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1. A Tiny POV Camera To Get Killer Food Shots Insta360 GO2 First Look

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: A Tiny POV Camera To Get Killer Food Shots Insta360 GO2 First Look

from the camera angle to the perspective if you think about it food photography is pretty straightforward to step out of that box every once in a while it's refreshing this is the insta 360 go 2. they're sponsoring this video they wanted to do a collab together and see if i could create some really fun and interesting pov food shots here in the studio using this camera and i was like hell yeah because one this is some really really cool tech i mean check that out this is a camera that's smaller than my pinky and two i've just been dying to use a camera like this to get more of these impossible shots that you're gonna see right here [Music] this is a crazy camera [Music] it's an update from the original insta360 go it shoots 1080 and 1440 video it's basically a lens and a button like the original wrapped in what looks like to be a much sleeker more well-built waterproof shell one of the biggest features or improvements from the original to this one is that they've increased the record time which should make a lot of people happy because it's going from 15 or 30 seconds a clip or 60 seconds a clip or something like that to 10 minutes in standard video and up to 20 minutes in flow state stabilized video which is a huge improvement plus you have 32 gigs of on-board storage and instead of having to connect it to your phone via a cable like the previous model now you can save your clips directly in the app one of the things that this camera is known for is that it has a magnet on the back and it's a pretty serious magnet you can stick it to anything that's metal so there are a ton of possible spots for capturing some cool angles they also provide a bunch of really cool magnetic accessories like the case for one which doubles up as a stand if you can whip out these little two feet but probably the best is this little magnetic pendant just place it under my shirt how easy is that and then they have their little pivot stand which is a pretty cool accessory as well and i'm thinking that i'm gonna probably get a lot of use out of this because i can hold this in my hand while at the same time holding something else and get a pretty killer pov shot with a bit rate up to 125 megabits per second if you're using the highest settings when you're exporting which is not super crazy but it's not bad either so if you're concerned with the highest possible image quality or the most cinematic look this camera is probably not for you but with that being said i think insta360 is trying to place the go-to as a serious but fun camera hobbyists can take mountain climbing or biking or maybe in a studio as they're cooking a recipe and more of a side kick for those of us who are video or content creators and are already carrying a ton of gear and we just want something that's super simple it grabs that unique camera angle or two and doesn't take up too much space in our bag or has too many accessories that go along with it i mean the camera and the case is the size of my airpods go to is super portable you can mount it pretty much everywhere if you're a fan of killer pov camera angles you can easily get these impossible shots making your story just that much more immersive for your audience it's as easy as just flipping up with the case and controlling it from there but i would actually download the app to your phone and connect the camera that way and from there you can control the camera's exposure the quality and the different modes like standard and pro video mode slow motion time lapse hyperlapse plus you can use the phone as a monitor which is what i did to line up all of my shots which you can then export the files straight to your phone and quickly get them up which makes the go to an awesome camera for creating some instagram stories or some behind the scenes content it'll shoot 120 frames per second slow motion which is awesome plus you can shoot in three different color profiles standard vivid and log this little camera can also do something that i'm sure you've seen before called the barrel roll inside the app you're able to reframe the image after the fact or twist it or make it do a 360 if you want because it's capturing more than just the rectangle frame but much more around the frame you're able to slightly reposition the frame if you want if you captured your video in pro mode hyperlapse or time lapse press and hold on the screen then drag to reposition this adds a keyframe down there on your clip which you can select to delete or click on and then use the slider to rotate the image maybe your horizon is off or maybe you just want to do a 360 like i did in this clip on my morning walk pick where you want to start the barrel roll then you press and drag to reposition the frame i want this dot probably at the end of the tunnel then i'll scrub through to where i want the barrel roll to stop again at a point i'll drag it until the end of the tunnel is in the middle again and then i'll select this keyframe and drag the rotation slider to 360 degrees then play it back and it does this epic spin i love this because it turns an ordinary and almost ugly corrugated tunnel on a walking path into a video clip that's pretty epic and cinematic i created another one walking into my building and i just love how easy it is you wear this little necklace you click on your camera and that's it it's pretty unintrusive i didn't notice a lot of people staring at it and i don't think at first glance a lot of people are gonna think this is a camera because you don't need any of these big giant straps or accessories do a lot of vlogs or recipe videos i'm sure you could really appreciate just how good the horizontal lock and stabilization are on this camera when it's switched on you can rotate the camera any way you want and it stays locked in position when i was shooting this recipe video i was continuously blown away by both its size and where i could place it capturing some angles that although you know they could use some work i haven't really been able to get a camera into like say this mixing glass for this poor shot i don't really think that insta 360 had food content creators in mind but i think if you're doing a recipe video or some kind of food brand work this little camera could get you some angles some perspectives that might make your project stand out maybe you don't shoot your entire video with this camera but as a sidekick like i said before it's a camera that you don't mind getting wet a tool that gives you that handheld feel that pov that brings your viewers into your story it'll work great for that plus with the camera and the case it's not like it's taking up any more space in your bag a huge shout out and huge thanks to the great people over at insta360 for sending this to me thanks for sponsoring this video check them out and check this camera out down in the description below i'll place a link down there also while you're down there please hit that like button please subscribe drop some comments down below and as always i'll see you in the next one you


