Elgato Cam Link Pro – PCIe camera capture card, 4 HDMI inputs, 1080p60 Full HD, 4K30, Multiview, streaming, video conferencing,

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Camcorders, DSLRs, action cams, mobile devices — capture any clean HDMI signal in 4K or Full HD. One facecam, a secondary side camera, a third on wide and a fourth overhead. You can even connect PCs, laptops and tablets to add plug and play content to your mix. Get granular with your stream layout. Four HDMI inputs appear as separate devices in OBS, vMix, or any encoding software of your choice. So you can position, resize and customize each video feed on the fly. Built-in Elgato Multiview lets you combine up to four camera feeds in one source. Picture in Picture, Side by Side, Triple, or Quad — choose your layout and set HDMI-1 / Multiview as the camera input in apps such as Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. With four HDMI inputs and Multiview at your disposal, conference calls look incredible. Revolutionize your virtual presentations, ace your digital creative pitches, and engage your students using a multitude of educational media. Direct Cam Link Pro integration turns Stream Deck into a live camera switcher. Instantly change Multiview layouts with a tap of a key. Or create Multi Actions to trigger audio clips, adjust lighting, and switch cameras simultaneously. It’s advanced A/V automation at your fingertips.

Additional information

Weight 144 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 2.2 cm




Model Name

‎Cam Link Pro

Part Number




Processor Count


Hardware Interface


Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Camera

Mounting Hardware

‎1 x Cam Link Pro

Number Of Items


Video Capture Resolution




Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Composition


Connector Type


Does it contain liquid?




Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎12.1 x 12.3 x 2.2 cm; 144 Grams




‎1 A batteries required.

Date First Available

‎ 8 April 2021



10 reviews for Elgato Cam Link Pro – PCIe camera capture card, 4 HDMI inputs, 1080p60 Full HD, 4K30, Multiview, streaming, video conferencing,

  1. Weatherstation

    Super Bildqualität mit Schluckauf
    Also erst mal vorweg: Die Bildqualität ist der Hammer. In Verbindung mir meiner Canon EOS R6 Mark II habe ich bisher kaum ein besseres Bild gesehen.Die Karte ist leicht zu installieren – Achtet darauf, dass euer Mainboard einen x4 Chipsatz Slot frei hat der NICHT von der Grafikkarte verdeckt ist – und funktioniert nach dem download der Software sofort. Ab hier ist es eigentlich plug and play.Man kann die Kamera in mehreren Medien gleichzeitig verwenden, was gerade beim Streamen und gleichzeitiger Videotelefonie extrem hilfreich ist, und kann auch bei mehreren angeschlossenen Kameras den Multiview Modus aktivieren um alle Kameras in einer Quelle übertragen zu können.Alles in allem für Streamer eine super Lösung wenn man mehr als eine Kamera braucht.ACHTUNG: Solltet ihr nur eine Kamera haben, greift lieber zum Elgato Cam Link 4k. Dieser ist unauffälliger für Probleme und funktioniert auch in Valorant (oder ähnlichen Riot Games).Und damit direkt zu den Problemen. Manchmal hat der Cam Link ein paar Probleme mit der Bildqualität – e.g. die Auflösung startet auf 420p und lässt sich nicht ändern – nur ein PC Neustart hilft. UND dadurch, dass die Karte über PCI angebunden ist gibt es Anti-Cheat Programme (wie z.B. Riot Vanguard) die die Karte blockieren wodurch eure Kameras während des Spielens nicht zu gebrauchen sind.Solltet ihr also Valorant oder LoL spielen, empfehle ich den Cam Link 4k oder eine USB Webcam 😀


    At current prices, highly recommended!
    If you need to do capturing of more than one HDMI device at a time and have a desktop which has an open x4 port (make sure it’s x4, it needs this, I found out the hard way), this device is a sensational way to get a quad-HDMI capture setup.I use it to help stream pinball events where we need three cameras on the machine at all times, and if we wanted to, we could use the fourth for a camera pointing at us (we use the fourth one actually to switch to an arcade game for streaming other nights). The device also nicely supports consoles, so streaming multiple PS4/PS5/XBox systems is doable here, as would be most HDMI-upscaled retro devices (be warned that Retotink devices sometimes don’t play nice with Legato products, but I have not tested this myself, would still recommend Retotink a hundred times over).At the current price point (under $170), it’s cheaper than buying two external single-HDMI devices and those use your USB bandwidth too. It’s a must buy if you need multiple HDMI inputs for capture.

  3. Ristu

    Fonctionne simplement et correctement, il faut bien vérifier les specs de votre machine car c’est gourmand en ressource

  4. Chris

    Fantastic for the switch!
    I wanted for my friends in discord to watch me stream the new Zelda, and this capture card is absolutely phenomenal for just that! Super easy to install so long as you have the right PCI slot (I’m sure you do especially if you have an expensive prebuilt like I do lol), then you just head to the website to update the drivers for it, and boom you’re playing the switch on your PC. Couldn’t have asked for a simpler, better capture card. 🙌

  5. Luciano

    Acertei em um otimo equipamento profissinal
    Acertei em um otimo equipamento profissinal, otimo acabamentoestou muito feliz

  6. William G.

    Good Card
    I like this card, it does what I need it to do. I just wish I could change the aspect ratio of the picture-in-picture mode to make the smaller camera view bigger than it is. 9/10 would recommend

  7. Sirius

    excelente tarjeta, buen soporte.

  8. mark mcevoy

    Plug and play for 4 hdmi cameras
    Worked straight out of the box..easy to install..tried 4 hdmi cameras and all worked. Was picked up straight in my broadcast software xsplit and was able to add each camera individually to xsplit..am not fussed on the sound as its limited on what you can do with it but worth the investment for the hdmi inputs

  9. Dev Thomas

    Good but not the greatest
    The Camlink Pro is a four Input HDMI capture device. Easy installation. Works with 4/16 lane PCIE slot.The only downside is that there’s no output, to send to another monitor or device. Overall, its a good product

  10. 寺田祥丈

    The media could not be loaded.


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