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A conference can be arranged via Virtual environment i.e, video conferencing, or special video conferencing platforms. With the advancement of technology, any type of meeting can be held virtually with the help of virtual conference software or mobile application.  The aim of these Virtual conference platforms is to bridge the gap of distance between the team members or stakeholders located globally.

The main feature or property of these platforms is to provide the video conferencing option with the following enhancements:

  1. Unlimited Participation
  2. Sending Invites for registration
  3. Attendance Tracking
  4. Audience engagement option
  5. Voting & Polling
  6.  Q&A section
  7. Screen sharing and recording
  8. Video streaming
  9. Social media option
  10. Multi-device support
  11. Chat
  12. Scanners
  13. Gallery and Document support/File sharing
  14. Security
  15. Content Management

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Virtual Conferences can be held along with the Face to face conferences for the stakeholders who are present in a different location during the conference.

To know more can read the details about virtual conferences or event provided by Wikipedia:

Pros of Virtual Conferencing

Some of the pros of Virtual Conferencing over the Face-to-Face conferencing are:

    1. Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective mode of meetings. It saves the cost of the venue, admin arrangements and event hardware rentals
    2. Time-Saving: The members can join the meeting instantly without investing time in travelling to the venue.
    3. Global Presence: The virtual conference platforms can be accessed from anywhere in the world
    4. Recording: It allows the participants to record the meeting.
    5. Instant Results of Voting: The results of e-voting through the virtual conferencing platform can be declared instantly.
    6. User Friendly: Most of the virtual conference platforms are easy to use and user friendly.
    7. Document Access: The participants can access and store the documents on the platform.
    8. Analytics: The analytics option of virtual conference platforms can help the stakeholders to analyze various aspects of conference & audience data

Types of Virtual Meetings/Conferences

Any type of meeting can be supported via Virtual. The platforms are designed to support the following types of events or meetings:

Meetings and Conferences
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Stakeholders Meetings
  • Townhall Meetings
  • Conclave Meetings
  • Decision-Making Meetings
  • Daily Team meetings
  • Team Bonding Meetings
  • Team Building Meetings
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Congresses
  • Exhibitions
  • Association Events
  • Networking Events
  • Marathons
  • Learning Classes

Virtual Conference Platforms

There are many Virtual Conference platforms available in the market that help the organization to connect with the team members and other stakeholders.

Here’s the list of the virtual conference software, mobile applications, and integrated platforms that are taking the lead:

  1. GlobiApp:
  2. Zoom:
  3. vFAIRS:
  4. Whova:
  5. Digitell: 
  6. Go to Meeting:
  7. HighFive:
  8. ON24:
  9. Intrado:
  10. Evia:


GlobiApp is Software and Hardware integrated event management mobile application. From the pre-event to post-event, GlobiApp covers all the processes and components of the event. GlobiApp can be used for any type of event like Virtual Meetings, Congresses, Conferences, Corporate Events, Marathons, Music concerts,  Networking events and many more. It also supports customization of the app as per your theme

For Virtual conferences, GlobiApp offers a lot of unique features like Live Streaming of multiple videos, Audience engagement activities, Audience responses, Integrated Voting & Audit, Registration, Participant Tracking, Content Management, and many more.


Zoom is one of the trending Virtual conferencing platform or solution. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support.


Make the conference an unforgettable experience for the attendees by enabling them to chat with you through audio, video or text messages on vFAIRS virtual conferencing platform. Resolve their queries and equip them with more information through chat forums in a virtual conference. Allow the attendees to benefit from a group chat or have a one-on-one interaction with you.

Through vFAIRS you can Invite a lineup of speakers to talk about topics your audience cares about through a series of live webinars. Get the audience involved with Q&A and make it a 2-way conversation.


Whova virtual conferencing platform allows you to access virtual sessions from any device. Following are the Whova virtual conferencing platform features:

  • Engage audiences with various online tools including live polls, session Q&A, surveys, session feedback, discussion board, and more
  • Notify attendees about any important updates via push notifications on their phones
  • Triple survey/poll response rate with in-app gamification


Digitell virtual event and live streaming platforms give you the ability to connect with a global audience. It is user-friendly and scalable, the platform ensures that your attendees get the ‘real event feel’ while helping you reach more people and create community across the world. With dynamic engagement tools and customer service, Digitell team is dedicated to making your next event a success.


GoToMeeting virtual conferencing platform is empowering organizations to work remotely. It provides the features of screen sharing, conference calling, video conferencing, mobile conferencing, meeting recording & transcription, and hardware bundled with professional, user-friendly video conferencing software in one simple kit.


HighFive provides unlimited concurrent meetings, unlimited web conferencing minutes, unlimited call recording, and unlimited screen sharing with our video conferencing software. Access all the features—inside and outside the conference room—on all your devices. No meeting limits or usage fees. No pin codes, passwords, or downloads needed. Plus, no more randomly generated string of numbers and letters. Highfive meeting URLs are simple and customizable which makes them easy to remember


Through ON24 Platform, you can have all the benefits a physical event offers inside an online environment. And, even better, all the rich interactions with your audience are captured in real-time, analyzed and delivered to your marketing automation platform and CRM systems for you to take action.


Connecting people with each other and the right information is mission-critical. Intrado, formerly West, develops an innovative virtual conferencing platform to make it easier, more effective and more efficient to make the right connections. From town halls to marketing webinars, investor days to product launches, these are the events that build your brand, drive sales and engage key audiences can be organized with Intrado virtual conferencing platform.


Evia’s Engineering Services team is the key to delivering worry-free virtual and hybrid events. Whether it’s building solutions to mitigate the risk of failure or creating custom event microsites, the seasoned team focuses on ensuring the success of your live and on-demand content.






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