2. The BEST POV CAMERA // How to capture Behind the Scenes for Photographers

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: The BEST POV CAMERA // How to capture Behind the Scenes for Photographers

what's the best way to capture behind-the-scenes footage is it something like a smartphone should you hire someone to shoot the behind the scenes for you or should you grab something like a 360 camera it's actually this gopro but this isn't just any gopro there's something special about it and i'm going to show you how you can get a similar setup and why this is the best setup right now for capturing any behind the scenes especially if you're a photographer or a videographer behind the scenes allows you to establish authority and connect with your audience it also shows what it's like to work with you and that's huge if you think of word-of-mouth marketing that's when someone you've worked with tells someone else that is a potential client hey anthony or you or whoever is fun to work with you should hire them behind the scenes is kind of like that it allows people to see what it's like to work with you without actually having to work with you instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on facebook marketing or google ads you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a gopro setup like this capture all the behind the scenes for yourself and then have a ton of footage that you can post on tick-tock and instagram reels and youtube shorts or whatever platform you like to post on okay so now that you understand why it's worth capturing behind the scenes i'm gonna show you what's special about this gopro compared to some other inexpensive options you may have considered you've probably seen something like this where you get a mount for your smartphone but the problem is as photographers we shoot both horizontally and vertically and if you set this to record and you're capturing behind the scenes and all of a sudden you want to go from a vertical photo to a horizontal photo now all of a sudden your behind the scenes footage has rotated and you can certainly stop and start or rotate this but that's a little bit inconvenient not only that you're killing the battery on your smartphone and so the next step up from that is something like this which is the gopro 9 with the max lens mod now this is an aftermarket lens that you can get for both the gopro 9 and 10 that adds a whole bunch of functionality to your gopro okay but why do i have this crazy setup first of all it allows you to do something that the regular hot shoe adapter doesn't i've turned the gopro on and what you can notice is as i go all the way around the footage from the gopro stays level so not only can i go horizontal to vertical but if for some reason i over extend it it still allows me to go all the way 360 degrees around and it keeps the footage stable you can do this on both the 9 and the 10 if you get this extra mod but you can't do it on the older gopros now the problem with the hot shoe is if you're someone who uses the hot shoe to do flash photography or you want to mount a microphone then that can be problematic and that's where this crazy contraption comes in it attaches to your tripod adapter and it comes off to the side and there's all these parts i'll show you how to build this at the end but essentially what it does is it leaves your hot shoe free if you're a wedding photographer or a flash photographer and you need to use that or you're a videographer and you would prefer to mount a microphone there now another option that's pretty cool is this necklace and it can actually go under your shirt but it's basically a magnet and you can wear it so that the gopro sits at the center of your chest this piece goes under your shirt and you can adjust the height of it with this little lanyard at the back okay hold on we're we're in the sun so i'm just gonna move really quick okay i think that's better so what i was saying is that there's this other option which is basically a necklace there's a piece that's magnetic that goes under your shirt and then you just you set the height of it and it kind of just sits right there and you grab this guy and it magnetizes on now the problem as you can kind of see is it's a bit droopy because i'm wearing a t-shirt if you were wearing a winter jacket it works perfectly fine but in this case for summer it's it's a little bit floppy all right so i'm going to show you how to set up all this stuff and i'm going to show you one more way to set up your gopro but in order to do that let's jump back inside all the options i just showed you are laid out here and there will be links in the description to all these things in case you want to pick one of them up but right off