ADJ INNO Pocket SCAN Stage Light Unit, Multicolor

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  • POCKET SIZED SCANNER: Built for speed and accuracy the Inno Pocket Scan produces a wide 14- degree beam from a 12-watt LED DMX flat mirrored Scanner and features a high-quality precision stepper motors.
  • MULTI-MODE OPERATIONAL: Operate as a stand alone fixture with 12 built-in shows, pulse to music in sound active mode, or diversify your show through 6 DMX Channels with 8 fixed Gobo/Colors + spot
  • PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: Dazzle your crowd with a high energy show with features like 540 degree pan and 180 degree tilt with pan/tilt inversion mode, pulse, strobe and 0-100% dimming.
  • WIRED COMMUNICATION NETWORK: Part of ADJ’s line of Airstream IR Series, the Inno Pocket Scan can be controlled wirelessly through the Airstream IR App where you can access thousands of features for ease of control.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO MOUNT: Perfect for the traveling DJ or Mobile Performer, this 6 lb. rugged fixture features a hanging yoke and safety hook so you can easily set up and take down.


The innovative Inno Pocket series from ADJ Products combines a lightweight rugged design with the power of LEDs and wireless compatible controllability producing and exciting and versatile lighting solution perfect for the mobile entertainer. From this series, the Inno Pocket Scan is a high-energy flat mirrored scanner that produces multiple 14-degree beams of colorful light and Gobo projection. With maximum output and a low power draw you’ll produce cooler, safer light shows without the cost of running traditional lighting.

From the manufacturer

inno pocket scan, adj, led effect

Inno Pocket Scan

With it’s compact size and light weight, the ADJ Inno Pocket Scan is an ideal lighting effect for any mobile entertainer, that features a bright 12-Watt LED engine and 12 exciting built-in light shows in a very compact, mobile case. This pocket sized, flat mirrored Scanner has a 14-degrees beam angle that projects 8 fixed GOBO/Color patterns (plus spot/white) from a single wheel. Compatible with the ADJ Airstream IR App.

It’s time for a Scanner revolution! With it’s compact size and light weight, the ADJ Inno Pocket Scan is an ideal lighting effect for any mobile entertainer, small nightclub, bar or lounge and for Bowling and entertainment centers. This fixture features a bright 12-Watt LED engine and 12 exciting built-in light shows in a very compact, mobile case.

This pocket sized, flat mirrored Scanner has a 14-degrees beam angle that projects 8 fixed GOBO/Color patterns (plus spot/white) from a single wheel. The Inno Pocket Spot is built with high quality, precision stepper motors for speed and accuracy. The fast mirror speed means that the Inno Pocket Scan is great for high energy music, and provides a great compliment to Moving Head effects for pure lighting excitement.


inno pocket scan, adj, led effect

inno pocket scan, adj, led effect

inno pocket can, adj, led effect

IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power

3-pin DMX

Single GOBO/Color wheel: 8 fixed GOBO/Colors + spot/white

This fixture features a bright 12-Watt LED engine and 12 exciting built-in light shows in a very compact, mobile case.

  • 12-Watt LED DMX Flat Mirrored Scanner
  • Single GOBO/Color wheel: 8 fixed GOBO/Colors + spot/white
  • 3 Operational modes: DMX, Sound Active & Internal Show control modes
  • 6 DMX channels
  • 12 Built-in shows
  • Gobo Shake effect
  • Gobo scroll mode
  • Beam Angle: 14-degrees
  • X/Y mirror movement
  • Stepper motors with micro stepping
  • 5 selectable Dim Curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural & Theatre)
  • Shutter: Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast
  • Dimming: 0% – 100%
  • Display Inversion Mode
  • With Wired Digital Communication Network
  • IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power (up to 21 Inno Pocket Scan’s @ 120V and 37 Inno Pocket Scan’s @ 230V )
  • Hanging Yoke + safety hook included
  • Optional IR wireless remote control: Full On, Stand by, Strobe, Color Change, Dimming, Sound Active On/Off (ADJ UC IR Not Included)
  • Compatible with the ADJ Airstream IR App
  • Power consumption: 33W (Full-On)
  • Light output: 3,110 LUX @ 2M; 860 LUX @ 4M (13-degree beam)
  • Multi-voltage Operation: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power cable length: 1.5 meter (IEC)
  • LED Source: 12W White LED source (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.5” x 5.25” x 6.5” / 294 x 132 x 160mm
  • Weight: 6 lbs. / 2.4 kgs.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 10 cm
Item Weight

