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The DUALXDirect provides two independent high quality active interfaces that let you connect instrument, line, or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced inputs. Each of the high impedance 1/4″ and XLR inputs (provided via “combo” jacks) are buffered and converted by very low noise active electronics into an isolated, balanced, low impedance signal output. The DUALXDirect has an extremely flat and wide frequency response and can handle high signal levels. This gives the DUALXDirect a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal sources and over long signal runs in high noise environments.

The input ATTENUATOR switches allow for a wide range of signal levels and the input THRU jacks allow for tapping off of your signal chain. The GROUND LIFT switches let you totally separate the input and output signal grounds, when appropriate, to isolate two systems, thereby reducing hum and ground-loop noise.

The DUALXDirect”s active circuitry is powered by phantom voltage from the OUTPUT connections or by an internal 9V battery, when external power is not available. When powered by a battery, it draws less than 7.5 mA which should provide more than 100 hours of operation with a new battery (alkaline recommended). If phantom power is available, then the DUALXDirect will automatically draw its power from the external source. The POWER ON/OFF switch lights more dimly when the unit is running off of the battery, lights more brightly when it is running off of phantom power, and is off when the unit is inactive.

The compact black-anodized all aluminum case and it’s active design allow the DUALXDirect to provide years of trouble-free service in Live Sound, Permanent/Fixed Install, D.J., and virtually any PA application. It’s full feature set, rugged construction, and high-end specifications make the DUALXDirect the obvious choice.

Key Features

Fully Active Design
Converts High-Impedance Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs Into 600 ohm Balanced Outputs
Switchable phase invert
¼-Inch TRS | XLR Combi Jack Inputs
Phantom Voltage or 9v Battery Powered
Switchable input attenuation (0, -20, -40 dB) Switchable low pass filter
Switchable ground lift (fully isolates inputs from chassis and outputs)
Rugged Extruded Aluminum Case


Frequency Response 10 Hz – 100 kHz, ± 0.5 dB @ +0 dBu
Total Harmonic Distortion <.05% (typical)
Dynamic Range >100 dB (typical)
Channel Separation > 80 dB (typical)
Maximum Input Level +4, +34 dBu
Maximum Output Level +6 dBu (battery powered), +14 dBu (phantom powered)
Input Connections ¼-inch TRS | XLR female balanced / unbalanced (2), 470k Ω
Thru Connections ¼-inch TRS (2)
Output Connections XLR male balanced (2), <600 Ω
Input Attenuation Switchable, (0, -30 dB)
Power Requirements 9V @ 7.5 mA (battery,Alkaline recommended), 18 – 48V DC @ 6.4 mA (phantom power, per channel)
Dimensions 1.85″H x 4.6″W x 3.9″D (47mm x 117mm x 99mm)
Weight 0.84 lbs (0.38 kg)

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About Us

ART is a company comprised of musicians, engineers and recording enthusiasts. Since its inception in 1984, we have been striving to redefine the performance versus cost barrier with a series of innovative new audio products designed with the needs of the musician in mind.

With a full line of vacuum tube preamplifiers and compressors that deliver unmatched warmth, tone and character; innovative Graphic Equalizers that actually show you exactly where feedback may occur, and a full complement of cool little useful tools designed for stage and studio, ART offers affordable audio solutions that deliver unmatched quality, tone, versatility and reliability.

On the road, in nightclubs, arenas, recording studios, auditoriums, churches, rehearsal halls, basements or garages, ART products have gained the loyalty of customers worldwide. Our rich history reflects our true passion for music and the creative process.

Additional information

Weight 249.48 kg
Dimensions 11.7 × 4.7 cm
Item Weight

‎249 g

Product Dimensions

‎9.9 x 11.7 x 4.7 cm; 249.48 Grams


1 9V batteries required.

Item model number


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Battery type



‎240 Volts



Date First Available

1 March 2011



10 reviews for ART DualXDirect Dual Professional Active Direct Box

  1. TJW

    Noticeable hiss
    Found that there is slight hiss when compared to the Radial J48 which is basically silent. It’s not horrible and will be fine for live performance, but it’s there and I’d be concerned using it for recording. To be fair, the Radial box is nearly four times the price and the signal to noise ratio reflects this. For a DI for live gigging this one will be fine and it looks like it will be rugged as well. Good value for the price.

  2. Guitar Johnny

    Did exactly what I needed it to.
    I had a guitar looper pedal with a loop that I want to run through a PA channel. I run it through this device first and it works. It sounds great. It pulls phantom power from our digital snake so I don’t even need a battery. One of the simplest solutions to an audio issue that I have dealt with in a long time.

  3. Daniel Olops

    Clean sound, no noise heard
    I was unsure on buying this item since I haven’t heard about ART until then, and there were only a few reviews about it. However, I had such a great surprise when I put this little box into action. I could hear no hiss, hum or other noises at all. I used it recently with my keyboard and with my USB audio interface in a live scene, and both them sounded amazing. I’d definitely recommend it over cheaper devices such as the 

    Behringer DI20 Ultra-DI 2 Channel DI Box/Splitter

     one, which is just too hissy.

  4. nicodd2012

    ART DualXDirect Direct Box Attiva
    Davvero un ottimo prodotto, funziona con una pila da 9 volts oppure tramite alimentazione Panthom. Davvero molto silenzioso e attenua il feedback prodotto dalle chitarre acustiche quando collegate al mixer.

  5. Yea I bought it

    Doesn’t do what it should
    I wish I would have tested earlier, now I’m stuck with a crap device that doesn’t isolate noise like it should. I have two others that I swapped on same line and they took out the crack and hum. Waste of money don’t buy.

  6. G Smith

    Versatile Product
    I needed an active DI box for my home rehearsal equipment. This product works perfectly. I use one channel for my iPhone, so I can hear the music I want to learn/play to. I use the other channel for my keyboard. Works great. And since 3 of my xlr inputs have phantom power, I use two of them with his DI box. No need for a battery! Great product. Sound is crystal clear! The 30dB pads work well, too.

  7. o2k

    Buena DI doble
    Es muy útil el que sean dos conectores XLR, así son dos cajas de inyección en una. Funciona perfectamente sin pila siempre que haya Phantom en los XLR enchufados del lado de la mesa. Si no hay Phantom se puede usar una pila cuadrada de 9V. Funciona demás sin ruido apreciable. Todo bien.

  8. aoleAndrea

    Ottimo prodotto, suono pulito e switch on off utilossimo
    Ottimo prodotto, suono pulito e switch on off utilossimo

  9. CJKeats

    Great product
    Works beautifully, got it just in time for a gig where I needed it

  10. Jvr

    Very good
    Very good product

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