the bat i'm going to make this simpler and just remove the chest adapter necklace because i think that's fairly straightforward and i'm also gonna remove this one because again it's pretty simple and i think the gopro is a better option than using your phone now we're left with just the gopro options and if you want to keep this really simple i would recommend going with just the hot shoe adapter if we take the gopro 9 which i have here and the max lens and i'll just show you how to remove the lens all you have to do is give it a 90 degree turn and the lens that comes with the gopro comes off then when you take out your max lens you just take the cover off the back throw it on and then twist it 90 degrees and you can uncover it so with that set up if you want to keep it really simple you can grab the hot shoe but i'm going to keep that to the side and explain what we've got going on here in the middle these two pieces come together as part of the bracket that you can buy one has some rubber on it and this one i've actually added my own rubber it's just a piece of electrical tape you can use either of these but in this case i'm just gonna remove that one i'm gonna grab this one and i've also got a little rubber gasket here which i had laying around again you could use a piece of tape not necessary but for me i just find it makes it fit and makes the threads just a little bit tighter so when it holds on to the next piece it just stays nice and in place the next thing you're going to want to get is one of these small rig ball heads it actually comes with this hot shoe adapter and if you wanted you could keep the hot shoe adapter and if you had something like a camera cage in this case that's what this is you could take the camera cage put that onto your camera and then mount the ball head into the hot shoe there so that's one option but i'm not a huge fan of the cage one because it's bulky and it's hard to take on and off and two because they're a lot more expensive than just going with one of these simple l brackets here is what we're left with so i've got the l bracket i've got one of these ball heads and then i've got one of these gopro quarter inch adapters that will literally just screw onto the ball head so i'm going to screw those in together and you can see that's what that looks like and then i'm going to take this and screw it onto my l bracket now what we can do is we can take the gopro put it on the adapter and just screw it right in you could stop right there in fact this screw will go right into the bottom of your camera but i've got this quick release tripod adapter plate and i'm just going to use this and screw that into the bottom and now that's pretty much assembled we've got the tripod adapter to the l bracket to the small rig ball head to the gopro adapter and then the gopro with the max lens mod and then the final step assuming you already have an arca swiss style tripod plate in this case i've got a peak design attached because i have their little what do you call these things camera cut clutch cable cuff clamp camera i don't know peak design handle and then basically just take that line it up and then just tighten it down now one thing you'll notice is i've got it offset about 30 degrees and that's just so i can easily get my hand in there and still operate all the buttons or depending on your camera you might need to adjust it a little bit but in my case about a 30 degree angle works pretty well all the parts to make any of these setups will be listed in the description below but i'm curious to hear from you are you more of a gopro type person or are you just going to keep it simple and use the smartphone holder let me know by leaving a comment down below and until next time peace [Music]


3. The BEST Behind The Scenes POV Camera!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: The BEST Behind The Scenes POV Camera!

i'm taylor jackson i'm here today to talk to you about my behind the scenes setup that you may have seen on the internet this is a flash bracket and it is attached to my tripod mount and then i actually use it as a handle a lot this is a gopro 10 with the max lens mod so what the max lens mod does it allows you to go from horizontal to vertical and the frame stays the same even if you go upside down the frame is still horizontal all the way around how does that work i don't know it just does and you don't necessarily need to go pro x i feel like i don't use even 10 of the functionality of it uh what i do want is a gopro that can have this max lens on it so that i can do that rotate motion that's about all this is a pretty short video hope that answered the question i'll see you again on another time we're here to style shoot by the way bye


