PreSonus AudioBox iTwo 2×2 USB/iPad Audio Interface

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A great choice for mobile musicians, sound designers, and podcasters, the AudioBox iTwo is USB bus-powered, compatible with Apple iPad, compact, ruggedly built, and works with virtually any Mac, Windows, or iPad recording software. It offers 2 combo mic/line/instrument inputs with high-performance Class A mic preamplifiers, professional-quality, 24-bit/96 kHz converters, and MIDI I/O. It comes with PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist DAW software for Mac and Windows (free download after registration) and Capture Duo for iPad recording software , with direct wireless transfer of your recordings to Studio One.

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An ideal solution for mobile musicians, sound designers, and podcasters, the bus-powered PreSonus AudioBox iTwo audio interface provides all the inputs and connections you need to create a professional quality studio at home or on the go. Ruggedly built and compatible with Mac, Windows PC, and Apple iPad, the AudioBox iTwo is bundled with powerful, easy-to-use recording software, making it a complete, multiplatform recording solution.

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Bring your studio with you and record wherever you go!

The two-channel PreSonus AudioBox iTwo lets you capture voice, guitar, and line-level sources on macOS, Windows, and iPadOS devices. Simply plug in, and you’re ready to create! USB bus-powered and bundled with powerful, easy-to-use recording software, the AudioBox iTwo makes it easy to capture ideas and create professional-quality recordings.

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Mobile recording on your iPad.

Record in stereo on iPad with free PreSonus Capture Duo or record up to 32 tracks with affordable Capture for iPad. The AudioBox iTwo was designed with iPad recording in mind and is compatible with standard iOS power accessories. Best of all, tracks recorded in Capture for iPad can be sent wirelessly to your laptop or desktop computer running Studio One recording and production software.


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Studio Magic

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Included Software

Studio One Artist


Studio Magic

The AudioBox iTwo audio interface is bundled with a complimentary license for Studio One Artist, giving you a complete recording solution right out of the box. Built by creative people for creative music production, Studio One is easy to learn and enables you to compose, record, and produce your masterpiece without getting distracted by the tools. A complete production environment, Studio One Artist offers includes five stunning virtual instruments, eight sample and loop libraries, and 28 plug-in effects to provide all the tools you need to create hits from home.

PreSonus Capture for iPad brings professional-quality recording to the Apple iPad yet is lean, fast, and easy to use. How fast and easy? Start recording with just one tap! Visit the Apple App Store and get started immediately with Capture Duo, a free two-track app—or go multitrack with Capture for iPad for only 9.99 USD. Either version is a perfect companion for the AudioBox iTwo mobile recording interface.

Make some music magic with the Studio Magic software bundle. With a retail value of over 1,000 USD, the Studio Magic software suite includes tutorials from Melodics, sound libraries from Ghost Hack, seven virtual instruments, and nine effects plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats to use in Studio One or your DAW of choice, giving you a broad assortment of spellcasting ingredients for Studio One straight out of the box; all created by the best developers in the business. You’ll be able to go wild with funky R&B drums and synths from beyond the sound of time—or add professional sheen and dynamics to ensure your mixes are a cut above the rest.

Additional information

Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 21.29 × 22.56 cm
Item Weight

‎454 g

Product Dimensions

‎45.42 x 21.29 x 22.56 cm; 453.59 Grams

Item model number

AudioBox iTwo



Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Ipad, Personal Computer

Hardware Interface

USB 2.0

Supported Software

Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic plug-in suite


‎PC/Mac/iOS – 2 Mic Pres


‎Windows, Mac



Date First Available

17 July 2014



10 reviews for PreSonus AudioBox iTwo 2×2 USB/iPad Audio Interface

  1. Mr. Gj Syed

    Worked out of the box!!!
    I’ve tried the i-rig 3 times in the past and failed on all attempts with input from the manufacturer and Apple. I was so sceptical when I bought this. To my delight, the phone picked it up straight away so after I changed the input setting from mic to presonus in app settings, I got a perfect recording. Couldn’t use the software suggested by manufacturer as it was not available on my device but worked well on BandLab and GarageBand.

  2. SlowTarget

    Nice interface with a significant flaw for iOS users
    The audio interface is great. Works well can and comes with a ton of freebies, but it doesn’t pass power to the iPhone/iPad.I’m not sure if this is an Apple problem or a PreSonus problem, but PreSonus skips over the issue. I had to dig and dig and finally found an admission that their claim is that the AudioBox iOne doesn’t draw power from the iPhone/Pad. The result is that you have to have a newer iOS device with a fully charged and long life battery to use it outside the studion. My fantasy was to use an older iPhone with a damaged screen and low battery life combined with the Presonus AudioBox iOne and an M-Vave chocolate foot pedal, to turn my BiasFx2 Elite amp app into a powerfull pedal board. It all works, but because the iOS device isn’t getting charged, the whole things dies quickly.. I’m currently using a lower quality interface that doesn’t use the lightning port, but it’s not as good sounding or frankly reliable as the lightning port method.As an interface for simply connecting to your computer? It works great.

  3. Ben

    could not get studion one artist for free
    after plugging in the hardware and registering the product, the website will let you have the demo version, but you must pay either monthly or yearly for the subscription. could find zero help to resolve this. i would be willing to edit my review if this is rectified in a timely manner.

