FIFINE USB Gaming Streaming Microphone Kit for PC Computer, Condenser Mic Set with Arm Stand Mute Button & Gain, Mic Studio

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Model Name T683
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB, 3.5 mm Jack
Special Feature Mute Button/Gain Knob/Detachable 6.6ft USB-B to USB A/C Cable/Play and Plug/Boom Arm Stand Mic/U-Shaped Pop Filter See more
Compatible Devices Personal Computer, Headphone
Color Black
Included Components Boom Arm, Shock Mount, Pop Filter, USB Cable
Polar Pattern Unidirectional

  • IMPROVED EXPERIENCE – The cardioid streaming mic with pop filter is excellent to eliminate background noise and pick up a clean tone in your voice. Benefits from the premium mic capsule and the wide response range, the usb vocal mic offers a good balance of bass and treble which will keep the sound natural and true to life. Perfect for podcasting, streaming game, YouTube productions, zoom meetings and chatting on discord.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARM STAND – The pc microphone with stand is sturdy and easily swivels in any orientation. The mic and accessories will not going to get in your way to have a successful podcast, and less likely to pick up thumps from desktop or keyboard. You could tightly mount the condenser recording microphone to your desk or table that is up to 2in thick.
  • PLUG & PLAY – Compatible with Mac, PS4 and Windows PC laptop. No phantom power is required. No adapter is needed to use the usb microphone for computer that has only type C port. You can instantly start recording and streaming with this USB C microphone. 6.6ft USB cable is long enough for PC-setup users. (◆◆Incompatible with Xbox◆◆)
  • USEFUL FEATURES – Gain control, mute button and LED indicator on the podcast usb mic is easy to use and handy. And the mic with headphone jack allows you to monitor your voice in real time mixed with the sound from your computer. Instant listening to make sure your streams sound great.
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED – All-metal studio usb microphone in matte black, pop filter, shock mount, boom arm, table mount, 6.6ft USB-B to USB A/C cable and user manual with guide video. Great fit for the home studio that you’re looking to build. The gaming pc mic also comes with friendly tech support to ensure better experience.


From the brand

Product Description

  • Improved Recording Condenser Mic

Premium improved PC condenser microphone kit offers a better balance of bass and treble, keep the sound natural and clear.

  • Cardioid Pick-Up Pattern

Recording microphone focuses on the main source and effectively blocks background noise for a clean tone.

  • Upgraded Quality Audio

Vocal computer microphone maintains the voice real and natural to capture maximum detail in podcasts or voice-overs.

  • Quick Mute and Gain Knob

PC microphone with handy function keys is helpful and easy to access when recording for a podcast or in meetings.

  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack

USB mic with real-time monitoring for latency-free check your audio as well as playing back audio from your computer.

  • USB-B to USB A/C Cable

Recording microphone kit with 2-in-1 USB cable ensures easy connection with different computers, but no need adapter required.

  • Adjustable Scissor Boom Arm

Could be tilted and rotated to fit pretty much any streaming setup/workstation. (Note: Mount to the desk that is up to 2in thick.)

  • Studio Microphone Kit

PC mic for computer captures crystal clear and natural sound for gaming, podcasts, streaming, singing and instrument.

  • Package Including

All-metal USB condenser microphone, scissor boom arm stand, C-Clamp, pop filter, shock mount, USB-B to USB A/C cable and user’s manual. Gaming PC mic greatly fit for the home studio.

usb c microphone

FIFINE usb microphone with arm

FIFINE microphone with pop filter and mute

FIFINE usb microphone kit

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 15.98 × 10 × 2.99 cm
Item Weight

2.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

15.98 x 10 x 2.99 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number


Date First Available

March 18, 2021

Color Name


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer, Headphone

Connector Type

USB, 3.5 mm Jack

Material Type


Hardware Platform

PC, Gaming Console, PC, laptop

Power Source

Usb Microphone,Usb C



10 reviews for FIFINE USB Gaming Streaming Microphone Kit for PC Computer, Condenser Mic Set with Arm Stand Mute Button & Gain, Mic Studio

  1. Xyvreal

    Great quality in sound and feelThis mic has the capacity to pick up every tiny sound in my surroundings. I was honestly surprised by how sensitive this mic is. Now both me and most people probably won’t want others to hear every tiny sound so I recommend a noise gate to block these out. The built in gain know and mute button have also been insanely helpful as I switch applications or have a conversation in the backround. The provided boom arm is alright. It may not look as good as others but it fit my price and does its job well. Finally, the mic and its pop filter feel very well built and sturdy although common sense says that you still shouldn’t swing it around or hit it.

  2. Tevin Johnson

    Totally RecommendMic is amazingThe sound quality, build quality, and overall the whole mic is a 10/10Recommend this 100% best $60 dollars spent ever.