4. Best first-person POV camera | Insta360 ONE R

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Best first-person POV camera | Insta360 ONE R

in this video i show you why 360 cameras are the best option if you want to create amazing pov shots [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] every owner of an action cam tried at least once to shoot a video in the point of view pov also known as first person view perspective the user has many options for mounting the camera on the body the two most popular options are the head strap and the chest mount everyone who has already tried this knows the problems that can arise it can happen that your gopro was not balanced horizontally and you get the crooked picture as result or the action camera tilt alignment was set incorrectly and you're not filming the desired image section that you already wanted it can also happen that you want to take a larger image section but the wide angle of your action camera is not sufficient another issue is the electronic image stabilization of action cams when you activate the image stabilization the video is corrupt automatically you lose valuable image details and wide-angle view which is mostly desired for pov shots all these problems can be solved easily with one type of camera the keyword is 360 cameras you can attach your 360 cam easily like any other action camera on the head or chest mount but this time you don't have to worry if the camera is set perfectly horizontal or the perspective is set one hundred percent correctly here is a gimbal guru tip make sure the stitching line is not right in the center of your recording so you avoid weird stitching artifacts in your final video because of the 360 spherical video recording you have full control of all your perspective parameters in post-production the horizontal balance is done automatically by the 360 camera if you activate the electronic image stabilization you can also fine-tune your perspective parameter in post-production you are able to change the rotation the tilting and panning it's also possible to change the zoom value you can go from narrow to ultra right only by changing the reframing values of your software also keep in mind that it's possible to change the view completely this gives you the possibility to add additional dynamic movements into your shot really cool is the automatic image stabilization of 360 cameras they don't crop the picture and the stabilization result is better than normal action cams summarized every 60 camera is really powerful and in my opinion nearly perfect for pov shots however there is one disadvantage the video quality at this point is not as good as with standard action cameras for example the insta 360 1r which i used in this video records 360 videos in 5.7 k but you have to consider that the resolution refers to the entire 360 room and most of the time you reframe only a certain part of the picture the quality is good but at this point not as good as for example a gopro which can record in 4k or higher but in my opinion the quality is good enough and combined with all the listed points i would prefer a 360 camera in every aspect i can definitely recommend you the insta 361r through the modular system this camera provides you both a normal action and a 360 camera check out the links in the descriptions and get your insta 360 now to be able to create amazing pov shots if you enjoyed the video subscribe to my channel and look forward to more videos about 360 cameras action cams video editing and gimbals i see you in the next video ciao you


5. Insta360 Go 2 | Ultimate POV Camera

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Insta360 Go 2 | Ultimate POV Camera

