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3 Reasons Why Using a Promo Video Will Increase Event App Adoption

Having worked at EventMobi for close to two years, I’ve had hundreds of strategy conversations with my clients on how best to utilize their event technology to engage and connect with their audiences, specifically when it comes to event app adoption. On these calls I like to start by asking my client, “What are the event goals for your app this year? What quantifiable thing would you like to measure in order to say, ‘This was a success!’?

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Top Event Tech Trends of 2018

Even as the event management industry has been growing exponentially, the event technology space has taken several leaps and bounds in the past few years. As event technology becomes an indispensable part of event organization, it can be interesting to see what wonders it could showcase this year. Here are some tech-trends to watch out for in 2018:

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