  4. Mauricio

    Great interface
    Works really well easy to understand and the programs that come with it are really good. I’ve used it for a lot of recordings and the sound quality is really good

  5. Hetty Gower

    May not be best for audio/headphone listening
    This PreSonus was at an amazing discount when I was looking for an audio interface, so I thought I’d give it a try. I was concerned when I saw that it was on sale everywhere, though, and stayed on sale, in looking at some reviews that expressed concern for quality. It comes with a great amount of material and plug-ins for use and indeed was a great price at the sale I got it for. However, it was when I started to more deeply investigate its qualities for listening to music with good headphones I was testing out that I grew concerned. It seemed when hooking up a general headset and listening to youtube music, the PreSonus made the music muddier and noiser than just hooking to my laptop directly. Also, raising the volume in a recording test, noise rose especially quickly compared to another interface I was testing out, which did not develop additional noise over the same volume excursion, and which sounded better hooked to the headphones than the headphones going directly into the laptop by comparison. So with the bit of faltering on those two points, it made the choice to go with the alternative interface clear and I returned the PreSonus, as I can’t see this being a successful tool if listening to music or recording it comes with such limitations with what little I had attempted to accomplish with it.

  6. Javy

    Interfaz recursiva
    Esta interface, es muy buena opción para iniciarse con el Home Studio. Pero solo eso, hasta ahí, como todas las interfaces de este rango; pero para mi lo que la hace genial es, que se puede conectar al ipad y este la reconoce como si fuera de la familia, dotándolo de un auténtico equipo de grabación portátil, tanto si quieres grabar en Garage Band, como en Capture One de Presonus. Otra de las genialidades es que te regalan el Studio One Artist, que viene con un completo paquete de plugins propios y de terceros que te permiten arrancar en la grabación, mezcla y mastering. A mi personalmente me encanta Studio One y el ecosistema de Presonus pues funciona todo genial y te facilita mucho la vida de Estudio.A tener en cuenta: Si buscas calidad de sonido, tendrás que invertir más dinero en un equipo con un excelente conversor Analógico/Digital- Digital/Analógico. Pero para empezar y capturar sonido transportándola de un lugar a otro es una joya.

  7. jeremy m

    Great unit
    For what you get in the box, you are getting quite a lot, which is two different software applications and of course the unit itself. My previous audio interface was an old Tascam, which wasn’t compatible with most of the DAW software I wanted to use and had resort to all sorts of messing around just to get it to work. This unit worked right out of the box with my applications, plus I didn’t have to use virtual software audio cables and swap actual cables every time I wanted to play my guitar. Now I just turn off the phantom power switch on the unit, load up my DAW and start playing. The only thing that I have encountered that is annoying is, sometimes the unit will pick up noise, so you will want to make sure you have a quality, shielded usb cable..I have a very electrically noisy environment. I wouldn’t consider this mission critical studio grade, but it’s good enough for most practical playing and recording, more affordable and well made than other units in the same range. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. YS


  9. Alan

    Direct (Zero-Latency) monitoring in Stereo is NOT POSSIBLE with the AudioBox iTwo
    This detail wasn’t clear when I researched this product. The AudioBox iTwo will combine both inputs into a mono signal for direct monitoring. You cannot toggle this to Stereo direct monitoring (where Input 1 = Left channel, Input 2 = Right channel). When it comes to direct, it’s MONO ONLY.It is possible to split this back out to stereo in your DAW (audio recording/mixing software), but then it is no longer direct/zero-latency. And, for this to work, you have to have your DAW running the entire time. This is fine if you: (1) intend to record the signal, (2) don’t mind having your mixing software open, (3) don’t mind setting up channel routing, and (4) don’t mind introducing latency…But: if you’re doing live or real-time work and need zero-latency stereo monitoring, you are completely out of luck.This is frustrating as my older (and cheaper) Lexicon USB interface had a toggle switch for Stereo or Mono direct monitoring. Best of both worlds. Really wish the AudioBox had a similar toggle, or at the very least, made it clear in their product description that the inputs are summed to mono for direct monitoring.

  10. MB

    Windows 11 and the AudioBox iOne do not like each other.
    When it works, it’s great but this thing is not just plug and play with Windows 11. There are some compatibility issues with Windows 11 regardless of which firmware update you run on the AudioBox iOne (as of the date of this review). It’s particularly a problem if you tend to shut down your computer between uses. First thing I noticed is that the interface maintains power even if you completely shut down your PC. The blue power light on the interface continues to flash on and off unless you unplug the USB either on the back of the unit or at your PC. There is no power switch on the interface itself. I even went into my computers BIOS and turned off the USB ports charging and power sending abilities when in a powered down state and that didn’t even work. And if that weren’t strange and inconvenient enough, if you don’t remember to plug the interface’s USB back in BEFORE you power your PC back up, WIndows 11 won’t recognize it at all until you do a restart. I have literally tied every available USB port on my desktop and my powered USB hub and get the same results every time. I am running the latest firmware on the interface which according to PreSonus is compatible. So whether it’s Windows messing it up or PreSonus, this is a frustrating audio interface to get consistently running without extra steps in between each use, and use mine every day. Now, once you get it up and running it’s actually really good! Super low noise if any, plenty of power for both mic and headphone monitoring and the build quality is great. I WANT SO BADLY TO LOVE THIS THING! But it is getting dated as far as audio interfaces go and somewhere along the line it’s just not getting updated properly with Windows 11. If you don’t mind the extra steps to get it working, its priced low and when you get right down to recording and streaming, quality is very good. I may return it for a more updated unit because the constant need to unplug and plug back in not only gets old really fast, but it’s wear and tear on the cable and the USB port that will eventually give out.

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