good day folks my name is sean and this is air photography today we're going to be taking a look at the brand new insta360 go version 2. everything about this camera has been updated and improved including the new bluetooth remote control case this thing is definitely the smallest most versatile point of view camera on the market let's just jump right in and take a closer look so insta360 has just launched a brand new version of the popular go to camera and they have improved almost every aspect of this camera they've added a ton of new features including this handy new remote case if you're not quite sure what the go to is basically it's a small point of view camera this thing is tiny lightweight and easy to mount now with this package you also get the new improved charging case this case will recharge the insta 360 go to plus it is now a bluetooth remote you can change modes and settings we have a small display screen and you can stop and start recording as you can see here it's as simple as pressing the record button and now the insta360 go to is now recording when you place the go 2 inside the charging case as you can see there it automatically starts recharging the unit but this case also has many other functions first of all it acts as a nice little handle so if you're going to be doing any kind of logging it keeps your hand out of the field of view of the camera on top of that you can see one of the new features they've added are some legs you can set the camera up simple like that and you can do a nice long time lapse in addition to that you can see we also have a quarter 20 on the bottom of the case so you can mount this case right on a tripod now we're going to talk a little bit more about some of the go-to features and we'll show you some sample footage a little bit later on in this video but right now let's talk about who this is geared to and who would want something like this it's a pretty small little camera basically if you're a person who captures point of view video this is really the ultimate point of view camera it's tiny it's super lightweight it's very inconspicuous and it's not a hassle to mount on your body bicycle or whatever you're trying to capture the go-to comes with a nice variety of accessories for helping you mount it and there's going to be other accessories available on launch or shortly after for example this is one of the accessories that come with the go 2. again this device here can be used as a handle you can slide it out of that base there and it's got a sticky pad on the back a sticky pad is reusable so if it starts to get debris and loses its sticky grip all you have to do is rinse it under water let it dry and it will have its full stick capability it's actually a very secure connection so you can stick it to things like walls car windows i wouldn't put it on the outside of the vehicle if you're driving fast i would save that for a suction cup but for some quick point of view shots you can stick it to an inside window of your car just quick simple and easy you also get this necklace that you can wear under a shirt and then whenever you want you can just pop the go-to wear kind of like a chest mount the original insta 360 go came with a hat clip but the new go 2 comes with a new and improved version with the new version you can now set the angle to suit your needs basically you just mount your go in there it just connects in there magnetically now with that front clip there you can mount it on the brim of a hat or even if you're a person who wears your hat backwards that will still clip up underneath once it's clipped you can then angle it to whatever suits you best so you can really see the benefit of having a small camera like this if you've ever tried to mount something like a gopro on a hat it's not always the most comfortable thing to wear first of all especially if you're wearing it on the brim of a hat it's pretty top heavy and it can make it feel not too comfortable to wear for long periods of time something like this you'll barely even notice it's attached and because of its small size you can mount it in ways you just can't mount a gopro for example we've all seen footage of people mounting a gopro on their dog when they're playing fetch if you've got a small dog like a chihuahua there's no way you could mount a gopro on there however with a little bit of ingenuity and a small camera like this mounting this on a small dog is no longer a problem and of course here they're going to be offering a gopro style finger mount so all you do is mount your insta360 go 2 in there and then of course as you can see here with the finger mount it'll connect to any gopro accessory now let's go ahead here and do a size comparison for those of you who are interested on what the size difference is as you can see it's pretty close in size to the original insta 360 go case there's a little bit more weight to it but not by much of course with the original insta 360 go it just had a plastic lid at the top and then you pull the camera right out now when it comes to the actual camera itself you can see the new go 2 is a little bit larger and a little bit thicker but one really nice new feature this year with the go 2 is this lens cap here is now removable as you can see here it unscrews quite easily so that's a really nice new feature now as you can see on the original go the lens protrudes a fair amount there so if you happen to drop this on something like rock asphalt or concrete chances are you're gonna scratch that lens the original one had a micro usb on the side for charging up the case to connect to your phone you can see there we had a lightning port and that was kind of a problem for people who were on android devices as you can see the new case is usbc and it connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet this camera is also completely waterproof now when it comes to recording video there's two different modes there's the basic mode and then there's the pro mode when you're filming in basic mode it offers in camera stabilization when you record in pro mode not only do you have the in-camera stabilization you also have flow state stabilization so it's going to give it that little extra polish so now let's do a quick comparison of the different stabilization modes as mentioned when filming in pro mode you have the bonus of in-camera stabilization and the extra polish of flow state this first video clip here i'm filming in basic mode as i walk along so the only stabilization we have is the in-camera stabilization but as you can see here it does actually a pretty good job now we'll compare that to this video this was shot in pro mode so we have the bonus of flow state and you can see here there's quite a bit more polish to it it's not as jittery at the end of the day both do a really good job now let's just play them back side by side so you can get a comparison of the two on top of