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Compliant Electronic Voting System

Electronic Voting is governed by a myriad of national and industry-specific regulations and policies. Balancing user experience, technical requirements and Personal-Data-Protection best practices require solid infrastructure and experience.

Advanced electronic voting system must:

  • Incorporate various levels of anonymity, without sacrificing the auditability of votes
  • Provide Auditor Access for voting results and detailed checks
  • Differentiated Reporting based on Weights / Share Types
  • Detailed Quorum Statistics
  • Multi-Layered Proxy Voting Structures

Globibo voting system has set a new standard for intelligent response systems. The system allows covering responses from the participants of any event, from traditional voting via information surveys and knowledge verification to interactive game shows. Know more in detail –

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Event.Studio: New Event & AGM Wizard

Launch of Event.Studio new Wizards that allows to quickly configure great events and conferences using analytics of what worked (and didn’t) in the past. The Wizards helps you to create effective virtual or hybrid events in less takes time. It answers the main 3 design-related questions i.e,

  1. What modules one can use to create a great interactive session?
  2. How to create a simple and enjoyable user experience?
  3. How to keep the technical complexity and risk as low as possible?

Know more in detail –

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Who doesn’t want a successful virtual event?

Most businesses, big or small, want their events to be successful especially when they’re taking the plunge and shifting to virtual.

Before the pandemic, when many parts of the world were exploring virtual events, a report by Grand View Research valued the global virtual events market at nearly $78 billion. And that was in 2019.

Now that being at home or remote is the new norm, you can expect this industry to grow even more – and fast.

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