  3. Amazon Customer

    definitely better than a webcam micI took a gamble on an external mic to see if it would improve the sound quality for zoom calls at work. Co-workers and friends have told me the sound is much better, so I’m calling this a win. The closer the mic is to your mouth, the better; so having the mounting arm is just as important as the mic itself. Obviously this isn’t the most awesome mic available in the world of audiophiles, but it’s good value for the money.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I couldn’t be more impressedProduct arrived in perfect packaging. And I use if for streaming and video production. As well as recording for voice acting. Beautiful crisp and clear audio captures a massive range of audio. Including high tones and low bass notes

  5. david carlin

    The Fifine T683 is a darn good little microphone!Let me start by saying, the Fifine T683 is a darn good little microphone!Here’s a YouTube beginners tip: If you’re looking to level up your broadcasts, a good microphone is one of the best bangs you can get for just a few bucks!So what’s included in the box?More than you you’d think for this price point:* Scissor Arm for mounting to the desk – INCLUDED* Pop filter for reducing or eliminating popping sounds – INCLUDED* Shock mount to prevent vibrations from affecting the quality of your sound – INCLUDED* USB cable with both Type A and Type C ends to future proof the mic – INCLUDEDI don’t want to sound like I’m overselling this microphone, but all of this for $69.99!!(as of May 31, 2021)Then of course, there is the microphone. The Fifine T683 USB microphone itself is only 5 inches tall. A little taller with the pop filter installed. It’s a condenser microphone that performs very well in a studio environment. It has a physical gain control knob along with a mute button with easy access on the front of the mic, and an 3.5mm headphone jack in the back.So what are you missing with a mic at this price?You don’t get software that allows you to manipulate the quality of the sound. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I rarely ever mess with the settings on my Yeti microphone and in fact, have had some issues with the software failing to recognize the mic without unplugging it and plugging it back in. The simplicity of plug and play with a quality sound out of the box is refreshing.You don’t get multiple patterns. The T683 only comes with the cardioid function meaning it works best when its a few inches away, directly in front of your mouth. The further away from the center of the mic you get, the sound levels will drop. That’s great for reducing sound interference coming from the sides or behind the microphone, but if you are trying to use it with 2 or more people, the audio won’t be as clear and crisp for those off to the sides.As with all products, do your homework. I really like this microphone, especially with all the accessories that come with it and at an excellent price point for an entry to intermediate level microphone.

  6. Nicholas Erwin

    Great microphone for YouTube/Streaming for under $70!I am very impressed with this microphone for the price. The sound quality you get out of this microphone is impressive as it’s a condenser mic. Picks up your voice without picking up any of the background noise.I see this microphone being very popular for YouTubers, streamers, gamers, zoom, etc for people who need higher sound quality for their videos. But I don’t see this microphone being used for singing or recording acoustic instruments…not to say you couldn’t – If you know what you’re doing in post processing using Audacity or such, you could get some great recordings in a pinch for the money, that’s hard to beat.In terms of features, it has a easy to access gain knob and its quite sensitive too, be careful. It also has a mute button that’s easy to press and that is very handy when you need to mute the mic quickly during a live stream or a zoom call. On the backside of the microphone there is a headphone jack which doubles as a audio passthrough from your computer so is incredibly handy. I’ve even used it as an audio out directly into my camera for video and it sounded FANTASTIC! Thoroughly impressed!Build quality of the T683 is excellent, feels rugged. It’s made out of metal and has some significant amount of weight. It feel’s more expensive that it actually is. Comes with a great quality USB cable that is nearly 9 feet long. Although, I kind of wish it had separate USB C and USB A cables but it works. It also comes with a boom arm and is one thing that I’m deducting a star for. It’s quite cheaply made, basically they took an architect style lamp apart and retrofitted it for this microphone. While it does work, it has exposed springs and it’s very prone to rattle from the desk which can be picked up via the microphone.However, for the price…it’s to be expensive. They could’ve came up with a better design and added $10 to the cost, which I would’ve been gladly to pay. I also would’ve liked to seen some sort of cable management thing for the boom arm, even if it was just some velcro wire wraps. It goes a long way to keeping everything tidy.Overall, I’m quite impressed with this microphone and for $70, it’s a great deal for a decent quality sounding microphone that sounds really close to the Blue Yeti.I recommend it! Maybe get yourself a better stand though.

  7. Angel L.

    uuuuuum agrado el producto

  8. David

    Incredible bang for your buck.I don’t typically write reviews on products I buy from Amazon unless they’re egregiously bad or impressively good. This is definitely the latter. I bought mine back in April of 2021 (over a year ago, at the time of writing of this) when it was $79.99. I use it every day for work and recreation and I use it extensively, including for VoIP/Discord channels while (WoW) raiding for several hours at a time. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback on it’s audio qualities – many of which stating how envious they were because their mic quality is no better, yet cost them more than double what this one does. The cherry on top here is the inclusion of the physical controls on the mic, such as the gain knob, mute button & even a listening port on the back – which, to my knowledge is unheard of at this price-point… All of that on its own justifies the price, but fifine took it even further to really seal the deal and includes the desk clamp boom arm (more than reasonable build-quality for the price) as well as a shock mount + a nice pop filter.I’ve recommended this same mic to more than 10 friends/family in the past year and will probably continue to do so, unless some more compelling product comes to the market & is brought to my attention.

  9. S.

    Easy to set up, easy to useI’d never had a mic besides just headsets before, and this seemed like a decent entry level microphone. I couldn’t be happier with it; sound quality is excellent, and its sturdily made, would definitely recommend.Edit, 5 months later: I still love this thing, it has never given me a single problem. Before this I had years of issues with headset mics, and while I don’t really *need* this much microphone, I do not regret getting it one bit

  10. Writer Gal

    So far, so good.It was easy to set up. It did take a minute to figure out that I needed headphones if I wanted to hear myself – which is fine because that’s not what I wanted it for. It also took me a minute to figure out how to get my podcast videos to play back with the sound, when I used my headphones (no fault of the product – user ignorance lol). For the most part, it does what I need it to do, which is podcasting and dictation.

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