that in pro mode you have full horizon leveling so it doesn't matter what way the camera is recording and which way it's moving your horizon is always going to stay perfectly straight so let me do a quick demonstration of horizon leveling for you here as you can see as i spin the camera around i'm turning it in a full 360 degrees but when we look back at the footage you can see that the horizon stays perfectly level there's a little bit of motion in the video as it makes that extreme movement but it does a pretty good job keeping it level you also have the ability to change your aspect ratio and even your field of view when you're editing and post on the app which is really nice because sometimes you don't know what field of view you want until you're editing your video now i'm just going to demonstrate for you here quickly how you can adjust the field of view and the aspect ratio when editing videos you can actually leave the video files on the go to until you're ready to transfer them over just keep in mind that you only have 32 gigabytes of storage so at some point you will have to clear it off in this clip here i've shot in wide angle mode that's what i was filming in when i captured it but we can do a couple things to it first of all we can change the aspect ratio if we click on that button there by default it's in 16x9 but we can change it to 9x16 or we can even change it to square so if you're going to be uploading it to something like your youtube stories instagram stories or even on tick tock you want that tall aspect ratio on top of that we can also change the field of view so like i said i filmed this in wide but we can click on that and we can select action linear or narrow so if we want to crop in a little bit you can see there we can change it on the fly not only does it bring the subject in closer but it also gets rid of the distortion now the insta360 go is also capable of capturing 9 megapixel photos here's a couple samples that i took with the insta 360 go and as you can see it does a pretty good job capturing photos with the go 2 is actually pretty simple just a double press of the button with the insta360 go to there's two different ways in which you can capture hyper lapses or what insta360 calls time shift you can use the built-in hyperlapse mode or you can just convert your existing videos by speeding them up if we take a look at this video here i filmed just while i was driving but to convert this to a hyperlapse all we have to do is go over to speed we're going to slide that slider there where we set the time and i'm going to select 16 times speed once we've set the speed we just have to drag along the clip you can see it adds that red bar there at the top so i'm just going to go right to the very end and one thing you want to make sure you have on is your motion blur that'll make your hyperlapse look really nice we'll hit the check mark again another check mark and now we can just go ahead and export it once you've exported it this is what you end up with you can see that that motion blur along the sides make it look really nice it's something you can experiment try it with motion blur and without to see what you like best if you're a person who likes to capture some slow motion footage not a problem you can capture up to 120 frames per second slow motion on top of that if you're a person who likes to do your own grading there's three different color modes in which you can capture on the insta 360 go to they have their standard mode which is a normal shooting mode they have a vivid mode so when you're capturing all your colors are going to be a little bit more punchy but you can also capture and log so if you want to go into post and do your own grading you can do so quite easily the insta 360 go 2 is fully compatible with the insta360 app so you don't have to download a separate app anymore to use it and make use of it you have all the editing features built right into the app including all the intelligent ai editing features if you're a person who doesn't like to edit you can just select all your clips and let the insta360 app do all your editing intelligently the functionality of the insta360 go to is very simple basically in this mode here when you open it up you can see that blue light comes on that means it's ready to record and as i showed you earlier all we have to do is hit the record button but we can go in and change what mode we're in if we want to shoot in pro mode or basic mode we can do so quite easily or if we want to take a photo we can switch it over to photo mode if you have the camera pulled out of the case there's two different ways in which we can capture the first way is called quick capture and as you can see we don't have a light on the camera there so that means it's kind of in its sleep state when it's in its sleep state one press on the button there at the front is going to get it to start recording when recording in this method it's only going to record in the basic mode another press will stop recording again when it's in sleep mode a double press will take a photo and then when it's done it powers back off so that's called quick capture when the camera's powered off that helps conserve battery the other way to capture video is to power the camera on in order to do so we're going to long press on the button you can see at the front that light is kind of a bluey green color right now so when the camera's powered on and we do a single press it's again going to record video but now in this mode it's recording in pro video you know it's recording because that light is flashing white and again to stop recording just another quick press it'll go back to its standby mode but the camera is still powered on when the camera is powered on again like this a double press instead of taking a photo it will go into a hyperlapse and again a single press to shut it off you can change the behavior of the single and double press both in standby mode and when the camera's powered on by going into app and setting the button behavior so if you want a single press to take a photo and a double press to start recording video you can change that easily so i think they've really done a great job adding some really nice new features the original go was popular in the fpv community people who like to mount them on fpv drones so with some of its new capabilities i think the go 2 is going to be even more popular with fpvers i have a couple other videos planned that i'm going to be uploading over the coming weeks i'm going to dive in a little bit deeper into the app some more in-depth tutorials and some interesting things you can do with this camera what i'll do is include the link down below where you can go and check it out further i want to thank you for watching make sure you hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and we'll see in the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


