Pyle PDA35BT 100 Watt Mini Bluetooth Power Digital Class D Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier with Two Aux Inputs – 2 Channel

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The Pyle PDA35BT Compact & Portable Amplifier features built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming ability. Connect & stream audio from all of your favorite devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and computers. This high-efficiency and high-powered mini system produces an impressive 100 Watt MAX power into 8 Ohms, or 50 Watt per channel. You will enjoy versatile sound processing with crisp sound reproduction at a fraction of the size. Additional features include rear panel RCA (L/R) outputs, Banana Plug speaker inputs, 3.5mm (AUX) input, along with a 1/4” headphone jack — which makes this system double as a Headphone Amplifier. Enjoy compact, versatile and wireless sound amplifying ability with the Pyle PDA35BT Bluetooth Mini Amp.

Additional information

Weight 480.81 kg
Dimensions 9.14 × 4.83 cm
Item Weight

‎481 g

Product Dimensions

‎12.45 x 9.14 x 4.83 cm; 480.81 Grams

Item model number


Output Wattage

50 Watts


100 watts



Date First Available

22 July 2015



10 reviews for Pyle PDA35BT 100 Watt Mini Bluetooth Power Digital Class D Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier with Two Aux Inputs – 2 Channel

  1. Branka Poplonski

    Did not work for me
    I was thrilled to finally receive this since I read some raving 5-star reviews and the product was not in stock at the time. I suppose this is a new product and vendors are just stocking up on it.I noticed that the amplifier was a bit bulky but it fit into the space I had allocated for it so the size was not an issue.After I had everything set up I was ready to go. I first tested the amp feeding music through a cable to the aux input. This worked. Volume on my speakers was not quite what I had hoped but I still was pleased with the unit. However there was some hiss in the audio which I guess is to be expected from an entry-level class-D amp. I guess Pyle did not want to invest in a higher-quality chip set to make this product affordable. For a Class-D amp, I would rate it at the lower to medium end in terms of sound quality. It is lacking detail but works well for pop music.Next I tested streaming music from an iPod touch. It was a real hassle to get the amp to sync with the iPod. The amp would constantly lose sync. Also, when I start moving the iPod, the connection frequently drops out. I think one of the other reviewers was having a similar issue. I am not sure if this is a design flaw or just a compatibility issue with my iPod. I do not have any other Bluetooth devices I can test. After fiddling with this for half an hour, I finally found a sweet spot where I can put the iPod so that the amp does not lose sync. But this arrangem,ent is much to fragile for me to feel comfortable. I made sure that the external antenna is firmly attached so in theory it should work. I am waiting to see if Pyle will make another revision of this product. For now I am returning the amp. It is a fun product and would be great if it worked better.

  2. Cliente de Amazon

    Pyle PDA35BT
    Cumple, sin embargo…el control de volumen no apaga el sonido completamente al bajarlo completo aun se escucha el audio. El bluetooth funciona pero llega a tener interferencias si es que no se transmite en linea recta; además su alcance no es de 10 metros como el standard sino solo de 5 metros aprox. que de hecho lo dice en el manual que viene pero con obstáculos empeora la recepción. El sonido es bueno y potente para usarlo en la oficina o un lugar pequeño. Lo compre principalmente por su tamaño. Se siente resistente.