6 pounds

Product Dimensions

16 x 9 x 10 inches

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August 29, 2014

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12 watts


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10 reviews for ADJ INNO Pocket SCAN Stage Light Unit, Multicolor

  1. Amazon Customer

    A great little gobo projector!A while back I’d tried the big ADJ Quad Scan, but the four projectors were too close together, and the mirrors did not swing as far as I would like them to have.Although you only have just the one mirror, the Inno Pocket Scan at least swings the mirror through nearly 90 degrees of arc.The intensity of the fixture is such that the gobos are quite visible, even in medium lit rooms of not much more than 20 feet long, and wide, with 9 foot ceilings.When setting up, be sure not to look directly into the optics while the fixture is lit. It’s bloody bright.If you’re only using two of these in a room about 12, to 15 feet wide, you might want to mount one on each end of your truss, and point them toward the opposite corners of the room. This provides the least dimensional distortion of the gobos, and gives the illusion of much wider coverage. I like to point these so the gobos glide along the top of the walls, corners, and floors. Not the ceiling, as the gobos look too distorted going along the ceiling.The scanners start up blacked out, and go through a power on self test for about 10, to 15 seconds, during which the mirror is moved through different ranges of motion several times. After that, they light up, and operate normally.In sound active mode, they slowly swing their beams around the room. Once sound is detected, they come to life immediately, and react nicely to even one’s foot stomping on a wood floor. That makes these extremely suitable for home use, where volumes need to be kept down.I’ve yet to check out the fixtures in DMX mode, but most of my work is done sound active mode for now, while I learn DMX control.About the only knit-pick I can think of that’s kind of annoying, is the sound of the motors when music is not playing, or very soft. Also would’ve been nice had these units come with metal protective plates to cover the mirrors while in storage.No big deal, really.I do wish ADJ had used the snap in IEC like on their Profile Panels. You have to really make sure to push the power cord into the connector, or you’ll think the worst when the fixture does not wake up.I like how ADJ placed the power, and data connectors on the back of the unit. This really helps shorten cable runs, and make cabling look neater from the audience side.I also like how small, and light these units are. Makes for easier setup, and storage.

  2. Patrick Colligan

    LOVE LOVE LOVEI bought 5 of these for the dance floor of my bar and hooked them all to each other via DMX. I didn’t have to mess with the DMX controls at all. They all synced up automatically and move in unison to the sound of the music. SUPER bright and when you add fog to the mix, they really put on a show! Not very many patterns but I love them nonetheless. I will eventually program them to my DMX controller but for now they work GREAT!

  3. Ruben dela Cruz

    Excellent product! just what i want!for years i’ve longed to have a scanner, and this one makes me happy! unit was delivered on time. works as advertised, and i love it. i haven’t used it on a gig yet, but when i do i’ll update this review.LED are very bright and not too hot. unit just gets a bit warm. lightweight, easy to setup. gonna purchase another one soon!!!

  4. Julio Chavarría Parra

    All good with the two Inno’sAll good with the two Inno’s. At first I thought one was damaged or had a problems BUT watch out!!! There is a special configs on the manual. For the rest these are awesome fixture.

  5. Saturnino Cano

    ADJ buen productoExcelente producto

  6. konstantin Tatarsky

    Five StarsVeri good

  7. Christopher Byrne

    Caution! No DMX Channel for colors.The fixtures are certainly affordable, and create a good bang for the buck. But I wish ADJ had advertised a little clearer that the 8 colors are dedicated to individual gobos.More specifically that they do NOT have their own DMX for the colors, as I purchased the MyDMX controller to compliment the setup. But is completely underwhelming given you lose 1/2 the functionality with no DMX channel for color.Working independently or Slave Mode is OK for most small crowds or parties (1-4 devices), but certainly wouldn’t recommend it if you were looking for 8+ animated fixtures or something more complex.

  8. Carl Stevens

    Amazing Lights!Great Little Lights! Highly reccomend purchasing a pair as they can be synchronised together to give a really professional looking light show!Great with or without smoke/fog. Perfect for Small & Medium venues.For Mobile DJ’s & Small bars these are amazing lights! Good value for this design of light & built well.I have linked my pair of Pocket Scans with a pair of Pocket Rolls, that when connected together create a really amazing effect!

  9. Thomas Thieler

    Aj ist topDas Ding ist der Hammer eben aj

  10. Dave Ross

    Love itLove these lights. so compact but wow what a output. great when connected together. can power one and feeds the others

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