6. VC-BC301P 4K IP POV Camera | Lumens


lumens we make your job easier lumens vc 301p ippov camera is built with a high sensitive sony sensor which delivers 4k 60 frames per second ultra clear image quality bc 301p supports ip hdmi and usb video outputs and poe allows flexible and simple installation the built-in tally light turns on when it's in operation to provide a visual confirmation to the presenter or director it can be easily integrated into any environment with a compact design the 102 degrees horizontal viewing angle enlarges the flexibility of the video production we use broadcasting software like vmix obs wirecast tricaster livestream studio to create personalized streaming for your video production multiple streaming protocols allow you to live stream on popular platforms like youtube twitch facebook vimeo etc the camera can be installed in front of players to capture their facial expressions to enhance the viewing experience in real time it can be used in broadcasting such as capturing a host easier with 4k image quality on the basketball court you can install bc301p behind each backboard to capture any actions above the rim for more information please subscribe to our youtube channel or visit our website at http://www.mylumens.com


7. 2015 POV Camera Shootout Analysis: The Best POV Cameras

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 2015 POV Camera Shootout Analysis: The Best POV Cameras

[Music] I'm foto John for MTV our calm and the 2004 POV camera shoot up here is the infamous helmet rig that I built I tightened up the camera placement a little bit this year and we have six new cameras the gopro hero4 silver the Shimano sport camera the sony action cam mini the ion air pro 3 the drift ghost s and the Garmin VirB the video portion of this shootout has four parts four different kinds of evaluation the first is the bike shop portion it gives us a chance to check out the video and audio quality in an on trail environment with people and indoor objects and also indoor lighting next up we have the trail test which is probably what most people want to see that's full resolution 1080p at the fastest framerate on trail following another rider the third part of the test is the tunnel test and that shows how quick the exposure on these cameras adjusts the fourth and final part of the shootout is the high speed test we did that at Wasatch indoor bike park here in Salt Lake City all the cameras were set to 720p at the highest frame rate each camera offers the fastest being 120 frames per second and then we slowed all the video down so you can see what the fastest frame rate looks like that's also indoors and low light so you can take a look at the low-light quality of each one of these cameras that's enough of my jabbering let's get on with the videos we're it over the edge bike shop in hurricane Utah getting all set up for the 2014 MTV our point of view camera shootout hey what's up Jordan Dijon go in the shop here there's a Clayton the shop manager what's up Clayton we're gonna go ride today we are we're gonna go ride and we're gonna test this rig right here you ready I'm ready that's awesome right let's go get it dangerous I don't recommend this it's not fun to ride with but for this test these videos were all recorded at 1920 by 1080 Full HD at maximum quality that's 60 frames per second for alba Kodama and Shimano which record Fletch D at 30 frames per second the Sony and Garmin have image stabilization turned on that makes them less shaky and also gives them a tighter angle of view it's hard to tell on the side-by-side videos but the GoPro and Sony cameras record more than twice the data as the others that means sharper video with better highlight and shadow detail so even though the GoPro doesn't look so saturated and snappy here it has much more potential with a bit of editing it will look much much better check out the full MTB R calm POV shootout article to learn exactly why the Sony and GoPro cameras are in a class of their own the tunnel test is about exposure responsiveness and each camera's ability to capture detail on the extreme ends of the range the best place to see this is when we come out of the tunnel the second time notice how the mountains appear sooner with the drift GoPro and Sony cameras that quick adjustment is huge if you're riding in varied lighting conditions like in and out of trees on a bright sunny day honestly the main purpose of this high-speed test is to watch variety the clown get rad in the bike park but it's also a good way to show off the cameras slow-mo capabilities all cameras were set to 720p at 120 frames per second except for the Garmin which maxes out at 60 frames per second the footage was then slowed down and post so we could check out the slow-motion quality of each camera that's it for the 2014 POV shootout videos I put a lot more effort into it this year to make it both more informative and a little bit more entertaining hopefully you enjoyed it and you were able to see the differences between the cameras for my complete pov camera analysis and evaluation and to find out what cameras i thought were best in which situations read the full 2014 POV shootout article on MTB are calm and for those of you who want to dive in a little deeper and make your own analysis the full original high-res videos are available for download in the article this is photo John from TBR calm thanks for watching I'll see you when we do the next POV shootout you you


