QSC – Audio Systems

QSC Audio Systems is a reputed organization far as Mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, AV control platforms, business music, cinema products are concerned. Qualified Sound Corporation (QSC), an American maker of audio goods such as loudspeakers, digital mixing boards, DSP and networked audio and video control platforms, is a subsidiary of QSC Audio Systems. Professionals, corporations, and movie theatres all around the world rely on QSC products, whether they’re in-house or on-the-go.
Patrick Howe Quilter started the QSC Audio Systems in 1968 and currently serves as chairman of the board of directors. As an engineering student with a strong interest in electronics and music, Quilter was a natural fit for the role. Quilter discovered in 1967 that his brother’s high school band bassist was looking for a cheap bass amplifier. A $250.00 budget led Quilter to say, “I could definitely come up with anything for that,” which resulted in the first QSC amplifier. He dropped out of school to establish his own business building guitar amplifiers since so many of his musician friends and acquaintances wanted him to.
An first shop in Costa Mesa, Calif. included both production and retail activities under one roof at the time of its inception in 2008. Back at the factory, the amplifiers were constructed and sold. Initially, most of the staff were friends who were lending a hand. The Duck Amp and the Quilter Sound Thing were two early guitar amplifiers. Quilter Sound Company, the company’s original name, was reduced to “QSC” and used for many years as QSC Audio Products, Inc. In 2015, the firm was renamed QSC, LLC.