  3. Christopher J. Driver

    Prefer Planned Obsolescence? Pick Pyle.
    I was pleased with this handy, compact device, which seemed well made and solid, for close to five years. It’s essentially a metal box housing an amplifier that fits into the palm of your hand, with a single, direct line input and a BlueTooth input, a button to choose which, and a power/volume knob. Pretty simple, right? No fuses. No batteries. I used it inside on a shelf in a climate controlled room for occasional music listening from both input channels, either via a cassette deck or an iPhone, with two simple bookshelf speakers. I’m no audiophile, but it sounded good. No problems until recently, when the unit’s two lights faded, the power flickered away, and all functionality ceased. As I was well out of the return period with Amazon, I wrote to Pyle, saying that this seemed very odd to me, as I’m still using a 30-year old amplifier made by another brand in another room.As I told them, because this is such a simple device, used carefully and intermittently as intended, I don’t know what could have made it suddenly cease to function, other than poor components and/or poor assembly that would result in bad internal connections destined to fail. I expected them to stand behind their product, but they did not. I pleaded my case to no avail. While apologetic, they said they could repair it, but only if I paid them for the repair and for shipping. Here’s a verbatim quote from Pyle’s response, typos included: “Units eventually wear off over period of time.” I’m switching to a better brand that doesn’t expect its products to fail and would recommend that you do too before considering a Pyle product. This is not how a company builds loyalty.

  4. Jack Bitton

    Great idea but has some flaws
    I think this product fills a niche. I was considering getting a wireless receiver and connect it to a small amplifier. This product has both of these components integrated into a single unit. Also, the seller did a great job shipping this out fast. I could also have ordered directly from Amazon which has great customer service.After setting this up, I synced it with my phone. It did sync but after playing for half an hour lost sync. It would not recover from this fault condition. Only manually re-syncing would establish the link. So this can get very annoying over time.The other issue I have is that the wireless link is very susceptible to the slightest movement. If I move my phone to certain spots in my living room, the signal goes. However it does come back if I move from these dead spots. I found the only way to keep a steady signal to put my phone into one spot and not move. Unfortunately I am not willing to live with these annoyances. Despite what some of the other reviewers are saying, I am returning this item.

  5. John Pavanal

    Stopped receiving power…..
    Overall great great class D in my opinion. Worked well with my Sennheisers and was able to power my kenwoods as well. Only issue was after two years and three months. One morning I turned on the amp and the power light flickered slightly and then nothing. None of the inputs worked including the bluetooth, appears that the light lost power comletely. Overall okay product but just stopped working all of a sudden.

  6. UB

    A potentially great (but flawed) product.
    I was really looking forward to enjoying this thing. Unfortunately, it fell short in some key areas.1. Bluetooth connectivity (the #2 reason for purchase) is very unreliable.The thing is It almost seems like it requires ‘line of sight’ (at a short distance and less than 4 feet*) to perform.2. The line in options are (strangely) noticeably lower in volume than BT. For the purpose for which I intended to use it, I’d live with the ‘less-than-crisp’ audio performance (as one earlier review described it). With my streaming device (iPhone, iPad, etc) right next to it, it offers acceptable performance (superior tothat of line-in / aux connections).*I find, if I cross the path between the amp and my (BT) connected device, the signal falls apart (choppy).

  7. Jamey Wilson

    The amp itself is great but the bluetooth is terrible
    The amp itself is great but the bluetooth is terrible. Sounds like a scratched cd and after a while just disconnects completely. Range seems to be about 10 feet. Had to get a separate bluetooth module to use with it, which sucks because that’s the main reason I bought this.

  8. Bob Winsor

    Wireless connection drops
    I am generally pleased with this unit except for one fatal flaw. It has fairly good sound for the price and is built in a solid metal enclosure. The only issue I have is the wireless connectivity. I am having a hard time keeping a steady connection with my Blueberry. It does sync up but occasionally drops the connection. Then I have to reconnect. This can happen as often as 3 times a day. I am going to exchange this unit for another model.

  9. Amazon Customer

    This is very easy to set up and install
    This is very easy to set up and install. I have it connected to my grandma’s stand up radio, powering the original speaker; very cool. I wish the range on the bluetooth was better. It will steam flawlessly within 10-15 feet, but isn’t happy if you moved the paired device beyond walls or outside of that range.

  10. Katy Wood

    Worked well but lasted 2 days only
    I liked this unit but it was not meant to be in the end. On day 2 there was a plop and now the amp does not sync to any BT device anymore. If they would improve reliability I would probably buy this again.

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