8. Marshall POV Cameras in Pylons


9. Marshall POV Cameras


Marshalls versatile and high-performance HD cameras are designed in miniature in compact sizes Marshalls point of view cameras offer adjustable broadcast feature settings are remote controllable and use convenient full-size connectors all at affordable prices Marshalls cameras are widely used in sports broadcasting houses of worship broadcast television news and weather vans and a variety of pro AV applications the marshall cv 502 u 3 is a USB powered high def POV camera with an ultra wide 126 degree angle of view lens that offers simple plug-and-play connectivity with any Mac PC or Linux system it delivers sharp vivid color images in resolutions up to 1920 by 1080 P at up to 60 frames per second and is designed to be used for huddled rooms streaming studios collaboration spaces and any other professional corporate communications setting the cv 502 u 3 has the option of interchangeable lenses to fit any custom-designed space or studio [Music] the marshal cv 502 wpm has everything the cv 502 mb camera delivers but with a built-in weatherproof ip67 rated housing perfect for applications where weather becomes a factor including outdoor sporting events nature observation weather coverage news coverage reality TV and more [Music] [Music] the marshal CV 505 miniature POV camera adds the convenience of HD SDI 3G SDI and HDMI simultaneous outputs and an optional audio mic line level selectable input it has industry-leading low power consumption [Music] the marshal cv three four five HD camera captures broadcast quality video in 2.5 megapixels and resolutions up to 1920 by 1080p at up to 60fps it has the added convenience of an HD SDI 3G SDI and HDMI simultaneous outputs and an optional audio mic or line level selectable input [Music] the marshall cv 2 to 5 is a full HD weatherproof lipstick camera it's ideal for use in professional sporting events reality television live music events broadcast trucks weather vehicles and houses of worship installations [Music]


10. How We Mount POV Cameras for Filming Fishing Videos

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How We Mount POV Cameras for Filming Fishing Videos

all right guys so you know that we do a lot of filming here at wired2fish and we get a lot of questions about people asking you know how you get different angles throughout a boat or a kayak or anything of that nature i mean we run everything from drones to underwater cameras pole cameras fs7s like what mitch has but one of the biggest things that saves our butts are pov cameras you can run those gopros on looping and you're never gonna miss a moment and the beauty of these rail blazers the system behind it is it's very adaptable you can use it on the sport track like we have here in the 1875 this is a lund pro-v bass the sport track runs down this boat the full 18 feet on the port and starboard side and all i have to do is loosen up my bolts here tool-less the whole thing is tool-less so i don't need any screwdrivers or allen wrenches or anything like that once i have everything established i can seamlessly move it throughout the boat i can go from trolling to taking a pov mount same base lock it in twist it articulate it the nice thing about is you have extra arms and extensions that you can get some lift out of the camera the thing about cameras is that you're finding the right angles and the lower the camera is on something the less flattering an angle might be it's a much more suitable angle when you can get the camera up higher but as you can see down here we have power on the side of the boat so we're not relying on the internal batteries in the cameras because if you've dabbled with pov cameras at all you know the batteries don't last all that long so we have this hardwired in this will run all day which is what you need because you need those cameras running all of the time you just never know when something special might happen whether i have somebody fishing with me in the back of the boat or if i'm just going solo by myself i'm able to document everything i don't need a second cameraman and for me most of the time this is the system that's gonna accomplish that i have a camera facing the back of the boat for anybody that joins me or i can take that down and if i'm just going solo i have this camera mounted from the midship to the bow and then my secondary camera what i really like to do is have another camera right here um watching my electronics the one nice thing about running cameras is i i could record internally on my unit and see what's happening but it doesn't give you as much information as having a camera mounted you can see my foot hit the trolling motor you can see the reflection it's just a little more information that you would actually never garner just by capturing screen imagery through the unit itself so i like doing that the live scope is always fun to watch because you never know what might happen or what you might capture so having a secondary camera on the front unit the one midship and then i might go and i might also have a you know a chess camera to get like that real close up personal hook set the reels right in your face and then you can also get some of the action that happens right here alongside of the boat big bass comes jumping out of the water musky surfaces who knows so between the three angles i have everything captured in spades


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