Geforce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Graphics Card Titanium and Black

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Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
Brand Geforce
Graphics Ram Size 12 GB
GPU Clock Speed 1665 MHz
Video Output Interface HDMI

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The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti delivers the ultra performance that gamers crave, powered by Ampere—NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX architecture. It’s built with enhanced RT Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and superfast G6X memory for an amazing gaming experience.

Additional information

Weight 4.75 kg
Dimensions 14.06 × 7.44 × 3.23 cm
Package Dimensions

14.06 x 7.44 x 3.23 inches

Item Weight

4.75 pounds



Date First Available

June 3, 2021



10 reviews for Geforce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Graphics Card Titanium and Black

  1. annalyse

    High demand direct purchase and a bit of a coin flipBecause of the way the 3080ti is packaged it is genuinely hard to tell if it’s used or not used being In general as it could have been opened but never truly ran. Only 2 stickers holding the actual Nvidia box closed. Everything was in the box as expected. I’d recommend anyone who buys one to do a very detailed check for finger prints just incase. If your paying new price you better get one brand new right? Okay so I got expedited shipping came in on time plugged her in and she runs great overlooking 170 gpu clock 830 memory clock it runs great huge upgrade from 1070. I’ve seen people complain of heat…it’s complex. The card temperature with my preferred fan profile on msi afterburner is great it keeps the card on heavy usage around 62-66C nearly identical to my 1070 and I had a blower fan 1070 putting out 5500 rpm. Here’s the thing. Mt Hotspot on the gpu was 97C when the gpu was at 66C. Now 97C is high. Very high… so I see what people mean. As for noise it’s far more silent then my 1070 was. Ray tracing is nice but it still struggles on max settings you won’t get 60fps ray tracing in a forest in dying light 2. You’ll get about 20-28. I have it matched with a i9 12900kf (non integrated graphics version of 12900k) I’ve benchmarked it 3d marked it found my stable over clock and all that. I would highly suggest getting the 4 year amazon warranty. I don’t think you’ll be getting a proper Nvidia warranty buying through a scalper I could be wrong but I believe Nvidia warranties only apply through verified 3rd party or Nvidia themselves. I payed 1670$ for anyone who might want to compare what price they may be looking at. Ofcourse yes I fed a scalper. I waited until I personally felt the price was reasonable enough for me. I’ve got a buddy who bought a 3060ti for the same price and another buddy who bought a 3080ti for 2700$. So yea im cool with it. Anyone looking at the 3090 cause they think it will be far better don’t. The 3080 boasts 200 or so less Cuda cores and yes the 3090 has a stupid amount of ram….and you won’t be using that much video ram for gaming. 12 Gb is enough. And having twice the amount does not impact performance drastically as a matter of fact just look up 3090 vs 3080ti and user benchmark will have numbers nearly anyone could grasp. If you got the money buy it if you don’t then wait. Honestly the 3080ti is already 1200$ and the 40 series will probly be as expensive. Maybe even more. You will not be able to sli the founders. It has a special vga bridge that 2 8 pin vgas plug into forming into a 10 pin slot on the gpu itself the card indeed comes with the adapter DO NOT USE 3RD PARTY ADAPTERS. Thats just…no.

  2. William J Robison

    At MSRP, its still overpriced, but its basically the 2nd to fastest thing on the market today.Its a 3080Ti, its a monster at gaming. And at $1600, far more expensive than I’d normally ever spend. I’d normally go for the regular 3080.However, in the current market, where its nearly impossible to get regular 3080’s for under $1400, the 3080Ti at of $1600 is suddenly something to consider. I had an aging RTX 2080, that just couldn’t cut it on my new Samsung Odyssey G9. 5120×1440 was too much for the 2080 to drive in newer titles. So it became time to upgrade.FedEx did terrible with shipping on this, they were delayed by 2 days. The Seller had the card in the mail on the same day as the order, so this does not reflect them. They shipped quickly, FedEx screwed it up.

  3. Chris Blount

    3080 TI works great but packaging could have been betterSo far so good. The 3080 TI I received looked brand new and has been working great! Received a few days early. Knocked one star off for packaging. It was loosely placed inside a box with very little bubble wrap. It flopped around inside the box. Very lucky it wasn’t damaged. Other than that, the price gouge was a hard pill to swallow but the gpu does work and thats the important thing. I would recommend this seller but please package your stuff better for shipping.

  4. Vince

    The White UnicornIf you have the money to throw at it, its worth it performance wise, this card eat 2k gaming, Dying Light 2 max settings with raytracing and I average 91-107fps. The ram temps do run hotter than anything I have ever had, it had me uncomfortable at first but micron says 95c-105c is the “optimal” operating temp. I have not seen it go over 92c but that’s only been on Dying Light 2. Games like Lost Ark, World of Warcraft it typically sits in the 80s. It is a very good looking card, I would have preferred a ASUS Strix for the better cooling on the ram but its slim picking out there. If you want a upgrade and can justify the money, this dose provide a buttery smooth experiance.

  5. \V/ I C T O R

    Awesome!Exactly Like the description says, new sealed 3080 TI, works great. Only negative is the premium added to the retail price because these cards are in demand.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I survived but barelyI had to figure out the anti-matter equation for time travel just so I could go back in time, invest in bitcoin before the boom, and then come back to the present day to buy the gpu. On a serious note this thing is a beast and has unbelievable performance. I really hate where the Market is qt right now but I’ve waited over 3 years to add this to my build. I’m glad I did just not to thrilled it cost me 2 MONTHS OF RENT.

  7. Gary D. Mathias

    Great Product, True to the advertisement. New factory sealed 3080Ti.Great Product, True to the advertisement. New factory sealed 3080Ti. be prepared to water-cool is you land one of these cards. running on max settings the card peaks around 85c in an air-cooled case with 8 140 fans.Scalping and up charging $800 over MSRP is a terrible thing to do to people. Says a lot about the people behind this… it is what it is… just a shame this is what the world is becoming…Seller at least had the decency to reach out to me and explain the price gouging situation, so there’s that. again it is what it is. I’m happy with the product, I’m not happy having to pay $800 over MSRP. nothing will change that.

  8. Richard

    A high price for an otherwise outstanding GPU3080 Ti easily muscles through a slew of games at 4k@120, with most brand new games taking my pc up to 4k@50-120 depending on game and visual settings (I can almost always max out graphical fidelity on all games I own), your experience may vary by your own PC config. Build quality is excellent, I never hear the GPU fans over my chassis fans (an early 2000’s antec chassis).

  9. Jose Delgado

    Really good and handy productReally good product, is quite but of course if you are playing with the graphic card will make noise if you set the display of the games on epic, easy to install and, I got it used and I got it like it was new.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I don’t regret my purchase, but..The price is high but these cards are worth it only if you actually utilize the power. If you just want something stronger than what you have I suggest just getting a different card. I hear mining cards aren’t that bad as long as you don’t overpay.

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