High End Systems – Lighting Solutions

High End Systems Overview

High End Systems creates full spectrum of lighting solutions that caters to the different needs of consumers. They provide Lighting control systems that facilitate easy control over lighting within the designated area. These designated areas are equipped with LED automated lighting with a variety of series that specializes in different features. High End Systems INC also provides atmospheric products such as fog generators that can cater to meet the rigorous demands of nightclubs, theatrical and tourist activities.

High End Systems Introduction & History

Founded in 1972 by Lowell and Sue Fowler, High end systems INC, also known as ETC company as of April, 2017 are located in Austin, Texas.

They specialize in innovative and creative lighting products and control systems that illuminate some of the world’s biggest artists on the largest stages. Several project types on their portfolio include film and television studios, cruise ships, corporate events, theme parks, churches, restaurants and retail spaces.

High End Systems Products


The Hog 4 is designed for the largest stadium shows, theme park installations, and concert tours. Hog 4 shines in any environment requiring a multi console setup and networking.

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High End Systems has pioneered the advancement of automated lighting technology for over thirty years. Several series of their LED automated lighting include SOLAFRAME, SOLASPOT, SOLAWASH, SOLAHYBEAM and EFFECT.

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FQ-100 FOG

The FQ-100 performance fog generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries.

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