X2 captures everything so you don’t have to worry about pointing the camera. Just pick your favorite angles later in the Insta360 app. Tap to add a keyframe and watch the video pivot as if you turned the camera yourself. Daunted by manual editing? Try Insta360’s exclusive AI editing options instead. With Deep Track, all you need to do is tap a person, animal or other moving object. The AI will do the rest, tracking your target to keep it center-frame. Hate sifting through all of your footage after the fact? Auto Frame uses an exclusive AI algorithm to find the best parts of your 360 videos for you, reframing them automatically to focus on the highlights. Turn your 360 camera into a traditional action cam with Steady Cam mode. Shoot with one lens and get ultra-stable, wide angle footage that’s ready to share in a snap. Rugged and IPX8 waterproof to 10 meters (33ft) straight out of the box. Grab the Dive Case for seamless stitching of your underwater 360 footage down to 45 meters (147ft). Creative edits made easy. Just pick a template and let AI do the rest. Shot Lab keeps getting better with a constantly-updated range of templates based on the latest and greatest 360 camera techniques. Standalone includes 1x Insta360 ONE X2, does not contain memory card.

Additional information

Weight 138.91 kg
Dimensions 4.62 × 2.98 cm

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Product Dimensions

‎ 11.3 x 4.62 x 2.98 cm; 138.91 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 3 November 2020



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10 reviews for Insta360 ONE X2 Camera

  1. Alex Yew

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is probably one of the most amazing gadgets I have come across. It makes it look like this was a drone footage! Highly recommended!

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  3. Cat

    Es ala segunda 360 que compro, la uso para el motociclista y me da muy buenas tomas. Requiere de mucha memoria. Al principio batalle para editar los videos pero una ves con practica se vuelve muy fácil.

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  5. Pablo Leon

    Interested in X3
    I was interested to Buy the X3 version, but it was a waiting list to got it and i had a trip to Machu Picchu. So I decided to Buy the X2. It is a Nice camera…! Recomended.

  6. J. Lee

    Fun Recreation Camera BUT Requires A LOT OF POST PRODUCTION time and energy…
    The GOOD:This camera alone is a fun camera to use and play with. I love the fact that you can record all directions without worrying about missing a shot (but you still need to be mindful of the direction you point your camera). To get the best video quality without giving yourself or the viewer a headache you need to actually point and record with the lens facing the subject (if you’re taking clips from a weird angle the video doesn’t look that good.)The battery life for the most part is pretty good considering it’s supposed to be waterproof (haven’t dared to test it in water yet). I find the battery outlasting the gopro and also the dji osmo action.Price vs video quality is not bad, I would say it’s very competitive with gopro and dji BUT still not as good as my phone (S22 Ultra) video quality. I mainly choose this over my phone as I wanted to have a camera that acts like a cameraman for me so as I’m doing activities this will be able to capture myself. (very capable).Now… The CONS:I really hate that there are no good lens protectors (well they have a premium protector that is like $50, but even that can get scratched or cracked and you’re out $50) that are cost efficient and don’t hurt the video quality. I’ve read many reviews that any lens protection available still depreciates the quality. I’ve opted to not get a lens protector yet but just the rubber lens cap for now. I’m extremely worried for the lens getting scratched or worse cracked. I don’t see this as an action cam and the GoPros and DJI osmo action definitely has this beat as far as durability.I do find that the camera does heat up pretty warm when recording for awhile, I haven’t got any errors in regards to overheating but have had issues with the micro SD card not being able to record fast enough (even though I’m using a 128GB Sandisk Extreme 160MB/s card. The camera just ends recording and shuts down.Video/Data Transfer to Phone & Mobile App – A HUGE NEGATIVE andPotential Deal Breaker:First off, the Insta360 app is a pretty decent app which allows editing to be fun and intuitive BUT… I find the process EXTREMELY frustrating, time consuming, and not efficient.The ONLY way I currently can transfer the recorded videos from the camera (micro sd card) to my phone (S22 Ultra) is via wifi connection with the camera and only through the Insta360 app. (I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND ANY OTHER WORK AROUND).I’ve tried via USB cable – USB C to USB C does not work (I read on forums that ONLY THE INSTA360 USB C cable will work, I haven’t tried yet because it was not provided with the camera and can only be ordered through the Insta360 site for $8 + $18 shipping and tax?)I’ve tried taking the micro sd card out and using a card reader – DOES NOT WORK, the app doesn’t load any of the files via card reader.I don’t mind taking the time for post production editing the videos (ie adding keyframes, exporting, adding music). Took a few hours just to edit a 7 minute clip, and I still needed to import the clips into another video editing app, BUT the end product is awesome.THE ISSUE – they advertise that you don’t need to download the clips in order to edit in the app BUT if you choose not to download and edit straight from the camera you are consuming the camera battery as well as your device battery (the camera itself also gets very warm, also the video clips lag when editing).If you decide to download the video clips from the camera to edit it TAKES FOREVER! and on top of that you still need to spend time to re-frame then export which also TAKES FOREVER! During the download and export times, your phone or device is pretty much unusable because you have to wait for the processing to complete.If I had to reconsider my purchase this big issue would have changed my decision… Hopefully this information helps others to make up their own minds.If Insta360 would of just provided the USB C cables (USB C to USB C) this issue probably wouldn’t have been a deal breaker.

  7. Brittnee

    The Best!
    The video quality is amazing, the only thing I can say is it is expensive, but it is WORTH THE PRICE!

  8. Austin Ruff

    Great picture quality!
    This camera catches everything! Super clean video. Interface has a small learning curve but easy and nice to use, after you use it a few times.

  9. Susan

    Beautiful video
    Its perfect for traveling

  10. Lutyi

    Best 360 on the market
    Slightly worse video than GOPRO fusion, but overall much better camera. Very convenient to shoot and edit videos. Great software and the app as wellWe need a 10K or at least 8k 360 action cam!!!

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