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You’ve undoubtedly been hearing a lot lately – and not just in this space – about the COVID-19 pandemic giving rise to something often described as the Zoom Era. Virtual events, you see, have been a necessary function of maintaining public health, social distancing and general decorum. Whether it’s a work meeting, symposium, classroom or concert, we’ve all been dutifully doing our part to suck it up, hunker down and log on. For now.

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The difficult choice, if an Event-Technology provider should close the gaps between their own inventory and potential opportunities has become easier. Around 65% of fully functional technical equipment is unused. Providing a platform for AV firms and other service providers to sell and buy components or entire systems has started in December with used equipment first. This will be extended to new equipment by the middle of 2021.
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3rd Content & Commerce Community takes off at Globibo

2021 has been the year of virtual and hybrid events becoming mainstream. While the acceptance, penetration, and maturity of virtual events has increased significantly, the underlying challenges of virtual events have prevailed. Surveys suggest that 96% of event planners struggle with how to commercialize and create long-term engagement around content themes.

The EPS environment by Globibo was initially developed as a long-term Event-based Social Network. It can be used for 1-time events, but the main value transpires from the longevity of many elements. Over the month of December, Globibo has now launched its 3rd own community cluster.

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